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Thursday, 27 March 2014

For Bolshevism No 4 (133) APRIL 2014

Workers of all countries, Unite!

For Bolshevism inside the communist and workers’ movement

in connection with the process of the entering of the Republic of Crimea into Russia as a member of the Federation
On events between 16 - 18 March 2014
On March 18 this year, a truly historic event took place - the return of Crimea and Sevastopol city to Russia.
Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Crimea Sergey Aksenov, speaker of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov and the head of Sevastopol Alexey Chaly on this day signed an agreement on the inclusion of Crimea and Sevastopol into Russia as two new subjects of the Russian Federation.
The consequences of criminal acts of Khrushchev and Boris Yeltsin, have begun to be overcome, the first one who, forcibly, to serve his petty personal interests, handed over in 1954 Crimea from the RSFSR to Ukraine SSR, and the second, Yeltsin, single handily liquidated the Soviet state, and initiated the open revelry of counterrevolution.
The population of the Republic of Crimea in the national referendum on 16 March 2014 almost unanimously declared – they want to live as part of Russia. In favour voted 96.77 % of Crimeans who turned out to vote. Crimeans made a decisive choice between bourgeois Russia and fascist Bandera Ukraine, where as a result of an unconstitutional coup, a ultranationalist regime was installed – in essence, a fascist regime. Such unanimity of the peoples vote to join Russia we explain by the fact that with people in the Crimea remains a great sense of unity of the Soviet people and the great single country - the USSR which was broken up by Gorbachev and Yeltsin. We remember how generously the West sponsored Gorbachev's "perestroika" (the so-called "debt of the USSR") and supported Yeltsin in his criminal activities to the further collapse of a great power.
Objections by governments of the Western powers in relation to the referendum on Crimea are completely bogus and are based, of course, only on the desire to "push" their economic and geopolitical interests. After all, they know perfectly well that the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 16 December 1966 (in both Covenants - Article 1) provides: "All peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development ... ". The Declaration on Principles of International Law ( 24 October 1970) it says: "In virtue of the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, all peoples have the right freely to determine, without external interference, their political status and to pursue their economic, social and cultural development in accordance with the provisions of the Charter." In the same declaration it states that the means of the right to self-determination may be "the creation of a sovereign and independent State, the free association with an independent State or association with it, or any other political status." The opinion of the International Court of Justice on Kosovo from 2010 clearly confirmed that the unilateral declaration of independence of part of the state did not violate international law.
How did the West react? To this day, the imperialists use UN agencies and other international law only as long as these structures satisfy their interests. Any other "human rights", the imperialist robbers will brazenly ignore if they find it profitable for themselves.
There are guardians of pro-Western interests in Moscow as well - in fact, a fifth column, the funded by the West with various "grants", etc. The indicative "peace march" held on March 15 in Moscow, whose members opposed the "violation of the sovereignty and state borders of Ukraine" accused the Russian government of "aggression", "annexation" (they have forgotten about Russia’s contributions to Ukraine). This buffoonery can only be called political "colorblindness" (an understatement) when the Banderite fascists are styled "fighters for the people" when the anti-peoples clique, declared itself the power in Kiev, and came to this "power" in a coup styled by " Ukrainian powers". Speakers at the rally said that Ukraine supporters of "Euromaydan" "overthrew a regime of thieves" and they need to this support new regime.
Yanukovych was a puppet of the big bourgeoisie and represented its interests. But the coup that took place in Ukraine, was not a liberation movement of the working people. Some oligarchs have been replaced by others. As a result of the nationalist coup in Kiev, Ukrainian workers can expect a rapid decline in living standards and increased exploitation. That is, the new, Bandera "government" is more reactionary than the Yanukovych grouping. Who can support criminals who came to power in Ukraine as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union and since then have only been only changing seats?
Guardians of the interests of people from the Moscow Maidan have forgotten fierce struggle by Lenin and the Bolshevik Party for the right of nations to self-determination up to secession, a struggle which culminated in the international recognition of this right? So you, gentlemen are just disguised servants of your American and European masters!
Mass rallies across the country with 110,000 people on Red Square in Moscow clearly show that all the Soviet nations and Russian and Ukrainian peoples, and all others yearning for unity, yearn for the USSR destroyed by bourgeoisie and the CPSU (which took the path of betrayal and opportunism) for a fraternal socialist Union of peoples – a great, all-mighty power. Rebuilding the unity to revive our common great Motherland, to liberate workers from oppression can only be a result of the victory of a socialist revolution. And we will restore the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and we will restore the unity of the Soviet people!

Our cause is just!
Victory will be ours!

March 18, 2014 in Leningrad


On March 16 in Crimea, in spite of active counter-propaganda and the desire to prevent the referendum from the new Ukrainian National Fascist Bandera government, a referendum on the status of the republic was held.
Inhabitants of the Crimea were offered two options for the vote: "Do you support the reunification of Crimea with Russia on the Rights of the Russian Federation?" Or "Do you support the restoration of the Constitution of the Republic of Crimea in 1992 and for the status of Crimea as part of Ukraine?"
According to the chairman of the commission to conduct the all- Crimea referendum Mikhail Malyshev, when he delivered a speech on the morning of March 17, after processing 100% of the ballots, in favour of entry into Russia voted 96.77 % of voters. "The number of votes cast in the referendum participants support reunification with Russia and amounted to 1 million 233 002, representing 96.77 %," - he said at a briefing.
Total voter participation in the referendum stood at 1 million 274 thousand 096 people. (83.1% of the total electorate), one of them for the status of the Crimea as part of Ukraine voted 31 997, representing 2.51 % of the vote. Number of invalid ballots - 9 thousand and 097 that is 0.72 %. According to Malyshev, the election commission of the Republic of Crimea received not a single complaint.
On March 17 the session of the Supreme Council of Crimea , which summed up the referendum adopted the Resolution "On the Independence of the Crimea", according to which Crimea was proclaimed "an independent sovereign state - Republic of Crimea, where the city of Sevastopol has special status", an official application for membership of the Crimea in the Russian Federation was framed. At the same meeting, the Supreme Council of Crimea adopted a resolution "On the representative body of the Republic of Crimea." The adopted document notes that "in connection with the withdrawal from Ukraine and the proclamation of the independent state of the Republic of Crimea" the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea resolves: to call the representative body of the Republic of Crimea, the State Council of the Republic of Crimea - the Parliament of the Republic of Crimea from the day of independence of the Republic of Crimea.
In the afternoon, the delegation of the Crimean parliament flew to Russia.
On March 18 at the solemn session of both chambers of the Russian parliament the Treaty of Accession of the Republic of Crimea into the Russian Federation was signed. The agreement was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Crimea Konstantinov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea S.Aksenov and Mayor of Sevastopol A.Chaly.
The international "civilized" community represented by the United States, the EU and those states on a leash under them in the UN, as well as the Ukraine ruling National Fascist regime refused to recognize the results of the referendum, although it was held in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations proclaiming the right of nations to self-determination.
From the U.S., EU, Japan, Canada and some other countries-puppets of the U.S. announced sanctions against certain officials of Crimea and Russia. In addressing Russia, threats are issued and saber-rattling sounds are made, in attempting to place Russia into a position of international isolation. The peoples of Russia, Crimea and Ukraine are facing an ordeal. Over us and over all the inhabitants of the planet hang more clearly the threat of an outbreak of World War III.
We congratulate the people of the Republic of Crimea on their reunion with the mother Russia.
Historical justice has triumphed: the will of the people of Crimea overturned a voluntarist decision made by Khrushchev, adopted in 1954 on the transfer of Crimea from the Russian Federation to Ukraine SSR, a decision taken without consulting the people, and without their consent.
At the same time, we note that Russia, as well as Ukraine, like other republics of the former USSR, is a bourgeois state, the power of which belongs to the exploiting minority - big business, which is for the interests of the Putin regime. The vast majority of working people are subjected to cruel exploitation and living in poverty and misery.
Only joint revolutionary struggle of the proletariat, the working people of Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, all workers ex-USSR to overthrow the power of capital and the restore the power of human labour, the struggle for socialism and the revival of the Soviet Union will put an end to oppression and exploitation, will put an end to war - constant companions imperialism and open to mankind the way to build a classless communist society.
Workers of all countries, unite!


We, the fighters of the All-Union Young Guard of Bolsheviks acting on the territory of Russia, send you, dear comrades, workers and youth of Ukraine, heartfelt greetings and solidarity in the struggle.
Bravely resist the neo fascists, do not let them command over you. Protect monuments, cultural sites from destruction. Do not give up factories, mines, schools. Do not settle for helping the neo fascists and working for them.
In the struggle against the common enemy - fascism, now disguised as Bandera gangs, although under the slogan "European integration", we - Ukrainians, Russians, and all the other peoples of the USSR are united. This is our common enemy, our common struggle, in which you have taken the brunt of yourselves.
We, together with you, admire all those citizens resisting the advance of fascism, all those who did not bow their heads, not knelt before the new plague infecting the West and Centre of Ukraine. Together we mourn the dead and are angry at the crimes of the barbarians.
Today you are at the forefront. Allow the heat of our hearts to warm you in the difficult struggle.
Comrades, workers and young people of Ukraine! Actively lead the fight for a socialist Motherland!
Do not forget the exploits of the Red Army soldiers of the First, Second and Third Ukrainian fronts advancing to Berlin and the defeat of the Nazi scum!
Only by becoming a socialist, will Ukraine be able to regain its independence as a nation and gain true independence from foreign capital. Today not everyone is ready to realize this truth. But tomorrow it will become property of millions.
Hold on, comrades!
Fascism will not pass!
Long live the coming proletarian revolution!
March 8, 2014

Challenges of the XXI century
In late February 2014, in Ukraine a fascist coup was carried out, instigated from outside. The United States alone invested $ 5 billion towards the activities of non-governmental organizations, so that via the media, completely under their control, they would manipulate the consciousness of the people of Ukraine, doing everything in order to pit them against their brotherly Russian people for the purpose of conquest and subjugation of Russia.
During the years of the so-called "independence" of Ukraine, with the help of foreign anti-Soviet organizations and the anti-communist Ukrainian diaspora, neo-banderite nationalist organizations were formed, such as "Freedom" (Svoboda) lead by O.Tyagnibok, "Trident" (Trizub) in the name of Stepan Bandera lead by Dimitry Yarosh and others. These are organizations praising the bloody "exploits" of Bandera, Shukhevych and the UPA warriors in the service and maintenance of Nazi Germany, with sworn allegiance to the Fuhrer in the fight against the Soviet Union and in the struggle for a "new world order."
And now our so-called "honest and truthful" TV in emphasis does not see Banderites and nationalists destroying monuments to Lenin, who are trying to impose by force only one Ukrainian language on the whole Ukrainian nation, despite at least half of Ukraine's population speaking Russian.
Residents of eastern, and south - eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea that reject Bandera fascist ideology, its outspoken pro-American anti-Russian direction, have rebelled, demanding the opportunity to speak their native language, speaking in favour a union between Ukraine and Russia, a union of fraternal Slavic peoples, and for the restoration of friendship and brotherhood among all the peoples of the former USSR.
Particularly acute is the persistent struggle unfolded in the Crimea, which in 1954 the leader of the USSR Nikita Khrushchev by voluntary decision and without any consultation with the people, transferred Crimea over from Russia to Ukraine.
Therefore, the struggle that was ensued by inhabitants of the peninsula for the return of Crimea back to Russia their Motherland, is justified and natural and is conditioned, in addition to the above circumstances, and recognized by the international community as a right of nations to self-determination up to secession and the formation of an independent state. This issue will be resolved by residents of Crimea and Sevastopol in the referendum on March 16.
That the "new" power is the same as the anti-national character and deposed by the people regime of Yanukovych - Azarov regime of big capital, is shown by the designation of governors to Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions of billionaire oligarchs and Kolomoysky and Taruta. It is becoming immediately clear as to who financed Maidan and in whose interests the coup was carried out. Two major industrial regions of Ukraine have been handed over to the oligarchs, so they can get compensated by the working people, of course, for their financial expenditure at Maidan. This is fully consistent with the provisions of the "Trident" of S.Bander, which proclaims amnesty to the shadow (i.e. to the stolen and hidden in offshore accounts) capital " with an individual approach to its owners and subject to the specific use of capital for the creation and adoption of the national state."
Kolomoysky , one of the richest people in Ukraine, made his billions of dollars from the plunder of the working people, is also one of the leaders of the Zionist organizations in Ukraine and Europe and engages in the interests of Zionist capital, Zionist- American imperialism, fighting for world domination.
Seeing no way out of the widespread crisis affecting the entire global capitalist system, Zionist capital and US -NATO imperialism unleash aggressive wars of conquest across the globe, enslaving nations and peoples, capturing and using their natural raw materials. Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. Next in line - Russia. Back in the 1960-s, ideologues in the Club of Rome, one of the divisions of the world Zionist government, said that the Slavic population would be subject to dramatic reduction in size and that in Russia out of the 150 million population, there should remain only 50 million people, Ukraine 50 - 15-20 million, Belarus of 10 million to 3 million people. Margaret Thatcher generally stated that Russia would have enough with 15 million people, in order to serve the pipeline i.e. engaged in mining and oil and gas supplies to Europe. And Hitler's plans are steadily being implemented by present day Zionists- neo Nazis.
Russia has been designated the role of a raw material appendage of Western imperialism. Russia, as a hundred years ago, has once again become the weakest link in the global chain of imperialist states.
It is understandable that the Russian leadership could not turn a blind eye to the ongoing processes in Ukraine, and could not look on calmly as the Bandera opportunists of the present rulers impose fascist ideology on their brotherly people, as well as Ukraine becoming an outpost of US- NATO imperialism to attack Russia. The Russian leadership of supports the efforts of the Russian -speaking population of the eastern, south- eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea to live in peace and friendship with the fraternal Russian people, to prevent fratricide.
And the fact that US-NATO is preparing for such a war is clearly demonstrated by the words of Yarosh , who in 2008 declared that "sooner or later, but we are doomed to fight Moscow."
The current instigators of a Third World War, the U.S. imperialists and NATO should not forget that working people are entering the arena of history, who are still being used by them in their interests and in their scenarios for "colour", orange and orange-brown "revolutions" and the Arab "spring".
In the event of a third world war, the people of Russia, together with their brothers from Ukraine (including West Ukrainian workers) and Belarus, as well as all the peoples of the former Soviet Union will take their destiny into their own hands.
The war unleashed by the imperialists will certainly turn into a revolutionary war, a civil war, a war for the liberation of the working people from exploitation and oppression that will forever put an end to capitalism - the last exploiting system on earth.
March 9, 2014
A.Maevsky , secretary of the CC AUCPB

Documents of the CC AUCPB
Crimea, its residents are faced with a choice - to determine the future of their beloved and beautiful land. Without exaggeration - this is a historic choice. In fact there are only two real options.
First - to bow to the Bandera fascist scum posing as a legitimate power in Kiev. These fascists once they came to power, immediately repealed the Russian language, destroying monuments to Lenin, destroying a monument to Kutuzov and blacked out all of its history that is relevant to Russia. These people hate Russia. The outlook for the Crimeans in this embodiment, can only be one – the transformation of them into subhumans, on their own native land, secretly, quietly speaking in Russian about their ancestral homeland - Russia.
The second option is to throw open the challenge to the pseudo authorities in Kiev? Through a national referendum to reach a decision - independence from Kiev, reunion with their native homeland - Mother Russia? This path corresponds to the universally recognized right of nations to self-determination. For example, such a procedure has been launched in the UK, where there is scheduled a referendum on the separation of Scotland from the United Kingdom.
In 1954, Nikita Khrushchev, violating all laws, handed the Crimean peninsula over to Ukraine. But Crimea was still Russian and did not belong to Ukraine. Khrushchev transferred Crimea over to Ukraine by unilateral decision, without any paperwork. Khrushchev had violated all international norms. More wild is the situation with Sevastopol. This city has always been Russian, and was a naval base of the USSR, was never part of the Crimean region, and subordinated to the Soviet government and the Ministry of Defence. When baking all of these "pretzels" Khrushchev did not even bother to ask or consult with the Crimeans – about whether or not they wanted these changes to their fate, and the fate of their land?
Nikita spawned another problem on the Crimean land with his "rehabilitation" of "repressed peoples" who Stalin forgave for their massive atrocities against the Soviet population during the Nazi occupation - especially against the heroic Crimean guerrillas. Instead, the court-martialled criminals got looked after at public expense. The Soviet state built houses for them and supplied them with livestock. Wow! Such "repression"! Now once again, the Crimean Tatars who have again settled in Crimea are going off along a beaten track, joining forces with the current fascist Bandera thugs in Kiev. As they say, "birds of a feather flock together!"
Russia, the Russian people can not but feel disturbed by what is happening in Ukraine, by what is happening with the fraternal Ukrainian people who have become victims of the criminal, Bandera - fascist coup. Ukraine is now facing a situation that is close to what the German people experienced in 1933 after Hitler came to power . Formidable "Silence! To your feet! Off to the camp!" in six months the country with a rich cultural heritage has been brought into submission, when you can only hear "Heil! Heil! Heil!" And do not think that in the past decade anything has changed. Still alive are the next of kin of those of whom Bandera skinned alive, drowned in wells, raped and killed.
What is to be done – say the Crimeans - after so many decades we have lived a peaceful, quiet life, and then almost a war comes knocking at the door?
Defend your homeland, protect your native hearth, your family, your dignity! Be firm and resolute. The truth is on your side. Go ahead and join with your Motherland - Russia.
We Bolsheviks are fighting for the restoration of the Soviet Union. When restoring the single multinational state of workers and peasants, the Black Sea Fleet forever cease to be a bargaining chip in the hands of politicians, adventurers, and revive what was the basis of power and invincibility of our Soviet Motherland – the fraternal union of all the Soviet peoples.
March 3, 2014.
Documents of the CC AUCPB
Statement of the CC AUCPB
The national fascist Bandera clique, relying on information, financial and other support of the imperialist West, especially U.S. imperialism, NATO, and, taking advantage in their own anti-peoples interests of the Ukrainian people’s hatred of the predatory exploitative regime of Yanukovych, seized power in Kiev.
The extreme right-wing pro-Western nationalist regime of Turchinov - Yatsenuk counting on the fact that the Ukrainian people will meekly accept the new nationalist order, and following the Banderites of "Svoboda", "Trident" and other national- fascist organizations, will praise Bandera, the Shukhevych warriors of UPA and stare blankly as latter-day Nazis smash statues of Lenin and infringe on the Russian language, and speak from Russophobic nationalist positions.
But the residents of South- East Ukraine and Crimea have revolted against the violence, against attempts to tear the fraternal Ukrainian and Russian peoples from each other, and pit them against each other to bleed in a fratricidal slaughter.
Crimea, Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Odessa have resisted the Nazis and have did not given them a chance to seize power in their regions and establish Nazi order.
The again reinstated by the Crimean Parliament head of government of Crimea S. Aksenov asked for help from the leadership of Russia to protect Crimeans from encroachments from the fascist Bandera, and prevent the establishment of Banderite anti-Russian order in Crimea.
And the Russian leadership has responded to this appeal, giving the Russian President Vladimir Putin, as the Supreme Commander to use, if necessary, troops to protect the rights of Russian and the Russian-speaking population.
Immediately the entire Western world raised a howl, accusing the Russian leadership of aggression. Although on the grants of the U.S. and other NATO countries, using non-governmental organizations in Ukraine, the assault troops nationalist militants - a copy of Hitler's SS and SD were nurtured, trained, armed and financed and who staged the riots in the centre of Kiev, raided and seized government buildings in the capital and western regions of Ukraine, transferring these fascist action over to the Eastern and South-Eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea.
How US-NATO install Western "democracy" is well known. In the heart of Europe, they bombed Yugoslavia, committed acts of aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, bringing to the peoples of these countries incredible suffering and incalculable destruction, leading to thousands of victims among the civilian population. For several years, the flames of civil war in Syria have been blazing, fired up and fanned from outside and which have claimed tens of thousands of lives.
We remind you that Crimea has always been an integral part of Russia, and the hero-city Sevastopol city of Russian glory, covered with undying glory in military exploits and battles, was the naval base of the Soviet Navy.
Renegade Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet people slandered J.V. STALIN, under whose leadership the USSR gained victory over Nazism, thereby violated all international laws and norms, with sole discretionary decision, gave the Crimea to Ukraine, which eventually resulted in the current crisis and struggle against Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism, in its attempts to forcibly Ukrainise the Russian -speaking Crimea, South- East and East of Ukraine.
The same applies to the problems of "repressed peoples", who were also rehabilitated by Khrushchev. But what kind of "repressed peoples" are we really talking about if Stalin pardoned the Crimean Tatars, who fought for the most part in the rear of the Soviet Army during World War II on the side of the Nazis, and then moved them from the Crimea to save them from the wrath of Soviet soldiers returning from war. They were relocated to a new location, erecting homes for them, introducing livestock and providing everything needed for a normal, peaceful life.
We Bolsheviks, see the main cause of all the ills befallen nations in a once united socialist state, in the forcible destruction of our Socialist Motherland by the bourgeois counter-revolution.
The All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks sees the way out of the severe economic and political crisis, which our peoples currently enduring, in the revival of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and, hence, in the revival of a unified Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.
In the current conditions, when the working class in Ukraine is not ready to take the brunt of the fight against armed gangs of neo-Nazis when bourgeois patriots have taken to repel fascism, we Bolsheviks support the holding of a referendum on the extension of the status and powers of the Crimea, designated on March 30.
We declare that all responsibility for a possible split of Ukraine is laid firmly at the door of the new National Fascist Bandera power and standing behind it the imperialist West in supporting it, whose goal has always been - to pit the two fraternal peoples in internecine slaughter, and, following Ukraine, conquer and place Russia on her knees.
Only a single multinational state of workers and peasants of Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet can forever cease to be a bargaining chip in the hands of the Zionist- American imperialists and formed in their service and nurtured by them the national- fascist regime in Ukraine –the instigators of a new, World War III.
Only by stopping the spread of fascism, rallying the workers and peasants in the struggle against the bourgeoisie of all stripes, will we be able to revive Soviet power and socialism, and the great Soviet Union.
March 3, 2014
N.A. Andreeva,
General Secretary of the CC AUCPB

Statement by the CC AUCPB
Due to the escalation of the political crisis in Ukraine, under the brazen attempt to seize power in Kiev and western regions by the proteges of the U.S. imperialists and European Union – who are openly fascist in direction - into Ukrainian society is increasingly being stuffed full of information by various "think tanks", "experts" and "political analysts" of various kinds on the need for "federalization of Ukraine", since, according to them, otherwise the splitup of Ukraine can not be avoided. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that some politicians in positions of authority, according to their status are obliged to protect the unity of the country, are openly declaring that Ukraine is doomed to split. To this host of pessimists have even joined some politicians of the left of the political spectrum.
Such provocative statements correspond exactly to what the Western imperialists sought primarily Zionist- American U.S. imperialism. As we have repeatedly pointed out, the purpose of the U.S. imperialist circles is world domination. Now on their way to this goal lies Russia, it is directed against Russia, the main blade of U.S. foreign policy. And that is why the capture of Ukraine is so desired by Americans as it will give them the opportunity to freely stay in close proximity to the vital centres of Russia. With regard to EU policy towards Ukraine, the actions of these U.S. puppets are entirely subordinated to the general strategy of Zionist- American imperialism.
American imperialists’ methods of achieving their goals are not new. These are, as in the days of the Roman Empire: "divide and conquer" and "lie, lie, lie." Unfortunately, the dirty mishmash of these "principles" worked in the destruction of the USSR, on the same principle that Yugoslavia was destroyed - the most powerful nation in the Balkans, which to the West was a thorn in their side, just the same as how the Zionists destroyed independent Libya, and in the same way U.S. imperialism works currently in Syria. The same methodology of "peaceful counterrevolution" is used by the U.S. and its European spongers in current events in Ukraine, aimed at the destruction of national identity and unity of the state.
The Ukrainian people and their unity of the state have suffered during centuries-old struggle for independence, which it lost after the tragic events of XIII - XIV centuries. A radical change in this struggle came in 1654, when the Pereyaslavskaya Rada convened by an outstanding figure of the Ukrainian people Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the 360th anniversary of which we recently marked, took a historic decision on the reunification of Ukraine with Russia. Then actually only the Levoberezhnaya Ukraine reunited with Russia and the struggle for the reunification of all Ukrainian lands continued for almost 300 years. The latest lands were included in the unified Ukrainian state – the Ukrainian SSR in the 1930-40-s of the twentieth century: in 1939, Western Ukraine (Galicia - modern Lviv, Ivano- rankivsk and Ternopil region, Volyn - modern Volyn and Rivne region), in 1940 - Northern Bukovina (modern Chernivtsi region), in 1945 - Carpathian Ruthenia (modern Transcarpathian region).
As part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, the unified socialist Ukrainian nation made tremendous progress in the field of culture, science, industry and agriculture. All the signs defining a nation - a common territory, economic relations, literary language, culture and character features - were there, and as such they are there now.
Statements by some politicians about the fact that Ukraine is different (Western and Eastern Ukraine, the Black Sea region and Ukrainian Polessye) does not negate the unity of the Ukrainian nation. After all, there are similar features in almost any nation that is a legacy of its own history, and this is known to all world ethnographers.
And laughable are the attempts by some "experts" to put western Ukrainians Bandera and Shukhevych bandits at the head of the Pantheon. Like the criminals Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler could not determine a person of the German nation, and the organizers of the fascist terror in Ukraine can not determine persons of Galicians - Western Ukrainians.
History shows that western Ukrainians through the ages carried their craving for union with Eastern Ukrainians. In the mid- nineteenth century in Galicia and its centre Lviv, which was at that time were part of Austro -Hungary, there was a powerful movement of Muscophiles who favored joining Russia at that time, and as a literary language, "heathen" was used that is a mixture of Church Slavonic with Polish and Rusyn words, which was called "Ruska" language. One of the leaders of this society was an outstanding Ukrainian writer, poet, scholar and politician Ivan Franko. It is people like Ivan Franko who may be called the true heroes of Western Ukraine.
It may be added that in the toponymy of Galicia ( in the names of some towns, streets ) the word "Russian" is retained, and some of Galicia until the 1950s of the twentieth century used the word "Rusin ", known from Kievan Rus, instead of " Ukrainian".
Unfortunately, on the eve of World War I, the Austrian authorities dispersed the moskvofilskoe society and began to support the Western-oriented Ukrainian nationalists. The same practice was used by the Nazis. However, despite all these countermeasures in the twentieth century, the united Ukrainian people with the support of the Russian people managed to build a great prosperous Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, which in terms of its development came to the forefront in both the Soviet Union and in the world.
Suffice it to say that up to 45 % of the Soviet Union production of steel products and up to 33 % of coal mining was given by the Ukrainian SSR. A large proportion of Soviet Ukraine occupied with agricultural production: up to 60% of sugar beet and to 48% for sunflower and 30% for wheat.
In Ukraine a powerful industrial complex was created connected with the other republics of the Soviet Union.
What have the Ukrainian, Russian, and other peoples of the USSR during the bourgeois counterrevolution over to bourgeois market model of the economy gained? Maybe prosperity and rapid development? No, in all the former Soviet republics, we see the same picture: closed factories, reduced agricultural crops, fields overgrown with grass, growing unemployment, and, as a consequence of rising prices of essential commodities, the impoverishment of the working people. We see firsthand: CAPITALISM - THIS IS COLLAPSE, DESTRUCTION, CRISIS. And splitting Ukraine into parts will finish off its economy completely. This is what Western "well-wishers" seek. They are not going to revive the economy of Ukraine, and their goal is to turn it into a "banana" republic colony. Besides the economic damage, a split in a unified Ukraine could trigger a civil war with the most tragic consequences. The tragedy of this situation lies in the fact that Ukrainian workers will die for the interests of the bourgeoisie: one for the interests of the comprador ( pro-Western ) bourgeoisie , others - in the interests of the national bourgeoisie.
Therefore the CC AUCPB urges working people of Ukraine to oppose any attempt by the authorities and opposition to create from Ukraine a unitary state federation of regional entities, which in the current instability will inevitably lead to a split in the Ukrainian republic that would then inevitably be taken advantage of by NATO who will send in its troops.
We call on working people in all regions of Ukraine to show solidarity, to oppose any irresponsible statements made by politicians- disintegrants, and to clearly and unambiguously tell them, "NO TO THE SPLITUP OF UKRAINE!"
In our documents it has been previously noted that in Ukraine there is a fascist coup attempt underway (at time of wrting-ed.), carried out with the direct and open interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine by American and European politicians and diplomats, and with the active participation of non-governmental organizations. Nurtured on Western grants and trained in military sports camps in the Baltic States and Ukraine by NATO instructors, rebels of the "right sector" and other ultra-nationalist neo-Nazi paramilitary groups quickly transformed "a peaceful protest of citizens for the European choice of Ukraine" into open armed confrontation with the ruling regime with the purpose of ousting Yanukovych and the Party of Regions, and turn Ukraine into a national- fascist state, a fully owned subsidiary of and controlled by Western capital. And from this, of course, from the territory of Ukraine will be made further expansion of U.S. imperialism - NATO against Russia via a clash in the fratricidal slaughter of the two brotherly peoples and final transformation of both Ukraine and Russia in the colonial raw material appendages of the West.
Against this onset of reaction is a most important tool to counter it with - the unity of the working class and all democratic forces. We therefore call on all the left and democratic forces to consolidate to oppose the fascist coup.
To prevent the collapse of the Ukrainian economy and ensure genuine independence of the republic, we encourage working people of Ukraine to support Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union, thereby improving conditions for the joint struggle of the working people of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan against the power of capital.
Only by reviving the revolutionary Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, can the people of the Ukraine be able to restore a dynamic economy and open the way to progress and prosperity.
February 5, 2014, Leningrad
General Secretary of the CC AUCPB
U.S. Urged to Drop Bad Habit of Deliberately Blaming Others: KPA Strategic Force Spokesman
Pyongyang, March 5 (KCNA) -- Units of the Strategic Force of the Korean People's Army successfully conducted rocket-launching drills from Feb. 21 to Mar. 4 according to the regular training plans of fire power units.
The rockets made the safest flights without the slightest deviation northeastward from the launching points and accurately struck the targets in the designated waters, demonstrating the highest-ever rate of hits.
The drills were smoothly conducted with no slight impact not only on the regional peace and security but on international navigation order and ecological environment as they were based on a scientific calculation of the whole course of the rocket launching and the scrupulous advance security measures for flight orbit and targets in the designated waters, in particular.
The spokesman for the KPA Strategic Force in a statement issued on Wednesday blasted the U.S. and its allies for misbehaving, steeped in enmity toward the DPRK, resorting to a malignant smear campaign from the moment when its rockets soared into the sky, and clarified the following principled stand of the force:
1. The U.S. and its followers should dare not make much fuss, terming the DPRK's just rocket launching drills "provocation" and "threats".
As far as provocation is concerned, it is the brigandish Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises kicked off by the U.S. against the DPRK and base remarks made by such guy as U.S. Secretary of State Kerry, who labeled the DPRK "closest closed country", "evil place" and "country of evil".
It is the brazen-faced judgment of American style to label the just self-defensive drills in one's own land as "provocation" and it is the shameless standard of American style to describe its war exercises for aggression to serve a sinister purpose in the land of other country as "defensive" and "annual".
The U.S. and its followers should bear in mind that if their reckless provocation against the DPRK goes beyond tolerance limit, its defence rockets in the process of drills will lead to a retaliation of the most powerful attack rocket launching in a moment.
2. The U.S. and its followers should no longer resort to such a foolish act as escalating tensions under the pretext of the DPRK's rocket launching.
Whenever an opportunity presented itself, the U.S. has deliberately screwed up and escalated the situation on the Korean peninsula under the groundless pretext.
In recent years alone, the U.S. termed the DPRK's satellite launch a missile launch and fabricated UN resolutions on "sanctions", bringing the situation to the brink of war.
This time, too, it is seeking to opt for such reckless way as escalating tensions again, vociferating about "such sanctions as those against Iran" and "more stringent blockade" under the pretext of the DPRK's rocket launching drills.
It was prompted by the U.S. displeasure with recent signs of the north-south dialogue and the DPRK-Japan contact thanks to the DPRK's positive steps.
The U.S. should clearly realize that its acts of kicking off frantic war maneuvers for aggression and aggravating the situation under the pretext of the DPRK's regular rocket launching drills can neither work nor can be overlooked.
3. The U.S. and its followers should dare not let loose foolish sophism persistently taking issue with the DPRK over its nuclear issue with its rocket launching drills as a momentum.
The U.S. is now spreading rumors that it "does not recognize not only the DPRK's rocket launch but its access to nuclear weapons," "the south-north relations can be mended only when the north dismantles its nuclear weapons first" and "the U.S.-north dialogue and the U.S.-north relations are possible only when the north moves first".
This is rather an absurd jargon than ignorance.
The nuclear force of the DPRK is by no means something to which it had access in the hope of "recognition" by the U.S. and its followers.
It is the self-defensive treasured sword to defend the whole Korean nation and preserve the regional peace and security from the U.S. increasing nuclear threats and blackmail.
Nothing is more serious miscalculation than to assert that the DPRK's nuclear deterrence exists if anyone recognizes it and disappears if anyone does not recognize it.
The U.S. had better cooly judge the situation and drop the bad habit of deliberately taking issue with others.
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