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Thursday, 13 March 2014


Challenges of the XXI century
In late February 2014, in Ukraine a fascist coup was carried out, instigated from outside. The United States alone invested $ 5 billion towards the activities of non-governmental organizations, so that via the media, completely under their control, they would manipulate the consciousness of the people of Ukraine, doing everything in order to pit them against their brotherly Russian people for the purpose of conquest and subjugation of Russia.
During the years of the so-called "independence" of Ukraine, with the help of foreign anti-Soviet organizations and the anti-communist Ukrainian diaspora, neo-banderite nationalist organizations were formed, such as "Freedom" (Svoboda) lead by O.Tyagnibok, "Trident" (Trizub) in the name of Stepan Bandera lead by Dimitry Yarosh and others. These are organizations praising the bloody "exploits" of Bandera, Shukhevych and the UPA warriors in the service and maintenance of Nazi Germany, with sworn allegiance to the Fuhrer in the fight against the Soviet Union and in the struggle for a "new world order."
And now our so-called "honest and truthful" TV in emphasis does not see Banderites and nationalists destroying monuments to Lenin, who are trying to impose by force only one Ukrainian language on the whole Ukrainian nation, despite at least half of Ukraine's population speaking Russian.
Residents of eastern, and south - eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea that reject Bandera fascist ideology, its outspoken pro-American anti-Russian direction, have rebelled, demanding the opportunity to speak their native language, speaking in favour a union between Ukraine and Russia, a union of fraternal Slavic peoples, and for the restoration of friendship and brotherhood among all the peoples of the former USSR.
Particularly acute is the persistent struggle unfolded in the Crimea, which in 1954 the leader of the USSR Nikita Khrushchev by voluntary decision and without any consultation with the people, transferred Crimea over from Russia to Ukraine.
Therefore, the struggle that was ensued by inhabitants of the peninsula for the return of Crimea back to Russia their Motherland, is justified and natural and is conditioned, in addition to the above circumstances, and recognized by the international community as a right of nations to self-determination up to secession and the formation of an independent state. This issue will be resolved by residents of Crimea and Sevastopol in the referendum on March 16.
That the "new" power is the same as the anti-national character and deposed by the people regime of Yanukovych - Azarov regime of big capital, is shown by the designation of governors to Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions of billionaire oligarchs and Kolomoysky and Taruta. It is becoming immediately clear as to who financed Maidan and in whose interests the coup was carried out. Two major industrial regions of Ukraine have been handed over to the oligarchs, so they can get compensated by the working people, of course, for their financial expenditure at Maidan. This is fully consistent with the provisions of the "Trident" of S.Bander, which proclaims amnesty to the shadow (i.e. to the stolen and hidden in offshore accounts) capital " with an individual approach to its owners and subject to the specific use of capital for the creation and adoption of the national state."
Kolomoysky , one of the richest people in Ukraine, made his billions of dollars from the plunder of the working people, is also one of the leaders of the Zionist organizations in Ukraine and Europe and engages in the interests of Zionist capital, Zionist- American imperialism, fighting for world domination.
Seeing no way out of the widespread crisis affecting the entire global capitalist system, Zionist capital and US -NATO imperialism unleash aggressive wars of conquest across the globe, enslaving nations and peoples, capturing and using their natural raw materials. Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. Next in line - Russia. Back in the 1960-s, ideologues in the Club of Rome, one of the divisions of the world Zionist government, said that the Slavic population would be subject to dramatic reduction in size and that in Russia out of the 150 million population, there should remain only 50 million people, Ukraine 50 - 15-20 million, Belarus of 10 million to 3 million people. Margaret Thatcher generally stated that Russia would have enough with 15 million people, in order to serve the pipeline i.e. engaged in mining and oil and gas supplies to Europe. And Hitler's plans are steadily being implemented by present day Zionists- neo Nazis.
Russia has been designated the role of a raw material appendage of Western imperialism. Russia, as a hundred years ago, has once again become the weakest link in the global chain of imperialist states.
It is understandable that the Russian leadership could not turn a blind eye to the ongoing processes in Ukraine, and could not look on calmly as the Bandera opportunists of the present rulers impose fascist ideology on their brotherly people, as well as Ukraine becoming an outpost of US- NATO imperialism to attack Russia. The Russian leadership of supports the efforts of the Russian -speaking population of the eastern, south- eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea to live in peace and friendship with the fraternal Russian people, to prevent fratricide.
And the fact that US-NATO is preparing for such a war is clearly demonstrated by the words of Yarosh , who in 2008 declared that "sooner or later, but we are doomed to fight Moscow."
The current instigators of a Third World War, the U.S. imperialists and NATO should not forget that working people are entering the arena of history, who are still being used by them in their interests and in their scenarios for "colour", orange and orange-brown "revolutions" and the Arab "spring".
In the event of a third world war, the people of Russia, together with their brothers from Ukraine (including West Ukrainian workers) and Belarus, as well as all the peoples of the former Soviet Union will take their destiny into their own hands.
The war unleashed by the imperialists will certainly turn into a revolutionary war, a civil war, a war for the liberation of the working people from exploitation and oppression that will forever put an end to capitalism - the last exploiting system on earth.
March 9, 2014
A.Maevsky , secretary of the CC AUCPB

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