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Friday, 25 July 2014

For Bolshevism No 8 (137) - August 2014

Socialist Revolution
For Bolshevism Inside The Communist And Workers’ Movement

August 2014 No 8 (137)

The class confrontation between the Kiev fascist junta and the working people on the territory of Donbass and Ukraine is not subsiding and for more than three months remains at the centre of world attention.
Let's start with the fact that on June 25, the parliaments of Donetsk and Lugansk republics adopted the Constitutional Act on the establishment of the Union of People's Republics of DPR and LPR. The union state is called Novorossiya. Also announced was the formation of a regular army of Novorossiya.
The punitive operation by the Ukrainian junta meanwhile continues. Calls to "resolve the situation peacefully," are periodically issued from official Moscow, based only on the idea of the Donbass People's self defence force disarmament and termination of resistance. The European Union and the imperialist government of the United States cannot (or even want to) offer anything else. In the context of the continued fighting and technical superiority of the Ukrainian army, such a call to the young Novorossiya to lay down arms is really a call to its "death."
In war, the situation changes rapidly, and one of the few conclusions that can be made now is for sure - all "attempts at a peaceful settlement," declared by Poroshenko were false. There was no ceasefire between the forces of the junta and the People's self defence forces announced in late June.
Ukrainian troops continued to fire mortars and artillery on the territory of Slavyansk, Kramatorskaya, Semyonovka, Selidovo and other settlements of South-East Ukraine. According to eyewitness reports, shots were aimed at homes, hospitals and children's institutions, and the water system regularly out of action. Victims of attacks are civilians. Militants of the "National Guard" hinder the evacuation Sloviansk where there is a shortage of food.

The Kiev junta is carrying out a real genocide against the residents of Donbass, using weapons of mass destruction. On June 12 - 13, there were reports on the use by the Ukrainian army during the shelling of the village of Semenivka (near Slavyansk) of ammunition, stuffed with white phosphorus. White phosphorus is a highly active chemical agent that causes severe burns and is virtually impossible to extinguish by conventional means. It has been banned by the UN for use in combat since the Vietnam War. On June 30, the deputy commander of the People's defence force Igor Strelkov said that after the firing, people with symptoms of poisoning by chlorine arrived at the hospital in Sloviansk. "Explosions occur in the air, after which a there is a cloud of smoke. They fire these projectiles when the wind is blowing in our direction, "- Strelkov told reporters. On the eve of this, the self defence force stated that the junta army had used unknown chemical weapons in the village of Semenivka and that two self defence fighters were taken to hospital in a serious condition. In addition, in May attempts by the junta were thwarted when they tried to poison the water in the river Severny Donets by sabotaging the water treatment facilities.
According to some analysts, the systematic destruction and displacement of people from Donbass carried out by the Kiev junta, is dictated by concern for the interests of large foreign mining corporations.
According to the Minister of Defence of the Lugansk People's Republic, Igor Plotnitsky, on the territory of South-East are located abundant reserves of shale gas. Its deposits are located just in the area where the armed conflict is the most violent - between Lugansk, Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.
A contract to develop the gas fields was made between the Yanukovych government on January 24, 2013 and multinational giants "Shell" (British-Dutch corporation «Dutch Shell») and "Chevron" (American energy company «Chevron Corporation», one of the largest corporations in the world).
Fracking of shale gas is a serious environmental threat, and the intention to carry it on the territory of Ukraine before the coup aroused strong indignation and resistance by the residents of Donbass. Perhaps that is why the agreement to extract Donbass shale gas by the "sharks" of world imperialism is classified during the entire validity period (50 years) plus 5 years, with the right of renewal. Political scientist Eduard Ivanov writes about this in his article "The Secret Shale Gas contract of Ukraine": "... in Appendix 1 to the Agreement with the company “Shell” shall be given the exact coordinates of area to be allocated for the production of shale gas. We made them a map to understand exactly what is meant by the words "Treaty Land." It turned out that this area is mainly in the Donetsk Peoples Republic and the Kharkov region with an area of 7,886 square kilometres. It completely covers the fairly large towns of Slovyansk, Izyum, Barvenkovo, a huge chunk of Kramatorsk, part of Druzhkovka and Balakley, as well as hundreds of smaller settlements. Here is a list of only the largest of them: Gusarovka, Savintsy, Chervonny Oskol, Krasny Liman, Seversk, Yasnogorka, Avdiyivka, Krasnogorovka, Orlovka, Sedge, Novogrigorovka, Novonikolaevka, Toretskoy, Alexandrovka, Novoaleksandrovka, Ocheretino, Petrine, Great Kamyshevakha, Chervonyi Shakhtyor, Petrovskoye, etc. ... According to Article 37.2 (b) of the agreement, "... If the land is privately owned and the owners have not agreed to sign the Agreement On Land Plots voluntarily or demand entering conditions into such agreements on the land plots which, according to the reasoned opinion of the Operator, are unacceptable, [the state shall guarantee] a cessation ... private property rights, constant use, lease and other rights of third parties regarding such land. All sites that are the subject to such cessation... after this are provided to the Operator with a reasonable time frame based on the Agreement of Land Plots that include reasonable conditions."
That is the explanation of the brutal bombing, the participation of foreign mercenaries in fighting on the side of the junta – the imperialist monopolies need bare ground over the coveted deposits of gas, oil and coal, plus a small group of submissive slave labourers for drilling and other service facilities. And the bourgeoisie of all countries need a clear example for their own workers, to warn them off a possible rebellion and attacks on "sacred" private property looted and purchased by capitalists due to inhibition of these same workers. As such an "example", the Kiev junta now "exemplary" bombs and shoot civilians of Donbass with the tacit encouragement of world imperialism.
The bourgeois government of the Russian Federation finally responded to the many calls made for help to fighting Donbass. But is did this in its own way and cynically.
“The Ukrainian foreign policy department received a note from the Russian Foreign Affairs department about the intention of Russia to send humanitarian aid to Donbass and Lugansk region, and also possibly to other regions where there are refugees. Moscow turned to Kiev with a request for assistance in implementing this humanitarian act” reported the media on 28 June. Thus the Russian foreign affairs department clearly expressed the attitude of the Russian authorities towards rebellious Donbass. The Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics as before do not exist in the eyes of the Russian bourgeoisie, although the oligarch Poroshenko who came to power on the blood of the working people is their friend and absolute “legally elected” head of state. In the Russian media, the DPR and LPR as before are still being called “self-proclaimed” and the punitive operation carried on by the Kiv junta, an anti-terrorist operation. Also the towns of Slavyansk, Alchevsk and others are called “Ukrainian”.
In addition, the Kiev junta quite predictably rejected the proposed humanitarian assistance. “Today, on 28 June, the Russian government was sent a note of reply in which it points out the impossibility of accepting this “humanitarian assistance” (in quotation marks too – auth), considering the uncertainty of the final addressee”, reported the Ukrainian media.
Aid to the people of Donbass in the form of food, medicine, equipment and other items are being provided by many volunteers. The people of Rostov, Astrakhansky, Ryazansky and other regions as well as the North Caucasus and Republic of Crimea have been providing aid. Mothers with their childrem fleeing Ukrainian territory (often under fire from the junta forces) are temporarily residing in private houses, kindergardens and rest homes. What will happen to them in Autumn when the weather grows colder is still unknown
The Kiev junta not only not recognises the people of the DPR and LPR fleeing the war with refugee status, but has filtration (ethnic cleansing) camps set up for them. Acting minister for defence of Ukaine Mikhail Koval at a session of the Cabinet of ministers on 11 June declared, that “special filtration measures” are in place for the people of the South-East of Ukraine, the result of which people will be dispersed to various regions. The minister underlined that “all of the adult population of the rebellious regions including women will be sent to these filtration camps”. Already refugees from Donbass in order to gain the possibility of getting a job in Ukrainian towns must agree to special forces checking up on their “suitability” and not hold any “sympathies towards the terrorists”.
The bourgeois government of the Russian Federation continues to trade with the junta because of Kyiv discounts on gas supplies, ignoring the murders in the Southeast and military provocations on the border. There are several cases in which from the Ukrainian side into Russia flew shells fired by the junta troops. The border at different times has been violated by two Ukrainian army APCs and a helicopter. On June 28 from the Ukrainian side the KPP "Gukovo" in the Rostov region was fired on. Furthermore, in a combat zone, Russian journalists were killed by militants of the Kiev junta.
Against this background, on June 24 Vladimir Putin appealed to the Federation Council to revoke the decision about the entering of the Russian troops into Ukraine from March 1, 2014. According to this decision, Russian troops could be introduced into Ukraine "until the normalization of the political situation in this country." This news immediately caused a revival in financial circles. The official indicator of the Russian stock market - the RTS index - rose by 2 per cent compared to June 23. It is interesting that on the eve of his address to the Federation Council, Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone with Barack Obama. The Federation Council granted the request of Putin. Poroshenko also endorsed the decision of the Russian president.
Now there is no doubt that Putin will not be going in to save Donbass. And, apparently, there was never any intention of going in from the start. After all, the Russian bourgeoisie have their protege and representative which the president of the Russian Federation, with the Ukrainian bourgeoisie, which at the moment is officially Poroshenko and have common class interests. There is no, nor can there be any common interests between the bourgeoisie and the miners and metallurgists of Donbass fighting against fascism.
The oligarchy – whether it be Russian or Ukrainian or any other, will never act on the side of the working people. And the more the rebels consistently implement the abolition of private property, the more resolutely and fiercer the bourgeoisie will act to suppress the proletarian uprising.
The enterprises of Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov on the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic will be nationalized. This was stated by the chairman of the Supreme Council of the Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin on June 29 in Donetsk. "These enterprises were built by many generations of our ancestors. I think it will be a fair solution, "- said Pushilin. Earlier, under the control of the republic were already passed the Donetsk Railway, a number of mines and metallurgical plants, and more recently the People's Militia fighters took control of Donetsk Chemical plant.
If the policy of nationalization of the means of production will continue uncompromisingly by the authorities of Novorossiya, sooner or later that will lead to the need for the country to introduce elements of a socialist system.
In the meantime, the situation remains severe. The defensive war against fascism every day takes on a more pronounced class character, and in this war, the working people of the insurgent Donbass can confidently rely not on the oligarchs with their hypocritical promises, but only on their own, proletarian solidarity and military aid of volunteer international brigades that are actively forming in different countries (including Russia), and many are already in place in Novorossiya, in the most "hotspot" of the planet.
The slogan "Workers of all countries, unite!" today, in connection with developments in the Donbass, has acquired special urgency.

E.A. Fatyanova, Secretary of the CC AUCPB

Required afterword:
While in the Southeast fierce fighting in underway with the Kiev junta, one of the largest multinational companies - "Shell" – is starting to develop shale deposits in the Kharkov region. Already in September 2014 will begin the active phase of the drilling of two wells for shale gas. This was stated by First Deputy Head of Kharkov Regional State Administration, Igor Rainin.
At present, work is being completed to assess the environmental and social environment in the area of the Yuzovsky field. At the beginning of September is planned regional geophysical surveys and drilling of two exploratory wells.
“Shell” is engaged in two separate projects for exploration and production of shale gas in Ukraine. The first project is being explored in the Pervomaisky district of Kharkov region. A joint venture agreement between “Shell” and the company "Ukrgasdobycha" on this site was signed in 2006. The company intends to invest in the project up to $ 200 million. The second project by “Shell” is exploration and production of gas at Yuzovsky site, partly located on the territory of the DPR. In developing the Yuzovsky field, investment up to $ 50 billion is planned. That is the price of the blood spilled by civilians of Donbass that world imperialism is willing to pay!
Yuzovsky district includes Kramatorsk, Slovyansk, Krasny Liman - places where the most fierce fighting is taking place by the Donbass people's defence force against the troops of the Kiev junta.
An agreement on product distribution for exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons at Yuzovsky field between the Anglo-Dutch oil and gas group «Royal Dutch Shell» and «Nadra Yuzovsky" was signed on January 24, 2013 in Davos, with the participation of Viktor Yanukovych.
Meanwhile, Kharkov region is a hotbed of resistance to Ukrainian fascism. Success of the peoples Resistance is haunting the imperialists, who (as we have already seen in an example of Donbass) will do anything for gaining super profits.
In Kharkov itself and across the region, the Ukrainian Special Forces (SBU) are carrying out purges against protest activists, including kidnappings. Since early April, into the local fascist dungeons have been thrown more than 300 people. The situation is similar in Mariupol, Odessa and other cities.
On June 29 in Chuguyivske district of Kharkov region, unknown individuals blew up a railway bridge just before the passage of a train from Russia. A disaster was avoided. According to the local Resistance, "the blowing up of the railway bridge in the Chuguyivske district of Kharkiv region was sabotage aimed at destabilizing and discrediting the guerrilla movement in the rear, by the Ukrainian fascists. Most likely, it was carried out by militants of the group "Right Sector" or similar organizations. "In fact the explosion brought about opening a criminal case under the article "terrorist attack." Probably so, as in this way, the Nazi authorities will be preparing the ground for the unleashing of a new punitive operation or expansion of its so-called "ATO" * in Kharkov region, to finally crush all resistance of the working people and clear the way for shale gas for the European imperialists.

* ATO – Anti Terrorist Operation

Statement in support of the Bulgarian Communist comrade A.A. Mayevsky


To the General Secretary of the CC AUCPB
Comrade Nina Alexandrovna Andreeva

Dear Nina Alexandrovna!
The Central Committee of the BWP(C) expresses its concern and indignation at persecution of Secretary of the CC AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transdniestria, chief editor of "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth" Anatoly Arkadevich Mayevsky.
For us, Comrade Mayevsky is a reliable ally in the fight of all Communists in the world against the anti-peoples criminal power of capitalism, a defender of the rights of workers and the oppressed. We are happy receive, distribute and cherish the newspaper which he publishes and sends us. Every word of truth and experience in fighting by the Soviet Communists-Bolsheviks under repression and assault on workers' rights is valuable for us. We note with interest discuss the honestly, thoroughly and scientifically written and published book by Comrade.Mayevsky "The U.S. Armed Forces." We understand how difficult it is for the Bolsheviks to work under the ever-increasing onslaught of capitalism and imperialism. And we salute the feat of the Bolsheviks, who have not departed from the principles bequeathed by generations of Soviet fighters. Some of these merits, of course, belong to the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB). Bolshevik words are very necessary and important to all of us Communists of all countries of the world, and steer our positions and directions of our struggle. This is a fork in the world communist movement.
Every day we see the scale of the tragedy of the loss of the Soviet Union and socialism. We also understand that the fight is becoming fiercer and sharper. Capitalism again adopts its latest weapon - fascism. On the eve of the opening of the first session of the International Peoples Tribunal at Nuremberg, in a conversation with the Soviet writer Boris Polevoy, hero of Leipzig, Bulgarian Communist Georgi Dimitrov said that there is no weapon more rational for the forces of capitalism than fascism, but that it allows the capitalists of the world to shuffle people like a deck of cards, and have dissidents burned in crematoria.
We must remember this and look for new methods and ways to combat this evil. U.S. imperialism, in creating its own scenarios for world domination, has adopted the inhuman plans of Hitler's Reich, applying them on a large scale division of peoples through nationalist ideas, vicious mass culture, perversion of history, etc. In my last article, the American political scientist Bzhezinsky detailed the U.S. plans against Russia, not forgetting to mention that it does not comply with international laws on non-force in solving territorial problems, and unwilling to accept the "modern natural development of relations between the sexes." Savagery and inhumanity of these claims suggests that global capitalism is ready for the most desperate acts to preserve its power and subordination of all countries of the world to its interests.
We are shocked by the fact that all of Ukrainian people who are a brotherly people to us have fallen victim to deception and illusion, giving themselves up to the intrigues of world capitalism. We, Bulgarians, who have tried at the “goodness" of the "free world" would never have advised Ukrainians to walk in our footsteps. We lost our beautiful homeland, and we are now losing our children, who roam throughout the world in search of food.
We have no doubt that the actions of the Ukrainian authorities against Comrade Mayevsky have been dictated by American specialists, who already feel themselves masters of Ukraine. These actions violate both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, the UN and the European Convention of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Article 19).
Please pass to Comrade Mayevsky a message that we are ready to help him if he ever came here to Bulgaria, we could start production of the newspaper over here.
Dear Nina Alexandrovna! We wish you and your comrades much energy and courage in our common struggle.


Secretary of the Central Committee of the BWP (c) Penka Betovska


Activists of the AUCPB and the Bolshevik young guard, the VMGB on June 22, the day of the treacherous attack by Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union, organized public events dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Great Patriotic War.
In Krasnoyarsk, near the monument to Alexander Matrosov, a rally was held on the following theme: "against fascism in Ukraine and Russia, in support of the insurgent people of Donbass". Together with the Bolshevik organizers were representatives of the "Stalin bloc of Krasnoyar", a local women's organization, as well as parties "Communists of Russia" and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.
At the rally, we tried to emphasize the danger of further Russian fascistization of bourgeois power and the class character of the confrontation on the territory of Donbass. Various issues of newspapers "Hammer and Sickle" and "Revolution" were distributed.
Chelyabinsk. Activists of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, and the All-Union Young Guard of Bolsheviks, as well as members of other parties of communist orientation laid flowers at the eternal flame to honour those who died in the Great Patriotic War, defenders of the first state of workers and peasants - the Soviet Union.
Heroes of that war are for us, the young Communist-Bolsheviks, an example to which we look up to.

Eternal glory to the heroes - the victors over Hitler's fascism!
In Voronezh, on June 22, 2014 a local organization of the AUCPB held a picket dedicated to 73rd anniversary of the Great Patriotic War.
At the picket were distributed leaflets and Bolshevik newspapers "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth", and "Revolution."
The town committee of the AUCPB at Mineral Waters organized a rally. During it, our comrades, distributed newspapers, conducted interviews with residents of the city.
A minute's silence in memory of our soldiers and citizens who died during the Great Patriotic War was held.

Link to photos of these events


The Communist Youth of Poland categorically condemns the persecution of Comrade Mayevsky - Editor of "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth" and activist in the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks by the Bandera junta ruling in Kiev.
We express our solidarity with your struggle for the revival of the Soviet Union and the friendship between the brotherly peoples of the former socialist countries. Just like all true Polish patriots, we express our deep sorrow and are ashamed because of the criminal intrigue of the Polish regime that under the U.S. diktat supports the Nazi murderers in their bloody endeavours.
We - young Polish communists, are united with you by the immortal science of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin – and wish you heartily resistance, hardness and unyielding victory over the brown terror. Terror that knows no boundaries and who is able to touch any fighter for truth and peace.

Presidium of the KMP


Persecuted FOR BOLSHEVIK TRUTH, on 5 June, the editor of "Workers' and Peasants Truth" received a call from correspondent of TV channel "Inter" Marina Koval, to interview the editor, Comrade AA. Mayevsky. Naturally, the editor agreed to give such an interview, whose primary objective was to achieve a breakthrough in the information blockade that has developed around the activities of our party in Ukraine - the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, as well as the newspaper.
The next day, the crew of TV channel arrived at the editor’s door which is a flat. A.Maevsky gave an interview, which lasted about 45 minutes.
In the evening news program of TV channel "Inter", this interview was shown. But it was shown in a completely distorted way and with the sole purpose - to distort the position of the newspaper and defame it. The interview started with a demonstration of "casual readers" of the newspaper from Uzhgorod, who were outraged that the newspaper being distributed including through the Transcarpathian office of Ukrposhty (kiosks already received 50 copies of the newspaper!), writes the truth about the events happening in the South-East Ukraine, against the inhabitants of which (Odessa, Donetsk and Luhansk regions) the regime has unleashed a real war of extermination. Dissatisfaction of those "readers" was also made worse by the first page of a newspaper with a portrait of Comrade J.V. Stalin - an outstanding statesman, leader of the world's first proletarian state of workers and peasants - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the portraits of proletarian leaders of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. And these, I may say are readers turning to special law enforcement bodies of Ukraine with the question, and where to look and whether it is time to carry out prosecution of the editor of the newspaper itself. That is, in fact, the crew of TV channel "Inter" acted as a state security structure with a predetermined accusation against the newspaper.
Mayevsky was shown on TV less than a minute in the interview. However, and for that moment the editor could bring viewers to the fact that our party has been fighting for the revival of the Soviet Union, and that the ruling regime in Ukraine is of Bandera-fascist character and that the newspaper works on a volunteer basis together with the paper itself published by Editorial, and distributed on a social basis funded by readers.
A week later (June 14) his flat was raided by officers of the SBU in the Transcarpathian region amounting to four people and two witnesses who searched the apartment seized a laptop, printer, printing equipment, and preparatory materials for the sixth issue of the newspaper. A search was conducted on the basis of the decision of the regional court of Uzhgorod 12.06., at the request of the Office of the SBU in the Transcarpathian region to conduct a pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings on the grounds of an offence under article 161, part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. In accordance with this article, the editorial, based on the "analysis" of the materials published in the "WPT» № 6 (207), conducted by the SBU, faces charges of inciting ethnic hatred? The search continued for four hours. Immediately the editor was discharged a note of summons for questioning as a witness (?) on June 16 in Transcarpathian HQ of the SBU.
On 16 June, Mayevsky was questioned for about four hours. During the interrogation, the editor sought to show that there is no incitement of ethnic hatred in the materials of the newspaper and that the newspaper aims to convey to readers the truth about the events taking place in the South-East of Ukraine, and exposes the ruling regime, which unleashed a war to destroy its own people.
On June 18 at a meeting of Uzhgorod city district court, where the question of the seizure of the confiscated property during a search was raised. Despite the statement of Comrade, Mayevsky that the police had violated his constitutional rights, in particular, under Art. 34 of the Constitution: "Everyone shall be guaranteed the right to freedom of thought and speech and to freely express their views and beliefs. Everyone has the right to collect, store, use and disseminate information orally, in writing or otherwise - of their choice. The exercise of these rights may be restricted by law ... "; a newspaper that only a court can ban; that the removal of office equipment prevents the lawful professional activities of journalists, which is a criminal offence under Art. 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - the court decided to arrest the property seized.
Those in power and those serving them in their service at the SBU and judicial system as a whole, were frightened of the Bolshevik truth and will do everything in order to prevent further publication of the newspaper, and to complete the prosecution of its editor.
On further developments, as long as we get the chance, we will inform our readers.

EDITORIAL "Workers and Peasants 'Truth'

P.S Since then, Comrade Mayevsky has raised a complaint to the courts on the confiscation of his equipment. The court ruled in his favour to return his property, however he is still waiting for the return of his equipment. (FB)


Pyongyang, July 12 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Policy Department of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK Saturday released the following statement:
The U.S. is always preoccupied with aggression and interference.
On Friday the U.S. suddenly hurled the flotilla of the nuclear carrier George Washington into the Pusan Port of south Korea again.
That day the group of Aegis Destroyer Kid under the Third Fleet of the U.S. imperialist aggression forces entered the Tonghae Port of south Korea.
What is surprising is that these pirate warship groups entered the south Korean ports at the earnest request of the south Korean puppet authorities and amid their noisy welcome though they should have thought twice before doing so.
It was reported that those groups would stage a "drill to intercept planes" accompanied by naval maneuvers targeted against the DPRK together with the south Korean naval force in the South and East seas of Korea from July 16.
From July 22 they mull staging a large naval joint drill in waters off Jeju Island with warships of the Japanese aggression forces involved.
What should not be overlooked is that these grave maneuvers are slated to take place in defiance of the special proposal sent by the NDC of the DPRK to the south Korean authorities for improving the north-south relations and ensuring peace on the Korean peninsula and a meaningful statement issued by the DPRK government.
The planned reckless military actions of the U.S. and south Korea are another open challenge to the sincere efforts of the army and people of the DPRK to defuse the tension on the peninsula and create peaceful atmosphere.
They are, at the same time, a blatant effrontery to chill the desire and wishes of all Koreans to mend the north-south relations and achieve national reconciliation and cooperation.
In February, too, the U.S. sent a formation of nuclear-capable strategic bombers to south Korea, deliberately creating a phase of confrontation when there was a sign of reconciliation between the north and the south.
Whenever there was a sign of improving the north-south relations and detente on the peninsula, the U.S. resorted to sinister interference and obstructions.
These actions on the part of the U.S. were prompted by its scenario to retain a grip on south Korea and Japan and lay a siege to the continent in a bid to keep an unchallenged edge in the Asia-Pacific region.
What matters is that the south Korean puppet forces steeped in sycophancy and submission are pursuing this sinister scenario of the U.S. and persistently introducing nuclear strike means of the U.S. imperialist aggression forces, making constant nuclear blackmail and posing serious threat to compatriots.
However, the army and people of the DPRK are not afraid of the U.S. nuclear blackmail and threat little short of its "gunboat diplomacy" in the last century.
The U.S. should properly understand that the more persistently it resorts to reckless nuclear blackmail and threat, the further the DPRK will bolster up its cutting edge nuclear force for self-defence always ready to go into action.
The south Korean puppet forces would be well advised not to miscalculate that their act of depending on the U.S. and toeing its line is the only way out for them. They should come to their senses and seek a way out from the standpoint of attaching importance to the nation and giving priority to it.
They should bear in mind that now is the time to make a proper option at the present when various issues between the north and the south are high on agenda.
The U.S. and south Korean authorities should always remember that the army and people of the DPRK together with the world people are watching with high vigilance their anachronistic reckless military moves.

Pyongyang, July 7 (KCNA) -- The government of the DPRK released the following statement Monday, 20 years since President Kim Il Sung left his last signature on a historic document related to Korea's reunification.
The Korean nation's cause for national reunification is undergoing big difficulties and trials due to the vicious challenge and obstructive moves of the anti-reunification forces at home and abroad, the statement said.
The DPRK government clarifies as follows out of its patriotic desire to tide over the difficulties lying before the nation, improve the north-south relations and open up a fresh turning phase for independent reunification at present:
1. The north and the south should end reckless hostility and confrontation and open up the road for reconciliation and unity.
The grave situation in which even a single remark and act and tiny friction may lead to a dangerous conflict and destruction of the nation is prevailing on the Korean peninsula as hostility and confrontation have reached the extremes.
We should no longer remain a passive on-looker to this tragic situation in which exhaustive political strife among compatriots may cause tremendous catastrophe of the nation at a crucial time when all the Koreans should pool their strength and wisdom for the cause common to the nation.
The north and the south should open up the road for improvement of relations from fresh viewpoint and stand for the destiny of the nation.
The south Korean authorities should discard the anachronistic concept of hostility and make a bold decision to change its policy for confrontation with fellow countrymen into that for alliance and reconciliation with the north.
They should stop all kinds of the north-targeted war exercises which they conduct with outsiders, a direct product of their hostile policy toward the fellow countrymen in the north.
If they have true willingness to improve the relations with the north, they should opt for respecting and implementing the north-south agreements including the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration which were provided thanks to the top leaders of the north and the south.
2. The north and the south should reject dependence on outsiders and settle all issues by the efforts of Koreans.
The north and the south should never fall a victim to outsiders keen on catching fish in troubled waters through the division of Korea.
They should solve all issues by their own efforts in the common interests of the nation from the stand of putting the nation above all, attaching importance to the nation and achieving national unity.
The north and the south should never tolerate the unreasonable act of outsiders to interfere in the internal issue of the nation but counter it with joint efforts.
We will join hands with all those including the south Korean authorities if they take the stand of settling the issue of the north-south relations and the reunification issue of the country in line with the desire and wish of the nation.
3. The north and the south should seek reasonable reunification proposals supported by all Koreans and that guarantee the prosperity common to the nation.
There is increasing demand and requirement of fellow countrymen to achieve reunification through federal formula in Korea where differing ideologies and social systems exist.
In the June 15 joint declaration the north and the south recognized that there are common points in the north-proposed low-level federation and the south-proposed confederation, and agreed to work for reunification in this direction in the future.
The north and the south should specify the reunification proposals by way of federation and confederation and make efforts to realize them and thus actively promote co-existence, co-prosperity and common interests.
4. The north and the south should create the atmosphere favorable for the improvement of the north-south relations.
To actively create the atmosphere favorable for reconciliation and unity at present is a prerequisite for improving the extremely deteriorated north-south relations.
It is necessary to put an end to all kinds of calumnies and vituperations that foster misunderstanding and distrust among the fellow countrymen, to begin with.
Legal and institutional measures that block kindred bonds and compatriotic feelings between the north and the south should be lifted and a broad avenue for contacts, visits, cooperation and dialogue should be opened.
An end should be put at an early date to such an abnormal situation in south Korea in which the desire of the people from all walks of life for reunification is dampened and the hostility against the DPRK is incited through the racket for "eliminating forces following the north".
If the above-mentioned principled stand of the DPRK and measures taken by it in good faith are implemented, an epochal occasion will be provided in normalizing the deteriorated north-south ties, easing the situation on the Korean peninsula and achieving the national reconciliation and unity.
We express the expectation that all Koreans would actively support the principled stand of the DPRK government that was prompted by its noble sense of responsibility to improve the north-south ties and open up a wide avenue for independent reunification and that the south Korean authorities would positively respond to it.

Pyongyang, June 30 (KCNA) -- The National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK sent the following special proposal to the south Korean authorities on Monday:
The continued state of frozen north-south relations is making the wounds of the territorial division ever deeper and the nation's cherished desire for reunification has reached such a phase that can no longer be overlooked.
The three principles of national reunification which the north and the south agreed upon to adhere to before the nation and even the ennobling spirit of By Our Nation Itself have been ruthlessly violated. This is the present tragic reality.
True to the noble intention of the peerless patriot to set right this painful situation, the DPRK side sent a crucial proposal and an open letter to the south Korean authorities, political parties and social organizations only to receive a cool response.
The valuable agreement reached at the north-south high-level contact, which was arranged with much effort in February, is being reduced to a dead document.
The blame for this rests with all members of the nation responsible for setting right this painful reality as they are responsible for their own destiny.
But greater responsibility rests with the south Korean authorities who have mocked at the reunification issue by making far-fetched assertions and making public sham declarations, keen on confrontation only, in utter disregard of the north-south relations that have turned more serious.
The people of different social standings are becoming more vocal demanding the improvement of the north-south relations against this backdrop and their desire to open up a fresh phase of reconciliation, cooperation and peaceful reunification has become an irresistible trend of the times.
This enthusiasm is growing stronger across the 3 000-ri land of Korea with the approach of the 42nd anniversary of the July 4 joint statement and July 7, the 20th anniversary of the event in which President Kim Il Sung, the lodestar of the nation and the great political elder, signed a historical document on the north-south summit in the last moments of his great life.
This enthusiasm is becoming unquenchable as diverse political and technical contacts on reconciliation and cooperation expected between the north and the south from July, in particular, draw public attention.
The NDC of the DPRK makes the following special proposal to the south Korean authorities, prompted by its firm resolution to bring about a fresh phase in the improvement of the north-south relations on the three principles of independence, peace and the great national unity and in the spirit of By Our Nation Itself, in reflection of the desire of the nation and the wishes of all Koreans:
1. Let us promise the nation once again to invariably adhere to the principle of independence and solve all pending issues, big or small, between the north and the south on the principle.
The principle of independence is one of the basic principles for national reunification which was agreed upon before the nation in reflection of the nation's desire and wish.
This principle calls for settling all issues, big or small, arising in relations between the north and the south including the reunification issue with their concerted efforts from the stand of attaching importance to the nation and giving priority to it without relying on foreign forces or allowing their interference.
We reached the agreement on north-south reconciliation, cooperation and non-aggression and adopted the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration on this principle.
Hence, we propose promising once again all fellow countrymen to preserve and thoroughly implement all statements, declarations and agreements concluded between the north and the south on the principle of independence on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the July 4 joint statement.
At the same time, we urge the south Korean authorities to completely withdraw all their far-fetched "assertions" and sham "declarations" contrary to the principle of independence and totally abolish all cooperation mechanisms violating the interests of the fellow countrymen.
We courteously advise them not to resort any longer to such harmful acts as taking issue with the DPRK's nuclear deterrence, a valuable common asset of the nation, and slandering its line of simultaneously developing the two fronts by toeing outside forces' line.
For the present, we call on them to make a policy decision to completely stop all sorts of mud-slinging at the other side and totally cease all psychological and conspiratorial acts from 00:00 of July 4, as was agreed upon between the north and the south at their high-level contact in February from the stand of giving importance to the nation and giving priority to it on the principle of independence.
We are ready to implement the February agreement at once as we have already clarified.
2. Let's show all Koreans and the world a resolute decision to completely stop all military hostile acts of pushing the north-south relations to the brink of a war and to create a peaceful atmosphere on the principle of peaceful reunification.
The principle of peaceful reunification is the basic principle for the country's reunification reflecting the desire of all peace-loving Koreans opposed to a war.
It also fully reflects the patriotic spirit to protect the cradle of the compatriots from a war disaster and ensure the prosperity common to the nation.
On this principle, we have consistently maintained the stand to settle all issues arising in the north-south relations in a peaceful way, not by military hostile acts.
This is because all these matters are internal issues of the nation under any circumstances however complicated they are. They should be, therefore, settled by the Koreans themselves any time as they are to live in harmony in a reunified land.
Availing of this opportunity, we once again propose the south Korean authorities to clarify their true and candid stand to ensure the peace of the country by totally stopping all ceaseless military hostile acts in all areas along the line of confrontation including the hotspot waters in the West Sea of Korea from 00:00 of July 4.
This proposal includes the issue of stopping the intrusions into waters being escalated by south Korean navy warships recently and the frequent firing of bullets and shells in the waters around the five islands.
We, at the same time, demand an end to the acts of blackmailing and threatening the fellow countrymen by introducing U.S. nuclear strike means such as nuclear-capable strategic bombers and super-large nuclear-powered carriers into south Korea and its vicinity and immediately cancel its plan for the joint military exercise Ulji Freedom Guardian to be staged with the U.S. in August this year so as to create in advance the atmosphere of various exchanges and contacts to be brisk between the north and the south including the Inchon Asian Games.
This is because the said joint military exercise pushes the situation on the Korean peninsula to the brink of a war as it is a drill for a war of aggression targeting the DPRK under the pretext of "annual and defensive drill."
The war drills staged by the south Korean authorities together with the U.S. are the most undisguised and wanton violation of the principle of national reunification which calls for settling all the issues arising between the north and the south in a peaceful way without recourse to the use of force of arms.
If they consider the joint drills with the U.S. as indispensable, they had better stage them in the area and waters beyond the territory of the Korean peninsula as already clarified by the DPRK.
Many neighboring countries desire joint exercises with the Korean People's Army recently, but it will never move with foreign armies in the air, waters and land of the DPRK, complying with their requests.
3. Let's take practical steps for bringing about a new turning phase of reconciliation, cooperation and national prosperity in the spirit of By Our Nation Itself and on the principle of the great national unity.
Unity is the nation's mode of existence and an engine for improving the inter-Korean relations.
The nation should be placed above ideology, ism and social system.
When both sides pool efforts on the principle of the great national unity in the above-said spirit irrespective of all differences, the national reunification will come earlier than expected.
It is the destiny of the Korean nation that if it remains divided, it is bound to go to ruin and if it becomes one, it will grow strong.
The DPRK proposes taking practical steps for bringing about a new turning phase of reconciliation and cooperation on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the signing of the historic document of the north-south summit by President Kim Il Sung, the lodestar of the Korean nation, on July 7, 1994, the last period of his great life.
The south Korean authorities should declare, first of all, they will not seek any sinister political aim in reconciliation and cooperation.
The reconciliation and cooperation between compatriots should be guaranteed by the sincere practical actions for them from A to Z.
Nothing is a more foolish behavior than abusing reconciliation and cooperation reflecting sincere compatriotism as fig-leaf for covering up the attempt to bring down the other's social system and the scenario for achieving "unification through absorption".
If the south Korean authorities refuse to accept the sincere offer for reconciliation and cooperation or block the way of achieving them, away from the compatriotic approach and stand based on the principle of great national unity, this will amount to the most hideous treason.
One should not scheme to use the order of passage, customs clearance and communication for sinister purpose in the Kaesong Industrial Zone, too.
An epochal phase of improving the inter-Korean relations lies in preserving the spirit of By Our Nation Itself and the principle of the great national unity.
The south Korean authorities should come to their senses.
They should approach neither the fellow countrymen through tinted classes given by foreign forces nor the inter-Korean relations with heads engrossed by sycophancy and submission.They should bear in mind that if they give priority to the nation before outsiders and attach importance to fellow countrymen before international cooperation, they can pave a wide avenue for national reunification, peace and prosperity. It is our stand that all the Koreans in the north, the south and abroad should give vent to their indignation and turn out with the will not to make the nation's history of division of disgrace and tragedy last any longer. The rise and fall of the country and the life and death of the nation hinge on the will of the north and the south. In response to our special proposal, the south Korean authorities should make a bold policy decision and take a great stride towards new future with the will to resolutely break with the inglorious past.
They should not forget that the crucial July is watching their movement.


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