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Thursday, 28 August 2014

For Bolshevism September 2014 No 9 (138)

Socialist Revolution
For Bolshevism Inside The Communist And Workers’ Movement

September 2014 No 9 (138)


100 years ago in the summer of 1914, an imperialist war broke out, which saw the total participation of 38 states with a population of over half a billion people. This was the first world war gripping 75% of the world’s population.
The war brought untold suffering and distress to nations around the world. On the battlefields 10 million were killed, and 10 million people injured.
The First World War was brewing in the development of imperialism. What led to the war was the worsening uneven development of the capitalist countries and the contradictions between them, a fierce struggle for the redivision of the world between the two military-political groups of the European powers - the Entente and the Triple Alliance, an arms race.
By 1914, the contradictions between the imperialist powers were strained to the limit. All of them were hard at it preparing for war.
German imperialism was eager for war, hoping to divide the world in their favour, to subdue most of Europe and the Middle East to establish world domination.
Imperialists of Austria-Hungary sought to gain control over Serbia and prevent the liberation of the Slavic peoples, then assert their domination over the entire Balkan peninsula and the Adriatic Sea.
British imperialists counted on by means of war to weaken Germany, to capture the German colonies, divide the Turkish empire, and capture its control over Mesopotamia (now Iraq) and the Arabian Peninsula, to further increase the vast colonial possessions of the British Empire.
French imperialism hoped not only to regain Alsace and Lorraine, but also to seize the Saar coal basin, a part of the German colonies.
Russia was in a financial dependence on France and part of Britain. This contributed to its entry into the war. But Tsarist Russia had its own reasons for war. Russian imperialism did not want the strengthening of the German influence in Turkey and the Balkans, as it sought to establish its own dominance in these countries. Russian capitalists are very worried about the competition of German goods on the domestic market of Russia.
Turkey, which the Entente imperialists in case of victory intended to carve up, on its part sought occasion to re-enslave the peoples of the Balkan Peninsula. The most aggressive circles in Turkey even dreamed of occupying the Crimea and the Caucasus, including the border regions of Persia (Iran).
The imperialist powers, undertaking the war, in addition to the seizure of foreign lands, pursued another goal - they were hoping to use the situation created by the war, for a decisive suppression of the revolutionary workers' and national liberation movements.
Outbreak of war benefited the weakness of the anti-imperialist forces. At the beginning of the XX century, the forces of the world were significantly weaker than the forces of war. The main stronghold of peace was the working class. However, many of its organizations were under the influence of opportunists. This paralyzed the international proletariat in its struggle against imperialism and war. Imperialist war became inevitable.
War broke out. Another Austro-Serbian conflict served as the pretext for war. In Serbia, there are numerous national organizations making it their duty to free all of the South Slavs from Austro-Hungarian oppression. Many of these organizations adhered to the tactics of individual acts of terrorism. Thus, the organization "Mlada Bosna" condemned to death the heir to the Austrian and Hungarian thrones, Chief of the Army of the monarchy, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He was killed on June 28, 1914 by a member of the "Mlada Bosna" Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, where the heir arrived after military maneuvers. Aggressive elements in the Austro-Hungarian Empire decided to use this event as an excuse to enslave Serbia.
Immediately after the assassination of the heir, the Viennese government appealed to Berlin for support. There, it did not have to beg for help. Emperor Wilhelm II, representing the interests of the German imperialists directly pushed Austria-Hungary to war. The German government pledged full support for its ally. In Berlin, they thought not only about the massacre of Serbia, but also the defeat of Russia and France, and on the use of a favourable environment for the indigenous redivision of the world.
In early July, Wilhelm II through the Austrian ambassador in Berlin gave the Austro-Hungarian government unequivocal advice: "Do not procrastinate with this action" (against Serbia). Austria-Hungary on July 23 sent an ultimatum to Serbia. It was presented with humiliating demands that no state that valued their independence and dignity would accept. The Serbian government was given 48 hours to respond.
On the advice of Russia, rightly considering itself not yet prepared for war, the Serbian government showed maximum flexibility: prior to the expiration, the Austrian envoy reported acceptance of the ultimatum, except only for one demand, very crudely violating the sovereignty of Serbia, - participation of Austrian officials in the investigation on the territory Serbia on the murder of the Archduke. The envoy nevertheless immediately announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Serbia.
On July 28, the Austro-Hungarian government by telegram declared war on Serbia. Austro-Hungarian troops invaded the Serbian territory and bombed the capital Belgrade.
Following mobilization in Austro-Hungary, Russia’s mobilization began. The capture of Serbia by Austria-Hungary would mean establishing its rule over the Balkan Peninsula. Neither Russia nor the rest of the Entente powers did not want to let that happen. In response to the mobilization of the Russian army, on August 1, Germany declared war on Russia, and August 3 – on France. German troops immediately invaded Belgium, illegally violating its neutrality.
Germany at the time signed with other European powers a treaty on the neutrality of Belgium, but the German government had flouted its international obligations. The imperial Chancellor cynically called the treaty of neutrality of Belgium a "scrap of paper."
In these troubled days, the British government had a very ambiguous policy. British imperialists wanted war, so they encouraged German aggression. To do this, the British Foreign Secretary at the German government supported the ILLUSION that Britain would remain neutral. When war broke out on the continent, the British government unveiled maps and on 4 August declared war on Germany under the pretext of protecting the Germans who violated Belgian neutrality.
The war launched by the five major powers of Europe, gradually embroiled about four dozen countries in different parts of the world. It involved also the colonies of the European powers. The war had become worldwide.
During the war the imperialists ruthlessly extorted from the colonies raw materials and food. In addition, hundreds of thousands of indigenous people of these colonies were exported to Europe to work in the rear, and as soldiers, who used to command the most difficult parts of the front. England, for example, mobilized in their overseas colonies nearly 1 million soldiers, and France - about 300 thousand.
The nature of war. The war that began in July - August 1914 was an imperialist predatory war and unfair on both sides. Only Serbia in the war continued a long struggle for independence and liberation of the South Slavs from the oppression of Austria-Hungary. For Serbia, this war was a national liberation war and a just war. But this did not alter the predatory character of the First World War, taken as a whole.

The instigators of the First World War were imperialists of all countries, as they had aggressive policies. However the initiators unleashed of the war in 1914 were Germany and its imperialist ally of Austria-Hungary. They went to war because they had prepared earlier and better than their opponents. Germany created a strong army, excellently equipped with military equipment. It had a very dense network of railways, prepared for military transportation to the borders. German military industry exceeded French and Russian together.
The collapse of the II International. The bourgeoisie and the landowners of all countries urged people to join the war and to give full support to their government. The church, press, film and other means of publicity fuelled chauvinistic attitudes. In each country, the imperialists were trying to convince people, and especially soldiers marching to the front, in the justness of the war. They claimed that it was carried out only for the sake of defence, and that this was supposedly to be the last war for everlasting peace and happiness for all future generations (a war to end all wars).
The opportunistic leaders of the parties of the II International also joined the general chorus of military-chauvinist propaganda.
The Basel and Stuttgart Congress Resolutions made against imperialist war were forgotten (see § 35). Leaders of the socialist parties, trade unions used the party and the trade union apparatus and press, to prove the need for the working class to help "their own" imperialist bourgeoisie to wage war. They called on the workers for "civil peace", i.e., for an end to their struggle against the bourgeoisie in any form during the war.
The German socialists – deputies of the Reichstag - and the French socialists - members of the Chamber of Deputies on the same day, August 4, 1914, voted for the appropriation of funds for the war. Thus they supported the imperialist military policies of their governments. The leadership of the Labour Party in Britain in late August issued a special resolution on the support of the military policy of the government.
Socialist leaders of Britain, France, Belgium, even including people like J. Ged, once so vehemently opposed the treachery of Millerand soon got into their governments. German and Austrian Social Democrats were not included in the government because they were not called in.
Opportunist leaders of the socialist parties of the II International betrayed the cause of the international proletariat, refused to fight against the imperialist war. They went on to open alliance with the bourgeoisie, supported it in organizing the world war. Socialist leaders betrayed the interests of the working class, taking chauvinistic positions. They were called the social-chauvinists.
Socialists of the Entente at a specially convened international conference defended their imperialists; the socialists of the German bloc powers made the same betrayal. The International crashed and disintegrated.
Several leaders of the socialist parties, such as Kautsky in Germany, McDonald in Britain and others, spoke pas words against the war, calling for peace, but at the same time preached renunciation of revolutionary struggle. Thus, they, as well as the open opportunists, betrayed the interests of the proletariat. The position of such disguised traitors is most harmful, because workers find it harder to figure out than the position of outright traitors.
The struggle of the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin for the unity of the revolutionary forces. Of all parties of the II International, only Bolshevik Party headed by VI Lenin led a consistent, uncompromising struggle against the imperialist war, social-chauvinism and centrism.
In November 1914, the manifesto of the RSDLP Bolshevik "War and Russian Social-Democracy" written by VI Lenin (see document) was published.
The manifesto exposed the imperialist character of the war and the true predatory aims of the belligerent powers. In this remarkable document bourgeois chauvinism was exposed along with its support for the leaders of the socialist parties and the depth of their betrayal. The Bolsheviks called for the following:
a) begin the struggle for the transformation of the imperialist war into a civil war, ie, a revolutionary war against the bourgeoisie and landlords in order to gain state power by the proletariat;
b) accept the slogan of the defeat of their government in the imperialist war of conquest;
c) a complete break with the opportunists, and from the collapse of the II International, create a new, III International, free of opportunist elements.
VI Lenin and the Bolsheviks from autumn 1914, launched a struggle under these slogans against all kinds of opportunism, for the unity of the revolutionary internationalist elements of various socialist parties.

Manifesto by the RSDLP Bolshevik "War and Russian Social-Democracy"

(Printed November 1, 1914 (for n. Tbsp.) In the paper "Social Democrat», № 33. Abridged)
The European war, which the governments and the bourgeois parties of all countries have been preparing for decades, has broken out. The growth of armaments, the extreme intensification of the struggle for markets in the latest—the imperialist—stage of capitalist development in the advanced countries, and the dynastic interests of the more backward East-European monarchies were inevitably bound to bring about this war, and have done so. Seizure of territory and subjugation of other nations, the ruining of competing nations and the plunder of their wealth, distracting the attention of the working masses from the internal political crises in Russia, Germany, Britain and other countries, disuniting and nationalist stultification of the workers, and the extermination of their vanguard so as to weaken the revolutionary movement of the proletariat—these comprise the sole actual content, importance and significance of the present war.
It is primarily on Social-Democracy that the duty rests of revealing the true meaning of the war, and of ruthlessly exposing the falsehood, sophistry and “patriotic” phrasemongering spread by the ruling classes, the landowners and the bourgeoisie, in defence of the war.
At this time of supreme and historic importance, most of the leaders of the present Socialist International, the Second (1889-1914), are trying to substitute nationalism for socialism. As a result of their behaviour, the workers’ parties of these countries did not oppose the governments’ criminal conduct, but called upon the working class to identify its position with that of the imperialist governments. The leaders of the International committed an act of treachery against socialism by voting for war credits, by reiterating the chauvinist (“patriotic”) slogans of the bourgeoisie of their “own” countries, by justifying and defending the war, by joining the bourgeois governments of the belligerent countries, and so on and so forth.
The opportunists have wrecked the decisions of the Stuttgart, Copenhagen and Basle congresses,[1] which made it binding on socialists of all countries to combat chauvinism in all and any conditions, made it binding on socialists to reply to any war begun by the bourgeoisie and governments, with intensified propaganda of civil war and social revolution.
But in all the advanced countries the war has placed on the order of the day the slogan of socialist revolution, a slogan that is the more urgent, the more heavily the burden of war presses upon the shoulders of the proletariat, and the more active its future role must become in the re-creation of Europe, after the horrors of the present “patriotic” barbarism in conditions of the tremendous technological progress of large-scale capitalism.
The proletarian International has not gone under and will not go under. Notwithstanding all obstacles, the masses of the workers will create a new International. Opportunism’s present triumph will be short-lived. The greater the sacrifices imposed by the war the clearer will it become to the mass of the workers that the opportunists have betrayed the workers’ cause and that the weapons must be turned against the government and the bourgeoisie of each country.
The conversion of the present imperialist war into a civil war is the only correct proletarian slogan, one that follows from the experience of the Commune, and outlined in the Basle resolution (1912); it bas been dictated by all the conditions of an imperialist war between highly developed bourgeois countries. However difficult that transformation may seem at any given moment, socialists will never relinquish systematic, persistent and undeviating preparatory work in this direction now that war has become a fact.
It is only along this path that the proletariat will be able to shake off its dependence on the chauvinist bourgeoisie, and, in one form or another and more or less rapidly, take decisive steps towards genuine freedom for the nations and towards socialism.
Long live the international fraternity of the workers against the chauvinism and patriotism of the bourgeoisie of all countries!
Long live a proletarian International, freed from opportunism!
Central Committee of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party
VI Lenin Collected Works Works. cit., 26, p 15-23

VB Zelikov
Secretary of the CC AUCPB


From the Bureau of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB) in Belarus and the Kaliningrad region, Patriotic public association "Fatherland", the Belarusian Central Committee of the Communist Party of Workers (BKPT), Republican Public Association "For the Union and the Communist Party of the Union" (ROO SKPS), the Belarusian branch of the International Union of Soviet Officers, International Public Association "For the Motherland! For Stalin! "
At the moment the whole world with a heavy heart is following the ongoing hostilities in the South-East of Ukraine and the destruction of the civilian population of the region. The tragic events in Ukraine are becoming increasingly widespread in the nature of a civil war. The number of people killed and wounded in this fratricidal war is growing along with the hundreds of thousands of refugees in order to preserve life are leaving their homes, being deprived of shelter, work, food security. This year marks the 70th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders by the Red Army, 70 years of Ukraine living under a peaceful sky, and now again its towns and villages are being exposed to shelling with heavy artillery and bombing from the air. According to eyewitnesses, media professionals and representatives of various international organizations in these military attacks are the majority of those dying are not those in the self defence forces but the civilians of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, including children, women and the elderly.
The theme of the war in the South-East of Ukraine forth the fourth month in a row has been on the front pages of the world media and is one of the most important, because many things in today's world depend on the outcome of the Ukrainian crisis. Passions around Ukraine in recent days have especially intensified after the death on the territory of the People's Republic of Donetsk of almost three hundred passengers flying in a "Boeing" airplane, owned by a Malaysian airline company. Speeches and statements by leaders of the U.S., Russia, Ukraine and the EU on this issue appeared in the media almost every day. However, we, the representatives of the above organizations consider it necessary to note and draw public attention to those moments in the conflict, which the leaders of many countries in their statements and decisions in relation to the events in Ukraine are trying to ignore or do not even notice.

1. When talking about the neo-banderite junta which seized power in Ukraine, we are not dealing with an ordinary bourgeois-democratic government, but a fascist government which established an open terrorist dictatorship in the country, a government that tramples upon the democratic rights and freedoms of its citizens, a government that has established such orders under which prevails not the law, but brute force and weapons. In modern Ukraine, persecution of dissidents and citizens and even deputies of the Verkhovna Rada (upper house of parliament) has become the norm.
Election of the President of Ukraine Poroshenko who financed the coup in Maidan, in violation of the conditions of the democratic electoral process, in an environment where not only many citizens did not vote, but entire regions did not vote, as a consequence did not make Kiev junta a legitimate goverment.
Having set about crushing the nationwide monuments to VI Lenin, the fascist neo-banderites hung out in the streets and squares of Ukrainian cities and towns portraits of fascists Bandera and Shukhevych on whose hands are stained the blood of thousands and thousands of tortured and brutally murdered Jews, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians and other nationalities. As you know, the burning of the residents of Belarusian Khatyn was also the handiwork of the Bandera death squads, which often even surpassed the cruelty of their masters - the Nazi executioners.
As is known, the Nazis began their reign in Germany with the persecution of Communists. Presently, their followers – the Kievan rulers – are also conducting business in efforts to ban Communist activities in Ukraine.
Its is unlikely in Europe, which during World War II suffered from Nazism, that some states would agree to have the same "democracy", which is now installed in Ukraine and such a pro-Nazi government at that.

2. The present Kiev government in Ukraine is not independent. It is completely controlled by the leadership of the Western countries, primarily the United States. These Kiev puppets do not make a single step without the consent of their Western puppeteers, and adopt a policy of handing over the national interests of the Ukrainian state to foreign corporations of Zionist-American imperialism. Therefore, the current rulers of Ukraine on the whole can not even be called nationalists. These are collaborators and lackeys of the West.

3. In the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics on 11 May 2014, popular referendums were held on the issue "Do you support the act of the proclamation of independence of Donetsk (Luhansk) of the People's Republic?" As many journalists and observers noted, the referendum was held with an unusually high turnout in some communities with some areas where in the referendum up to 90% of the population took part. The overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of the DPR and the LPR voted in favour of independence for their republics: "for" national sovereignty of the DPR in favour voted 89.07% of voters, "for" state sovereignty of LPR - 90.53%. As is known, in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 16 December 1966 (in both Covenants - Article 1) provides: "All peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development ... ". And this right was realized by the population of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics.
However, despite the evidence of the decision by Donbass residents, many political scientists and leaders of Western countries, Ukraine and even states of former Soviet republics continue to whine on about these referendums not matching certain international standards. But they do not take into account the main thing: the people of Donbass clearly and unambiguously expressed THEIR STRONG POLITICAL WILL: THEY DO NOT WANT TO LIVE UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE KIEV NEO-BANDERITE JUNTA.
With regard to the issue of recognition of the referendum results, then let Western politicians answer the question of why they recognized the independence and separation of Kosovo from Yugoslavia, where, as previously noted the Russian Foreign Ministry, "no such plebiscite, more so coherent with the norms of the international community, on the issue of Kosovo's independence was ever held."

4. The state unity of Ukraine could have been preserved, if the government of Yanukovych had not continued his predecessors ultranationalist policies of attacking the rights of the Russian-speaking population of the republic and promised a referendum on making Russian a state language, and also took a clear course towards integration with Russia. Under current conditions, after the bloody coup and the massacre carried out by today’s Ukrainian fascists against rebellious citizens of Ukraine, quite a different political situation has developed. Residents of Donbass, Odessa and other affected regions will never forget and will not forgive the neo-banderites who murdered their children, wives, mothers and other relatives, as they constantly talk about now. The borderline between East and West Ukraine has now passed through their hearts, and this open wound on them will last a long time. If all this is not taken into account and the policy of genocide continues against the Russian speaking population of Donbass and other regions stubbornly for the sake of so-called for unity of Ukraine to, it will eventually be a conserved bomb that will explode sooner or later.

5. The Kiev and Western leaders together with media in their reports on the events in the South-East of Ukraine call the self defence forces pro-Russian "separatists". This is wrong, because the movement for independence and insubordination to the neo-banderites arose throughout Novorossiya in Kharkov, Odessa, Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Nikolayev and Kherson immediately after the coup on February 21-22, 2014. It is the neo-banderites with their actions from the arsenal of the fascist dictatorship attacking the dignity of the population of Novorossia that caused a wave of resistance. It was not miners armed with batons and guns that came to Kiev, but the Ukrainian army controlled by Kiev that came into Donbass as the aggressor with war.
Therefore, the demands made by Poroshenko and Co. that Donbass self defence forces lay down their weapons are invalid because the people have a sacred right to protection from abuse from any aggressor. And if the anti-fascists in the hero-city of Odessa had weapons in their hands, the fascist aggressors from Kiev would have received an adequate response, and the Odessa Khatyn tragedy would not have happened.
Therefore, it is the current Kiev authorities who are responsible for the split of Ukraine and their Western backers can justifiably be called "separatists".

6. The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in the USSR was a truly united and prosperous state, and was among the most developed countries in the world, because contributed to this most progressive Soviet socialist system. Problems in Ukraine began immediately after the bourgeois counter-revolutionary coup in 1991, and since then, the in the state began to accumulate the inevitable contradictions of capitalism. As is known, a Parliament is a slice of society. All the world in the last twenty years has witnessed how in the Verkhovna Rada with unfailing regularity occur fisticuffs that is a reflection of the contradictions in the current Ukrainian bourgeois society. Here it is – the true modern Ukraine.
As you know, there are no Russians among the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada (Upper House and neither can there be, as in there are only deputies elected from the regions of Ukraine itself, but fisticuffs there have never ceased. Thus, accusations against Russia that it provokes "pro-Russian separatism", to put it mildly, are incorrect.

7. As you know, the main destroyer of many countries on the planet and destabilizing factor of economic and political situations is Zionist-US imperialism. U.S. intervention in the internal affairs of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya did not lead to the stabilization of their development, democratization or prosperity. Conversely, Yugoslavia has already been destroyed and the rest of the above-mentioned countries, the fracture mechanism is gaining momentum. Power there has been grabbed by the most reactionary regimes. At the same time the United States does not plead guilty, in their arsenal is still the blatant lie, frank cynicism and most shameless audacity. These same qualities have been adopted by the Kiev authorities and supervised by the Americans.
The technique to destabilize the situation in other countries and interfere in their internal affairs is currently being implemented by the U.S in Ukraine. The whole world witnessed how U.S. State Department Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland during the confrontation at the Maidan, distributed buns her "revolutionaries", giving them moral support in overthrowing the government of Yanukovych. After that, the amount of material support given was released - five billion dollars.

8. A legacy of the international community was the information that in the Donbass (at the junction of the south of the Kharkiv region of the Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics) are located abundant reserves of shale gas. That's where the eyes of American moneybags streamed towards, and namely there that the fiercest fighting has been taking place (Slavonic, Kramators'k, etc.) recently.
Shale gas extraction in the U.S. has been gradually cut by American business tycoons as a polluting industry, but in Ukraine they intend to deploy it because it promises them: a) large economic benefits; b) allow it to supply gas to Ukraine and EU countries and break their economic ties with Russia, will increase dependence on the U.S. by European allies- satellite states; c) undermine the competitor on the world energy market - the Russian Federation.
Contracts to develop gas fields with the British-Dutch company "Shell" and the American "Chevron" for 50 years were concluded by the Yanukovych government. Out of the tough conditions of the contract, it follow that the imperialist giants need only bare land with reserves of gas and coal and a small number of Ukrainian workers for the extraction process, and they do not need other people. That's why for the sake of the imperialist giants, the Kiev junta carries out the carpet bombing over Donbass cities, destroying the civilian population. And in order to find a pretext at any cost for placing at first foreign contingents of police in Donbass, and then the military, apparently, the provocation with the Malaysian "Boeing" was invented.
In connection with the tragedy associated with the Malaysian aircraft and the death of the passengers onboard, there is currently being deployed in the world's media a noisy propaganda campaign. Representatives of Ukraine and the countries of the West in the first hours after the disaster appointed responsibility for it to Russia and DPR self defence forces. Regardless of the groundless, unsubstantiated statements made by many of the most senior officials and heads of state, they can not shed light on the cause of the crash. Only a genuine objective investigation can establish the truth which, apparently, is of no interest to the Ukrainian authorities or their Western patrons. They still have not answered 10 questions by the Russian Defense Ministry and 22 questions laid out by Rosaviation. But the U.S. and its lackeys in Kiev still remain silent. Apparently, not without reason.
As for the whole socio-economic situation in the east of Novorossiya (Donbass), the global oligarchy (American, European, Ukrainian, Russian, etc.) are not happy with the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, whose leaders declared their intention to nationalize large enterprises in the region which are still the private property of Ukrainian and other billionaires. Apparently, therefore, the bourgeois Putin government is in no hurry to save Donbass. As we can see, in this conflict, the class solidarity of the oligarchs prevails over the imperialist contradictions.
In this regard, we, the representatives of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB) for Belarus and the Kaliningrad region, Patriotic public association "Fatherland", the Belarusian Central Committee of the Communist Party of Workers (BKPT), Republican Public Association "For the Union and the Communist Party of the Union" (ROO SKPS), the Belarusian branch of the International Union of Soviet Officers, International Public Association "For the Motherland! For Stalin! ", express full support for the just struggle of the people of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and their armed forces for their freedom and independence, as well as actions towards the nationalization of enterprises located in the republics, that income from their work goes not into the pockets of Ukrainian and foreign oligarchs, but towards the needs of the working people of the region.
We express our strong protest against the continued punitive operation by the armed forces of the Kiev junta against the people of Novorossiya (DPR and LPR), including with the use of phosphorus and cluster munitions, which resulted in the killing of innocent civilians. The firing which is being carried out on civilians by the Ukrainian military, using both conventional small arms and "Grad" systems, tanks, guns and planes - is a war crime, and the perpetrators should be punished. The Ukrainian military actions are also criminal in the case of them using phosphorus shells against military targets of the self defence forces of Donbass, because their use is prohibited by the Protocol of international Geneva Convention of 1979.
We appeal to the leaders of the international community to recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, whose population at their referendums voted for independence. The heroic resistance against the punitive actions being carried out by the armed forces of the fascist neo-banderite Ukrainian government earns the respect of all progressive people.
We demand that the civilian population of the blockaded city of Donbass is granted broad humanitarian assistance. Given the ongoing fighting there, humanitarian convoys and columns of refugees should be provided with armed protection against terrorist gangs and attacks from the air.
We urge the Government of the Russian Federation with a demand that it provides effective assistance to the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and strongly expresses its support, because without feeling any resistance from Russia, the Kiev junta and its overseas masters will have become completely audacious.
In order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and the further loss of innocent people in Donbass, we appeal to the leaders of Western countries with the demand to persuade the present Ukrainian leadership to end its punitive operations in the South-East of Ukraine. By supporting the criminal acts carried out by the fascist Ukrainian murderers in power, and having grown and strengthened fascism in Ukraine, the West will inevitably get it themselves – that is, fascism at home.
We demand from the Kiev government that usurped power in Ukraine, to stop the aggression against the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. We should not forget the lessons of history: the aggressors and war criminals sooner or later await just retribution.

Hands off Donetsk and Lugansk!


London 2nd of August Juche 103(2014)
The ASSPUK , Juche Idea Study
Group of England and UK Korean Friendship Association issued the
following statement in support of the statement made by the Korean
National Peace Committee on the 1st of August;
Recently the aggressive US imperialists ,the sworn enemy of the
Korean people , and their reactionary fascistic lackey the south
Korean puppets announced their plan to stage the "Ulji Freedom
Guardian " military exercise in south Korea later this month . They
stated that they would incorporate into these drills their so-called
"tailored deterrence strategy " and include a practice operation for
nuclear war. This does clearly show the evil and aggressive intent of
US imperialism to provoke a war against the Democratic People's
Republic of Korea and to stifle Korean-style socialism by force.
These exercises
follow on from other US and south military exercises held these year
such as Foal Eagle/Key Resolve, Max Thunder and other aggressive
exercises . The DPRK has made numerous peace proposals as well as some
concrete measures to improve inter-Korean relations but these are
being wilfully ignored by the south Korean puppets who are now rushing
headlong into yet more military exercises with their US imperialist
overlords and masters.
The US imperialists and their south Korean puppets have
hypocritically taken issue with the the DPRK's self defensive missile
tests carried out on its own soil but plan to carry out nuclear war
exercises on the land of Korea thousands of miles from their shores.
We ask ; Where is the condemnation of the UN Security Council ?
Ulji Freedom Guardian is not only an affront to the dignity
and sovereignty of the DPRK but because it involves a test drill for
a nuclear war it is a very serious threat to world peace .

We fully support the call of the Korean National Peace Committee for
the cancellation of the exercises.

Full statement of DPRK National Peace Committee see link below
On August 15th the DPRK will celebrate the 69th anniversary of
liberation from Japanese imperialism . Korea's liberation was not the
the gift of big powers but the fruit of the 20 year long armed
struggle led by the great leader
President Kim Il Sung.
Japan, an ally of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy, had annexed Korea in
1910 . They had severely repressed the Korean people even forbidding
the use of the Korean language in Korea as well as plundering Korea of
valuable resources. The Japanese imperialists committed unspeakable
atrocities such as forcing Korean women into sexual slavery and
killing many Korean people.
The anti-Japanese armed struggle led by the great leader general Kim
Il Sung was a thunderbolt of independence that shattered forever the
oppression of Japanese imperialist colonial rule over Korea. Korea
became a nation instead of being part of the "Greater East Asia
Prosperity Sphere" of the deranged fascist Samurai's. With the
achievement of independence on August 15th 1945 the Korean people
gained a new life of independence and creativity becoming masters of
their own fate. A new era of national resurrection under the banner of
the Juche idea began on August 15th 1945.

Today under the leadership of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un and the
Workers' Party of Korea the DPRK is further consolidating its
independence .

On the 25th of August the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will
celebrate the Day of Songun (Army first policy ). August 25th was the
day when 64 years ago the great leader generalissimo Kim Jong Il began
his Songun -based revolutionary leadership at the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su
Guards no 105 Tank Division
of the Korean People's Army. This is now a public holiday in the DPRK.
Read more about the Songun-based revolutionary leadership here
The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea(AINDF)
was founded on the 25th of August 1969 by south Korean patriots . It
had been formed as the Revolutionary Party for Reunification in Seoul
.It's first leaders comrades Kim Jong Tae and Choi Yong Do were
executed and the party heavily repressed by the south Korean puppet
fascist regime . Today the AINDF
heroically struggles to uphold the torch of Juche in south Korea and
fights for reunification. UK KFA salutes the 45th anniversary of the

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