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Monday, 29 September 2014

For Bolshevism - No 10 (139) OCTOBER 2014

Socialist Revolution
For Bolshevism Inside The Communist And Workers’ Movement

No 10 (139) OCTOBER 2014

Reports from the fronts of New Russia (Novorossiy) from 21 – 26 August 2014.
On 21 August, mortar fire took place near the border crossing point "Novoazovsk" targeting two towers and two border checkpoints of the MIA of Ukraine. According to Ukrainian media, the platforms were destroyed.
On August 22, attacks on roadblocks were repeated. Snipers accompanied the mortar fire actions.
On 23 and 24 August in the city of Kharkiv, Ukrainian Red Army units destroyed using heavy mortar fire, from 5 to 7 enemy cars of the "automaydana." The fascists were left without transport.
On August 25, a group of DNR guerrillas destroyed a military convoy of the Kiev junta sent from Mariupol Novoazovsk to assist soldiers of the Ukrainian army, which attacked the self-defence forces.
On August 26, Zaporozhye guerrillas attacked a convoy of the National Guard, retreating from Mariupol.
After the start of the counter-offensive, by the army of the DNR from Mariupol towards Zaporozhye, the punitive battalions of the Kiev junta "Dnepr" and "Azov" began to retreat in panic.
As soon as they entered the limits of Zaporizhia region, their convoy was attacked by guerrillas in the Zaporozhye region of Rozovka.
Breaking through the first barrier, the convoy was agin ambushed at the entrance to Kuibyshev. The guerrillas fired on trucks from a distance, making ineffective any return fire by the nationalists.
A number of trucks broke through towards Zaporozhye. The other half was forced to return to Mariupol.
However, at the entrance to the city, they were again attacked by the Mariupol guerrillas.
The People's Resistance has been steadily increasing against the Kiev fascist junta
As of the evening of 26 August, self defence forces of Novorosiya managed to take the strategic heights of Saur-Grave and clean up from the environs of the junta troops of Ilovaysk. The New Russia army offensive continues in the direction of Mariupol.
This summary prepared on the material of the anti-fascist committees of Mariupol, Odessa, Kharkov, etc..

To all our comrades who were interested in the health of former political prisoner ("Odessa case") Sasha Gerasimov, we can finally announce the good news transmitted from Ukraine by comrade A.A. Mayevsky.
On August 22, Sasha was finally released from the hospital. He underwent several operations.
We recall Alexander Gerasimov was injured by fire in the Odessa House of Trade Unions on 2 May this year.
For another two weeks he will receive out-patient treatment, but more importantly, that he, according to his comrades, he said, feels more or less normal again.
We wish Sasha a speedy and complete recovery!
Donbass self-defence forces are defending their homeland from the advancing forces of the neo-fascist regime in Kiev. The Kiev regime, in turn, is trying to capture a region rich in natural resources and industry. Shale gas in the interior of the region is needed not only by Kiev oligarchs, but by their patrons in the West. Thus, the defence of Donbass from the Kiev punitive troops is also a defensive war against the Western imperialists.
The Donbass uprising began not just as a national liberation uprising - in defense of the right to speak and write in their native Russian language. It was conceived at the monuments to Lenin, which the locals were protecting from Nazi-vandals. The founders of the Republic of Donetsk, beginning with P. Gubaryov, talked about plans to build a "social" state, which was opposed to the former, Ukrainian oligarchic state. "A republic without oligarchy and corruption" - was the slogan of the rebels. Thus, the People's Liberation component is closely intertwined with the struggle for social liberation. The uprising gained anti-capitalist overtones.
Such aspirations by the Donbass rebels caused alarm not only among Ukrainian oligarchs, but also among their "colleagues" in Russia. An uprising in Donbass was profitable for Russian capitalists, but only up to a point – so long as it did not get back on track towards smashing the capitalist system. If the Kiev fascist authorities simply want to crush the rebels by military force, the Russian capitalists, including those sitting in bureaucratic armchairs, are not averse to "Donbass in their own arms." Military specialists and civilian coordinators along with volunteers from Russia arrived into the region, arriving to "assist", playing the role of the "Trojan horse". To substitute social, anti-capitalist protest with exclusively pro-Russian sentiment - that is their unspoken task.
Examples of when originally a "red" protest was replaced by tasks not going beyond the capitalist system, have already taken place in the 1990s on the spaces of the destroyed USSR. In Transnistria occurred bourgeoisification of the authorities, in South Ossetia the Communists lost power, and in Tajikistan, the leader of the "reds" S. Safarov was murdered. In all these regions, the insurgent people with the support from Russia managed to defend their republics from the onset of external enemies, but then bourgeois leaders came to power.
Similar negative trends are being observed today in the Donbas. While the rank and file self-defence forces shed blood on the front, the bourgeoisie is stealing power. One after another, there are draft constitutions of the republics of Donbass, designed to consolidate the capitalist construction of new public entities. In them read not only concessions to the petty bourgeoisie, but also explicit promises of immunity to big capital. If these drafts are implemented, one will have to forget about republics with no oligarchy and corruption, and in Donbass, a Russian version of "wild" capitalism will be replayed over again.
Ordinary freedom fighters of Donbass will come to an understanding of the struggle between two tendencies - progressive and reactionary. A statement by one of the Donetsk volunteers is widely known: "If we raise the red flag, we will win this war. Because this banner symbolizes the simple, clear idea of giving the answers to almost all questions of the present day. Only this idea is capable of consolidating society to fight a common enemy and emerging internal enemy, which now sees how tomorrow it will divide our land, our factories, our factories, our mines."
In such internal struggle during civil war there is nothing new. Similarly, the Spanish anti-fascists in the 1930s, fighting against Franco at the front, were forced to fight against internal traitors. Similarly, the Greek communists after the expulsion of the German occupiers in 1944 were forced to turn to guerrilla struggle against their by then "own", Greek reactionaries, supported by the imperialists.
Under these conditions, the support that Russian communists will be able to provide the Donbass Communists becomes essential. We are talking about material and moral support. In conditions of the civil war going on now in Donbass, reconstruction of the whole of the left is underway. Opportunists lurk in the corners, but the real communists engage in the battle for their native land. The "reformatting" the Donbass leftist movement is expected, with the emergence of new organizations and structures.
But at the same time, the events in the Donbass have become a real test and "checking for lice" of the Russian left-wing movement. Among a significant number of "left-wing bloggers" and "activists" have come a well-proportioned chorus of (or howling) opportunists, who began trying to "prove" that in Donbas a "wrong" revolt is taking place, that there everything has been captured by nationalists (a variant: Putinists), and in general, like in the movies, "all is lost, the plaster has been removed, and the client leaves." We have a paradoxical situation: some "leftists" have withdrawn their support from the Donbass uprising, and then when because of this appears a growing right-wing, the "leftists" joyfully shout: So you see, the right wing are winning ...
How and why did such a position arise on part of the Russian "leftists"? In fact, everything is very simple: they became frightened. Frightened of open rebellion. Philistines who labouring in the leftist movement, are stalling the future socialist revolution for the indefinite future. Even if Lenin suddenly resurrected and started a new October Revolution, these cowardly philistines would still say that it is "wrong Lenin," and that he did not wake up at the right time, that it was "not that same October Revolution" ... Anything, if only by simply not taking part in events, which "could finish off the system at the root." And in the case of Donbass, the Philistines are afraid: that if they supported the rebels, then they would immediately have to offer to go to Donbass themselves. Therefore, they say that the uprising is wrong, etc. All to justify their philistinism. Although one does not have to go there necessarily, if one supports Donbass, especially if you have no military experience! You can at least go out on a picket in support of the Donbass communists, and not simply write on the Internet defeatist sayings in the style of "all is lost, nothing will come of it ...". But the cowardly Philistines will never admit their cowardice.
However, we have already devoted too much time to the Philistines- opportunists!
Communists loyal to the principles of proletarian internationalism and help to the fraternal Soviet people, are today at the forefront of supporting the uprising of Donbass. Bolsheviks of the AUCPB - and those that are now in the Ukraine, and those in Russia –are with all their might assisting the Donbass rebels. Today is too early to talk about all forms of assistance – in order not to harm those who are fighting, and those who work under the condtions of the neo-fascist regime in Kiev in Ukraine. But history will put everything in its place.
"Creation’s wisdom is in their boldness O blessed Falcon! You were defeated and died pursuing your dream of freedom, of flying skyward. Yours is the future – the blood you spilled, like sparks of fire, will light the darkness of grim existence igniting hearts of countless many with thirst for living "(Maxim Gorky “Song of the Falcon”)

Leo Zatsepilov

The offensive by the Kiev junta towards Donetsk from the north has almost ceased. The attack on Lugansk and attempts to surround it by the forces of the Ukrainian army have also failed. Thus, the general offensive Kiev security forces which began July 1 to destroy New Russia is now bogged down. Key defeats were suffered by the junta around the area of Shakhtyorsky and Krasny Luch, then mired in bloody battles around Ilovaiskaya and Yasinovataya.
According to plans, on the night of August 24, the army forces of the DNR moved over to a large-scale offensive in the direction of Donetsk - Granitnoye.
During the fighting, self-defence forces in Donbass liberated local settlements - Novodvornoe, Agronomicheskoye, Novokaterinovka, Osykovo, Klenovka, Stroyitel, Leninskoye. The DNR army during the offensive completed blocked a powerful punitive junta group in the area of settlements Voykovsky, Kuteynikova, Blagodatnoye, Alekseevskoye, Uspenka and Ulyanovsk. Up to five thousand troops with weapons and military equipment were surrounded. Further plans are being made to complete the rout of the surrounded groups.
During the counterattack, self defence forces managed to destroy more than 150 Ukrainian military "Smerch" battery systems (4 pcs.), 12 "Grad" units, 17 tanks, more than 30 armoured vehicles and around 50 ammunition vehicles with.
Warehouses have been captured, which store large amounts of ammunition, materiel, food, and transportation vehicles. The Telmanovo settlement was liberated and the road to Novoazovsk opened.
In August, the "Prizrak" brigade units under the overall command of Alexei Brain liberated 14 settlements in the Lugansk and Donetsk people's republics. 6 more have been surrounded by the self defence forces.
LPR self defence forces liberated the villages of Belaya Gora and Borovskoye, then advanced towards Severodonetskoye and Lisichanskiy, arriving at the approaches to these towns captured by the enemy a few weeks earlier, then attacked the enemy at Novoazovskiy. The town of Schastya was liberated from the junta army (LPR). Under the control of self defence forces of the LPR are checkpoints on the border with the Russian Federation "Dolzhansky" and "Izvarino."
In the Kharkiv region (proclaimed on April 7 as the Kharkiv People's Republic), are active guerrilla groups fighting against the troops of the Kiev junta.

The struggle of the Korean people against the Japanese regular troops during the occupation of Korea lasted almost half a century, was very difficult and unequal. The Japanese army was well supplied with provisions and all the necessary military equipment. The Korean guerrilla detachments were formed by the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and led by him. They acquired their own weapons in armed attacks on Japanese military forces and guerrillas were given provisions supplied by locals fully supportting the struggle of guerrilla groups. The best military fort, which the KPRA (Korean People's Revolutionary Army) was based on in their fight against the Japanese, was the region of the mountains of Paektu. It was a created by very nature itself into an impregnable fortress, favorable for the defense of the revolutionary army and unfavorable to enemy attacks. This area of Korea is characterized by strong Korean anti-Japanese sentiments in the population. The Paektusan guerrilla camp was a reliable mass base of the revolution. From here, Kim Il Sung organized the raid operations on the territory of Korea with large forces. In December, 1938 in unprecedented cold with little or no food, sleep and rest, leaving the environment, the soldiers of the KPRA had to make a forced march, which lasted 100 days. This hike is carried out under the command of Kim Il-Sung, went down in history under the name of the anti-Japanese "Arduous March".
On August 8, 1945 the Soviet Union, performing the adopted at Teheran and Yalta conferences commitments, announced war with Japan.
On the night of 8 August 9, the 1.5 million-strong Soviet Red Army dealt a crushing blow to the land armed forces of Japan. The 10 million-strong Kwantung Army was defeated.
On August 9, Commander Kim Il Sung gave all units of the KPRA orders for a general offensive.
August 14, in his bomb shelter, the Emperor of Japan convened meeting of the government and the high command of the army and navy, which in spite of military opposition, the emperor offered a draft of his rescript of unconditional surrender of the Japanese armed forces under the terms of the Potsdam Declaration.
The day 15 of August in Korea became the day of national liberation. The exhausting fierce struggle for the liberation of the Korean nation from Japanese slavery ended in a triumphant victory thanks to the high patriotism of the Korean population, faith in their leader and military genius of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung.
In honour of this momentous day - August 15, 1945 - in the centre of Pyongyang was erected a beautiful creation of architecture – The Triumphal Arch of Victory


Documents of the Central Committee of the AUCPB
Summary of the main outcomes of the NATO summit in UK
On September 4-5 in Newport (Wales, UK) an extraordinary summit of NATO was held, which was attended by the Heads of State and Governments of the 28 member countries of the alliance, as well as representatives of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine and others.
The central theme of the summit was to discuss the situation in Ukraine during the so-called anti-terrorist (punitive) operations in the South-East of Ukraine and Russia's position on the issue.
The summit was preceded by are widely deployed in the world and Ukrainian media propaganda campaign about the beginning of the "Russian aggression against Ukraine," which forced the president of Ukraine Poroshenko to cancel a planned visit to Turkey and on 28 August call an emergency meeting of the National Security Council (the Council of National Security and Defence) of Ukraine in connection with an "invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine." Following the meeting of the National Security Council, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk said that the government had introduced a bill to parliament to abolish the non-aligned status of Ukraine and the resumption of the policy of Ukraine's membership in NATO. Yatsenyuk also said that Ukraine needs a new military doctrine, in which Russia will be called an aggressor country.
The ruling Bandera-fascist regime in Ukraine, fully controlled by the West (USA-NATO) does not want to admit the obvious: the punitive operation against the insurgent people of Donbass is failing, the Ukrainian army is demoralized, disintegrating and unravelling in the face of the self defence force - defending their homeland, defending the right of people Donbass speak in their native Russian language, the right to the fraternal friendship between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples and will not accept any national-fascist ideology and glorification of Bandera – who have crossed over to determined offensive and liberating the punished cities and towns of the Donbass. The rulers of Ukraine and the media under their control immediately renamed the offensive by the self defence forces a "Russian invasion of Ukraine."
It is against the backdrop of a fictional "Russian aggression in Ukraine" which the NATO summit passed.
At a meeting with journalists on the eve of the summit, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that NATO plans to form a qualitatively new rapid reaction force, "Now we have significantly improved the readiness of our forces to respond. We will develop what I call the best part of our response forces. This will force a very high degree of combat readiness, capable of deployment in a very short period of time." Rasmussen warned that the unit will be present in Eastern Europe for so long as necessary. "Not because NATO wants to defend someone, but because the threat has become more urgent and tangible. We will do what we must, for the protection of our alliance "- he explained.
Speaking at the opening of the NATO summit, Rasmussen accused Moscow of the fact that it continues to destabilize the situation in the east of Ukraine.
The NATO summit confirmed "willingness to provide collective defence of all Allies from the West Coast of the United States to the eastern borders of the alliance." "We continue to call on Russia to withdraw its troops from the border of Ukraine, to stop the flow of weapons and fighters to Ukraine, to stop supporting armed militants in Ukraine and to engage in the constructive political process" - this how NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen summed up the outcome of the summit, as always shifting responsibility of blame on others and once again accusing Russia of events taking place in Ukraine, trained, funded, inspired and unleashed by the imperialists of US-NATO to commit aggression against Russia towards its capture, crushing and conquest.
The declaration adopted at the summit, stated that NATO "is committed to cooperation with Russia and the development of constructive relations with it," but this is are common words. In reality, NATO upheld its earlier decision to suspend all civil and military cooperation and alliance with Russia, while stressing that political channels "remain open", meaning by "political channels" general conversations, covering the further advancement of the alliance towards the borders of Russia.
In addition, the declaration states that NATO will be engaged in the study of the new "hybrid methods of warfare," which, according to officials of the alliance, Russia has used in Ukraine. We need to ensure an effective response by NATO to specific challenges presented by threats of hybrid warfare, when a wide range of military and sabotage operations are used by military, paramilitary and civilian structures in a deeply integrated manner - notes in the final statement of the NATO summit.
Following consideration of the "Ukrainian question" NATO has made a declaration of its support for Ukraine in the face of Russia's policy of "destabilization". The alliance has pledged assistance to Ukraine to the amount of 15 million Euros.
NATO, represented by its Secretary General Rasmussen, hastened to disassociate himself from the supply of arms and military equipment to Ukraine. But, as is typical for this aggressive military organization, made it in a two-faced hypocritical manner. "NATO as an organization does not have its own weapons or military equipment - said Rasmussen. - The decision to supply belongs to individual states. In this context, NATO will not intervene in the national question of decision-making countries of the alliance about military supplies to Ukraine." That is, the question of military aid to Kiev is farmed out to the leadership of the member countries of the alliance.
Barack Obama to prove "solidarity with the Ukrainian people," promised that 200 American soldiers will take part in exercises in Ukraine. American military instructors and experts will come to Ukraine. That is, Obama announced the long-known fact of the participation of American military trainers and experts in the suppression of the anti-fascist anti-bandera uprising in the South-East of Ukraine.
The question of the admission of Ukraine into NATO was not even discussed.
What specific measures have been developed by NATO?
The summit approved a Plan of action to increase the combat readiness of the alliance. "The Action Plan is to improve the readiness of NATO and provide a visible increase in the presence of NATO in Eastern Europe" - said the secretary general of NATO. The Alliance has decided to establish a special advance team of the Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) of NATO numbering several thousand people which must be able to deploy anywhere in the world in two days. The NATO Secretary General said that he "has received signals from the Baltic countries, Poland and Romania," who would like to place these forces at home.
Rasmussen also promised that the alliance will expand the "staff and logistics infrastructure in Eastern Europe" to ensure the conditions for the operational deployment of sea, land and air forces. In addition, NATO "will now begin the regular holding of sudden maneuvers," which in the past two decades in the alliance were not observed. (It should be noted that these "exercises" on peaceful civilians were carried out during the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, ...).
Rasmussen said that the measures taken to strengthen the defence are designed to convince potential aggressors that they will be up against "the entire alliance."
The UK came out with the initiative to create the "new united expeditionary rapid reaction force" for the family NATO countries before the summit. More about this was reported in the Financial Times newspaper on August 30. In these forces, in addition to the UK, will be involved, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway and the Netherlands. It is alleged that Canada also shows interest in participating. This force, known as the advance team of the NATO Response Force, will be made up from 4 to 10 thousand people. They should be ready to advance to the conflict zone in a matter of days. The command of these forces will carried out by the representative of Great Britain. Unofficially, these forces have been called the "spearhead" force of NATO.
NATO plans to set up the infrastructure and the headquarters of these forces, in particular, to deploy five military bases in Eastern Europe. Willingness to take these bases has been expressed by the Baltic countries, as well as Poland and Romania. At each base will be located up to 600 soldiers and heavy weapons and military equipment, including tanks and armoured personnel carriers. And all this directly on the Russian border.
The decision to sign with the NATO an agreement to deploy a rapid reaction force of the alliance on its territory on the eve of the NATO summit was taken by Sweden and Finland.
Certainty in the NATO military plans has been made by Deputy Commander of NATO in Europe, the British General Adrian Bradshaw, who stressed at a press briefing that it should be clear that "Spearhead" is intended to deter Russia. The Task Force of the highest state of readiness will include components of all branches of the armed forces - air force, navy and ground forces. In particular, the Navy will work out the whole range of full-scale war, including mine and amphibious operations, and the Air Force - strategic movement of troops. The Deputy Commander of NATO also admitted that "Spearhead" will have "not only conventional weapons." i.e. in question on the equipment of this advance team of the NATO, the RRF will have tactical nuclear weapons at its disposal, which carries a direct threat to Russia's national security, the threat of a nuclear war.
The outgoing Rasmussen officially presented to the participants of the summit, former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg as the new Secretary General of NATO. He will take up his duties on 1 October. "I'll do my best to justify their confidence in me and follow the excellent example of the alliance management - said Stoltenberg. - I look forward to the opportunity to begin working closely with all 28 member states of the Alliance and further strengthen NATO." So there are no personnel changes in senior management unit that will not change the aggressive nature of this military organization of the imperialist countries.
On the eve of the NATO summit, President Barack Obama on September 3 made a visit to Tallinn (Estonia), where he held a meeting with the leaders of the Baltic States. During the visit, Obama declared his readiness to "defend the allies." According to the president of the United States, into Ukraine had entered "combat units with Russian weapons and Russian tanks." "We need to unite in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine."
Thus, an enemy image is formed of Russia, the image of the aggressor to justify in the face of the international community its impending aggression against Russia.
A continuous series of military exercises conducted by NATO, aim to work out the practical issues of preparing for US-NATO aggression against Russia.
Thus during the summit, from 2 to 8 September in Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland there were multinational large-scale exercises, called Steadfast Javelin-II («The true spear" -ІІ). The exercise involved hundreds of military vehicles and aircraft, as well as more than two thousand soldiers. The main purpose of the manoeuvres is to prepare troops for operations around the world in case of any emergencies. The exercise participants are subdivisions of 15 countries, including 12 NATO countries - Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, the UK and the USA, as well as Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia in the framework of NATO "Partnership for Peace."
The first part of the exercise Steadfast Javelin-I was held in the spring of 2014 in May 2014 with about six thousand troops from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Great Britain and the United States conducting manoeuvres from 16 to 23 May, practicing rebuffing attack scenarios on Estonia.
From 9 to 20 June, in the territory of the three Baltic States there were NATO exercises under the name of Sabre Strike-2014. They involved more than 4,700 servicemen from different countries, as well as 800 pieces of military equipment.
During the NATO summit, on September 5 in Minsk a second meeting of the contact group to resolve the situation in Ukraine was held. The meeting was attended by former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, Prime Minister of the DNR Zakharchenko, head of the LPR Plotnitsky, Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov, as well as the official representative of the OSCE chairman on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine H. Tagliavini. The participants signed a ceasefire protocol 19-00 MSK on 5th of September. President of Ukraine Poroshenko announced that he had ordered the chief of the General Staff to cease fire.
But, like all previous cease-fire agreements, the agreement on a truce was immediately broken. On the night from 5.09 to 6.09, the first night after the announcement of the armistice, four residents of Donetsk were killed by shelling, according to the militia headquarters.
The Ukrainian puppet Bandera-fascist regime, is blindly carrying out the will of the United States, an continues the fratricidal conflict.
* *
The threat of war against Russia, threatening to escalate into a Third World nuclear war is increasing with each passing day.
Reigning Putin regime is feverishly trying to restore the ruined over the past quarter-century strategic defence nuclear missile potential, to strengthen the armed forces of Russia in the face of impending aggression.
But it is impossible just in a few years to restore what was destroyed over the last 2.5 decades by the treacherous leadership of Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and then his political replacement.
This criminal anti-national policy of unilateral disarmament was carried out with one purpose - to curry favour with the American-Zionist capital ruling the world to get the right to rule, the right to personal enrichment at the expense of robbery in the course of destroying the gains of socialism and of the predatory capitalist reforms.
Only the revolutionary overthrow of the power of capital, the overthrow of the ruling Putin regime and opposing his pro-Western liberal-Zionist "opposition", and the restoration of Soviet power and socialism, the revival of the Soviet Union and the mighty Soviet armed forces can necessarily lead to victory over outgoing from the historical arena rotting world capital and his monstrous creations - US-NATO imperialism - forever put an end to wars and to secure to every nation in the world the right to freedom of peaceful development, to a decent happy life.
Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB)
September 8, 2014

Pyongyang, August 18 (KCNA) -- The Korean Friendship Association UK issued a statement on Aug. 9 on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of Korea's liberation.
The statement said:
August 15 this year marks the 69th anniversary of Korea's liberation by the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by President Kim Il Sung.
The Japanese imperialists tried to deprive the Korean nation of its language and letters after occupying Korea by force of arms.
They also forced the Korean women into sexual slavery, plundered a great number of natural resources and committed indescribable inhuman crimes against the Korean people.
The President gave all units of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army an order of the general attack for the country's liberation on Aug. 9, 1945.
Korea was fully liberated from the military occupation by the Japanese imperialists.
Today the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is advancing dynamically while further strengthening its sovereignty under the leadership of HE Kim Jong Un.


A couple of years ago, during our trip to the DPRK, there was a man in our group called David Kinsella, a documentary filmmaker from Northern Ireland who has lived in Norway for the last 20 years.
What Mr. Kinsella was actually doing in the DPRK and what plans he had for his stay in that land, I already have described in my sketch "Red-red, freckled ..." (see English translation attached), so I will not repeat myself here.
And here’s what happened after.
After the Korean comrades scrutinized more closely the "portfolio" of Mr. Kinsella, including his "masterpieces" such as "Killing Girls" and "Beautiful Tragedy", he never got permission to shoot his new film in the DPRK. But it did not stop him from making another libelous piece of "work", especially since he already had some film and photo
materials taken in the DPRK during his trip as a tourist. He is hoping that they will be enough to give his future creation a certain degree of plausibility.
But in reality, his movie "The Wall", much touted as an " unprecedented film production in North Korea and Northern Ireland. A
David Kinsella film premiere 2015"
https://www.facebook.com/296500830364159/photos/a.763592873654950.1073741829.296500830364159/781156215231949/?type=1&permPage=1) was filmed in the most neglected and impoverished ghettos of Belfast, with South Korean actress Yuna Shin (http://www.castingcallpro.com/uk/view.php?uid=296997 ), invited from London and starring as his fictional North Korean Yun
There are a few pictures of his future "masterpiece" (in the
attachment), and the first lines of the so-called "script" which Kinsella already started to pen back in Pyongyang (in between countless pints of beer at the hotel). His co-writer, Dutchman Klaas Bense, as far as I know, has never even visited the DPRK.
Kinsella had no qualms about the lie that the shooting of his film took place in North Korea, where men supposedly even "blocked the main street in Pyongyang early in the morning" for the shoot.
But then he blurts out the truth on his Facebook page: "Location scouting in Belfast and casting for "The WALL" We turn Belfast into "North Korea"
Funds for his trip to the DPRK and for production costs were provided
by the Norwegian Film Institute, that is, a public institution of that Scandinavian country.
According to Kinsella, it is "the second film of my trilogy on EVIL" (in capital letters, as in the original).
Do we need to say more, in order to understand what he is being paid for?
In The Wall we learn to take our own decisions and believe what we see and not what others tell us to see, " - that is the theme of this fabricated tale, in which we are told to believe that life in a Northern Irish ghetto, where people live like this: http://work-way.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Loyalist-bonfire.jpg

- which I see with my own eyes every day! -, is akin to life in the DPRK, where people have no idea of what unemployment, drug addiction, sectarian murder, and child alcoholism are.
You know, Davy, we think we can live without what you and your sponsors and bosses are telling us to believe!
An Irish Friend of the DPRK and KFA Member

Pyongyang, August 31 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Policy Department
of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK issued the following statement on Sunday:
Recently the British 4th TV channel producers openly made public
a plan for producing and airing a serial TV drama-style movie malignantly slandering the DPRK.
The movie is nothing but a conspiratorial charade painting a wrong picture of the DPRK's reality as it is based on a sheer lie
intended to give impression that the DPRK's nuclear treasured sword for self-defence was manufactured by "illegally acquiring" nuclear
technology from Britain.
The broadcasting service is blustering without hesitation that the purpose of the movie is to tell the world that the DPRK is the
"most closed country on the earth" and the "biggest threat" to the
Western world.
No matter how desperately the producers of the above-said TV channel, hooligans and rogues under the guise of artistes, may work to falsify the reality, they can never hide the truth.
The DPRK's nuclear treasured sword for self-defence is the proud fruition of the defense industry in the era of Songun based on its own efforts, technology and resources from A to Z.
The Juche-oriented nuclear power of the DPRK which is on the ultra-modern world level is so powerful and tremendous that no one can imagine.
The U.S., a master hand at plots and fabrications, dares not deny
this hard fact.
Those who are talking about "illegal acquisition of nuclear technology" are no more than blind fools and idiots bereft of even
elementary ability to discern the truth.
The gravity of the situation lies in that this despicable burlesque is being orchestrated at the tacit connivance, patronage and
instigation by "Downing Street".
This mud-slinging is a premeditated politically-motivated provocation and deliberate hostile act to hurt the dignity of the
supreme leadership and tarnish the sovereign authority of the DPRK and its international image.
It is not exaggeration to say that Britain is the country with inborn disposition of blindly copying the American-style diplomacy.
This is evidenced by the fact that when a movie company of Hollywood distributed a preview of a reactionary movie peppered with
the story hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK after producing it, the British broadcasting service deliberately used
it for staging such charade.
The British authorities should not forget even a moment the lesson drawn from the incident in which that it was sentenced to
permanent death because of "poems of evil" which groundlessly slandered a country in the Mideast in the past.
Reckless anti-DPRK hysteria would only bring disgrace and self-destruction.
The British authorities should throw reactionary movies now being planned or in the process of production into a dumping ground without delay and punish the chief culprits.
This would help prevent any hurt to the image of the UK and
preserve the hard-won diplomatic relations between the DPRK and Britain.
It would be well advised to judge itself what consequences would
be entailed if it ignores the DPRK's warning.
ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA slam anti DPRK propaganda serial
London 1st of September Juche 103(2014)
The ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA issued the following joint statement in support of the statement of the Policy Department of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on the
plan of Channel Four to make an anti DPRK serial "Opposite Number ";
We strongly support the statement of the Policy Department of the DPRK National Defence Commission on the issue of a proposed anti-DPRK tv serial.
The plan by Channel Four to make a so-called spy thriller "Opposite Number " is yet another twist to the anti DPRK propaganda campaign by the British imperialist media . This is all part of the Goebbelseque "big lie" strategy of the capitalist media to slander and defame the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , to brainwash the British
people into harbouring hostility towards the DPRK. We friends of the DPRK and Juche Idea and Songun Idea followers of the UK cannot tolerate such a thing.
This is not the first time that Channel Four have shown anti-DPRK propaganda. Back in the year 2000 Channel Four broadcast the notorious "Children of the Secret State " an anti DPRK film that was filmed in south Korea and Thailand rather than the DPRK but this footage was passed off as being in the DPRK.(it should be noted that another anti-DPRK film in production "The Wall" is being filmed in the poorer parts of Belfast and these will be passed off as
the DPRK).. The makers of the programme repeat all the usual worn-out
propaganda cliches about the DPRK "closed country " and " one of the most dangerous for the West" . This clearly shows the intention of the makers of the programme to slander and besmirch the DPRK and defame the socialist system of the DPRK.
Channel Four is well know for producing programmes of dubious repute such the so-called reality TV show "Big
Brother ", a real cultural cesspit.
The Channel Four tv serial "Opposite Number " has a far-fetched and implausible plot which has no relation to reality . The DPRK's nuclear deterrent is the product of the Juche-orienated self-reliant industry of the DPRK and the efforts of its efforts people under the Songun revolutionary leadership . The DPRK's nuclear deterrent has been constructed using 100% DPRK resources, labour and know-how, it is not the product of another country .
It is deeply regrettable that Britain lacks an independent policy on Korea and instead kow-tows to the US.
We believe that if such a programme is shown it will do irreparable damage to friendship and co-operation between the Korean and British peoples and imperil diplomatic relations. Therefore the programme should be cancelled at once. It is time for the British media to stop blindly following the US and report the DPRK in a positive and truthful way.



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