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Sunday, 1 February 2015


Workers of all countries, unite!


No 02 (143) FEBRUARY 2015

Entering 2015 –it is the year of the 145th anniversary of the birth of VI Lenin;
- the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people under the leadership of Joseph Stalin Generalissimo;
- the 80th anniversary (July 25, 1935) of the VII Congress of the Communist International, committed to a united front of the peoples of the world against fascism.
- The 110th anniversary of the First Russian Revolution;
- 110th anniversary of the first Soviets of Workers' Deputies in Russia.
2015 is a year of further aggravation of a comprehensive systemic crisis of the existing world order: the deepest crisis of the world economy, politics, ecology, and most of the human person (same-sex marriages, purposeful destruction of ancient spirituality and human values, the loss of human orientation in life, faith in the possibility of a future and the destruction of the national identity).
Before mankind stands the need to simultaneously solve all these problems, because they are closely related, or, as they say, mate with each other. But first and foremost with all of them today is the same: to prevent the impending catastrophe - the possibility of starting a new world war, in which there will be no winners. In considering the scope for the prevention of any war at all, we must always bear in mind the statement of Stalin: "To eliminate the inevitability of wars, imperialism must be destroyed." ("Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR").
Under these same circumstances today, it is necessary to repel the latter-day spread of fascism around the world like a medieval plague, striking countries and continents.
The possibility of a catastrophe is entirely due to US policy, frantically clinging to the preservation of their world domination (resulting from the Second World War) in all conditions of a growing global financial crisis and economic crisis in the United States.
United States is the leading imperialist country, enslaving the whole world with paper dollars not backed by gold reserves, with impunity robbing all countries of the world "lawfully" in exchange for assigning empty "greenbacks" for the natural resources of different countries. Having ringed the entire world and all continents with countless US-NATO military bases bristling with nuclear warheads, the US holds at gunpoint all the nations of the world, forcing their governments to carry out the will of the US in fear of the overthrow of the existing governments and the destruction of the countries themselves and their people. Those who resist the expansionist policy of the United States are destroyed, using the initial stage of the collapse of the country and overthrow the current leaders of the "colour revolutions". (Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and others have become victims of this criminal policy of the United States).
The Middle East due to Washington's policy for several years is already a constantly smoldering explosive hotbed. In fact, the US created in the Middle East on the ruins of the states destroyed by the US, a new monster - ISIL ("Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) - a powerful terrorist paramilitary organization receiving from the US advanced weapons, capturing whole areas rich in oil and trading this oil at doped prices, thus obtaining additional funds for activities to create a new Caliphate.
NATO has become an anachronism after the liquidation of the Warsaw Pact, and a blind instrument of American expansionist policy and therefore must certainly be dissolved. NATO bases are mainly directed against Russia, even though Russia was not planning on attacking anyone else and does not intent to attack. In the US powerful information war against us (Russia), which replaced the Cold War between the Soviet Union, is widely floated the horror story, representing Russia as an enemy of the Europeans. (This horror story scares governments not only in Europe.) But NATO bases are getting closer and closer to the western borders of our country. Eternal confrontation between Russia - the United States, the Soviet Union - the US, Russia - USA Today there is no reason to call the US "our friends" ...
The United States, having begun preparations for the collapse of the Soviet Union immediately after World War II, spent billions of dollars on the cultivation within the USSR of a fifth column. Huge amounts of money were thrown by the US at subversive activities in the countries of the Warsaw Pact. The US "nurtured" in the USSR a powerful structure of traitors (now legally functioning "NGOs") in Russia, who today freely live on the western "grants" and in the Russian Federation have their own media and TV, and organize provocative "demonstrations" even in the centre Moscow in support of the Ukrainian fascists. In mid-December 2014, the US Congress officially allocated for 2015, assistance in the amount of $ 20 million to Russian "liberals" and more, plus $ 10 million to the like the republics of the former Soviet Union. Russian "liberals" have free entree into the Kremlin, are free to talk with the leadership of the country and are free to make recommendations on further "liberalization" of the Russian economy and its state structure ...
The United States chose Ukraine, as can be seen, as a starting point to begin a crusade against Russia. For a whole year there has been a fratricidal armed war, organized by the pro-American Kiev junta, against the civilian population of Donbass, who did not want to live under the yoke of bestial nationalism and betrayal of their ancestral historical values, among them - the right to speak in their native Russian. The US is strongly helping Kiev in cleansing the territory of Donbass of the total population. The terrorist attacks in the Donbass by the Kiev junta are fully sponsored by the US government. Recently (13 December 2014), the US Congress passed another law "On the support of Ukraine", in which it provided assistance in the amount of $ 350 million for military needs (supply of new means of destruction), and another $ 50 million on the "modernization of the gas transportation system." This law also tightened sanctions against Russia.
In the new government of Ukraine – a terrorist pseudo state created by US secret services and under the control of US intelligence – with every minister is a US adviser, and three major ministries headed by invitation for the positions are foreigners (the Ministry of Finance is headed by a US citizen). In the newly elected government of Ukraine are 3 battalions from the gangs, some people from the government of Saakashvili (Georgia) who escaped abroad, but who managed to destroy the country's economy and derail the standard of living. All these associates of Saakashvili worked previously in the US and there have been special training on the collapse of states.
This here is the "independence" that Ukraine got.
The inhabitants of Crimea were able to legally competently to decide the question of returning to the bosom of Russia, thus avoiding the physical destruction of the people of Crimea by the Kiev junta armed groups.
The anti-state coup, implemented at the beginning of 2014 in Kiev, was being prepared by the special force structures of the United States over the past 20 years. The US invested billions of dollars. There was training in different directions - soldiers, politicians, ideologues, preachers, "defenders of Ukrainian culture from the Muscovites," etc. Training took place not only in Ukraine, but also in special camps in other countries. Training of junta militants goes on to this day on the territories of neighbouring states.
The fierce battle for Donbass continues, the struggle between its inhabitants and militias against the Kiev regular troops and mercenaries, bandits, criminals, who came from around the world to kill people and agonizing torture of captured prisoners of Donbass-Novorossya (New Russia). In Ukraine, there is a war class, civil and national.
New Russia firmly holds on, despite repeated attacks, even in the days of truce declared by Kiev using junta troops for redeployment of the most advanced military equipment supplied by the US "aid" to its puppets in Kiev.
New Russia firmly holds on, despite daily civilian casualties from shelling and destruction of residential buildings, and the destruction of the structure of life support settlements. The number of victims run into the many thousands.
We fully support the New Russia, the self-defence volunteers and residents of Donbass in their fight against the Nazis of the Kiev junta, and against traitors and betrayers who set up power in Kiev.
Of course, the bandits, fanatics, rapists and Kiev oligarchic self-proclaimed authority and its puppeteers in Washington understand the conversation only from a position of strength.
But, as Lenin said: "We know, we know all too well what untold disaster to the workers and peasants carries with it a war. We must therefore in a most careful and prudent way deal with this question. We're going to make the greatest concessions and sacrifices, to preserve peace... We're going to make the greatest concessions and sacrifices, but not any, or endlessly ... "VI Lenin, Poln.Sobr.soch., Vol. 44, p.297.
Therefore we support any negotiation process that is initiated and offered now by Russia on the issue of the ceasefire between the regular troops and gangs of the Kiev junta on the one hand, and retaliatory defensive actions on the part of the defenders of New Russia. These peaceful pauses allow the defenders of the Donbass to better protect civilians. What is important, of course, is the consolidation by the defenders of Novorossia of their resources to achieve success in the struggle and the final victory.
The fierce struggle in Ukraine is also a Russian fight for their national identity, and it is a confrontation between labour and capital, which is complicated by the inclusion in this confrontation of the contradictions between the interests of the two "teams" of the oligarchy - the American and Russian. Contradictions between them are intertwined and negate each other.
To put it simply, the confrontation between labour and capital is a struggle by the militias and residents of Donbass against the Kiev junta, which uses using Ukrainian Nazis, is armed sweep by American capital of Donbas of its population, in other words, of the labour force - from the work force as "superfluous men" in order to begin work on the production of shale gas, which will bring much more profit to foreign capital.
In May 2012, under Yanukovych, Ukraine signed a contract with the US oil company Chevron to develop shale gas in Odessa, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Yanukovych on January 24, 2013 at the World Economic Summit in Davos (Switzerland) signed a contract with the Anglo-Dutch Shell concern about shale gas on Yuzovsky field. Contracts worth billions of dollars.
Into the Board of Directors of the British-Dutch energy giant Shell and Ukrainian Burisma entered the son of Vice President Joe Biden, Robert Biden. Comments, as they say, are unnecessary.
Under these contracts, according to their terms, the land on the gas fields was actually purchased (sold), together with the population in the territory of gas fields. According to the research conducted on the territory of Ukraine by representatives of foreign gas companies, Ukraine has a huge reserve of shale gas. For this reason, we add, the Americans will not leave the Donbass on any resolutions. For the purchased business they will fight to the last living person ...
The confrontation between the American oligarchy and the Russian oligarchy is a struggle of the US military-industrial complex (dictating policy to America, maddened by thirst for money and power over the whole world) against the Russian oligarchs who do not want to give away the territory of Donbass. According to US plans, Ukraine (and Donbass) is to be used as a springboard for launching a war against Russia in order to divide it and completely subordinate Russia to America then further advancement in Central Asia and beyond.
In the confrontation in Ukraine are woven purely national interests - Russia's help, providing aid to the Russian-speaking population of New Russia, the population with a common history, common historical culture, a common language - Russian, etc., defence from occupation of traditional Russian territory, by will of the current situation which was previously within Ukraine.
Question: Who will win in this conflict? Ukrainian Nazis are fighting for money, for the interests of the American oligarchy. Donbass militias are fighting to protect their native lands, their loved ones, their children's future, their small home. In Russia the old saying - "It is not in the power of God, but in the truth." The truth is on the side of the militias.
Ukraine, due to "aid" and "care" about it from the United States stands on the verge of default.
To believe in the serious effectiveness of any negotiations with the Kiev junta, which Russia seeks to organise and arrange Russia, it is not necessary.
But, HOW can the banditry of US in the international arena be stopped, threatening the world with a new world war and, in particular, how to help the citizens of New Russia? The currently existing unipolar world led by the United States has become an obstacle for the survival of humanity. As mentioned above, the US recognizes only talk from a position of strength. What is the force able to resist the aggressive policy of the United States? To moderate the militant fervour of the US and eliminate the US monopoly in international affairs can be done by forming an anti-American coalition a political and military alliance, together with economic, composed of states possessing nuclear weapons, such as Russia, China, India, Iran, Brazil, Pakistan and others, that is to say, those who value their sovereignty and independence of ongoing policy.
On the necessity of forming an anti-American military-political bloc in order to recreate a bipolar model of the world, we (our party) spoke in 1999 on May 8 at a Workers’ Meeting of the international organization NINO PASTI "For peace and independence of the peoples" in Prague. ("For Bolshevism in the communist movement." L-d, 2002, p.43.) The narrowly defined national interests, small territorial claims, ideological and religious differences can and should take a back seat in addressing the fundamental issue - the survival of humanity. This idea has already been put into practice in the face of previously created associations in the BRICS, SCO and others. The result of talks successfully carried out by President Putin in India in mid-December was the adoption of a joint declaration, in which, inter alia stated that "active co-operation in the framework of the UN, BRICS, SCO has never been so much on demand in the current difficult conditions." In 2015, India will become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Shanghai organization will be the second structure, in which Russia, China and India (the major civilizations of Eurasia) will coordinate their efforts to transform the world order for the policy of dismantling the American-style world and the "transition to a world order built on the balance of interests of the world's major civilizations. "If Russia manages to preserve the strategic (the most important thing in a relationship of trust) partnership with China, India, to create new centres of political influence of the BRICS bloc, which covers more than half of humanity, centred around its Russian Federation partners and friends in the post-Soviet space, then the plans of the Americans to unleash a new world war will be doomed to failure.
In addition to creating a unified anti-American coalition, what other force can resist, or weaken the US? How can we shake the unwarranted confidence of the United States with its total impunity for any crime they perpetrate against sovereign states?
The Achilles heel of the United States is the global power of the US dollar. The dollar is the main "product" that America sells. The most serious blow to US hegemony would be avoiding the use of the dollar as a world currency. Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were brutally killed by the Americans for having set out to abandon the US dollar in calculations on the world market. Libya and Iraq were drowned in blood and destroyed.
The Russian financial system, according to presidential adviser to Vladimir Putin academician Glaz'ev, annually calculated $ 120-140 billion in favour of the US financial system. Buying US debt, the Russian Federation is sponsoring a war against itself ... The power of the United States is based on the exclusive right of the oligarchy to control the US Federal Reserve - the center of emission of dollars. They print world currency in unlimited quantities (because it is not backed by a gold equivalent, and because there is a simple paper). They do not simply print this, but do this and under debt of 90% of the security issue of the dollar. If you look at charts - the US national debt is going up exponentially. In mathematics, it is called a regime with peaking. When the system enters this mode, it inevitably collapses. American hegemony is moving towards its total collapse. This is an objective law of history.
It's time to finally see all that "the king is bare" and is covered in robes of his past might, and it now senile and beginning to crumble under the winds of time of necessary changes. In support of the coming collapse of the power of the US dollar we give the fact that a number of the BRICS countries (China and Russia, for example) have already partially abandoned the dollar and moved with mutual settlements to their own currencies. Europe, for a long time has had its own currency - the euro, in the UK - the pound sterling.
Two years ago, the Russian State Duma voted a law renouncing power of the dollar in the Russian Federation. But, but two major factions in the Russian Federation (United Russia and the Liberal Democratic Party) voted “with their legs" – by not voting either "yes" or "no". Out of the 450 deputies of the State Duma voting took place by just 151 members of parliament. This can only be understood as the prevalence among the deputies of persons having deposits in foreign banks (in dollars) and rich private property abroad. A question to our state system: whose interests are defended in the Russian State Duma by these "people's representatives"?
The sooner Russia withdraws from the dollar pyramid scheme, the lower will be the loss of not only financial but also human terms. A significant part of the dollar issue, which subsidizes Russia, holding their reserves in dollars, goes towards the military and the US terrorist operations in the world, including the killing of people in the New Russia.
In addition to the above. On December 16-17 last year, there was a sharp rise in price of foreign currency in the financial market of the Russian Federation against the normal rate (at some point by almost 3 times, and at the beginning of the year the dollar "was worth" 32-35 rubles.) The euro soared to 100 rubles.
The sharp depreciation of the ruble is unreasonable symptomatic and requires quick decisions by the Russian government. On the one hand, it is necessary to put an end to currency players "playing" against the country and its people, moreso that the president knows who are the players. Why has the president still not taken action and thus helped the ruble to fall? .. On the other hand, what must be returned to the Duma is legislation that it had previously blocked - the rejection by the authorities of the dollar in the Russian Federation.
From the fact that United Russia and the Liberal Democratic Party refused (or cowardly hid these "people's representatives" from voting) should need to consider from whom are these faction in the Duma. From their attitude to the fate of the country and people it should conclude that corruption and fraud conducted by the election campaign to the State Duma (who and how elected?). And on the proximity to the Russian oligarch clan Deputies these 2 fractions arrange their affairs in the status of "the people's representatives." (Oligarchs were able to buy for a penny not yet finished off by "perestroika" former Soviet enterprises or other property.)
The question arises not only specify the behavior of these choices when voting, lobbying of laws for the State, but also on the availability of direct bribery among MPs. There have already been precedent with one of these "deputies".
Sanctions against Russia, introduced by the United States have hurt the countries of the European Community also, the countries of NATO. This has angered the common people. Protest is not very active against it at present. Over time, support for sanctions by governments of NATO (under US pressure) will become more "sensitive." People will feel the stronger burden of sanctions against Russia on themselves, with the reduction of benefits and the forced "belt-tightening". All this may well cause more vigorous protests of the people. Governments already have "people in the squares," speaking out already against their governments. Popular discontent may be amplified by the presence of US-NATO military bases. For participation in NATO, people of the countries have to pay from the budget to participate in the military bloody adventures of the USA. There may be protests against NATO bases in their country. All together, this may well lead to a revolutionary situation. Governments have to choose: either to continue to support sanctions and tolerate the presence of military bases in their countries - then the anger of the people can sweep the governments of these countries. The government would lose too cosy "seats " for each member of parliament, especially for the top. Or, trying to stay in power, the government will be forced to abandon support for the sanctions and deploy NATO military bases on its territory. Whose shirt will be closer to the body, their own or US?
In any case, America badly miscalculated, playing a very "big game", which for her is hardly "worth it." Winning is dangerous for the whole world, losing rages America, moreover, that in the country began a movement for secession and independence of a number of states of the United States. Inside the United States began mass demonstrations of the Afro-American population for the notorious American "human rights" against police brutality. The rear of the United States was weak and rotten. The king is indeed bare!
What are the objectives we set ourselves in the New Year of 2015? How are the party organizations to work?
Our goals remain the same. These are set out in our fundamental documents - programs and charter of the AUCPB and subsequent documents and publications of the Party. At the IV Congress of the AUCPB recommendations in the grass-roots party organizations have been formulated as statements. They remain relevant to this day, because our main goal is to work for the benefit of the socialist revolution - remains the same. Only the range of areas in which we have to actively participate has expanded. Of course, in each region the situation is somewhat different and therefore we should work, taking into account local conditions and local features.
We must actively participate in all activities where we can bring to the participants our ideas and our opinions. Today there is a growing worldwide anti-imperialist movement, anti-globalization movement. Their slogans are very similar to ours. Not correct is the position of some of our comrades-activists and leaders of the Party organizations, who dissociates themselves from pro-communist organizations (CPRF, the RCWP and others), moreover, that in many areas, our positions on most issues are very similar. Due to a misunderstanding of documents of the party to unite the communist movement, which our party (based on experience) recommends starting with a unity of action, we are ignoring or refusing to move, and miss the opportunity to make extensive contacts with close a to us in spirit audience. Our objective has always been and remains to have the best possible contact with the masses, who just sometimes underestimate our activists. WHERE is it easier and more affordable to distribute our literature among our potential or real like minded people if not at their events? After all, the question is not in the positions of their leaders, striving to the State Duma, or local election structures (for generous public funding and benefits available to them). Our comrades must be able to competently argue with our opponents from other parties. For this we need to know a lot and above all - to know the documents of the party. In other words - our activists need to especially study. Otherwise, the party organization may fall to the level of half closed circles. These leaders do not use the opportunities to work in the available the legal conditions ... Events should be used for the active promotion of our ideas, implementing activities in our literature, especially our newspapers, which quickly reflect our attitude towards what is happening in the country and in the world of events.
Some of our leaders of party organizations forgot about the party's constitution and ceased to exercise their statutory responsibilities ... This must be corrected. You know that we do not have sponsors ...
Today in the deepening crisis of the entire world imperialist system and fascistization of governments, very sharply question arises about protection of the rights of political prisoners in different countries, and especially we in Russia and the republics of the former USSR. Our comrade, secretary of the AUCPB, chairman of the Central Committee of the Bureau for Ukraine, Moldova and Transdniestria has been in custody since November 28, 2014 in the prison of Uzhgorod on the basis of the court's decision of 28 November. With the submission of the Ukrainian special branch – the SBU accused him of "inciting ethnic hatred and violation of territorial integrity of Ukraine." As a preventive measure, A. Mayevsky was held for 60 days. As reported previously (11 November 2014), by the press service of the department of the SBU, the materials, printed in the newspaper "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth”, “According to experts of the SBU, ... create a negative image of Ukraine, demean the national honour and dignity of Ukrainians and individual representatives of national minorities, may incite ethnic hatred and hatred." The SBU seized the Carpathian part of the circulation of the newspaper, which was during a search of the editorial board of the newspaper, as evidence in the case of separatism. The SBU together with prosecutors is initiating deregistration of the edition.
Also in November, the chief editor of the largest Ukrainian newspaper "News" (Vesti) reported that the SBU is conducting a search in the editorial offices and "stitching up" journalists in a criminal case under article "violation of territorial integrity of Ukraine." Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov said that "searches in the office of the newspaper, as well as a ban on the broadcasting of 15 Russian TV channels, is another step by the Kiev authorities to block unwanted media and the fight against dissent" (the newspaper is still being published ).
On June 18 in Mariupol, the newspaper "I want the USSR" (published since 2011) was crushed. Editor in chief Sergei Dolgov was beaten by masked bandits (presumably from the battalion "Azov") and taken away by the attackers in an unknown direction. The search for him through the Security Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine failed. What happened to him - is still unknown. The search continues.
Our young comrade Alexander Gerasimov, a former political prisoner on the Odessa case (imprisoned in the camp for 10 years), was at the centre of events in Odessa, on May 2, 2014 in the House of Trade Unions, which was set on fire with people inside by Kiev fascists. Alexander miraculously survived. He was for a long time in hospital with burns and broken bones and who continues to be treated at home. We thank all those who responded to the call for help, and he had it. We also thank all those who supported and are able to provide financial assistance to A. Mayevsky.
We need to step up work on the line of political prisoners by the proliferation of materials in their support and protection. We in the CC AUCPB revived materials from abroad in support of A.A. Mayevsky. Some of them were published on the central party website.
In the new 2015, the Party Central Committee wishes to all our comrades, our associates in Russia, on the territory of the former USSR and abroad success in our difficult common struggle against imperialism in all its forms.
We wish all of you, dear friends, good health, longevity and be sure to meet the very beginning of a new era - the victory of socialism on the planet, and above all - the revival of the USSR.

Our work on the socialist revolution continues!
Nina Alexandrovna Andreeva

December 17, 2014


On January 8 the DPRK celebrates the birthday of Kim Jong-Un - the current leader, successor to the Great Kim Jong Il at all senior management positions in the state.
Kim Jong-Un is the First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (General Secretary of the WPK, forever locked behind Great Kim Jong Il), first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, Marshal of the DPRK.
From 2002, Kim Jong-Un studied at the Kim Il-Sung Military University in the DPRK.
The question of a successor who will continue the political course of the country's current leader, is very important in any country, especially in a socialist country. In January 2009, the newspaper "Trud" reported that Kim Jong Il issued a personal directive to the heads the Workers' Party of Korea, where Kim Jong Un is named (his third and youngest son) as his successor. In April 2009, Kim Jong-Un became a member of the Council of National Defence of the DPRK, and on September 27, 2010 promoted to the rank of General of the Army. On December 24, 2011. (Kim Jong-Il died on 17 December 2011..) in the central paper of the WPK – the newspaper "Rodong Sinmun", Kim Jong-Un was first named Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army. Of the Workers' Party of Korea on the night of December 31, 2011, officially appointed Kim Jong Un Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the country and, according to the "Rodong Sinmun", Kim Jong-Un was confirmed in the position of Chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.
Over the past three years, the country's leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un has shown no changes in the political and economic policies, as well as in strengthening the country's defence and the position of the DPRK in the field of international relations – and what the West had hoped for - did not happen. The DPRK firmly and confidently continues the course of its development, charted the Great Leader Kim Il Sung and the great leader Kim Jong Il.
As before the focus of the country's leadership remains Man, his care, his life, his health and confidence in the future. Children have special care. In all cities, rural villages there are kindergartens and nurseries, schools, libraries ... In the DPRK, there is one cult - the cult of children who are brought up in the spirit of patriotism, love of the country, its history, the socialist system.
It can be recalled in 1947, when the Great Leader dreamed that every Korean could eat an apple a day. Today, this dream has almost been successfully implemented. Only recently has been put into operation the Kosansky horticultural complex - under the pass at an altitude of Chol 677 m above sea level (in the DPRK arable land makes up not more than 20%). This horticultural complex is designed on a grand scale, it covers an area of 2,000 hectares, on which are planted more than 5 million apple trees. Together with increased density of planting fruit trees, besides - the new high-yielding varieties of dwarf apple trees (easier to carry out work in the growing season and easier to harvest). This grand fruit complex includes hog factories. The widespread use of organic (combined, together with chemicals) fertilizers enhances fertility of fruit plantations. Inside the complex are built homes for thousands of families with a full range of buildings of public services and institutions for medical purposes, etc. In principle, this horticultural complex is an example of the future of land management. This was stated by Comrade Kim Jong-un, in his speech on January 27, 2012 at a meeting with senior officials. And today - it is a reality. Now a grandiose work on development of salt marshes near the island of Hongon that will create new arable land area of 4,500 hectares. The convertion of saline soils is carried out in other places of the DPRK.
In the DPRK, as well as in the Soviet Union, the constant slogan of the day was and is the slogan "Cadres decide everything." At the solemn meeting devoted to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Great Leader, Comrade Kim Jong Un gave the keynote address, outlined a plan for further development of universal education and improving the training of highly qualified personnel. While in Russia along the plans of Sorus, the methodical destruction of education as such is carried on, (introduction of debility exam, the rejection of the study of classical Russian literature, Russian heroic history in schools, the great Russian culture as a whole, the Russian language training ignorant uneducated young generation, and so on, the DPRK moves towards 12-year general (of course, free) education, the creation of new research centres in cutting-edge areas of science and technology, equipping health care system not only with highly trained professionals, but with the latest equipment, which uses qualified nurses etc. The DPRK is continuing the technological revolution: the development of a powerful energy, mining, building materials industry to meet the needs of wide residential and commercial construction. From all the years of its existence, during the worst of a comprehensive blockade by the imperialist world, the DPRK has successfully developed its defence industry, re-equipping its armed forces with new types of weapons and is always on the alert in the face of constant military and information provocations (in the form of so-called exercises near the borders of the DPRK) from South Korea and the United States.
Comrade Kim Jong-Un continues the tradition of his great predecessors - constant travel around the country visiting plants, factories, construction sites, academic institutions, military units, etc. In practice, familiar with the problems on the ground that after visiting, the leader finds a successful resolution. This direct contact with the People makes real people's power and strengthens the monolithic unity of Korean society.
The people of the DPRK, the younger generation, the army are constantly ready for work and defence in the face of rising international tension and attempts by the US to ignite the torch of a new world war on the Korean peninsula. But even in difficult environmental and political conditions of today, the people of the DPRK with a song builds its future prosperous socialist state, rely on their own strength, not in bondage to the Western sponsors are not dependent on foreign conditions, confidently goes forward. The key to future victories in socialist construction is the unity of leaders, party, army and people, absolute trust in the leadership, the love of their leaders, who live a life with their people.
On the occasion of the birthday of Kim Jong-Un, we sincerely wish him good health, long life, a lot of effort to implement ambitious plans for a prosperous powerful socialist state, where everything belongs to the people.


UK KFA news
UK KFA supports respected Marshal KIM JONG UN's call for the cancellation of US-sk military exercises
The UK Korean Friendship Association support the call made by the Supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea respected Marshal KIM JONG UN for an end to US and south Korean military exercises ! As Marshal KIM JONG UN says "The large-scale war games ceaselessly held every year in south Korea are the root cause of the escalating tension on the peninsula and the danger of nuclear war facing our nation. It is needless to say that there can be neither trustworthy dialogue nor improved inter-Korean relations in such a gruesome atmosphere in which war
drills are staged against the dialogue partner. To cling to nuclear war drills against the fellow countrymen in
collusion with aggressive outside forces is an extremely dangerous act of inviting calamity " .
Therefore in order to create the correct environment for peace and dialogue south Korea must cease holding war exercises with the US imperialists.
Furthermore we applaud the positive proposal of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN to hold north-south talks providing the conditions are right . We believe that this proposal is the way forward for peace and reunification.


DPRK FM Spokesman Slams U.S. for "New Sanctions"
Pyongyang, January 4 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK Sunday gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA blasting the U.S. for announcing "new sanctions" against the DPRK over
the cyber attack on the Sony Pictures Entertainment:
The U.S. on Friday issued the presidential executive order to impose "new sanctions" upon the DPRK under the pretext of the cyber attack on the Sony Pictures Entertainment.
The Sony Pictures Entertainment produced a disgusting movie openly agitating terrorism against a sovereign state only to invite bitter censure and criticism of public at home and abroad. But the U.S. is kicking off a noisy anti-DPRK campaign, deliberately linking the "cyber terror" with the DPRK.
Many countries formally clarified their negative stand on the U.S. absurd assertions and major media and prestigious experts of the U.S. and the West are becoming vocal claiming that the recent hacking attack was not made by north Korea.
The U.S. anti-DPRK hostile act that kicked off from the outset of the year is aimed to save its face and tarnish the image of the DPRK in the international arena at any cost, upset by the increased international skepticism about its "results of the investigation" which termed the recent cyber attack the one made by the DPRK. The U.S. is persistently turning down the DPRK's just proposal for joint investigation to probe the truth about the cyber attack on the Sony Pictures Entertainment. This behavior itself brings to light its ulterior motive prompted by its guilty conscience.
The persistent and unilateral action taken by the White House to slap "sanctions" against the DPRK patently proves that it is still not away from inveterate repugnancy and hostility toward the DPRK.
Now is the time for the U.S. to know that its sanctions did not weaken the DPRK but proved counter-productive as shown by the DPRK's measures to further sharpen the treasured sword of Songun.
The policy persistently pursued by the U.S. to stifle the DPRK, groundlessly stirring up bad blood towards it would only harden its will and resolution to defend the sovereignty of the country, the dignity of the nation and the sovereignty by dint of the Songun politics
ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA support DPRK Foreign Ministry statement and slam new sanctions
London 4th of January Juche 104(2015)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK, the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a statement in support of the statement made by the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on the 4th of
It is truly outrageous, indeed a flagrant and
manifest injustice that the US president has issued an executive order imposing more sanctions on the DPRK, which is actually one of the most heavily sanctioned countries in the world . What is so diabolic about
this is that the DPRK is the innocent party : evidence increasing points to a disgruntled former employee being responsible for the hacking of Sony . It was the US that declined the fair offer of the DPRK for a joint investigation . This would point to the US covering up something or withholding facts Not only have the US falsely accused
the DPRK of being responsible but the whole response of the US to the incident has been a hysterical and out of proportion very much reminiscent of the worst days of theCold War.
The US imperialists are the wrongdoers in this incident as they made a film insulting the dignity of the DPRK supreme revolutionary leadership and the socialist system. As the DPRK Foreign Ministry says " The Sony Pictures Entertainment produced a disgusting movie openly agitating terrorism against a sovereign state only to invite bitter censure and criticism of public at home and abroad."
The sanctions against the DPRK are a hostile act . They aim at stifling the socialist system of the DPRK . However the sanctions will fail as the DPRK has successfully built
socialism and an independent national economy despite decades of US sanctions. What the action of Obama proves is that the US is permanently hostile to the DPRK and is its sworn enemy. This goes to prove the correctness of the Songun policy of the DPRK .
We support the DPRK's hardening of its resolve to pursue Songun politics!





The Staffordshire Branch of the Korean Friendship Association (UK) calls upon all progressive people to halt the screening of the US made feature film "The Interview", in British cinemas and multiplexes. This "film" cannot be described as a form of entertainment or culture, but as an incarnation of chauvinism and terrorism. When the peoples of the world demand peace and understanding among nations, this film cultivates misanthropy and aggression. Every person who desires peace and independence, should demand the cancellation of this piece of unadulterated war propaganda from being shown here in the UK.
To advocate the murder of a head of state or a nation state's leadership constitutes a violation of national and international law, as this film does. The production and distribution of this film, constitutes an act of terrorism against a sovereign state. The Staffordshire KFA Branch is sure that if any other country had made a feature film depicting in graphic detail the assassination of the
British Head of State or the Head of the Government, than the UK authorities would consider such a matter, as a breach of diplomatic relations and a promotion of terrorism. Under current UK legislation, the preparation and the glorification of acts of terrorism are regarded as serious crimes.
Under pressure from progressive opinion, the multi-national company behind this film, Sony Pictures, had the good sense to withdraw "The Interview" from its distribution network. It is was Barrack Obama, the Pentagon and the US Department who insisted that this movie be propagated far and wide within the United States itself, and in some
other countries. This clearly demonstrates that this so-called feature film was produced by the US military-industrial-media complex as instrument in its anti-People's Korea diatribe. The Hollywood movie "The Interview" shares a lot of characteristics with the racist epic "A Birth Of A Nation" and with such Nazi era films such as "The Eternal Jew" and "Jud Suss". The United States of America is not so innocent a party, when engaging in acts of terror and war, both within the North American continent and on the world stage. In its very origin, the United States, expanded by means of terrorism and aggression. As a result of the colonization of the continent, 10 million native Americans were
exterminated. The colonizers then kidnapped and trafficked 20 million Africans as slave labour. After 239 years, since the Declaration of Independence of the United States , the African Americans and other people of colour, still suffer discrimination, as seen in Ferguson. In the USA, a murder occurs every seven minutes and the annual growth rate of violent crime is 12.6 per cent. Wealth and power in the United States, has over the last thirty years, been placed in to the hands of the one per cent, the ruling elite. Aggression and terrorism have become a byword for US foreign policy, as seen with recent wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan.
This feature film "The Interview" is doubly insulting to the Korean People, as the United States has had a 70 year long history of aggression on the Korean peninsula. It is the United States that divided Korea into two halves, in September 1945 and today, the US perpetuates the division of Korea, with a occupation force of 40,000 troops and a thousand nuclear warheads, stationed in south Korea. On
June 25th, 1950, the US imperialists committed an act of terrorism, by launching an attack on the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. During the Korean War, the US perpetrated atrocities in Sinchon County, with a toll of 35,383 civilians murdered by the war criminals.
The United States was the wirepuller behind May 18th, 1980 massacre in Kwangju, south Korea, which had a death toll of 5,000 civilians. These days, the US continues to interfere into the affairs of the Korean People, for instance, by backing the banning of the Independent Progressive Party in south Korea. Now, on drunk on arrogance, the US
Imperialists are attempting to impose further sanctions on the DPRK over the alleged Sony incident. The Korean People will firmly defend their gains of Korean style socialism, by upholding the supreme revolutionary leadership and smashing the terrorism of the imperialists.
The Staffordshire Branch of the UK KFA urges every peace campaigner, anti-imperialist activist, socialist and trade unionist to stop the showing of this racist war propaganda in Britain. We call upon progressive people everywhere to reject this nasty piece of chauvinism
in the form of "The Interview" and instead embrace friendship and solidarity with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and with the Korean People who only want peace and independence.
UK KFA wishes dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN , the supreme leader of the DPRK a Happy Birthday on the 8th of January . Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is
a true people's leader visiting factories, fishery stations and
orphanages . He is doing his best to improve living standards for the people. He is also a fearless Korean patriot and iron-willed brilliant commander as well as a distinguished theoretician and thinker .
Preparations for a meeting in Newcastle are taking shape and meetings in other parts of the country are in the pipeline. We have plans for several KFA Pickets.
There will also be a meeting of the Juche Idea Study Group of England on the 31st January.
Lets send UK KFA Delegations to the DPRK this year.

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