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Monday, 2 March 2015

FOR BOLSHEVISM - No 03 (144) MARCH 2015

Workers of all countries, unite!


No 03 (144) MARCH 2015


The appointed for February 13 in Uzhgorod trial of the chief editor of the newspaper " Workers 'and Peasants' Truth, secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB of the Bureau of the Central Committee for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria AA Mayevsky did not take place because of the "absence of a defendant at the trial." The judge was not swayed by the situation that Mayevsky has already spent more than 70 days in a detention cell of Transcarpathian jail (UIN number 9 - penal institutions) in Uzhgorod.
Mayevsky was not brought from prison to court. Earlier, A.A.Mayevsky, considered by the Ukrainian authorities as an "especially dangerous criminal" announced a hunger strike lasting well over days. The reason for his hunger strike – a ban on receiving newspapers, writing letters, for the right to practice his professional intellectual activity as a writer.
The court meeting was held under conditions of secrecy - no information about the meeting was available, along with the ban on the presence of journalists in the hall, with the desire not to allow into the courtroom of comrades who came that day from different regions of Ukraine. The judge and the prosecutor refused to announce their names. Their names were given via the court clerk.
The date of the court trial for the "crimes" of A.A. Mayevsky has been moved to 27th of February. The court case dealing with the banning of the publication of the newspaper "Workers' and Peasants Truth" is scheduled for March 4th.

Information of the CC AUCPB


From a telephone conversation with close relative of A.A. Mayevsky in Mukachevo, it turns out that on February 13 in Uzhgorod will be a full hearing to review the "case" of Mayevsky. Obviously, to begin an in-depth consideration of the case.
Anatoly Arkadevich Mayevsky is healthy, but has lost a lot of weight - affected by comfortable conditions of detention in jail. His general mood is cheerful and militant. Letters and parcels can be sent to him, but are subject to being taken and “sorted" into what can and cannot be handed to him.


Challenges of the XXI century

Having made a "bouquet" of criminal offenses, such as: "Creating unforeseen by law paramilitary or armed groups" (Art. 260 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "," Creating a criminal organization "(Art. 255 of the Criminal Code)," Actions aimed at violent change or destruction of the constitutional order or the seizure of state power "(v. 109)," treason "(p. 111)," Attempt on the life of a statesman or public figure "(v. 112)," The destruction, the destruction or desecration of monuments of history and culture "( Art. 298), "mass unrest" (v. 294), "incitement to commit acts that threaten civil order" (Art. 295 of the Criminal Code), "unlawful conduct with a weapon, ammunition or explosives" (p. 263), " The capture of state or public buildings or structures "(v. 341) - this is an incomplete list of criminal offenses that are carried out in a completed form with the blessing of the leaders of the US and the EU, the Ukrainian coup leaders Poroshenko, Paruby, Yatsenyuk, Turchynov, Avakov, Petrenko, Klitschko, Tyagnibok, Tymoshenko and many ministers, members of the Armed Forces of the "coalition" and crazy citizens of Ukraine who support them.
After coming to power in February 2014, the coup leaders continue to build a list of their criminal acts. If during the "Maidan", Tyagnibok, Tymoshenko, Yatsenyuk Turchynov yelled that Ukrainian tanks have to travel along "Red Square" (war propaganda, Art. 436 of the Criminal Code), nowadays these figures are not averse to engage in the planning, preparation, initiation and waging of aggressive war (Art. 437 of the Criminal Code), "a violation of the laws and rules of war" (Art. 438 of the Criminal Code), use "violence against the population in the area of military operations" (Art. 433 of the Criminal Code), "genocide" (Art. 442 of the Criminal Code). While this criminal clique feels unpunished, since the "Washington Regional Committee" is behind them, but in respect of a true, honest, disinterested, not standing for their selfish interests, but for the fate of the working people, the "boss" has given the go-ahead for neutralization. It is known that prosecutions have begun against leaders of the Communist Party - Simonenko P.N., the Progressive Socialist Party - Vitrenko N.M., RPU - Bondarchuk A.V., Mariupol editor of the newspaper "I want the USSR" Sergey Dolgov back in June 2014 was illegally arrested by punitive bodies and is now missing. In June 2014 the prosecution began against journalist, writer, editor, of "Workers' and Peasants Truth" A.A Mayevsky. After a nearly six-month criminal investigation, on November 28, 2014, Mayevsky was arrested for 60 days and was in the detention centre of Uzhgorod SBU, only for the fact that in №6 «Workers' and Peasants Truth" was published an interview with the leader of the DPR Paul Gubarev by Russian media (information from the Internet), as well as informed to the reader the real name of the grandfather of President of Ukraine Poroshenko-Valtsman. Because of this, he was accused of possible inciting ethnic hatred (Art. 161 of the Criminal Code) between Jews and Ukrainians and violation of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine (Art. 110 of the Criminal Code).
Forensic linguistic expertise of the newspaper "Workers' and Peasants truth» №6 for 2014, which is based on the accusation is highly conditional, illegal and ordered in nature. No reputable scientist linguist in the world can give a comprehensive answer, based on objective evidence. Even in the nineteenth century, the poet F.I. Tyutchev wrote: "We cannot predict how our words will be responded to, and we are given sympathy, as we are given grace."
On January 26, 2015 at 11:00 am, at the end of pre-trial detention, Uzhgorod district court reviewed the case of Mayevsky on the extension of pre-trial detention and extended it for another 60 days until March 26, 2015. Characteristic in this tribunal is that judge A.N. Ferens, leading the case of Mayevsky, hid behind a sick note, and hastily appointed judge Lemesh who held a meeting with a clear violation of substantive and procedural law: the meeting was held without a lawyer of the accused. The judge rudely interrupted defender Mayevsky, not allowing him to exercise the right to defence.
Attendant of Femid, Lemesh did not take into account the fact that the "crime", in which Mayevsky is accused of occurred in June 2014, and the tightening of criminal law of the articles incriminating Mayevsky were legalized only in October 2014. We understand that the judge ordered, and gave the go-ahead, and that what now hangs over the judge is the rejected by the Venice Commission, the law on lustration. But first you – the investigators, prosecutors, judges - handcuffed a journalist and writer Mayevsky, and then these same coup leaders will put handcuffs on you, that is against Mayevsky have been committed criminal offenses under Articles 371, 372, 374, 375: "Unlawful arrest", "Attraction of obviously innocent to criminal liability", "Violation of the right to protection," "ruling judge (judges) has obviously no jurisdiction judgment, decision or judgment."
The Bandera-Zionist government of Ukraine during it rule has killed tens of thousands of fellow citizens, starting with Maidan. Millions of refugees seeking shelter from the Donbas, 30% of the industry of the Ukrainian state destroyed, which was built under Soviet power. Here is the actual price of, and, apparently, not yet complete, your slogan "Glory to Ukraine" and "live a new life", "Heroes of Glory."
In the dungeons of jail of the SBU in Uzhgorod languishes a senior officer, journalist and publicist, who with weapon in hand defended our Soviet country, performing his international duty, and defended all of you: the president, deputies, ministers, even when you went to school or daycare. And not for a personal prosperous life, bank accounts, yachts, chic car and villas was Bolshevik Communist Mayevsky struggling for, huddling in a tiny room and spending a meager pension on the publication of the press. For the happiness of all working people, for peace on Earth.
Judge your own actions yourselves. Somewhere deep inside you must understand that Mayevsky, Dolgovy, Simonenko, Vitrenko, Bondarchuk are right, but lackey-animal fear, serving the powers that be, by committing iniquity, you are sawing off the branch on which you sit.

Ukraine Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB



More than one and a half months have passed (from November 28, 2014), since I have been in a Transcarpathian jail (UIN number 9 - penal institutions) in Uzhgorod. I have already gradually become accustomed to living in a new environment (about this - in a subsequent letter).
In addition to almost complete isolation from the outside world, we, the prisoners are actually deprived of information about what is happening in Ukraine in the world. If in December, at least once a week, the newspaper "Uzhgorod", with very little information was brought in to read, then this year for two weeks the newspaper "The Prisoner" (an independent Christian newspaper) was brought in, which is issued once in three months and aims for the convicted to seek salvation by turning to God (it is published in Ukraine and the United States in Russian and English languages).
Fortunately, our family though sometimes throw in newspapers from which you can extract information about current events. True, most of the newspapers are nationalist (i.e. everything bad that happens in the world - is the fault of Russia, and everything good in the world are the United States, the West). But even with such a one-sided information, I think we can draw some conclusions.

January 15, 2015
A. Mayevsky, secretary of the AUCPB,
Editor of "Workers' and Peasants truth" (Raboche-Krestyanskaya Pravda)

OUVP No 9, ul. Dovzhenko, 8a
Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region., Ukraine


Challenges of the XXI century

On January 11, millions of French people (3.7 million - according to the press) went on a march of solidarity over the seventeen dead victims of the terrorist attacks of 7 - 9 January. In the French capital, Paris, in the "march of solidarity" took part more than 1.5 million people. In the first rows of marchers, along with the relatives of the deceased, were the leaders and heads of government of more than 40 countries, led by French President Francois Oland and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The farewell ceremony was held in the main synagogue in Paris. 17 candles were lit signifying the number of victims.
The terrorist attack occurred on 7 January, when three unidentified people of Arab nationality attacked the Paris editorial office of the satirical weekly "Charly Ebdo" - the man who for many years published mocking caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, and deeply offended the feelings of millions of Muslim believers all over the world and fueling religious strife between Muslims and Christians. The attackers shouted: "This is revenge for the Mohammed!", "Allah Akbar" ("Allah is great!").
After the terrorist attack attackers brothers Kuashi (Said, '32 and Sherif, '34) took a car and took refuge in a printing house, 35 km from Paris.
The next day, January 8, in Paris, police officer who had served in the police just 15 days was killed by a female.
On January 9, kosher food store in the Jewish quarter of Paris was attacked. Ahmedi Coulibaly (originally from Senegal) killed 4 people and took 15 hostages.
On the same day, the police carried out an "operation to neutralize the terrorists." During the operation, as reported in the press, 88,000 (!) police were involved (and this is against three terrorists). All the terrorists were killed and the hostages freed.
It is noted that Said and Sherif Kuashi, as well as 18-year-old Hamid Murad (to some sources, was killed during a raid, and according to another - he voluntarily surrendered to the police) belonged to the organization "Al-Qaeda", Yemen.
According to Ahmedi Coulibaly, he belonged to the organization "Islamic State", and claimed revenge for fellow Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. Ahmedi Coulibaly is closely associated with the Kuashi brothers, noting that they belonged to the same Islamist group.
French President Francois Oland said: "Our country is united, we can answer for this." But this is by far not the case.
According to Mohammed Mrabi, a former employee of the weekly "Charly Ebdo" Paris is a quarter of a step away from a true massacre. "The French hate the Arabs. And they do not understand why they should responsible for the actions of three crazy people. Hooligans attack people in Arab neighbourhoods. Police can barely keep the city from descending into chaos."
So not much can be said about any "unity of the nation". Similarly, as in Ukraine, ethnic strife has been rekindled to set Ukrainians against Russians, the West of the country is opposed to the East, in the Donbass region a fratricidal war has been unleashed - and in France the French are opposed to the Arabs, with Christians and Muslims pitted against each other.
Those in power are doing everything to play off different groups of workers (ethnic, religion) with each other and divert their attention from the main contradictions of the modern era, the contradictions between labour and capital, to divert their attention from the common enemy of the working people - the bourgeoisie, and to set them against each other.
The age old famous ancient principle - "Divide and conquer!" continues to be implemented
It is also noteworthy that on the "march of solidarity" there was no US President Barack Obama. It becomes clear who the customer of this terrorist act really is - US imperialism, Zionist capital.
The US is doing everything possible to as tightly as possible, tie its allies into its policies - policies aimed at world domination and the establishment of the so-called "New World Order" - (and, at the same time, competitors) on EU-NATO relations, to speak with one voice on the conquest and subjugation of Russia.
At the same time a blow is dealt to France, one of Europe's largest economies and a key EU country and the euro zone.
It is possible that another large-scale terrorist attack may soon overtake Germany and other, leading EU countries.
Noteworthy and the date of the terrorist attack in Paris - January 7, the first day of Christmas according to the Orthodox calendar.
Russia has been asked a question – who are you with? With us, with Muslims, with the majority of countries in the world oppressed by Zionist capital and subjected to constant aggression by imperialist US-NATO-Israel? Or are you with this rotten and decaying West?
The answer to that question by Soviet Russia, the Soviet Union would be clear and defined - our Soviet country has always been on the side of the oppressed and exploited peoples and nations.
But how does bourgeois Putin's Russia answer this call?

January 16, 2015

A.A. Mayevsky
Secretary of the CC AUCPB,
Editor of "Workers' and Peasants truth"

Uzhgorod, OHR number 9
Transcarpathian region, Ukraine

AUCPB Newsline

Information from the courtroom

On January 26 at 11:00 am in the hall of Uzhgorod city district court (Transcarpathian region.) another judicial farce over the editor of "Workers' and Peasants truth" Anatoly Arkadevich Mayevsky took place.
Into the courtroom Anatoly Arkadevich was delivered, accompanied by security guards and handcuffed, along with two repeat offenders. During the court session, the three of them were held in a metal cage, deprived of the possibility to communicate with the audience in the hall.
Comrades from Mukachevo, Uzhgorod, as well as otherdistricts came to the court to support A.A. Mayevsky.
Court has repeatedly delayed the session due to an "illness" of Judge A.N. Ferenc. Thus, sessions were cancelled on December 26 and January 22 and on January 26 the judge allegedly became ill again. The Court staff has stated several times that on 26 January there would be no court session (apparently in the hope that sympathizers would leave), but in the end, the case was immediately assigned to another judge – A.N. Lemesh.
Immediately after the start of the session, the prosecutor confirmed the demand to leave the political prisoner in custody for another 60 days, as the crime committed by Mayevsky was considered to be "particularly dangerous." Mayevsky made a petition for his release from prison and the change of measure from custodial restraint over to house arrest instead. Immediately thereafter, the court adjourned and "went into meeting," and after 40 minutes, judge Lemesh announced his decision - to extend the detention for further 60 days, citing a "particularly dangerous" crime: separatism (because the pages of "Workers' and Peasants' truth ' gives truthful information about what is happening in Donbass), inciting ethnic hatred, and has a "detrimental effect" on the newspaper readers.
After the announcement of the court ruling, communist journalist and A.A. Mayevsky in handcuffs was sent back to jail. During those six months, whilst the investigation has been underway, the country has changed and tougher laws are now in place.
Conditions in jail, of course, are not like a "holiday resort" – the prisoner has dramatically lost weight, but he is not broken. On his active nature, weigh down the effects of mainly complete isolation and lack of information.
And if in France, journalists are killed by foreign Islamist terrorists, then in Ukraine,the authorities themselves are killing journalists they dislike. Editor of "I want the USSR" Sergei Dolgov in Mariupol was kidnapped and possibly killed, apartments of independent journalists are repeatedly raided and searched by police and people put behind bars. Russian-language newspapers have ceased publication due to "financial difficulties". Thus local newspapers in Russian, "Working Class" and "Workers' and Peasants' truth 'for six months have been crushed, and many do not read the newspaper "2000".
But those newspapers which are loyal to the authorities, as always, are circulated on a regular basis and without any financial difficulties, systematically printing vicious anti-Russian materials and cartoons.

N.I. Boychuk

1/26/15, Uzhgorod



25th of January 2015
The Anti-Imperialist Independence Front of Britain today issued the following statement concerning the arrest and jailing of comrade A.A Mayevsky head of the All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks in the Ukraine and editor of Workers' and Peasants truth ;

The Anti-Imperialist Independence Front of Britain are shocked to learn that on the 28th of November 2014 A A Mayevsky the editor of Workers and Peasants Truth " was jailed for 60 days by the oligarchic fascist regime of Ukraine.
This is an outrageous attempt by the Ukrainian fascist regime to silence opposition and press and repress communists in the Ukraine. The blood soaked Ukrainian fascist regime , the descendants of Bandera and the Galician SS , is a puppet of US imperialism and world imperialism.

We demand that comrade AA Mayevsky is released from jail and all charges against him are dropped .Furthermore the repression of communists and anti-imperialists in the Ukraine must be stopped.


Source http://novorus.info/

Mutiny in the rear of Kiev
(Battalions of nationalists state their refusal to subordinated to the leadership of Ukraine)
The leader of the "right sector" Dmitry Yarosh took the initiative to create a parallel to the General Staff, since the incumbent "brain" of the Ukrainian army is divorced from reality. According to Yarosh, the new structure will be in contact with the official leadership of the troops, but decisions will be made independently.
Yarosh’s statement was made almost simultaneously with street demonstrations of militants from the volunteer battalion "Aydar". Earlier, the international human rights organization Amnesty International had accused the battalion of war crimes. On Friday it was reported that "Aydar" decided to disband. But the militants already have support in the supreme bodies of state power: the former battalion commander Sergei Melnychuk now meets in the Verkhovna Rada. Naturally, they did not agree with the dissolution, and came on Friday to demand their own at the Ministry of Defence.
The Aydar members managed to break down the door to the institution and place tyres in front of the building. As a result, they have achieved from the leadership of the Defense Ministry assurances that the battalion will not be dispersed, but on the contrary, to give them new weapons and everything they need.
Most interesting is that contradictions exist not only between territorial battalions of nationalists and the leadership of the army, but also within the Armed Forces. According to press reports, the new head of the General Staff may become General Gennady Vorobyov, who for many years served in Ukraine, but was hit by lustration. For the sake of him, deputies even had to change the law in order to return to the ranks of the military a professional. Vorobyov may replace the current Chief of Staff Victor Muzhenko.
Muzhenko on Thursday became famous for his statement that he had no evidence of regular participation of Russian troops in the armed conflicts in Ukraine. And it turned out that the head of the General Staff in a moment destroyed the entire structure of the Kiev propaganda. After all, every day news about the country has been reported to the people about wrecked airplanes and helicopters, tanks destroyed and captured Russian spies. It was found that people should not believe all this, and that Ukrainian soldiers are "defending" their mother country only from their own citizens.
It turns out that among the security forces thrives complete disorganization which threatens to escalate into an outright "Makhnovshchina."

Here is an interview with Lieutenant-General of the Russian army reserve Viktor Sobolev, who believes that the current situation shows the complete incapacity among Ukrainian troops and volunteer battalions.


- Discussing the volunteer battalions in Ukraine, recalls a historical experience. After the Germans invaded Ukraine in 1941, out of inhabitants of the western regions of the country were created the SS Division "Galicia" battalions "Nachtigall", "Roland". These punitive formations burned down the village of Khatyn in Belarus, and Babi Yar, too, is on their conscience. But then on the orders of Germany, these fighters were sent to the front. It would seem that they had a serious ideological motivation, and their hands stained up their elbows with blood, but, in their first battle these formations were routed.
Now we see a repetition of the story. Nationalist battalions are ready to be punitive, but can not fight. Yes, and they were not trained for this, but only for the riots on Maidan and the capture of administrative buildings. Although they crave victories.

- How dangerous for Kiev are the allegations of insubordination of nationalist battalions?

- The nationalists are correct in that the Ukrainian army has collapsed. The new Minister of Defence of Ukraine came from the Ministry of Interior, all professionals removed from the General Staff and the Ministry. Now they basically can not organize effective actions of the troops. Unprofessional management, hastily recruited during the mobilization of soldiers - such an army is unfit for action. The General Staff has no one able to organize the interaction between departments and branches of the military, between the infantry and artillery.

- Yarosh talks about the formation of a parallel of the General Staff. Will it be as effective as the old one?

- Who is Yarosh? How can he create a General Staff? It's just ridiculous. Yarosh’s idea is similar to frank delirium. Such initiatives can only make for an even greater disorganization. Although I understand why the militants of volunteer battalions are outraged. They see the lack of professionalism of the High Command, but at the same time do not want to fight and can not fight but hope that the fight will be fought for them by someone else. In fact Yarosh said publicly that there has been in fact for a long time - said the co-chairman of the Popular Front of New Russia Konstantin Dolgov. - Now in Ukraine there are about fifty staffs, and each of them makes its own decisions. There is the General Staff of the Armed Forces, which has its headquarters at the Ministry of Interior, and headquarters inside battalions. Any oligarch middling has one in their field, and sometimes several subordinate battalions. The oligarch is free to determine the structure formation, to finance it, to supply it.

For militia of Novorossia, the fact of fragmentation of power structures of Ukraine plays into their hands. If all security forces were to interact, they can carry out more mass killing of innocent people in the Donbass. But it is good that there is a discord.

- Can battalions really form a parallel General Staff?

- You have to understand that the main threat to civilians Donbass comes from regular troops. Territorial battalions can be effective only with the army. True, we should not underestimate these battalions. Many of them are well armed, and not only with small arms but also heavy armor, cannon artillery, multiple rocket launchers.

- What could be the extent of the conflict between the armed forces and volunteer battalions?

- New feuds and new feudal wars. It can reach a stage that one oligarch who has three battalions, declares war on an oligarch from the neighboring region, which has two battalions. Actually, we are already seeing this in Krivoy Rog and other cities, where some oligarchs "squeeze out" the property of others, seized the mayor's office with the help of the armed forces.

- Discord began in the conduct of the Ukrainian army.

- It can lead to a breach of comma-nd and control. But the main trouble for the army is it's underfunding and lack of understanding of the soldiers and officers of the tasks they perform in Donbass. For instance, a man is called into Mariupol and forced to shoot at his relatives in Donetsk. A significant part of the personnel does not want to fight. The interrogations by militia of captured Ukrainian officers show that they are in a demoralized condition and do not know what they are fighting for. They do not want to die for the interests of the oligarchs Poroshenko, Kolomoiskiy or Akhmetov.
Political analyst Stanislav Byshok believes that the chaos in the management of law enforcement agencies in Ukraine is quite logical.
- A withdrawal of territorial battalions from subordination to Kiev is possible. In principle, it would be in the spirit of post-Maidan Ukraine. We remember that after February 1917 in Russia and Ukraine, the political situation developed in the context of the formation of parallel authorities (dual power). In Ukraine was the Central Rada and the Provisional Government operated in parallel. After Maidan, Poroshenko started looking for ways to rein in the radicals, as they had fulfilled their mission. But that did not work.
Battalions failed to show progress in the battle, and now manifest themselves in "tegmental" democracy, as in the situation with the Ministry of Defense. And they declare that they consider themselves the real power, and therefore they should be considered. Like, let the civil authorities have three laws, but they should listen to the people with weapons.

- What is the true cause of the mutiny among territorial battalions?

- There may be a variety of factors. The main one is the failure on the front which makes people think about the fact that something is going wrong. Popular discontent is at the power, and the "national heroes" of the battalions. But the militants do not want to take responsibility for themselves. Soon the politicians will seek someone to blame for the failures at the front and the failure of economic reforms.

- What is threatened by the contradictions among the Ukrainian security services?

- They can lead to the continuation of the collapse of the Ukrainian state. You can still recall the analogy between February and October 1917. In Ukraine, it is said that the army would be better able to fight if the bodies are formed based on ethnicity. The Central Rada (Council) in negotiations with the Provisional Government argued that if everyone called from Ukraine fought under national flags and battalions with the names of national heroes, there would be progress on the front. As a result, the same army in Ukraine became a motley gang that robbed the neighbouring peasants. A century later, we see a repetition of history. From the fact that everyone began to shout "Glory to Ukraine", the military, economic and political situation has not changed for the better. But people, like a hundred years ago, continue to believe in the nationalist mythology.

- In fact, the contradictions within the Ukrainian policy are only exacerbated.

- Controversy is not going away. At one time they constrained themselves to the myth about the threat from Russia. Now this threat has become a kind of background, and Russia ceased to be consolidating enemy image. And again internal conflicts came to the surface, including between the centre and regional elites and even within the regional elites themselves.

- There is an opinion that in place of Poroshenko may come even more radical forces.

- The scenario of coming to power of a more radical leader is likely. But the possibilities for the existence of the Ukrainian state will be reduced. Poroshenko is still perceived by Russian politicians as a negotiable person. But none of Moscow will talk with any "conditional Yarosh", and it will be no worse in Moscow, but worse for the new government in Ukraine.

.............................................................................. ..

EPILOGUE FROM editorial of the newspaper “Vpyerod” (Forward)

We Bolsheviks say that the development of society, as well as all matter moves only forward: from the slave-owning system - to feudalism, from feudalism - capitalism, from capitalism - to socialism and communism. Movement of society backward in general (for example, from socialism to capitalism) is not possible, however, a temporary pullback may be possible, as happened in the Soviet Union. But along the way there will be necessarily insurmountable contradictions (we cannot even call them that), which sooner or later will explode the entire socio-economic and political situation. And then there is the classic revolutionary situation, when the "lower classes" do not want to live in the old way, and the "uppers" cannot live and rule in the old way. I.e. there is an objective revolutionary factor, but to overthrow the old moribund system needs a more subjective factor, when the masses have to be ready for revolution.
As you can see, in the system of capitalism imposed by the counterrevolution in the vast Soviet Union, Ukraine is one of the weakest links. However, for the restoration of the socialist system, as noted, we also need the subjective factor which must be prepared.
The above contradictions in the Ukrainian political system suggests that fascism in Ukraine is on its last breath, and of course, it is necessary to "help" it finally collapse. "Help" in this matter can only be done by the united masses.

Published in the newspaper "Vpyerod» №2, 2015.

For one week Poroshenko radically changed his position towards the events in Donbass.
22 January 2015. Press Service, Petr Poroshenko:

"We have also coordinated actions to bring up reserves, and if the enemy does not want to adhere to the ceasefire ... we will give it to them in the teeth."

January 30, 2015: Press Service Poroshenko:

The President urged the participants of the tripartite contact group to immediately consult with the signatories to the Minsk agreements, the practical result of which should be a decision for an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the battle line, fixed in the Minsk memorandum dated September 19, 2014.

Our view (editorial of the AUCPB website). Poroshenko is frightened by the army offensives from Donetsk and Luhansk on the positions of ATO troops and remembered the Minsk agreement that previously saved the Ukrainian army from a complete rout, and helped conduct the redeployment of its armed forces, get new weapons from the United States and hit Novorossiya (New Russia) destroying its civilian population. With its decision, the leadership of Novorossiya needs to recall Krylov's fable "The Wolf in the Kennels" (“Volk na psarne”). and act accordingly.


Document by the CC AUCPB


In recent days, the situation in the South-East of Ukraine flared up again. Daily bombings of Donetsk by the Kiev junta troops do not cease to horrify: in the bloodshed, the number of dead and wounded is increasing. Unfortunately, it is the civilian population as ordinary people become the main victims of armed attacks. The death of innocent people on January 22 at a trolleybus stop in Donetsk caused a shock in the world. Now even the Western media cannot gloss over the crimes of the armed forces of the Kiev regime which is backed the US and the EU. Even from a published report of OSCE observers about shelling of the bus stop in Donetsk, it drew the following conclusion: the killing of innocent citizens DPR is the work of the Ukrainian military.
As you know, in August last year as a result of decisive actions of the armed forces of New Russia (DPR and LPR), the Ukrainian army was on the verge of defeat, and only the start of negotiations in Minsk actually saved it from final collapse.
On the question of war and peace we Bolsheviks proceed from the position that V.I. Lenin held: "We know, we know all too well the untold disaster that war brings to the workers and peasants. We must therefore treat this subject in a most careful and prudent way. We are going to make the greatest concessions and sacrifices, to preserve peace ... We are going to make the greatest concessions and sacrifices, but not any concessions, and not endlessly ... "(VI Lenin, works. v . 44, p. 297) (emphasis on the phrase at the end of citations made by us). Therefore, in order to give workers a break from the Donbass months of hostilities, the AUCPB generally supported the idea of holding talks in Minsk, noting OUR doubts and questioning the seriousness of the Kiev junta to establish peace in the region.
And indeed, the Ukrainian armed forces violated the Minsk Agreement from the first day of its entry into force, which is constantly reported by many media outlets. Moreover, abetted by Washington, the fascist leadership now in Ukraine, having taken advantage of the respite, regrouped their forces to create superiority in manpower and technology over the armies of New Russia (DPR and LPR) and to try again put rebellious Donbass to its knees.
Confident in their impunity, the insolent Kiev leaders actually trampled on the Minsk Agreement. On January 18, the Ukrainian army again began a large-scale offensive against militias along the whole line of contact. This offensive against the militia leadership by the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being led, regardless of losses, by throwing forced into battle just called up untrained soldiers. In this case, the Kiev punishers subjected the cities of Novorossiya to a massive armed attack, on such a scale never seen before throughout the civil war in the Donbass region.
The mass killings of civilians, the destruction of huge civilian structures in Donetsk, Gorlovka and other cities due to severe shelling and bombing by the Ukrainian military, qualifies as a war crime, and was the last straw for the leaders of the DPR and LPR, the militias and all residents of Donbass, and the armies of New Russia. The grief with the burning desire to liberate native Donbas from the neo-banderov occupiers, meant that at the start of 20th January, the army of Novorossiya launched a counteroffensive: they completely liberated Donetsk airport and the village of Peski- a suburb of Donetsk, from which the Ukrainian security forces fired from for many months at most of the centre of the DPR. The armies of the DPR and LPR in their counter attacks, aim at closing the "pot" around Debaltsevo with 9 thousand Ukrainian troops inside, and in the Lugansk direction, the enemy has been squeezed in the vicinity of settlements Schastye, Luganskskaya Station, and a newly launched offensive into Mariupol, which last summer was stopped due to negotiations that started in Minsk.
In this situation, the Kiev regime carried out a heinous crime: in the morning on January 24, according to the Ministry of Defence of the DPR, Ukrainian security forces began shelling residential areas of Mariupol, which killed 16 civilians, and another 83 were injured of varying severity.
In connection with the death of the residents of Mariupol, Ukraine on January 25 declared a day of mourning.
Kiev blatantly accused militias of the DPR in the death of the Mariupol residents. Goebbels might even have envied the blasphemous lies by the modern fascist neo-banderovs. This blatant lie, accusing DPR and Russia of brutality and aggression, was picked up by the Western media and reactionary politicians. However, they absolutely ignore the massive shelling and bombing of towns and villages of Donbass over the past several months. They do not mention the statement of the leadership of the DPR there are no plans to storm Mariupol for fear of the death of its civilians.
But for the West, such electoral politics are nothing new. More recently, in the same West during the mourning over the death of 12 employees of the satirical magazine "Charly Ebdo" in a terrorist attack in Paris, a sea of crocodile tears was shed. We Bolsheviks, of course, condemn terrorism against media workers, but we believe that no one is allowed to mock the feelings of believers. Indeed, the above-mentioned French magazine with its offensive publications actually provoked Muslim extremists to commit a crime. Moreover, the policy of double standards of Western politicians and the media controlled by them causes feelings of resentment and indignation: The West arranges huge funerals-shows in connection with the deaths of several people but do not focus on the sea of blood in New Russia, flowing as a result of the aggressive actions of the armed forces of the fascist regime in Kiev.
In view of the above the CC AUCPB states the following:

1. We condemn the crimes of the Ukrainian army and volunteer military formations of the right-wing, who, like their spiritual predecessors - Nazi fighters - unleashed a war of aggression in Donbass. The result of this civil war, is the fratricidal killing of peaceful innocent people, destroyed towns and villages, blighted factories, overgrown fields, the destroyed infrastructure of the region, which already lives in a regime of a humanitarian catastrophe.

2. We demand an end to the aggression against working Donbass - once the pride of Ukrainian industry in Soviet times and stop the genocide of the people of New Russia. It is necessary to enable the population of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics to build their future in accordance with the results of the most democratic procedure - the referendum held May 11, 2014. As you know, in the referendum, 89.07% of residents of the Donetsk People's Republic came to the polls and 90.53% of Lugansk People's Republic voted in favour of sovereignty, i.e, independence from the Ukrainian state.

3. We support the armed forces of New Russia (DPR and LPR) in fulfilling the will of the people expressed in the referendum, to liberate their territory from the occupation of Kiev up to the punitive administrative borders of the former Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

4. We believe that the Minsk Agreement, as shown by the preceding months, has not led to conflict resolution in the Donbass. The start of the January offensive by the armed forces of Ukraine means the failure of the "Minsk process". The citizens of the DPR and the LPR on their bitter experience are convinced that: the Kiev regime, led by Washington, without getting resistance, is even more impudent. Moreover, we believe that while in Kiev the neo-banderov fascist government is in power, there will be no peace in Ukraine. Thus, in order to achieve sustainable peace across Ukrainian land, it is necessary to overthrow the fascist regime, since fascists never gave up power voluntarily.

5. We note that the recently construed by the bourgeois media (especially Russian) definition of fascism as a synonym of Nazism, is incomplete and simplistic. The All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, long before the beginning of the Great Patriotic War determined Nazism in Hitler's Germany as one of the manifestations of fascism, and the genuine essence of fascism is the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary groups of capital. By the way, the one and the other in the political system of modern Ukraine is present, so the Kiev regime clearly falls within the definition of "fascist".

The conclusion is that the leaders of the Western countries supported the fascist coup in Ukraine and are currently supporting the fascist regime of Kiev. However, we must not forget the lessons of history: whilst breeding fascism in Ukraine for a war against Russia, its creators will eventually get it at home in Europe, and then the unenviable fate will be bestowed upon the current European "democrats".

6. We call on the government of the Russian Federation to openly admit finally, the results of the referendums in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, and, as a consequence, to officially recognize their independence. This will enhance the credibility of their population towards Russia and give them confidence in the fight against the Kiev punitive regime, and change the whole political situation in the region in favour of the anti-fascist forces friendly to Russia.

7. We appeal to the working people of Ukraine: despite the incredibly difficult conditions of political terror, that it is necessary to work towards the unity of all anti-fascist forces in the anti-fascist front of Ukraine. Only in the struggle can we achieve victory over the brown plague that has now hit Ukraine, and open the way to peace, freedom, and to restore friendly relations with the peoples of the former Soviet republics, thus eliminating the bondage which the "well-wishers" from the United States and the European Union are drawing the Ukrainian people into.


http://juche007-anglo-peopleskoreafriendship.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/asspuk-jisge-and-uk-support- indictment.html
The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) and the UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA )today issued a joint statement in support of the indictment published by the Korean National Peace Committee of the
Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK) on the 18th of February ;
Our organisations, the ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA, support the indictment made against the US and south Korea by the National Peace Committee of the DPRK. The US has committed the most barbaric crimes in history against the people of the DPRK by using
biological and chemical warfare and this has been connived at and defended by the south Korean puppets who fawn on their imperialist master.
The US imperialists took over the biological warfare programme of the Japanese imperialists , the notorious Unit 731 . They created a special biological warfare centre at Fort Detrick, Maryland , USA . As the indictment states " At the instructions of MacArthur, the then commander of the U.S. forces in the Far East, Shiro Ishii and other war criminals of the unit were involved in the research of germ weapons carried out by the U.S. forces.
The data of the unit were transferred to a unit of the U.S. forces known as a center for the study of biological weapons at that time and U.S. scientists worked out more than 20 kinds of study
reports based on it.
Based on the data presented by Japanese experts on germ warfare and its own researches, the U.S. carried out several experiments of germ weapons spreading cholera and Japanese encephalitis among south Koreans in 1946 and 1949.
The U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff drafted an emergency operational plan for germ warfare based on it and put the plan into practice against the Korean people during the Korean war...... The U.S.
imperialist aggression forces who had put the northern half of Korea under their temporary occupation during the June 25 war were beaten back by the Korean People's Army and took to flight when they spread in a crafty manner a number of contagious disease germs including
smallpox in many areas including Pyongyang, Yangdok County of South Phyongan Province and Kowon and Jangjin counties of South Hamgyong Province between November 29 to December 8, 1950"
The criminal actions of the US in using germ warfare were confirmed at the time by the International Scientific Commission of the World Peace Council which sent an on the spot investigation team which included the renown British scientist Professor Joseph
Needham FRS. Also at the time by confessions of captured US personnel.
Although the Yankee imperialists have persistently attempted to deny the use of germ warfare and cover up the truth , documents released in recent years reconfirm the facts. The use of biological
weapons,outlawed by international conventions, by the US constitutes a mostbarbaric crime without parallel and one that exceeds the war crimes of the nazis !
The US also used illegal chemical weapons in Korea " During the indiscriminate bombing of Nampho City on May 6, 1951, the U.S. spread toxic gas, killing 1 379 inhabitants. On July 6 and September 1 it dropped tear, asphyxiating and other toxic gases in the area of Wonsan
and several areas of South and North Hwanghae provinces, poisoning and killing many people".
Thus the US imperialists stand indicted as war criminals without equal ! We support the call of the Korean National Peace Committee for the US imperialists to be brought before an international war crimes tribunal and be finally made to account for their crimes ! We urge everyone to study and distribute the indictment of the Korean National Peace Committee. Let us expose the crimes of the US imperialists !


The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK) , the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) and the UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a joint statement in support of the statement of the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in denouncing the "human rights" racket against the DPRK, the motherland of Juche :
Our organisations also join with the DPRK Foreign Ministry in denouncing the most unjust and reactionary "human rights " racket against the DPRK . The last episode of this boring and vainglorious soap opera was the holding of so-called "Conference on Human Rights " in the capital of the US presided over by the discredited reactionary Judge Michael Kirby(who last year sold
his house for £10 million-no shortage of money for him !) and Darusman whose hands are stained with the blood of the Indonesian people .
It is has been repeatedly exposed that the so-called "evidence " for the so-called "Commission of Inquiry " came from a small number(250 in total) so-called "defectors ". Some of these have such as
Shin Dong Hyuk have basically admitted to being liars, talking about so-called "inaccuracies" and others such as Ms Pak Eun Mi have been shown up to be frauds. It is time for this farce to be ended.
It is despicable the US, UK and EU are pouring massive funds and resources into this anti-DPRK offensive and holding all manner of conferences and junkets at the taxpayers expense when the money could be better spent on relieving poverty and homelessness !
We urge the US and its camp followers cease the anti DPRK "human rights " campaign for good and instead they should seek the improvement of relations with the DPRK. We support the resolute will of the DPRK to thwart the anti-DPRK offensive.



Hear the Truth About Human Rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
The US threat to the DPRK -Oppose Foal Eagle and Key Resolve US chemical warfare against the Korean people during the Korean War.
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