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Friday, 4 August 2017

Congratulations on the Day of the Navy of the USSR!

Dear defenders of our sea lines, veterans of the Navy of the USSR and Russia! We congratulate you on your professional holiday!

The Day of the Navy was established in an alarming pre-war 1939 in order to strengthen the Workers 'and Peasants' Navy of the USSR and solve its tasks to protect the sea borders of our Soviet Socialist Motherland from the threat of an impending plague of the twentieth century - fascism!

Today, US imperialism and its military machine with an animal grin – NATO, is brazenly and unceremoniously moving to the borders of Russia, so that after the destruction of our homeland - the USSR, then put it on its knees. As in the pre-war years, the strengthening of our fleet and sea lines is an urgent task of the present hard time!

We wish you good health, endurance, long life! We wish you always to remain active patriots of our Motherland, to preserve and strengthen the glorious traditions of the Navy of the USSR!


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