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Sunday, 18 December 2016

December 17, the DPRK Memorial Day of Great Kim Jong Il

Five years ago, on December 17, the great Kim Jong Il died - one of the most prominent public and political figures of the late XX - early XXI century, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission, Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, Marshal of the DPRK. The Workers' Party of Korea, named him forever its Secretary General.

Throughout his life, Comrade Kim Jong Il devoted everything to the service of his people. Over the years, under his leadership the DPRK stepped forward a long way in the development of self-sufficient economy, a significant improvement in the social situation of citizens, grand residential construction in urban and rural areas, to strengthen the defense capability and power of armed forces in the development of science, education, achievements in world sport in improving professional health care. And it's in a constant state of severe economic blockade by the imperialist forces of the world in the first place – by the USA.

Coherent theory of the Juche idea, Kim Jong Il formulated on the basis of abstracts of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, which is the DPRK state ideology, the fundamental theory of building socialism with Korean characteristics.
Kim Jong Il developed an original theory of the Songun revolution, became the leadership in the organization of reliable protection of the country's sovereignty and the nation, in a consistent upholding of the independence of Korea. The correctness and great vitality of the Songun policy line is strongly supported by life itself.

Under Kim Jong-il, the DPRK was declared a nuclear power in the world, created by the genius of Korean scientists their nuclear weapons, thus safely protect themselves from the US provocation, blackmail and threats of pre-emptive nuclear strike. Over the 40 years of leadership of the country, Kim Jong-il was in a US hard confrontation and actually demonstrated to the world its ability to survive in extreme conditions, under a diverse world imperialist blockade. During the leadership of Kim Jong-il also will be included in Korean history as the years of all-round development of the country, the population of high patriotism and sustained action by the leadership in advancing the issue of unity of the Korean nation divided by US imperialism..

In an ever-initiated escalation of the situation on the Korean peninsula, pushing the South Korean authorities towards irresponsible attacks against the DPRK and its leadership, the US has been trying to provoke a response by the DPRK, which the U.S has been unable to fulfil

We the AUCPB welcome restraint and a high sense of responsibility for the fate of the world and self-esteem by the Leadership of the DPRK - not to succumb to any retaliatory acts of provocation and to continue the successful path of the country to the goal - the creation of a prosperous powerful socialist state.

We welcome the domestic and foreign policy of the DPRK pursued by the successor of the Great Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un, continuing the political course of his great predecessors - the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and Great Kim Jong Il,.

We wish the people of the DPRK continued success in building a peaceful prosperous socialist state.



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