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Saturday, 31 December 2016

In Arkhangelsk a monument to Stalin unveiled

In Arkhangelsk on December 24 a monument to Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was unveiled. The monument with a height of almost 3 meters was installed in the yard of the business center on Gagarin street, on private property, as the city authorities were opposed to the perpetuation of the memory of Stalin in Arkhangelsk.

Stalin's bust is made of bronze by a sculptor from St. Petersburg, on a granite pedestal depicts the Order of the "Victory".

"Now we have for your Pomeranian northern capital, a never repeating a monument - a symbol designed to rally the Russian people. Our cause is just, we will win ", - said the head of the initiative group Alexander Afanasyev.

Now the Communists are going to fight for the transfer of the monument into the center of Arkhangelsk. After gathering the necessary documentation materials will be submitted to the municipal deputies.

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