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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Novosibirsk commemorates JV Stalin

On March 5, in Novosibirsk, on Lenin Square, at the monument to VI Lenin was held an event dedicated to the Day of Memory of JV Stalin. Organizers of the event - were the AUCPB, the RCWP, the International Union of Soviet officers, and members from the Oktyabrsky District Committee of the CPRF, as well as our supporters and sympathizers. The event was attended by journalists of the TV channel "Red Line" who made a report. Along the side of Krasny Prospect, we deployed red banners, colorful banners, portraits of JV Stalin and a banner with a picture of Generalissimo JV Stalin:
"... After my death on my grave will be heaped a lot of rubbish, but the wind of history will sweep it all away"

After the picket, we attached to the monument to VI Lenin a portrait of JV Stalin and laid red carnations to him, paying homage and respect to the great man, our teacher and leader.
AUCPB Novosibirsk

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