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Tuesday, 28 March 2017


The UK Korean Friendship Association together with the Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK picketed the Malaysian Embassy in Belgrave Square to demand an end to the hostile actions agains the DPRK by Malaysia . The picket was attended by members of the UK ASSPUK and JISGE . Also in attendance was the general secretary of the New Communist Party Andy Brooks . The following statement was made outside the embassy by the picket; The facts are that a DPRK citizen Mr Kim Chol died in Malaysia on the 13th of February and the Malaysian authorities said that this was due to a heart attack. Subsequently the Malaysian authorities in violation of international law · Carried out an autopsy without the permission of the DPRK and without the presence of the DPRK side . · Refused a request for a joint investigation · Refused to hand over the remains of the dead DPRK citizen · Spread false accusations and allegations and wrongfully arrested a DPRK citizen Clearly it would be impossible to use VX Nerve agent at the Airport as it would have killed scores of people and rendered the airport unusable for years if not decades. The two women arrested are not from the DPRK and not even ethnic Koreans . Some media suspect that in view of the fact that the women arrested as suspected murderers had visited south Korea several times in the past, it is highly possible that the south Korean authorities let them carry the said substance. We demand that Malaysia returns the remains of the DPRK citizen to the DPRK and ends its campaign of false allegations, lies and slanders against the DPRK. Messages of support from KFA Spain and KFA Switzerland . The message from KFA Switzerland was as follows " The Swiss Korea Committee (KFA Switzerland) sends you militant greetings of solidarity and support of your picket of the Malaysian Embassy in London. The Malaysian authorities play a very bad game at the instigation of the south Korean authorities. The aim of the propaganda campaign about the socalled "killing of a DPRK citizen at Kuala Lumpur Airport" is to tarnish the image of the DPRK. Another goal of this anti-DPRK campaign is the false accusation against the DPRK connecting it with "terrorism". We all know that the DPRK strongly opposes all forms of terrorism, from whom it may come. The "Malaysia affair" helps also the US imperialists in their counterrevoutionary "regime change" plot. The obduction of the deceased DPRK citizen's body by the Malaysian police and investigation authorities is a sinister fake plot. The story about the killing with VX is not only vicious and malignant, but also completely impossible and ridiculous, because the VX poison would have killed all passengers at Kuala Lumpur Airport, what was not the case. No intelligent and honest person can believe such a nonsense. We are in firm solidarity with the DPRK's just countermeasures, i.e. declaring the Malaysian ambassador to Pyongyang as a persona non grata. We support also the DPRK's just demand to the Malaysian authorities to send back Kim Chol's body home to his family members and for correct investigation of his death. Shame on the Malaysian authorities! Send back Kim Chol's body to the DPRK! Long live the Workers' Party of Korea! Long live the Democratic People's Republic of Korea! Long live the Korean People's Army! Long life and best health to the dear respected Supreme Leader Marshal Kim Jong Un" From KFA Spain " From the KFA in Spain, we wish to express our total solidarity and give you our full support in this demonstration in front of the Embassy of Malaysia. Recent developments in Kuala Lumpur have left shameful evidence of the Malaysian government's geopolitical position in the international arena, as well as its total lack of independence, pride and value. The Malaysian government has flagrantly lied and committed unlawful acts in the whole process regarding the investigation on the death of a North Korean citizen in its country, when the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has at all times shown its readiness to open a commission of inquiry, rigorous and independent, to resolve this issue. It is clear that the attitude of the Malaysian government is part of an elaborate imperialist plan aimed at discrediting the DPRK, accusing it of actions precisely committed by the imperialists. But imperialism will never succeed! For the liberation and independence of the Peoples, long live the DPRK!" The KFA Banner and DPRK flag were displayed outside the Malaysian Embassy and picketers held up placards which said "Defend People's Korea " and "Malaysia Hands Off the DPRK ".

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