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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

STATEMENT OF UK KFA concerning slanderous and criminal attacks against us on youtube


UK KFA has been made aware of a video attacking UK KFA on youtube made by a former member . This individual has been proved to totally untrustworthy and dishonest . He published internal KFA correspondence on the Facebook and has now made this video attacking UK KFA and slandering us . We feel our decision to expel has been doubly and triply justified. Some have even raised the possibility that he is a state agent provocateur but we would discount this . We have been informed that some people have complained to youtube about the video because of its slander and also the use of different images has not been consented to by different people. UK KFA may take legal advice as it is clearly extremely defamatory .
The individual concerned was removed from KFA UK because the majority of KFA UK Officials and active members did not want him as a member . UK KFA members raised concerns about him posing in uniforms and the individualistic nature of some of his Facebook postings. In fact UK KFA showed a great deal of leniency to this individual and also tried to work with him showing him patience and understanding.
The picture that this person posted was technically in violation of several UK laws and could bring KFA UK into disrepute . KFA UK could have been branded as a terrorist organisation and banned basically. The individual was warned sometime ago that KFA UK operates in a very hostile environment and asked not to indulge in actions that could bring KFA UK into disrepute but he did not listen . Many members felt that he was individualistic . The individual also kept on his FB known racists and anti DPRK people who posted abusive ,racist anti-DPRK comments on people's timelines.
It is noteworthy that he has mobilised deep-south US racists, neo-Nazis and Islamo-fascists to support his attacks on UK KFA
As to some allegations made in the video . The DPRK and KFA support national liberation movements but opposes terrorism. This was made clear by the recent message to UK Premier Theresa May from DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju in connection with the recent terrorist incident in London. The DPRK takes no position on Hamas but has always supported the PLO, PFLP and DFLP in Palestine and obviously the sovereignty of Palestine. The Juche idea is opposed to terrorism , terrorism has nothing to do with Juche . Moreover the Songun policy is not about people dressing up in old uniforms and taking pictures in their bathrooms . Indeed the individual concerned insults the Juche Idea and Songun idea by trying to associate them with individualistic and poserish actions .
UK KFA is right to attack anti-DPRK organisations and parties such as the SWP. We make no apology for us. We merely responded to their slanders against the DPRK.
UK KFA is proud of its record. During the past month we have held two pickets , one of the US embassy and one of the Malaysian Embassy . We had two skype seminars as well an online counter-seminar "Juche, Socialism and independent reunification " . We leafleted the anti-DPRK conference "north Korea beyond the headlines" at the London School of Economics . We also issued many statements .
. It is regrettable that when the DPRK is facing massive attacks from US imperialism and world imperialism that this individual has chosen to slander and defame UK KFA. His attacks on the UK KFA basically help US imperialism and the CIA . These attacks on UK KFA divert time and energy that we could spend on defending the DPRK and also distract from preparations for celebrating the 105th anniversary of the birth of the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG 
and the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Army.
We call on all true friends of the DPRK to rally around and support UK KFA and reject these attacks. Please support the only true pro DPRK organisation in the UK !


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