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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


April 19 - Russia - Krasnoyark

In Krasnoyarsk on April 19, a student rally took place against the new law "On education". The rally was attended by more than a thousand people. According to the protesters, the new law infringes the rights of 50,000 students in the region, depriving them of social scholarships, financial aid, removing the restrictions on payments for the student hostels. It was organized by the Students' Union of Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Those present were holding placards with the demands "support for students on low incomes," "for concessionary travel on public transport”, and others. At the rally were 14 representatives from 7 higher education institutions in Krasnoyarsk.

At the rally a resolution was adopted which will be sent to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

"We hope that today's rally will have some kind of resonance and will receive attention. Previous letters that we sent, were to no avail, there was no reaction. I believe that after today's event the authorities will see the reaction of the students, and the third edition of the law will come out with the amendments that we propose. If this time it does not work, then we can not guarantee that students will not simply take to the streets ", - said Ivan Ackman of Siberian news agency.


22 April - Kazakhstan


From Sunday night to Monday, the workers of the “Kazakhmys” corporation transport companies ATP-1 and ATP-2, TIP and STP went on strike. At midnight, transport workers stopped transporting workers to the mines and copper factory, paralyzing the entire corporation in Dzhezkazgan and Satpaev. The main demand of the workers is higher wages, which now is a minuscule 25-30 thousand tenge.

What is interesting, but only recently, the conciliation commission actually decided to increase wages in May. But not waiting until then, and unable to withstand the psychological impact of the increase in food prices in the region, workers moved to take decisive action and shut down almost all “Kazakhmys” enterprises. Now members of the strike may be subjected to reprisals by the security services and authorities, and the strike action itself likely to be considered "illegal".

We will monitor developments and inform our readers and trade union activists of other companies about the struggle of the transport workers of this corporation.

On April 19, “Kazakhmys” Corporation transport companies ATP-1 and ATP-2, TIP and STP ended their strike due to their demands being partially met by the corporation. Management at “Kazakhmys” has pledged to raise the workers’ wages by 60%, but the striking workers remain unsatisfied and are demanding a 100% wage rise. If in a week's time their demands are not met, the workers of transport companies promise to resume strike action and picket the "Kazakhmys" headquarters of the region.


Socialist Resistance of Kazakhstan


5 April – Russia – Chelyabinsk region

Workers at the Casting-Mechanical Plant in Katav-Ivanovsk (Chelyabinsk region) recently went on strike. The workers demanded payment of wage arrears, as well as payment of debts owed into the Pension Fund. According to employees of the plant, they have not been paid salaries for four months. To date, workers have been given a small percentage of the total debt.

The workers held a rally near the entrance to the factory, where they had invited the local media and MPs.
At the request of the workers a health and safety commission inspectorates was sent to the plant. The results of the inspection were forwarded to the prosecutor's office. Administrative proceedings were instituted in relation to the head of the plant, as well as a number of officials. Now they must pay fines of 1 to 2,500 rubles.
After these measures did not lead to any positive results, several dozen workers from the steel foundry went on strike. They were joined by workers of the electric department, after warning the plant's management on the eve of the planned action. The strikers demanded not only payment of debts, but also a pay increase, and guarantees of stability of payments.

Thr Casting-Mechanical Plant in Katav-Ivanovsk is the oldest in the area. The company has over the past few years accumulated many debts. Payment of salaries to employees had been suspended in December 2010. Monthly employees receive only 3 to 5 percent of the total debt.


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