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Wednesday, 13 April 2011



09.04.2011 07:01

It has been 50 years since the first human space flight. The first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, was a citizen of the USSR, who soared into orbit on the spaceship "Vostok", created by Soviet engineers. The rocket was assembled at Soviet factories, and the flight planned by scientists, physicians, technicians and military personnel, who were also citizens of the USSR.

He was not just the first man in space, but he was a Soviet man! And it happened a few months before Alan Shepard made his leap into space. We add, moreover, that Alan Shepard made it to space, while Yuri Gagarin actually orbited the Earth. Moreover, the flight of German Titov took place before the American John Glenn on 20 February 1962 made an orbital flight. Maybe with today's perspective is not entirely clear what was the greatness of the flight of the first Soviet cosmonaut. Now, when we are surrounded by computers, cars, jets, high-speed trains - this world of technology seems mastered and familiar. We are living in an environment of technical achievements, it is difficult to imagine that the breakthrough that was made by the Soviet Union in just 40 years of its existence, out of which 4 years of incredible efforts were given in the Great Patriotic War.
The USA, the most advanced capitalist power which for over a hundred years did not know the war on its territory, and which during two world wars gained huge profits and geopolitical opportunity, had lost the space race to the world's first socialist country, the USSR. But the drama of the situation was in the fact and that the Soviet Union, emerged from the wreckage of the Russian empire and had inherited an extremely backward economy from her.

Soviet power in the the 1920-s tried to use the engineers of Tsarist Russia and invited specialists from th United State. But it turned out that bourgeois intellectuals were not in much of a hurry to help the first workers’ state.
Moreover, many of these people were inclined cause harm and spy. Consequently, The Soviets had to practically to start from zero to create the economy and the specialists to run it.

And in forty years, this country and its specialists, educated launched a rocket and a satellite into space with a pilot-cosmonaut on board. And this was all down to the merits of the Soviet people and socialism.

But the significance of the first flight into space unexpectedly remains politically relevant today, when the history of the Soviet Union has been torn to shreds. The fact that the event in 1961 is a crucial link in the system of facts destroying the modern slander against Soviet history.

We look at the flight of Yuri Gagarin from the following angle.

It is argued that the Bolsheviks and Stalin destroyed the Russian peasantry, and that the peasantry after collectivization had been deprived of passports and had no right to move anywhere. Gagarin was a son of a peasant, as well as many other members of the space team. For example, Pavel Popovich was a Ukrainian of peasant origin, which, judging by the terrible modern publications, was destroyed. Moreover, the mother of Popovich was from a prosperous family, in other words - the daughter of a Kulak ... How did these two heroes of the Soviet Union become military pilots? It is very simple – they left home to go to study at technical schools: Gagarin studied to become mechanic-injection moulder, and Popovich - a carpenter. Then, to technical college, flying club, military school, military service, cosmonaut ...
But that's not all: Gagarin and Popovich during the Great Patriotic War were in territory occupied by the Nazis. But this did not affect any of their biographies, or when enrolling to become cosmonauts ..

The fate of the head of the space project S. Korolev destroys the idea of a devastated and terrible country. It is known that he was repressed. Does that mean he was intimidated?

When the fate of the first artificial Earth satellite in 1957 was sealed, S. Korolev was given seven launches. Six rockets were unable to fly. The tests were canceled. But S. Korolev at his own risk carried out the seventh launch. And this seventh rocket placed into orbit the first artificial earth satellite. How can a man do such a thing if he is so scared? No, only brave and free people act in such a way.

Thus, the space flight of Yuri Gagarin is a fantastic realization of the dream of all humanity, it is proof of the advantages of the socialist economy and a refutation of the slander against the Soviet regime. Such a symbol can not be not affected by attempts of others to falsify. And such efforts began long before the flight of the first man into space. First there were allegations that prior to Gagarin's launch there had been unsuccessful launches that had already killed twelve astronauts. These falsifications were so crude that convincing rebuttal followed immediately. But is it hardly surprising there were screaming headlines "Yuri Gagarin was not the first astronaut?", "Top Secret: The Truth about the flight of Gagarin, which the Soviet Union could not hide”, such revelations are repeated by the BBC, and by the sites of national bourgeois organizations.

Finally, one day on one of the internet forums, I found a user with a vivid revelation with a Bulgarian accent, claiming that Gagarin's flight was a myth. You can, of course, pass such foreign revelations, but somehow it seems that revelations of this kind, are at moment, foreign. ...

Astronautics, as well as the Great Patriotic War – is a milestone that should be defended by anyone who considers himself a Soviet citizen. This is direct evidence of the falsity of any charges against the Bolsheviks and Bolshevism. And since this is true evidence, they can never be falsified by anyone. The truth will break through any deception, through all the myths and forgeries.

E. Nigmati, City of Kazan, Russia

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On 2 April 2011, activists of the AUCPB in the village of Ilsky held a 3 hour picket at the Lenin Statue in defence of the Libyan people and their leader Gaddaffi against the NATO fascists led by the USA, and also against the worsening social policy of the majority of the village population.

The picketers also supported by the Novosibirsk pensioners and are fully in solidarity with their continuing struggle. Keep up the fight comrades! And victory will definitely be with YOU!

At the picket, AUCPB Bolshevik newspapers Raboche-Krestyanskaya Pravda, Serp I Molot, Revolyutsia were distributed as well as the statement by the CC AUCPB “Hands off Libya” and other leaflets.

N.P. Derbeda

Causcasus 5th April


05.04.2011 04:15

The Red Army by the beginning of April 1920, cleared the entire territory of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and others in the North Caucasus from the White Guard troops. On April 2, 1920, G.K. Ordzhonikidze telegraphed V.I. Lenin: "The liberation of the entire Northern Caucasus, the Kuban, Stavropol, Black Sea, Terek and Dagestan regions from the White Guards has become an accomplished fact ... the revolutionary mood of the masses in many places has reaching such intensity that even before the arrival of Red Army, the population on its own initiative was purging the area of White Guard power and is now electing revolutionary committees always consisting exclusively of Communists."

In the town of of Mineralyny-Vody on April 3, 2011 the Bolsheviks, led by Secretary of Mineralnyie CC AUCPB V.P. Skvortsova, walked to the "Fire of Everlasting Glory" - where are buried the heroes of the civil and the Great Patriotic War, and held a picket in memory of the honor of the Bolsheviks - heroes of the Civil War and the ending of the Civil War in the North Caucasus, and also expressed their protest against the aggression of NATO and U.S. against Libya. The standard of AUCPB was raised up and a placard held up: "NATO led by the U.S. - Hands Off Libya!" Distributed leaflets: Statement CC AUCPB "Hands Off Libya!" AUCPB Bolshevik newspapers: "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth" and other literature were distributed.

Eternal Glory to the heroes and the memory of the Civil and the Great Patriotic War!

Glory to the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army!
NATO Hands Off Libya!
Mineralovodsky CC AUCPB


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