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Wednesday, 6 April 2011


2 APRIL- Russia - Moscow


On April 2, activists of the Movement "Odnodolschiki.Ru" together with equity-holders of Mirax Group took to the Gorbaty bridge in Moscow and set up tent camp outside the White House. The action involved at least 500 people. The main demands of the defrauded equity holders is to restore (re) construction of unfinished houses with no additional payments from the equity holders. Equity holders also require the suspension of bankruptcies of unscrupulous developers across the country and the creating of a SINGLE investigative group in the Russian Federation.

At about 14.30, half an hour after the action began, riot police arrived and blocked the setting up of new tents. By this point, the equity-holders managed to put up 14 tents.
Following the talks with the police the protesters agreed to take down their tents and quietly leave the bridge. However, the OMON attacked the organized convoy of equity holders that were leaving. 4 people were arrested, one of whom was arrested in a particularly brutal form. Another participant of the action in the ensuing scuffle had a fingernail torn off.

The arrestees were held at the Presnensky police department a few hours, while police drew up protocols on them for breaking the rules for holding public events.

Photos from the rally outside the White House:

Russia - Novgorod

03.04.2011 08:59

In Veliky Novgorod on March 31, roadworkers at MUP Remstroydor went on strike. As reported by the Novgorod TV broadcaster "Triad", two sections refused to carry out their duties. The reason for the protest, is according to workers, poor working conditions, including lack of work clothing, as well as delayed payment of wages. The head of one of the sections of MUP Remstroydor Nikolai Kudryashov said that the company is in dire financial straits. According to him, anti-flood measures are currently undergoing and repair work will soon resume.



800 people in St. Petersburg come out in defense of dismissed school director

In mid-March outside school № 534 a spontaneous protest of pupils and their parents. The reason was the dismissal of a highly professional teacher-innovator, the school principal Larisa Nikolaevna Kostyra.

Students came with placards: "Hands off our school", "Timurovtsis will not surrender", "Larisa is the best!", Etc.
Timurovtsi students identified themselves by the name of Hero of Russia Timur Sirazetdinova, a graduate of 534-th school, and fighter of the "Typhoon"special forces, who died in Chechnya.

It is worrying that the dismissal of experienced and distinguished teachers of Russian schools under the pretext of "rejuvenation" of pedagogical collectives is systemic. "Larisa is an honored teacher in Russia, and has directed school № 534 for almost 28 years. During these years the school became one of the best in St. Petersburg, but in terms of patriotic education of youth, maybe the best in the city.

The dismissal of the director took place in violation of the basic principle of labour law that prohibits discrimination in employment, in this case - by age (Article 3 of the Labour Code). Moreover, the dismissal occurred in violation of Article 79 of the LC, which requires the employer no less than 3 days before the dismissal in writing, notifying the employee on termination of his employment contract "- said in a statement.

Parents and pupils of school № 534 of Vyborg district of St. Petersburg have expressed opposition to the harsh decision of the administration and the methods of pressure and provocations

"We need this director and nobody else. Our Director - Excellence in Public Education, an honest and decent man, with him the school has blossomed. This director gives our children something that is not given to anybody in this country - neither the media nor the government nor the education system - love for the motherland, real, not ostentatious patriotism, the concept of duty and honor of the Russian people. So here we are defending not only the school principal, not only these walls, here we are defending our future - our children. We shall defend it from lies and vulgarity, the cult of greed and cynicism, which hits their minds from modern mass culture and television.

A repeal of Order № 257-K from March 9, 2011 from the administration of the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg to dismiss L.N.Kostyra as director of school № 534 of Vyborg district of St. Petersburg.

Restore Kostyra Larisa as director of school № 534 from 10 March 2011 and to send her an apology.
Stop the threats and provocations against the teaching staff of school number 534, pupils and parents.

In accordance with the Law on the order of consideration of citizens requested the secretariats and offices - not to send our letters to subordinate bodies that carried out repressive measures against the director and pedagogical staff, and to give a statement to the recipients. "

The appeal raised more than 800 signatures.
This apeal has been joined by G.Y. Sirazetdinova, the mother of Hero Timur
Sirazetdinova, a former pupil, colleagues and commanders.

21 March - Ukraine

On March 21, in Sumsk, workers at the Sumsk Machine Building Scientific-Production Association (MBSPA) named after Frunze began an indefinite protest against job cuts at the company.

"According to official information, Sumsk city employment centre, the plant have a planned reduction in the number of employees by 1258 people. Dismissal of workers had already begun, but it is only a first step," - said a member of the organizing committee of protests, the chairman of the Free Trade Union of "SNPO Frunze” Alexander Tkachenko.

Currently the company employs approximately 13.5 thousand against 22 thousand people who worked there only a few years ago.

"Consequently, today's dismissal of workers make up about 10% of the total, while according to the collective agreement, during the year, workfoce reduction may not exceed 4% of the total workforce," - said Mr. Tkachenko.

"Even today, on 21 March, at 09.30 near the plant management building, a tent camp has been set up in order to inform workers and to picket the administration of the plant around the clock. Every day at 17.15 there will be rallies," - informed by the organizer.

Meanwhile, according to the management, at the moment, talk is only about optimizing the state of working and restructuring of production. This process provides for the dismissal of a certain number of workers from among the pensioners and the violators of labour discipline, maximizing profitability and reducing production costs.

The Sumsk MBSPA “Frunze" plant is one of the largest machine-building complexes in Ukraine and Europe for producing equipment for the oil, gas, nuclear and chemical industries.

Source UNIAN



On March 24 in Paris a rally was held in support of the Russian and Ukrainian students. The rally, timed to coincide with the Global Days Of Action "Spring of Resistance", was designed to express support, in particular, with St. Petersburg State University Student Council, the legitimacy of which the Rector of St. Petersburg State University Bogdanov does not want to recognise, the Ukrainian student organisation Direct diya "("Direct Action"), known for its vivid, successful and crowded actions and a a group of students and parents who are fighting for the preservation of the Palace of Youth Creativity in St Petersburg.

The action took place in several stages: first at the University of Paris 8 Saint-Denis, which was occupied by students, lectureres and staff, and during the General Assembly an appeal was read out in support of Russian students and a signatures was collected for a petition for recognition of the autonomy of the Student Council (which has now appeared in the electronic form).

The second step was the a rally itself, attended by about 40 people and lasted from 19.00 to 20.00 on the Place de la Sorbonne. It was attended by students from different universities of Paris, as well as students from Vienna and Barcelona. The participants held placards in different languages: "Solidarity with Russian students", "University - not the KGB", "All power to the Student Council," "University - students, not bureaucrats," "One world - one struggle" and others.

Around 19.00, when the area became crowded with people, the organizers of the rally (they can be recognized by the convolution with the banners), were approached by two men in plain clothes. Showing their ID, the police inquired whether the organizers had permission to hold unscanctioned activities. We had to had to tell the law enforcement officials about the plight of students in Russia. The word "KGB" caused an unexpected show of compassion from the police (or the desire to show that France has the remains of freedom). Therefore, despite the lack of permission, the police gave the protesters the opportunity to quietly hold the event, asking only one thing from them - to leave the area by 8pm. "My chief is caling me every five minutes asking for you to be evacuated from the area. And the wife is calling me home for dinner,"- said one of the police.

Apart from this small incident, the meeting was successful. Anne Nerdrum, head of the Russian section of the international human rights organization Amnesty International was at the rally. She delivered a speech in support of the growing Russian student movement, stressing that the rights of the students have to be fought for by the the students themselves, not the bureaucracy of the university. She also mentioned the issue of censorship and control in Russian universities, which not only contradicts the principle of university education, but also the fundamental rights and freedoms.

During the rally, people continued to collect signatures for a petition and voiced the following demands:

- An end to repression of independent student initiatives in Russia and Ukraine;

- To recognize the autonomy of grassroots student initiatives;

- To recognize the legitimacy of the student council SPSU;

- Keep the building Anichkov Palace for DTYU.

In the coming days, they will continue collecting signatures for paper petitions, which will be sent a letter to the administration of St. Petersburg State University.



On March 24 at the head office of "United Confectioners" holding in Moscow, a picket of solidarity with workers from the Chelyabinsk factory “Uzhuralkonditer” confectionary plant was held. The authorities authorized participation in the protest of 10 people, but at the picket gathered nearly 20 members of the trade union of food industry workers, food technologist and the International Union of Trade Union of Workers of agroindustrial complex in Moscow. The main demand of the participants was for a decent salary to employees' of Uzhuralkonditer.

For four years working in this factory have not had a pay. Workers' Uzhuralkonditer "receive 3,500 rubles a month, so are forced to work shifts of 12 hours. Though late last year in the region they signed an agreement for the minimum wage 5 900 rubles.

The factory is a holding company "United Confectioners, which also includes the Moscow factories: "Bolshevichka”, “Krasny Oktyabr”, “Rot Front”. Problems are common: the lack of indexing, the failure of the collective agreement. In support of the demands of the Chelyabinsk, the Central Committee of the trade Union of food industry workers held a picketed. It is supported by the International Union food workers IUF and twon committee of Agropromkompleksa union (agricultural union), which collected more than 2,000 signatures in support of the workers.

We recall that in late February, the factory workers themselves held a picket. About two hundred workers took part and demanded higher wages. However, a response from management was not forthcoming.


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