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Tuesday, 19 April 2011


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On April 15, in Novosibirsk there was another, now the eighth, pensioners protest against authorities' decision to abolish the unlimited travel for beneficiaries on public transport. The organiser - The Organizing Committee for protest action defending the rights of pensioners.

The Organizing Committee includes not only the Communists, playing an active and sometimes leading role (AUCPB, RCWP, Working Russia, Komsomol and AKM), but other political parties and movements - the Party of the People's control and order, "Yabloka”, the LDPR, the Organizing Committee of the Russian March", "Russian Breakthrough" of Loginov and others. Recently, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation actively joined the protest.

About 1500 people took part in the rally, according to organizers, about the same as in the previous protest march on April 1. This time, along with a demand for the lifting of the decision by the Governor Yurchenko, sounded out other socio-political demands. The slogan of the day was the slogan: "For the humiliation of old people, for the mockery of the people, the “United Russia Party - must answer!" .

It is clear that this particular coalition of parties and organisations is temporary, for the duration period of the protest actions, and the leadership of the protest does not currently belong to any political party (the leadership is constantly splitting, depending on who usually is leading the actions). Some political parties are clearly seeking to ensure that on the eve of elections to the Duma in 2011, they receive the votes of the electorate, by discrediting the policy of the Party "United Russia" ("United Russia" has already lost miserably in the elections in Berdsk and Obi).

Judging by the mass protests, the party reaching movements and socio-political demands and slogans of pensioners, the protests are taking on a more explicit political character.

The latest protest action began with a meeting outside the Government building of the Novosibirsk regional government headquarters. At the start of the meeting, a representative of the administration invited members of the organizing committee members and 50 pensioners to negotiate with the governor. However, the protesters responded by rejecting the offer of going into the building and proposed that the governor himself come outside and speak to all the people. The pensioners had come to demand the lifting of the decision by the Governor to abolish unlimited number of free rides on public transport, and not to repeat the dead-end talks.

At the end of the rally, the protesters formed a column and marched with banners, placards and flags along the pavement of Krasny Prospect to a public reception of the ruling party "United Russia Party". On the approach to the Lenin monument, police officers attempted to redirect the column behind the statue of Lenin, but the demonstrators continued to move along, over a pedestrian crossing at Krasny Prospect to the reception of the United Russia Party, where there was another meeting.

On the eve of the previous protest on April 1, the authorities went on to make some concessions, which did not suit pensioners. The pensioners demand a complete lifting of the decision by Yurchenko and the restoration of the previous rights to unlimited travel. The protests will continue until the governor's decision is completely lifted. Rallies and marches are held every two weeks, and a similar protest is planned for April 29.

The authorities expected a decline in the protest movement, because people will get tired, it will soon be holiday season, part of the demands have been met, the people have been cast sops and the organizers have so far (judging from the protests of 1 and April 15) failed to achieve a greater mass of people.

To achieve the demands of the people, the movement needs to be given an open political character (against the current of bourgeois power), increased mass numbers, determination, and radicalization of the movement to expand the social and political demands of the people.

Communists must be bolder and more decisive to take the leadership in the struggle of the people into their own hands.

For April 29 the protest should be transferred to a higher level, namely to organize:
- A mass political demonstration on Krasny Prospect;
- A citywide opposition rally at Lenin Square;
- Along with the requirements of the pensioners, other socio-political demands need to the raised (distrust of the ruling United Russia Party, issues of housing, etc.).

At this stage of the struggle, we need to concentrate on conducting a citywide mass protest rally in the city centre square - Lenin Square, gathering the maximum number of people, political parties and movements.

Today, social practice shows that "as long as people do not rise up, the authorities will not hear them" (the i.e. the cities of Pikalyovo, Vladivostok, Mezhdurechensk, etc.). The outcome of the fight depends entirely on the political will and commitment of the organizers, first of all - the Communists.
Gregory Pavlev, AUCPB
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On April 11 around 18.00 in the Minsk underground metro station "Oktyabrskaya", an explosion occurred. As BelTA reported, the explosion killed 7 people and injured around 50. The explosion occurred during the evening rush hour, when two trains had stopped at the station at this time when there are usually a lot of people.

Metro station "Oktyabrskaya" is at the centre of Minsk in the immediate vicinity of the residence of the President of Belarus. This is the only transfer point for passangers to change trains at the intersection of the two lines of the Minsk metro.

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko visited the site of the explosion, which occurred in the Minsk metro on the platform of "Octyabrskaya" station. The Head of State, together with Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov descended into the subway to inspect the scene and hear a report on the situation, and then on the scene, he laid a wreath. Alexander Lukashenko then held a meeting in connection with the explosion in the Minsk metro and ordered to offer relief to the victims and increased security measures.

The basic version of the explosion, presumably is that it was a terrorist attack, the external signs and nature of injuries received by the citizens indicates a terrorist attack. For the Belarusian capital, this is not the first extraordinary event. Three years ago, during the Republic Day celebrations, in a crowd, explosive device went off, there were many wounded, but there were no deaths.

The relevant organs will be engaged in identifying the causes and finding those responsible, but the real reason, as is the case, which occurred on July 3, 2008, is unlikely to be named. The main reason for such crimes resulting in human victims is the violent destruction by traitors of our unified Socialist Motherland – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Let us remind ourselves that in Soviet times, except during the administration of the country by traitor Gorbachev, when the country took the path of capitalization and destruction, no one even with inflammation of the brain could be thinking about the possibility of a similar explosion in the centre of the city. We Soviet people, were so accustomed to security at home, and did not even think about it. We only knew via the media reports about bombings and attacks in the non-socialist world.

We did not see on the streets of our cities special forces, equipped like medieval knights in armor vests and helmets, armed with batons and shields, and occasionally firearms. We did not know such names as "OMON, riot squad, etc. In general, in the Belorus Soviet Socialist Republic there were not so many militia, or internal troops, units of the internal security service, as in the present bourgeois Republic of Belarus, in total numbering the strength of the Belarusian army. And all of this armada is designed to protect the bourgeois state, in which private ownership is sacred, that is, legitimate.

But in cash payment capitalist society where profit at any cost is the goal of production, there is a paradox: simultaneously with the growth of law enforcement agencies, there is an increase in the number of crimes. Why? Yes, because in this society where everything is bought and sold, where the bourgeoisie is ready to sell their own mother for money, and these masters amass huge fortunes. Therefore, no matter how technically equipped the police along with other internal formations, the criminal world hired by business always has the possiblilty to equip itself no worse, but even better. The very nature of capitalism contributes to the blosoming of crime. But the media and culture that cultivate a bourgeois lifestyle, which rarely show a channel on television, or a new film without violence and murder, only exacerbate the situation.

As for the latest terroist attack, the memory still fresh from events that took place on December 19, 2010, when the pro-Western opposition, without waiting for the official announcement of election results, raided the Government House. As is known, it was another attempt at a "colour revolution" inspired by the Western countries, primarily the U.S., Germany and Poland, that failed miserably. The West is not happy with the independent Belarusian state policy, which at the moment is not giving up its enterprises to Western capital (the amount of industrial output in Belarus by foreign-owned enterprises, according to official figures amounted to only 2,5%).

In addition, the imperialist circles in the West seek to avoid at all costs any integration processes on the territory of the Soviet Union. As we know, the leadership of Belarus is actively engaged in building the Union State of Belarus and Russia, as well as the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Certainly, the Western imperialists will not leave Belarus alone, and facts are already known of another release of large amounts of money to fund operations to interfere in the internal affairs of our country. The West openly declares its support for their breast-fed opposition. The recent terrorist attack is designed to destabilize the situation in Belarus and throughout the Belarusian state as a whole.

Examining the situation related to the explosion, building a variety of assumptions about who ordered it and carried it out, the bourgeois media slide on the surface and do not touch upon the issue at depth. The essence of the matter is that even if law enforcement agencies are able to find the perpetrators of the dastardly deeds, the capitalist system remains - the main cause of all ills, descended upon modern Belarus and the other former Soviet republics. We need to fight against this evil.

V.B. Zelikov, Minsk



Bolsheviks in Pyatigorsk on April 12, 2011 laid at the monument to Yuri Gagarin a bouquet of white flowers with a crimson ribbon: to "Y.A. Gagarin from the AUCPB, and red carnations adorned the pedestal.

During celebration of the 50 th anniversary of the astronaut, high school students, war veterans, Armed Forces of the USSR and Russia, parties and movements took part.

Leaflets were distributed: "Astronaut Y.A. Gagarin, a citizen of the USSR!" and newspapers sold: "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth". Further, the Bolsheviks held a gala in the evening in honour of 50th anniversary of the space flight by Yuri Gagarin.

Glory to the first astronaut of the USSR Communist Y.A. Gagarin!
Piatigorsky Municipal Committee of the AUCPB




In Krasnodar, the Municipal Committee of the AUCPB, on April 12, 2011 held a picket dedicated to the first flight into space by Communist Soviet citizen Yuri Gagarin. The event was held at the eponymous street, was well attended and other patriotic organizations took part. Red flags with the hammer and sickle were raised and leaflets were distributed: "The first astronaut in space, Y. Gagarin, citizen of the USSR! ", As well as leaflets in honour of the 66 th anniversary of Victory featuring J.V. Stalin's portrait and newspapers: "Hammer and Sickle," "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth".

Glory to the first astronaut of the USSR, Comrade Y. Gagarin!
Krasnodar MC AUCPB

Russian source



On April 12 at the district centre of the village of Seversk, Krasnodar region, near the monument to Vladimir Lenin, a meeting was held devoted to the 50 th anniversary of the first flight into space by Soviet man Yuri Gagarin. The event was organized by the AUCPB, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Union of Soviet officers, veterans' organizations and trade unions of the village of Seversk. The speakers spoke many warm words about Soviet citizen, pilot Major Yuri Gagarin.

The world's first artificial satellite, the first Soviet spaceship-satellite, the first flight of Soviet man in space was a victory for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Soviet socialist social and political order.
Speakers denounced the anti-Soviets - falsifiers of Soviet history. We reminded them that even the UN acknowledged April 12 as a World Day of celebration.

At the rally, AUCPB Bolshevik newspapers of the “Workers' and Peasants' Hammer and Sickle", and "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth" were sold and fliers to mark the significant date handed out.
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