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Tuesday, 19 July 2011



On July 12, Novosibirsk, another regular protest action by pensioners against the decision of the Governor Yurchenko abolish unlimited discount rides on public transport took place. The action took place on the same route as before: first, a meeting at the residence of the governor and then a march to a rally at Lenin square by the monument to Lenin. At a rally in front of the residence of the governor were about 300 protestors.

This time, the authorities invented another "way" to disrupt the protest by pensioners. After filing notice by the organizers of the campaign on July 12, suddenly the next day (but not the day of submission) it was announced that at the initiative of the local Novosibirsk Government, "that the Ecological Action "Green trolleybus” had already served notice to hold a meeting at the same place and at the same time". However, the organizers expressed their firm intention to pursue their protest.

Then the police during the protest completely barricaded the entire area in front of the residence of the governor, having constructed out of metal turnstiles two "pens." Children and their caregivers were slightly surprised when they were invited to carry out "protest" inside a "metal fence." But the pensioners refused to go under the escort of policemen into their "pen" and said they would carry out their action directly on the road. The police officers then "realized" that it was better to remove the turnstiles (which were then moved quickly and now placed along the road) in case the pensioners suddenly decided to inadvertently block the road itself ...

In the photograph: Before the action. Metal turnstiles, one section - for children (further away), the other (which is closer) - for the senior citizens. At the entrance to the section was place the convoy. Here it is, democracy!

The rally at the residence of the governor was opened by the leader of the Novosibirsk AUCPB Alex Denisyuk and he's been leading the column of protesters. At the meeting senior citizens themselves spoke, saying that they had become sick to the soul. In the time, when a delegation of senior citizens had registered in the Administration their resolution, the protesters loudly and in unison chanted "Yuschenko – Out!, " "Down with the anti-peoples power!" "The party of crooks and thieves," "The authorities who are profiting at the expense of pensioners – shame!”, and other similar slogans, protesters chanted and during the march. The youth, who came to support the pensioners, chanting "Revolution!"

The authorities expected the wave of protests to come to nothing, but miscalculated again – as this time there were was even more people than June 12, and the mood was militant. The pensioners are going to fight to the end (see the resolution of the meeting.) After all, the protests with systematic regularity, have been going on for six months. Note that this is the thirteenth protest. The next event will be on August 12 at the same time and same place.

At the end of the protest, as always, the police wrote up reports of "administrative violations" ("unsanctioned" event) against the organizers and active participants. The authorites are seriously trying to intimidate the organizers with administrative terror. Thus, since the first protest on 29 December last year to this day, more than 50 administrative protocols have been drawn up, and the total sum of penalties dished out by the courts, equal to about 40 thousand rubles!

Gregory Pavel'ev




On July 15, on Lenin Square, a Stalin picket was held, organized by the movement "FOR STALIN!", AUCPB, Trudovaya Rossiya and AKM-Komsomol. This is the first of six Stalin pickets, to be held in Novosibirsk in the summer.

On Lenin square in front of the underground station, a Bolshevik picket was set up with red banners and portraits of Stalin, which circulated newspaper "Hammer and Sickle", "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth", "Revolution" and others, as well as books on Stalin .

The picketers put up a sketch of a proposal to set up in Novosibirsk a Gallery of Commanders of the Great Patriotic War, including a bust of Stalin, and were collecting signatures in support of this initiative. Over a hundred signatures were collected.

The city folk, among whom there were many young people, were interested in the picket, took the newspapers, asked about a monument to Stalin in Novosibirsk, and left their signatures.

The next rally will be held in Novosibirsk on Tuesday, 19 July, 16.00-19.00, on Kalinin Square, by the book shop Dom Knizhki.




The world population is growing at an impressive pace, causing scientists to worry about our future comfortable life. Already this year, the number of people on this planet will exceed seven billion people, and by 2023 will reach eight billion. Such a forecast was published by the UN World Population Day.

This date is related to the day when in 1987, the world population reached five billion. For the first time, the alarming growth in the number of people was talked about in the 1960-s of last century. From 1960 to 1999, the number of people living on the planet has more than doubled, breaking in October 1999, the six billion threshold. Then the growth rate went in decline, down from 2% to 1.3%. However, the absolute annual increase for today still accounts for nearly 77 million people.
95% of them occur in the developing, that is, the poorest countries.

This growth rate has a very negative impact on the overall standard of living for Earthlings. Already, 67 million children worldwide have no access to education, and about 925 million people worldwide experience chronic malnutrition.

The largest state by population in the near future will be India. In the developed European countries and Russia, their population, despite the global trend, will decline. Already, in Russia, the number of potential mothers is beginning to shrink. In the period from 1992 to 2007 the natural population decline Russia reached 12.3 million people. True, it was partly offset by immigration. From 2008 to 2025 the natural population decline Russia will exceed 11 million. Besides, there will be 14 million fewer people of working age and the number of pensioners will increase by approximately five million people.

In February this year, experts from the American Association for the Advancement of Science have warned that famine threatens the Earth’s population due to overpopulation. According to their forecast, by 2050, the world population may exceed nine billion, and then people will be forced to fight for food. Overpopulation by almost four times and the final impoverishment, according to experts, threatens poor countries in Africa and South Asia. Rich countries, by contrast, will increase their incomes. But this too is not good. Increase in wages will inevitably lead to an increase in appetite. Thus, after 40 years, humans will consume annually as much as was produced during the previous eight thousand years, scientists have said.

In another report, prepared last summer, the WWF, Zoological Society of London and the Global Footprint Network, noted that recently, people have spent twice as much resources than in the past 50 years. Thus the capacity of the planet may be exhausted by 2030. If people in the next few years do not change their way of life, they will need an additional planet to survive, experts have warned. According to them, in the near future inhabitants of the earth will not have enough food, water and even air.

And recently, experts from the environmental organization Global Footprint Network said that people have already used up the water which spontaneously refills reservoirs, together with grass growing in pastures, fish from the seas and lakes, and they have harvested all the crops from fertile lands and stolen all the gifts of the forest. And at the same time, they have exhausted the usable space for storage of waste from greenhouse gases, generating climate chaos.

"Sovietskya Rossiya" [12/07/2011]

Comment from AUCPB editor.
Bourgeois sociologists try to justify the surplus population, starvation and misery of hundreds of millions of people by the false Malthusian reference as if they say, the world population is growing much faster than the means of subsistence. Hence - their justification for world wars, epidemics and reducing fertility. But such speculation has nothing to do with reality. The forming of overpopulation is due to the excessive influence of the capitalist law of population, discovered by Marx, with rapacious capitalist exploitation of natural resources. "The greater the social wealth, functioning capital, size and energy of its growth ... the more extensive the permanent overpopulation, poverty is directly proportional to the labour pains of the active army of labour. Finally, the more impoverished layers of the working class and the industrial reserve army, the more official pauperism. This is an absolute general law of capitalist accumulation "(Marx," Capital ", Vol.1).
In the USSR, under socialism, the population grew at a rate far exceeding the population growth in the capitalist countries (in the USSR during the period from December 1926 to January 1939, the population increased by 23.6 million, i.e. an increase of around 2 million per year; - compare, in today's bourgeois Russia with a population decline by 1 million per year and with it – the wholesale impoverishment of workers), while it grew in the USSR and material well-being of workers increased and unemployment by the end of 1930 had been eliminated.


Medvedev is very satisfied with what has been happening to Russia over the past 20 years. The president quotes to RIA "Novosti" - "I think that in this sense, the generation of people who, relatively speaking, remember Brezhnev and studied under Gorbachev or later, and is living now, is perhaps the happiest generation of our people. Why? Because we have the opportunity to compare what happened in the previous era, under the previous political system, and what we have today. And this is the most important human quality - to be able to collate and to compare ".

The President recalled the time when the country "had no consumer goods, and when it was terrible to go in a store."

Of course, Medvedev admitted, he would like more progress, but according to him, when he was a university student, a graduate student, he dared not even hope for a tenth of the current progress.

Indeed, when he was still a student at Leningrad State University (graduated - in 1987) Medvedev, and not only him, dared not even suggest what a first place in the 20 years of "progress" Russia would occupy...

Russia now ranks first place in the world for:
the absolute size of population decline,
the number of suicides among the elderly,
the number of divorces and children born out of wedlock,
the number of children abandoned by parents,
the number of suicides among children and adolescents,
mortality from diseases of the cardiovascular system,
the number of patients with mental illness,
human trafficking,
total abortions and maternal mortality,
sales of spirits,
consumption of alcohol and alcohol products,
growth rates of smoking,
the number of smoking by children,
the growth rate of HIV infection,
total number of plane crashes (13 times the world average)

2nd place in the world for billionaires (after the U.S.),
2nd place in the world for suicide (after Lithuania),
2nd place in the world for murders per capita (after Colombia),

2nd place in the world for the dissemination of counterfeit drugs, (after China) (Further reading about China is in A. Maeyevsky’s book entitled “Modern China” )

2nd place in the world in terms of porn production,
2nd place in the world in the number of Russian children adopted in the U.S.,
2nd place in the world in the number of migrants,
2nd place in the world in the number of prisoners per 1000 people (after the U.S.),
2nd place in the list of countries with the largest number of small arms,
2nd place in the world in the number of journalists killed over the past ten years (after Iraq),

3rd place in the world in the number of refugees,
3rd place in the world for influx of migrants,
3rd place in the world for the dissemination of child pornography,
3rd place in the world in terms of totalitarian sects,

27th place in the world for quality education,
32 place in ecological ranking of countries,
57th position in the world for quality of life,
62 place in the world in terms of technological development (between Costa Rica and Pakistan),
65 place in the world standard of living,
70th place in the world in use of information and communication technologies,
71st place in the world in terms of human development,
72nd place in the world in terms of the state's spending per person,
97th place in per capita income,
120th in terms of economic freedom,
127th place in the world for public health,
134-rd the world in life expectancy,
147th place in the degree of press freedom (out of 168),
159th in the world in terms of political rights and freedoms,
175th in the world in terms of physical security of citizens,

The President is right, there is something to compare - in comparison with what place the Soviet Union occupied in the world.


On Friday, July 15 in the city of Penza, in front of the building of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), an opening ceremony to the unveiling of a monument to J.V. Stalin took place. The event was attended by war veterans, home front workers and activists of the CPRF, as well as ordinary citizens, who learned from the media about the setting up of the monument. Many of the newcomers brought along red carnations and roses to lay at the foot of the monument.

As the Regional Committee of the CPRF for Penza reports, the monument was set up on money donated by Penza patriots. People donated what they could towards the building of the monument. Amounts in this case ranged from 50 to 10,000 rubles. Thanks to this, after a half-century pause, Penza was once again able to see Stalin. Now, thea monument to Stalin is available to all comers.

Source: CPRF in Penza

The unveiling of a monument to Stalin, once again demonstrates that Stalin's authority among the people is growing, despite the vicious smear campaign unleashed by the present corrupt media and the current anti-people’s government to demonize Stalin and everything Soviet.


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