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Friday, 1 July 2011

FOR BOLSHEVISM No 7 (100) 2011





Statement by the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria

On May 9 in Lvov on Victory Day of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War over Nazi Germany, the nationalists of All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” (VO Svoboda) (Freedom) staged provocations against the war veteran-victors.
The Ukrainian nationalists tried to prevent people laying flowers and wreaths on the graves of the fallen, and threw stones, smoke bombs and broke the windows of buses, on which arrived the World War II veterans; they tore off ribbons from passers-by, burned and trampled on them, beat people up who refused to remove these ribbons; they snatched from his hands and stomped on the wreath of the Consul General of Russia in Lvov, Oleg Astakhov, who was going to place them him in a military cemetery on the Hill of Glory. The nationalists chanted slogans: "Suitcase-railway station-Russia", "Bandera will come and bring order ", "Shukhevych, Bandera - Heroes of Ukraine", etc. They staged confrontations with representatives of the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU), the "Rodina" party and the "Russian Unity" party who arrived under the red flag on Victory Day. Three nationalists, members of "Svoboda", declared to Alexander Kalinyuk, chairman of the regional organization of the Anti-Fascist Committee, that they will not allow the communists and veterans to host events in Lvov, then tore off his medals and ribbons and began beating him until the militia appeared in time. Several youths burned and trampled on Red flags in front of the Lvov city council building.
On the background of events in Lvov, what went unnoticed by the general public was an act of provocation committed by members of "Svoboda" in Ternopil in the evening of May 9, when they tore off a red flag from the local office of the Communist Party, and then burned it in Glory Park at an makeshift rally. After CPU members appealed to the police about this act of intimidation, a criminal case was opened.
In the morning of May 10, the head of the Lvov regional administration Mikhail Cymbalyuk under pressure from deputies of regional and city councils of the fraction of "Svoboda" who broke into his office, handed in his resignation.
President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych instructed the Prosecutor General's Office to establish a working group to study the events of May 9 in Lvov, which should give a legal evaluation "of the revealed violations of human rights and freedoms."
The Russian State Duma on May 11 adopted a statement in connection with the incident in Lvov on Victory Day, which condemned the organizers and participants of the "blasphemous provocation" in the days "when all of humanity gives up its absolute duty to the Memorial for Peace and Freedom, and marks victory over absolute and unquestionable evil." It was regrettable, noted the statement - that this has become possible in a country whose people made an invaluable contribution to the victory over Nazism, "shoulder to shoulder with other nations of the former Soviet Union and the Allies that saved the world from the fascist threat." The State Duma deputies are convinced that the organizers and participants of the provocation should be immediately punished in accordance with Ukrainian law.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting with the young parliamentarians in Kostroma on May 13 in connection with mass actions of the Nazis in Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine, said it was "evidence of immaturity of the political foundations of these countries." "God knows who the hell knows under what flag who is embracing and promoting things which would make our elders’ hair stand on end. If the dead knew – they would turn over in their grave", said Dmitry Medvedev - ITAR-TASS.
The violence that took place in Lvov by the heirs of Bandera and Shukeyvich are no accident. The neo-Nazis had carefully planned for it.
The Ukrainian authorities, fearful of the growing discontent of the masses and rapid decline in living standards, have made another attempt to flirt with the veterans.
The Zhytomyr Oblast Council, Odessa and Sevastopol city councils decided to hang the flags on Soviet Victory Day. The response to this was in the form of a statement by the Lvov regional council (05/04/2011 was) titled "Soviet myths need destroying." In the statement it says, "The Lvov regional council, see such initiatives as a conspiracy by former Soviet bureaucrats, who, disguised as Ukrainian deputies and officials in favor of Russia are doing everything to return to the totalitarian character of the state that does not exist in today's Ukraine." And further, the statement says: "Rather than honor the 10 million Ukrainians who died during the Second World War, the central government and individual local authorities are once again planning to organize noisy celebrations on May 9, the day of the so-called victory in the mythical "Great Patriotic War". Earlier, in June 2010, the Lvov city council adopted a decision "On the use of the national flag in the city of Lvov, according to which on May 9 in Lvov, the state flag will be displayed with a mourning ribbon. Immediately after the declaration by theLvov Oblast Council, there followed a similar decision by the Ternopil City Council, which imposed a ban on hanging Soviet red flags."To honor the memory of the victims, and to lay flowers at the monuments can be done with Ukrainian flags, not red flags of the empire, which led to the deaths of millions of Ukrainians. We on our God-given land should glorify Ukrainian symbols "- said Mayor Sergey Nayda. In response to these decisions, the Crimean parliament on April 20 adopted a statement condemning the practice of banning the use of the Red Banner for Victory Day celebrations.
On April 21, the Verkhovna Rada (Upper House) adopted a bill "On amending the Law of Ukraine" “On the perpetuation of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945" on the order of official use of the copies of the Victory Banner, initiated by factions of the Communist Party, the Party of the Regions and the People's Party. According to the bill, the "Victory Banner is a symbol of victory of the Soviet people, its army and navy over Nazi Germany in WWII." The forms of perpetuating Victory and exploits of the people-victors are: use of copies of the Banner of Victory near the Eternal Flame, the Tomb of Unknown Soldier and the Unknown Sailor, public use of copies of the Banner of Victory during the commemoration of Victory Day, conducted by public authorities, local governments, organizations and public associations on Victory Day and other days connected with the events of World War II - Days of Liberation and Defense Days of Settlements from the Nazis, an official lifting the Victory Day of copies of the Sign of Victory on buildings (towers, flagpoles), along with national flag of Ukraine. 260 People's Deputies voted in favour of the bill. But the new law was not signed by the president, because he said he had “not received it” (?!).
Such a half-hearted attitude is not surprising for the Party of Regions and President of Ukraine, even if the leader of the Party of Regions inside parliament, Alexander Efremov believes that local authorities are free to decide on the use of symbolism of the war. According to him, during the Great Patriotic War "in the Ukraine, people fought under different flags."
Yes, this is true, they fought "under different flags." But the thing is, they fought on different sides of the trenches. Under the red flag they fought against the Nazis and defended their homeland against the Soviet enemy. Under the yellow-blue flag of Bandera, they fought on the side of the Nazis against the Soviet Army and mercilessly slaughtered, including, their own people.
To reconcile the irreconcilable: the red banner and the blue-yellow bloody-soaked flag of Bandera is impossible. It is unacceptable to hang both polar opposite symbols next to each other.
Such an attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable is entirely in the spirit of big capital, which, by and large, is quite indifferent to the colour of a flag. For big business and its political representatives: the Party of Regions, the regime of Yanukovych-Azarov, what is important are windfall profits along with further gain and enrichment.
That is why the clash that took place in Lvov aids the ruling regime that is trying to distract the masses from the true cause of all their troubles and misfortunes - big capital, the bourgeoisie and private property in general, trying to turn the arrows of popular discontent into the channel of clashes between workers in different regions of Ukraine on nationalistic grounds.
Now more than ever, for the working people of Ukraine, the great Marxist slogan is important: "Workers of all countries, unite!". Workers in different regions of Ukraine should unite in a common struggle against a common enemy - the bourgeoisie, the true culprits of all their troubles and misfortunes.
The same applies to Russia.
And the statement by the Russian State Duma, and the emotional speech of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in connection with events in Lvov are partial, and completely satisfying the character of big capital of Russia.
Like over Ukraine, as a result of the anti-national criminal destruction of the USSR was hoisted the nationalist yellow-blue flag of the Nazi henchmen - Bandera, and over Russia is waving the tricolor of the traitors to the Soviet people and lackeys to the Nazis - Vlasov. In the same vein, the vein of strengthening the power of big capital and fascization of the entire political life of Russia, is the aim of the de-Stalinization campaign, waged under the guidance of Dmitry Medvedev.


The political party All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” (VO Svoboda)) was established on Oct. 13, 1991 at its founding congress and was originally called the Social National Party of Ukraine. But since this is the name is associated with openly fascist National Socialist German Workers' Party of Adolf Hitler, at the IX Congress in February 2004, the party renamed itself and called itself "Svoboda" (Freedom). At the Congress, Oleh Tyahnybok an MP in Ukraine was elected party chairman. And in July 2004, at the beginning of the presidential election race between Yushchenko and Yanukovych, O. Tyagnibok clearly expressed his political position, saying at a rally near the tomb of the commander of the UPA Klima Savur: "They were not afraid then, and we should not be afraid now, they took their guns and went into those forests, they trained and fought against those Muscovites, fought with the Germans and fought against Jidvei (Jews) and the other evil spirits who wanted to take from us our Ukrainian state ... We must give back Ukraine finally to Ukrainians. These young men and you, gray-haired, this is precisely the mixture which the Moscovites-Jewish mafia is most afraid of that is now leading Ukraine."
This position is fully consistent to Tyahnybok’s party programme.
The current program by VO "Svoboda" begins with an epigraph: "We Ukrainians. We are - in our God-given country. Grant us, O God, the victory to become the creators of a Great Power."
And in the program of "Svoboda", in the VI section on "historical justice, nation-building and overcoming the consequences of occupation" in the proposals to the Constitution of Ukraine, it states that the modern Ukrainian state "was founded back in Kievan Rus, continued by the Galicia-Volyn principality ... and restored by the Act of June 30, 1941.”
We remind the reader that on the morning of June 30, 1941, together with the advanced troops of the Nazis, Lvov was stormed by nationalists from the Nachtegal battalion commanded by R. Shukeyvich. On the eve of the war, chaplain Grinoh (UGCC - Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church) led a battalion swearing allegiance and the Banderites to the cross and the Gospel have vowed "loyalty with blood and honour" to the Fuhrer. The nationalists storming Lvov were blessed by metropolitan Sheptitsky who spent liturgy in honor of the "invincible German army and its chief leader Adolf Hitler." "We rejoice liberation of our land from that godless Bolshevism” - Sheptitsky said, referring to the warriors-nachtegalites. “From the depths of our hearts we welcome our German army liberator and its leader Adolph Hitler. I sincerely ask the Almighty for victory of German guns over Bolshevism ... Bless you, my sons, in the sacred struggle for the truth of God. In your hands is the destiny of your people and our future. Begin, and may God be with you!” And the nachtegalites with the blessing of the metropolitan of the Uniate church began to shoot, kill, torture civilians, and throw babies onto the pavements from the upper floors of houses. In the early days of the occupation of Lvov, the OUN-ites with the Nazis killed more than three thousand people of Lvov, including 70 scholars of world renown.
On the evening of June 30 1941, in the hall at the House of Prosvita gathered about 200 people - fighters of Nachtegal, OUN-ite functionaries, some Nazi officers, and individual members of the intelligentsia of Lvov. Deputy of Bandera, Jaroslav Stetsko read out a proclamation of the Act of the Ukrainian State. In the third paragraph of the Act it stated: "The renovated Ukrainian state will work closely with National Socialist Great Germany, which under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, is creating a new order in Europe and the world and helping the Ukrainian people break free from under Moscow's occupation. The Ukrainian National Revolutionary Army, which will be established on Ukrainian land, will continue to struggle together with the Allied German army against Moscow's occupation for the sovereign integrity of the Ukrainian Power and the new order in the whole world." Then, he read out greetings to the German soldiers and the leader of the people, Adolf Hitler. The meeting ended with exclamations: "Glory!" And "Heil!"
Here's on what constitutional principles, the principles of loyalty to fascism, is going to be built Ukrainian power during "Svoboda". The program of "Svoboda" is permeated with hatred for Bolshevism and Russia, and at the same time, subservience to the imperialist U.S., UK, NATO - the real masters, ideologues and architects of "Svoboda", as well as other similar nationalist-fascist organizations in the world.
Here are some provisions of the program in VO "Svoboda":
"Recognize the fact of the occupation of Ukraine by Bolshevik Russia in 1918-1921, resulting in the unprecedented genocide of Ukrainians.”
"Achieve from the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the United Nations, the European Parliament, the parliaments of the world, recognition of the genocide of Ukrainians in the twentieth century, resulting in destruction of 20,5 million Ukrainians, a crime against humanity ...."
"To carry out a public trial of communism. Get a court order banning Communist ideology as misanthropic and such that it caused irreparable harm to the Ukrainian people. Initiate a criminal investigation into the 1932-1933 Famine that is recognized by the state as genocide against the Ukrainian people, i.e., a criminal offence for which there are no terms of limitation on the sentence."
"Eliminate and prohibit the use of imperial-Bolshevik symbols, dates, celebrations, memorials, and names in honour of the executioners of Ukraine, a mockery against the Ukrainians. Prohibit the establishment in Ukraine of any imperial monuments and symbols that celebrate the history of the occupying power."
"Demand from Moscow official recognition, an apology and compensation for the genocide of Ukrainians."
"Recognize the struggle, which until the late 1950's was carried out by the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), the national liberation struggle of Ukrainian people. Recognize the soldiers of the UPA and the underground OUN participators of the national liberation struggle for the independence of Ukraine."

VO "Freedom" is a typical petty bourgeois party, advocating for the development of small and medium businesses, creating a broad middle class. It and other national-fascist organizations like it, emerged and developed, capitalizing on the difficulties and the sharp decline in living standards of workers, due to the power of big capital. In turn, big business support and finance such pro-fascist nationalist parties, in order to use Nazism and fascism to lean on in the fight against the growing discontent of the labouring masses.
In their documents, the Ukrainian Buro of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (CC AUCPB) has repeatedly exposed the lies and the arguments of nationalists on the question regarding the famine and genocide against the Ukrainian people during the years of Soviet power in Ukraine.
On the contrary, it was in the Soviet period that Ukraine prospered and grew into one of the most developed European countries that anti-communist and bourgeois historians were forced to accept, based on objective facts. For example, a Canadian historian of Ukrainian origin, Orest Subtelny writes: "In 1940, the industrial potential of Ukraine was 7 times higher than the level in 1913 (Russia - 9 times). Productivity rose too... Thus, if the whole of the USSR from the world's fifth-largest industrial power has become the second, Ukraine (which is on the production capacity of approximately equal to France), has grown into one of the most advanced industrial countries of Europe "(O. Subtelny, Ukraine. History, p. 354, Kiev, Lybid, 1992).
During the collectivization of agriculture and artificially engineered famine in 1932-1933 by kulaks and hostile elements to Soviet power, and also due to severe drought affecting many parts of the USSR, including Ukraine, about 640 thousand people in Ukraine died of starvation and not millions. Soviet power, the government of the USSR, the Ukrainian SSR, CPSU (B) and Comrade Stalin personally took all measures to assist the population of Ukraine. Plans for grain were supplies drastically reduced to the state fund and, conversely, the state allocated an additional million tons of grain to aid the starving as well as the opportunity to carry out spring field work, which made it possible to stop the hunger by the summer of 1933 (more on that said, in particular in the Statement by the Ukrainian Buro of the CC AUCPB entitled "Goebbels Lie", December 2005, "Workers 'and Peasants' truth» № 1 (106), 2006 and other documents of the Ukraine Buro of the Central Committee).
The peoples of all the fraternal Soviet republics rendered the workers of Ukraine invaluable aid help in rebuilding their destroyed national economy during the Great Patriotic War and helped to quickly restore its economic potential.
By the 1980's, Ukraine in terms of economic development ranked among the ten most developed countries in the world, became a space power, occupied 1-3 place in Europe in terms of production of major industrial and agricultural production per capita. Workers of Ukraine under socialism had forgotten the famine forever. With an average daily food input of 2930 kcal per person, food consumption in Ukraine (ecologically clean and not genetically modified which as a whole simply did not exist in Russia and the republics in the Soviet Union) was 3500 kcal. per person, which corresponded to the highest international standards. Ukraine's population was growing rapidly and by early 1992 exceeded 52 million people. Thanks to the outstanding Leninist national and foreign policies pursued by Stalin's leadership and genuine caring about the interests of the Ukrainian nation, reunification took place of all the native Ukrainian lands into a unified Ukrainian state, in the USSR in the interwar and postwar period included Western Ukraine (the nationalist elements of which are raised on foreign grants, including and from the Ukrainian diaspora, is now pouring tubs of dirt and lies on Stalin, the CPSU (b), Soviet power, socialism and communism), Bukowina (now Chernivtsi region.) and Transcarpathia. On October 28, 1939, the People's Assembly of the Western Ukraine adopted a Declaration on the nationalization of banks and major industries, land confiscation from landowners, monasteries and major government officials. Peasants gained 172,000 head of cattle. Industrial enterprises were reconstructed at the expense of the equipment sent from the eastern regions of Ukraine and other republics of the USSR, construction of new plants and factories took place. In 1940, the Employment Exchange was closed in Lvov: unemployment was over. In all areas of Lvov opened kindergartens, health clinics, and hospital treatment was free. People who lived in cellars, now moved to new apartments, and housing construction unfolded. The number of schools teaching the Ukrainian language grew by 10 (!!!) times. Four new high learning institutes opened. In Lvov and the region began working 1102 clubs, 211 libraries, 7 museums. Until September 1939, the city had had a Polish theatre. After reunification, the doors were flung open of Ukrainian, Jewish, Polish dramatic theatres and philharmonics. In October 1939, for the first time in Lvov, a concert of Ukrainian song and dance was hosted.
The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, whose people, together with the brotherly peoples throughout the Soviet Union, made an outstanding contribution in the defeat of the Nazis, carried out under the leadership of the CPSU (b), headed by Comrade Stalin, along with the Byelorussian SSR and the Soviet Union as a whole, one of the founders of the United Nations.
The present-day "independent and sovereign" Ukraine (which is really an "independent and sovereign" government from its own people) has grown into one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world, and by early 2000-ies, Ukrainians, according to UN estimates have been included in the top five endangered nations on the planet. Currently, Ukraine's population, according to official data, is less than 46 million people. And taking into account those who have left to work abroad (because their "native state", under predatory privatization, has thrown millions of people on the street and robbed them of their work and a piece of bread) amounts to 7.6 million people so the population has already decreased to less than 40 million. Another 20 years of bourgeois-nationalist reforms and the program the Club of Rome will have been successfully completed, one more subdivision of the world government of Zionist capital, bringing the number of Ukrainians to 20-25 million people.
It has got to the stage that Ukraine, the former breadbasket of the Soviet Union, is now forced to import potatoes, sugar, milk, meat, buckwheat and other products from abroad. And all this has happened over the past 20 years of anti-communist rule under the yellow-blue flag of the nationalists.
This is the "human-hating communist ideology” described by today’s rulers, that was guided by Soviet power, and thus "destroyed" millions of Ukrainians so that Ukraine's population continuously grew!!?? Our republic, in the fraternal peoples of the Soviet Union was a flourishing edge: all workers had jobs, wages, free education and health; bread cost an average of 20 kopecks, sugar - 78 kop / kg, potatoes - 9-20 kop / kg, milk - 28 kopecks per liter; travel in a tram, trolley, bus, metro, 3-4-5 kop.; kilowatt hour of electricity - 4 kop., rent for a 2-3-room apartment in the month averaged 10-20 rubles, with the average salary in the mid-80's - before the start of Gorbachev's perestroika-counterrevolution – at 250 rubles per month, (and in Lvov skilled workers at LAZ, "Electron" and other leading companies, now privatized, and practically destroyed, received 300-400 or more full-length Soviet rubles, which amounts to $ 450-600 and above), and the IMF could not think of making any demands for higher gas bills or housing service charges ...
The results of this yellow-blue 20-year rule and the bourgeois reforms we've already spoken about, and they are all well known.
Adolf Hitler, the Nazis called for the destruction of communist ideology. The main enemy in "Mein Kampf" Hitler called communists and Jews, and he set out to conquer Lebensraum in the East to conquer and destroy the peoples of the USSR, first of all Slav nations: Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians. And VO "Svoboda" and its leader O. Tyagnibok call on workers of Ukraine to fight against the communists, Russians, and Jews.
VO " Svoboda " is a typical national fascist party of Ukraine. How Hitler and the Nazis finished up is well known. The same ignominious fate awaits the Ukrainian nationalists.
In the program " Svoboda " it is required to recognize the struggle of the OUN-UPA national liberation struggle of Ukrainian people, and the OUN-UPA fighters - members of the national liberation struggle for national independence of Ukraine.
OUN was founded in 1929 in Vienna at the congress (gathering) of Ukrainian nationalists. The leader of the main wire (Staff) of the OUN was proclaimed Eugene Konovalets, a lieutenant in the Austrian army, who S. Petljura made a colonel. E. Konovalets commanded the Sich Riflemen corps, who committed a brutal massacre of the arsenal rebels in January 1918. At the end of 1929, Stepan Bandera appears in the arena of the OUN, who, along with Roman Shukhevych trained in fascist Italy in a special reconnaissance school. S. Bandera and R.Shukhevych direct the terrorist activities of the OUN in Poland (and in western Ukraine, as it was part of Poland at that time). For organizing and implementing a series of terrorist acts and assassinations S.Bandera and R. Shukhevych were sentenced by the Polish authorities. Having served his sentence, Shukhevych graduated special courses at a German military academy in Munich, and then special courses for training officers to become an officer in the Abwehr.
When the Nazis came to power in Germany, the Berlin OUN organization was included in the state of the Gestapo on the Rights of the Special Branch, and fully maintained. After the death of Konovalets in August 1939, Andrei Melnik was elected leader of the OUN, a former officer of the Sich Riflemen, a Petlura Colonel, agent of the Abwehr under the pseudonym "Consul-1”. To finance the activities of OUN, Melnik received annually from the German government 2-2,5 million marks.
In September 1939, after the occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany, Bandera was released from prison. Young OUN-ites united around him, who at the "grand assembly" of the OUN in Krakow in April 1941, Bandera was elected as its leader. The main tasks of the gathering were set: the overthrow of the Bolshevik regime in Ukraine, deepening ties with Germany, Italy and Japan as the States opposed communism; coordination of operations with the German army in the rear of the Red Army. After his agreement to cooperate with the Nazis, Bandera also began to receive from the Germans 2.5 million marks and a decent quantity of arms.
The Nazis were removed from the front after the bloody massacre by the OUN-ite Battalions Nachtegal and Roland that they carried about in Lvov, which then re-formed into the punitive police "shutsmanshaftbatalon-201”, brushed up in training and thrown into Belarus to fight the Red Army partizans.
In connection with the deployment of Soviet guerrilla movements throughout Ukraine, Bandera led by the Nazis in late 1942 - early 1943 begin to form the so-called Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), designed specifically to combat the Soviet partisans and sympathizers residents. The Chief of the UPA was the closest associate of Bandera, R. Shukhevych. For arming the UPA, the Nazis handed over to them more than 700 mortar rounds, approximately 10 000 heavy machine guns and hand, 26 thousand machines guns, 22,000 pistols, 100,000 grenades, 80,000 mines and shells, etc. The UPA fighters attacked the Soviet partizans, organized pogroms in the villages, destroyed, killed and burned. The corpses of strangled, choked, killed, hacked to death and sawn alive people filled up the water wells. Many were burned alive in their huts, their children nailed to trees alive, etc. And after the expulsion of the Nazis in Ukraine, the UPA fighters continued their bloody work, killing over 30,000 civilians and about 25 thousand soldiers.
That is the kind of "national liberation struggle" waged by Bandera, these bloody-thirsty fascist butchers, murderers of Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, Russian, Gypsy, Belarus and other peoples.
More information about the activities of the OUN-UPA can be found in statements by the Ukrainian Buro of the CC AUCPB: "No to Rehabilitation of Banderite heirs!", October 2005, ("Workers 'and Peasants' truth» № 11 (104), 2005), "At the service of fascism. On the 65 th anniversary of the so-called Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), September 2007, ("Workers' and Peasants truth» № 10 (127), 2007) and other documents.
In foreign policy in the program of VO “Svoboda” it proclaims:
"To recognize European Ukraine-centrism as the strategic policy of the Power, according to which Ukraine aspires to become not only the geographical but also geopolitical centre of Europe."
"Stop all the participation of Ukraine in supranational Euro-Asian formations centred in Moscow: Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Common Economic Space (CES).
"To attract via special state programs numerous Ukrainian diaspora to lobby for Ukrainian interests in other countries around the world."
"Sign clear bilateral treaties with the United States and Britain for immediate large-scale military assistance in case of armed aggression by Russia."
"Restore the nuclear status of Ukraine in connection with violations of the Budapest Memorandum (1994), Russia (one of the guarantors of Ukraine's security) ... turn to the United States and Britain for cooperation and assistance in the nuclear program of Ukraine".
"... purge the authorities and power structures from agents of Moscow, ... to ensure the withdrawal of Russian military bases from Ukrainian territory ...".
"Demand from NATO member countries favourable conditions for Ukraine, firm guarantees and specific timing for the possible entry of Ukraine into the NATO Alliance ...".
"Develop at the level of the SNB (Council for National Security and Defense - Ed.) A program of unilateral actions of Ukraine in case of Russian non-commitments regarding the withdrawal of the Russian Black Sea Fleet from Ukrainian territory until 2017, to demand the immediate withdrawal of the Russian Black Sea Fleet from the Crimea if the Russian Federation will continue to violate the Laws of Ukraine and signed international agreements. "
As you can see, it is this anti-communist anti-Russian program that was implemented during the years of Yushchenko’s presidency,.
The program of VO "Svoboda" is fully consistent with the aims and objectives of Zionist capital and U.S. imperialism for world domination. More precisely, this program, as well as all the activities of national-fascist "Svoboda", is made in relation to the aims and objectives of the US-Zionist capital, financed, including the use of the Ukrainian diaspora and sent to them.
The demand to restore the nuclear status of Ukraine is no more than a windbag statement to lure the unconscious nationalist youth. A strong Ukraine, especially a nuclear one, is not needed by U.S. imperialism.


German fascism was nurtured and armed with the money of the largest Zionist corporations and banks in the U.S., Britain and France to destroy the Soviet Union and socialism. But Hitler disobeyed his masters and occupied almost the whole of Europe before attacking the USSR. All western countries failed to provide decent resistance to the fascist aggressors: in 35 days Poland was defeated, Denmark fell in one day, Norway, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg were occupied. The French army resisted a total of 44 days. The British expeditionary force, suffered a major defeat by the Nazis, and was forced to evacuate the British Isles. The Nazis seized a number of countries in the Balkans. In the capitalist world, there was no force which would be able to stop German fascism.
Only entry into the war by the Soviet Union reversed the course of hostilities. On June 22, 1941, the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people for their freedom and independence began.
The Soviet Union became a decisive force, the first to stop the aggressor and then defeating Nazi Germany and its satellites, as well as defeating militarist Japan. Already by 6 May 1942, under the influence of Red Army's victories, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote: "From the standpoint of grand strategy ... it is difficult to escape the obvious fact that the Russian army destroyed more enemy soldiers and weapons than all other 25 member states of the United Nations taken together." On January 29, 1943, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was forced to admit: "... all our military operations are carried out in a very small scale compared to the vast resources of England and the United States, and even more so compared with the gigantic efforts of Russia."
Over 73% of the total losses the German fascist army suffered in battles were with the Soviet Army during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. The damage to manpower in the Wehrmacht on the Soviet-German front, was 4 times more than the Western European and Mediterranean theatres of operations, combined, and the number of killed and wounded - 6 times more. The Soviet-German front was destroyed along with the bulk of the military equipment of the enemy: Up to 75% of tanks and assault guns, over 75% of aviation, 74% of artillery shells.
The Soviet Union made a decisive contribution to the liberation of peoples of other countries from the Nazi yoke. About 7 million Soviet soldiers took part in the liberation of 11 European countries, 1.5 million - in the liberation of Northeast China (Manchuria) and North Korea.
All these facts are irrefutable evidence of the decisive contribution of the USSR in the Great Victory.
The main sources of Soviet people's victory over the Nazi invaders during World War II were: the superiority of the socialist way of life and the Soviet social system over the imperial system of Nazi Germany, the cutting edge ideological and theoretical and moral superiority of the Marxist-Leninist ideology over the Nazi ideology of racial misanthropic; the advantage of the socialist planned economy, over the imperialist economy.
At the heart of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 were also the brotherhood and friendship between the peoples of the USSR, Soviet, proletarian internationalism and socialist patriotism, love by the people of the USSR to their socialist Soviet motherland; heroism of soldiers on the front and workers of the rear; indestructible unity of the party and the people, the superiority of Soviet military science over the military school of Nazi Germany, the talent and strategic skill of the Soviet military leaders.
The main source of the Great Victory was the entire leadership of the struggle of the Soviet people by the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), headed by the successor and the continuer of great Lenin, the leader of the Soviet people and working people around the world, Generalissimo Joseph STALIN. One in two Communists and millions of Komsomols laid their heads on the battlefields.
The victory over Nazi Germany had been won under the red banner of Lenin and Stalin, which was hoisted over the Reichstag, and no slanderers will be able to detract from this outstanding historical fact.

May 16, 2011, Kiev
A. Mayevsky

On May 26 this year in Moscow, an International Conference "Tribunal against the NATO aggression, in Libya” was held, which was attended by more than 30 people, including the Deputy Ambassador of Libya to Russia, a delegation from Ukraine, a representative of the Communists in Slovakia, several scientists-Arabists, and representatives of the anti-globalists. Presentations were made by tele-appeals on the conference theme from the Czech Republic and Canada. The event was organized by representatives of the public organization “Veche”. Reports and about fifteen speeches were also heard. Without exception they were for the independence of Libya, support for al-Gaddafi, and sharply condemned the aggressive actions of the U.S. and NATO in Libya. The speaking representative of the AUCPB, S.V. Khristenko emphasized the actual identical nature of the objectives and methods of Hitler's fascism and current American imperialism.
The main report “On urgent measures by international civil society on organizing means to combat global aggression and compulsion to the world of aggressor states", declares-
"Today, once again is acutely raised the issue countering the aggressive behaviour of the United States, European Union and NATO on the world stage. Yesterday it was the aggression against Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Now we are talking about the open military invasion into the territory of another sovereign state - Libya. The arrogant and unceremonious violation of the sovereignty of an independent nation causes in the world community not only outrage but also fear that tomorrow the victim of brutal aggression may become any other state with resources which a global aggressor requires. The probability of Russia being on the list of potential victims is also quite high.
Unfortunately, we must note that in the world after the collapse of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact military alliance, there is simply no active force capable of resisting such aggression. It would have seemed that the role of a barrier to aggression should have been played by the United Nations as a guarantor of international law. However, experience shows that this organization is deprived of the opportunity to provide any meaningful impact on the processes occurring in the global arena in a uni-polar world, and the UN has actually lost capacity for this. The Security Council of this organization discredited itself by Security Council Resolution number 1973, grossly violating the UN Charter itself. If in the near future the most determined efforts are not made, the only guarantor of international security in the face of the UN will be completely incapacitated and discredited ... "
In conclusion, the Conference unanimously adopted the summary document (one of which we publish below), and plans are formulated to address the critical issues:
1. Organize and conduct an "International Tribunal to investigate the crimes of the U.S. and NATO against Libya, involving non-governmental organizations, political parties and Governments concerned.
2. In as much the UN for its criminal actions has completely discredited itself and made itself illegitimate in terms of preserving and maintaining peace on earth, the peoples of the world must decide what needs to be done here.
3. The Decisions offer a clear plan of action for achieving the goals, showing that the organizers of the International Conference are going to really struggle for the implementation of initiatives.

Appeal to the heads of states, political parties, public and religious figures, to all people who cherish peace and security on our planet
- To assist in the preparation and holding of a World Forum “The International Tribunal to investigate the involvement of individuals, organizations and states in the aggression against the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, on measures of public forcing the aggressors to stop aggression and damage to persons, organizations, states, and victims of aggression.
We, participants of the International Conference on urgent action by international civil society on organizing methods to combat global aggression and forcing the world to live like the aggressor States, on behalf of the free citizens of the world, appeal to the Heads of State, the management of non-governmental organizations, political parties and social organizations, religious leaders of all confessions, and ordinary people of our planet with a proposal to support efforts to organize and conduct in the 2011 World Civic Forum an "International Tribunal to investigate the involvement of individuals, organizations and states in the aggression against the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and measures by the public forcing the aggressors to stop the aggression and reparation damage to persons, organizations, states, victims of aggression."
The holding of a World Civic Forum is due to the need to mobilize the world community to confront the global aggression against sovereign states, which have been carried out for many years by the United States of America, the states of the NATO military-political bloc and its military and global financial allies.
The United Nations, acknowledged to be the guarantor of international law and the inviolability of the basic principles of peaceful coexistence of nations, has failed to prevent armed incursions of the aggressors onto the territory of several independent states, thus did not meet our hopes for a peaceful future for our generation and our children.
The only force on the planet today that can stand in the way of aggression and establish peace on earth, was, is and will be the force of the self-organized community of citizens from different countries, united for the sake of world peace. Only the ordinary citizens of the world are fully interested in that there are no falling bombs and missiles filled with uranium raining down on the heads of their mothers and children. The person who realizes himself or herself first and foremost as a father and mother of their children, is genuinely interested in confronting aggression directed against both his family and the people and against the country in which he or she lives. It is we, ordinary citizens, most of all are interested in peace and stability on our planet.
The aggression unleashed by the U.S. and NATO against the sovereign state of Libya, should be halted immediately. The crimes committed by participants and organizers of the armed invasion, are subject to trial before the world civic community. The organizers and accomplices of the crimes are subject to prosecution before the international community.
We, participants of the conference call on heads of states to give full organizational, informational and material support to the World Civic Forum, as well as to consider the advisability of combining the World Civic Forum with the summit of heads of states that are potential targets of the destructive intentions of the global aggressor. At the summit, we propose to lay the foundations for a new system of relations in the world, based on the rule of the sovereignty of countries and states. The question should also be brought up on the reforming of the United Nations, which has not been able to effectively counteract the flouting of international norms and laws, or to replace the UN by a workable alternative to the international organization.
We, the participants call upon all who are interested in establishing peace on earth, regardless of their nationality and religion, to unite their efforts and inflict a decisive blow to global aggression. Let this World Civic Forum be a precedent for a new, truly democratic form of strengthening international law and equitable world order!
We urge all those who struggle in solidarity with the Libyan people against the aggressors, those who want peace on our planet, to take an active part in the preparation of the International Tribunal over the aggressor in the summer of 2011.
The implementation of this civil initiative, the holding of an extensive investigation and public court over the aggressors is possible only with your personal moral and material support.
For a world without aggression! For a world without war! For world peace!

Participators in the International Conference

May 26, 2011, Moscow


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