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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Gaddafi speech July 1, 2011

On Friday, July 1st, 2011, the leader of the Libyan revolution Muammar Gaddafi addressed via telephone a very large crowd of hundreds of thousands of people, which gathered in Tripoli in support of revolution leader Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan government. Here is a video of that speech.

As the western media are currently fully occupied to spead bold lies about this speech to justify NATO’s predatory colonial war against Libya here is a transcript of the speech in English taken from „A Million Supporting Gaddafi“ on Facebook:

Gaddafi speech Translated by A Million Supporting Gaddafi Admin اسكندر بيك
It’s Day of Anger ,it’s day of the great Challenge , to show the Pride of the great Libyan
To show the brave , to show the exist of Libyan ,
Day of Dignity. Dary to proud of our martyrs.
This is a historical letter , it will be written by human history , directed by the Libyan people, to the Life and for the world to the six continents of the Earth
History will write at 1 July 2011 was a great day ,
Was on the face of history when one people of the peoples of the earth send a strong message with the courage to challenge Under the bombardment of NATO planes
It is well known in the history of NATO, known in the history its as 28 countries Nuclear states but its planes and missiles and bombs Crashed under the courage of the Libyan people and the pride of the Great Libyan people .
Listen O world voice of Libyan people , the great Libyan , Free Libyans , People who decided to live with pride and to live free and die
Allah Akbar
My friends in Europe My poor friend Berlusconi Open Libya channel ,
Sarkozy, the poor, my friend open a channel of Libya, but I advise you to take tranquilizers before you open Libya channel , because you will be shocked , shocked because you have weak nerves will not bear what you see in the channel of Libya , the challenge of Libyan people millions march The power of the Libyan people that you experience in North Africa and you my son Obama, ask the empolyers of the White House to show you Libya channel i am speakingto you live Now to see the facts In order to know that you are right when you withdraw from madness and the crazy of NATO and from Europe
You, who in Britain I do not know your name? What name? Camera ? ah Cameron
Open the channel of Libya in Down Street, Open Libya channle if your nervse hold of what you will see open Libya channle if you hold , you and Berlusconi , Sarkozy and Cameron and others make sure now you are ere in the sea And you chasing a mirage And you must be dreaming, you are wrong you trubled in a battle did not have the expense of it you don’t have experience in this battle
Withdraw Now , go to home
I advise you to Withdraw Everything you have will be destroyed ,This people is estimated to convey the battle to the Mediterranean and can Transmitted it to Europe , Can transgress your homes , your offices and your families can be legitimate Military targets as you did made our offices and our houses and our children a legitimate Military targets . Reciprocal treatment , Tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye and the darker the parnter .Child for Child , Family for a Family , house for a house , if we decide we can do it . we are Able to move to Europe, such as locusts, and like the bees ,But I advise to withdraw Before a disaster . first of all look at Libyan people ,Is this a people ruled by a dictator?Is this the people suppressed? This people came from everywhere without an order from Muammar Gaddafi , me myself surprised of all this March , Crowds ,women , men , Families , Children , look at Families , look at childreen crawled from the masses everywhere
Who ask them to come ?
Is Muammar Gaddafi came to them?
they Come by the power of Challenge
This is the courage .This day a memorable day Libyan people send a universal and historical message . it will be written in the histort that after 100 days of successive bombardment day and night with rockets and bombs Families , men , women , children out to the streets and squares filling the streets and squares .
Not only in Tripoli, but in all the Libyan cities, villages and oases , Facing Libyan people is a big lose for you , you will lose the battle , its first time for you to face armed people . those people you see is armed people having machine guns and knifes also ax , lastly even with knifes . this crowds you have to deal with . i advice you if you want peace , and you want Things return to what it was before 100 days ago then deal with Libyan people . Not with Moammer Gaddafi , Moammer Gaddafi isn’t represented Libyan people , Moammer Gaddafi is Symbole of Libyans . look to the people , this is the people , so deal with Libyans this people is a members of 2000 trines , deal with the Tribes elders , deal with the leadership of people ,the tribes elders in the main meeting with Basic People’s Congresses .I don’t want to rule Libyan people and i can’t say accept this or reject or negotiate with this or this , Libyan decide that their selves , I handled everything since 1977 . since 77 i give everything to Libyan , if you want peace come to negotiate with Libyan , if you want Oil come negotiate with Libyan , you want Democracy come negotiate with Libyan people . anything you want go to Libyan , if you ask how to get that by the Basic people’s congress that Libyan join it all Libyan , men and women , the live democracy , not the system of Moammer Gaddafi , the system of Libyan people ,political system in Libya is the system of Libya , that’s why it will not fall . even if some ran , fear who fear , fall who fall , it will not worth anything , if 100 Ambassador ran Libya people able to bring 1000 Ambassador next day , this not worthy , this is not your government if The Minister of Interiors resigned in Italy , italy government fall . but in Libya Secretary go this is not worthy the basic people’s congress can bring number of Secretary instead . because the system in Libya is the system of Libyan , Direct popular democracy that you don’t know , you your people protesting against you , and you see what Libyan people doing with Moammer Gaddafi in the fields and squares , compare between demonistrations in EU and between demonistrations in Libya , you your people don’t carry your pictures it’s against you , it’s break your pictures and want you to go down , demonistrations everywhere , asks for real democracy , what’s the real democracy it’s meaning the democracy in Libya should be applied in EU , your people telling you that people should ruled their selves , as Libyan people , Popular Conferences and People’s Committees , conference decide and the committes applied , if Libyan people want change any system they can do , nobody can represent Libyan people , You are provoking the Libyan people , you Insulted the Libyan people, when brought agents Traitors and they said they represent Libyan people . is this the democracy you have ? you bring a traitor with your aircraft and you say this is represent Libyan people , is this the democracy ? to hell your democracy if it’s like this , democacy is the democracy of people . all people set on chairs this is democracy , the experience of Libyan Will win in Europe and America , Asia , and everywhere in world . it will win . Theory of the Libyan people will win , and the revolution of Libyan people , the revolution of the great Fateh will win in all world . even the revolution of France been fough by Europe’s reaction , Royal and fascist , but at the end the revolution of France won , Era of republics won , and Become bourgeois republics is the system prevailing in the world after the revolution of France , Now Libyan people present to you aljamahirya last Level after the republic , you fight it or not Aljamahirya will win . and all world will become Jamahiry (Public) Will prevail instead of parties, the People’s Congresses ,the parties will fall , Parties are tools reactionary . this is the democracy popular conference decide and people’s committees applied .unless if Libyan people want change it . Libyan people is free .Libyan people made it and Libyan people can change it . i advice you to stop your aircraft and don’t let anyone make you fool and make you mercenaries , The owners of the money they make heads of state of European a mercenaries with them , i advice you to deal with Libyan people , starting of tomorrow especially after African Summit , the first decision from the African Summit is rejects Decision of the so-called International Criminal Court As false and as a tool of colonialism
Africa rejected this decision . after that you will say how to deal with Libyan people ,the have a basic People’s congress ,all Libyan in it men and women . you will ask me how to deal with the Basic People’s Congress ? we have General People’s congress . you will ask me how to get the General People’s Congress ? you will get it with Secretariat of General People’s Congress you will tell me maybe this not gonna happened , you have another way ? the Tribes of Libya more than 2000 tribes , tribes formed the Forum of Tribes from Tobruk to Zawara , you will ask me how to Get the forum of Libya Tribes , you will get it at the secretariat Tribes formed . i will give you address , i will not interevene , Never , I gave the Power to the people , I trust the people , and everything to the people , diginity to the people , Oil to the people , Land to the people , future to the people , if you want to find solution go To libyan people don’t depend on the traitors you brought , those will never be accepted by people , or by Benghazi , No lane will accept them . they Deceived you , Deceived , Deceived you , this is the People Does not accept to be represented by any one not behalf of people .Representation is fraud , Open Libya Channel i advice you My friends to Open Libya channle , then Bombing isn’t the resolution , aircraft isn’t the resolution . falling the weapons on the retraitors isn’t benefiting .And the fifth column of mercenaries in the mountain didn’t made anything for you . you hit what you hit no benefiting for you , you make Psychological warfare no benefiting , you lies lies lies no benefiting from your lies , then search for Exit from this truble , I’m helping you giving you solution .look , look to the streets is full of people , EU countries’s streets full of people who against their rulers , i challnege you , look at my people they carry my pictures , Today it’s memorized in the world , they recorded that in the History of Human being they see for first time flag tall 4.5 KM . they recorded it in the history , this flag you see isn’t made by Gaddafi , yesterday i heard women sold their gold to buy green Linen , to connect the tall of flag to 4.5 KM , imagin women sold their gold to make this flag , and shops give some to make this tall Flag , is this made by Gaddafi ? this made by people . to get rid of this conspiracy and dirty game you made and you trubled in it , don’t deal with Muammer Gaddafi , Deal with Libyan people , they are Now challenge you , you see now the anger of Libyan people, you see the diginity of Libyan people , Blockade on sea and earth No benefiting , this is the people , then leave everything , Stop Bombing , and deal with Libyan people , tell Libyan people forgive us , we thought it’s easy we thought it’s Game , we never thought it’s so dangerous , look at the Masses as Atlantic , NATO have Atlantic , we have Atlantic too , This is SATO against NATO . this is SATO of MASSES , have you ever seen masses like this before ? only its against you .
you my brothers I talk to you now ,if you want to finish this crise , solution in your hands , as you come here to the green square , you crawling to the western mountain , France dropped the weapons by parachute , you take weapons from them , if you want Exempting them you can exampt if you don’t want it’s up to you . you crawling on western mountain with million clean it to Dheba . then this problem would be finished , and our families who are in Tunisia ran from the retraitors and the Fifth column who now show theirselves , now they are the same as French soldiers they are mercenaries to France , Retraitors just like the retraitors who were with Italians , Now it’s clear they are with the French soldiers , it’s as we fighing the French soldiers in the Western Mountain .who got killed from us is in the Paradise and who got killed from them is in the Hell , their women in Tunisia work for Tunisian women , yesterday Tunisian women were working for Libyan women ,who made Libyan women work as washers and slaves where is he ? this is who you should crawling on him and capturing him , search for him , who insulting you , there a libyan women is asking for money from Tunisians women , they are Servants in Tunisia ,What brought you to this situation ? Retraitors who is with the NATO now , crawling now on Western Mountain clean it Lane Lane , then Crawling with the same Million on Misurata liberal it lane lane , Liberal Families of Misurata that asking for Help , crawling without weapons , take off their weapons those gangs , and make Misurata city free , that have your goods , that have Iron and steel plant yours , if someone touch the Oil in Brega or Alwahat , or the oild which is come to the Filter of AlZawyia you should crawling on it with Million , No toying on Oil , Oil is your Life and your children Life , you have to Securing oil with People , Million should crawling to protect oil , Prepar yourself women and men To settle the the battle it’s in your hands .
and the victory is close if you resist and crawling such is this crawling , crawling on those who NATO stand with them , then NATO will not find anyone to depend on , they will know there is one People challenge , Brave , NATO will Surrender and go home , then the Solution in your hands , you can settle the battle in several days , and the bombing will stop and blockage will finish , and eveything will be finished when you controle all your land , then they will come to say we want to deal with you since you are the land’s owners , The Excellencies and we were wrong we never thought Libyan people Like this , Battle in your hand , Oh thanks Thanks I see your hand , I see your hand thanks thanks Live live , oh you seen , Look Look what women has written on their hands , and you there your people insluting you , your people insluting you , the battle finish it fast , This is not a battle regular army, this is a battle inside the houses , inside Families , gang come to building control it and make Human shields . take children and make them bed , thanks mama i see you i see you , oh i see Moammer Only , Let them see , in EU and USA in all World let them see , we have to finish the battle as soon as , and the battle in our hands , if they want to negotiate with us then welcome , they are losers , they don’t have hope in Mercenaries Nor by drop arms by Parachute , even with bombs , or rockits , they tried it 100 day and it’s all failing , Nothing they have to under go to the will of Libyan , then hurry and crawling on the mountain and on Misurata , then everything will be finished , Benghazi will come it’s not impossible ,Benghazi everyday march everyday explodings , everyday , that’s meaning retraitors hasn’t exist there , Sarkozi who put them , they will rule Libyan people is it reasonable ? this is Nonsense .
prepar men and women to crawling front world , as you crawling now , Crawling tomorrow and after and the days is coming , on all places where retraitors and the fifth column and on the mercenaries who killing your sons everyday , everyday they’re killing your sons by the NATO aircraft , and by the protection of NATO aircraft , Take off their weapons , all tribes should crawling , all masses should crawling men and women , we are doing our duty front of History and we will not betray our great past , the sacrificing of our grandfathers , and we will not fail our Children and the next generations , and we will not fail the future
and will not betray the past , here the Brave and the pride , we are the owners of the right , we are in our land , the land of our grandfathers , we will never leave it , and we will die for it , this is our duty , our duty , glory for you O Brave , glory for you O Libyans , this is the glory , this is the Brave , This is the Pride , GO AHEAD GO AHEAD The struggle continues until victory

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