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Wednesday, 29 June 2011



70 years have past from the date of the treacherous attack by Nazi Germany on our Soviet Motherland, but the date of June 22, 1941 a heavy, open wound remains in the memory of our people.

In the modern bourgeois media (in fact - DISINFORMATION), another campaign of slander and concealing true facts about the pre-war period and the beginning of World War II has been launched. Corrupt journalists and historian-populists on TV and radio channels, with anguish in their voices read aloud to us "all the known documents and reports," which, allegedly, "Stalin did not believe," even though it is known exactly what they are - fake or fraudulent fragments, not carrying specific information about the date of commencement of the war. Bourgeois-pro-Zionist media continue to make a fool us by their long-known slogan: "all those believe it are cattle!" And afterwards, some "believe", and then start to throw mud at their country of Soviets, their fathers and grandfathers, who with weapons in hands upheld our light, bright home, in the throes of hard-won socialism.

We must, and are entitled to know the truth about what really happened on June 22, 1941, why it happened, and who is to blame.

In spite of Khrushchev's pogroms of the archives, a number of facts that the Soviet leadership, headed by Stalin was preparing to repel the attack of Nazi Germany and its satellites have been preserved. Here are some of them:

- Intelligence by the NKVD reported to Stalin strictly documentary evidence that from May 22, the Wehrmacht military transport was put on maximum tight schedule (countdown "X"). On May 24, Stalin reports to the Politburo: "It seems that in the near future we shall receive a surprise attack by Germany!" Covert movement of Sovit troops began.

- June 18, 1941, Stalin authorizes a directive to the General Staff to place the first strategic echelon troops on full alert (possibly destroyed under Khrushchev, but references to it are preserved in a number of archival documents and memoirs of people who took part in the war). Surviving orders, pursuant to the directive, talk about stealth from enemy troop movements in Ur, laying mines using all stockpiled anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, and preparation for blowing up bridges, about returning to their units with air defense exercises, etc.
The commander of the Belorussian Military District, General Pavlov, did not comply with the, and Zhukov did not control the situation!

- In the evening of 21 June 1941, under the leadership of Stalin, a meeting was held, at which the decision was made about Directive number 1, in which it expressly stated that a surprise attack by Germany was possible, and, moreover, clearly indicated the need to "be in full combat readiness." While Zhukov and Timoshenko finished the document text, Beria, from the reception of Stalin's office, on the phone gave the command code and at 2130 June 21, 1941, border and internal troops, all the organs of internal affairs and national security were in full combat readiness. Until 00.30 on June 22, Directive number 1 was transferred to the General Staff in all Districts. At 4.00 am on June 22, along the western border of the USSR, all the troops in arms to meet adequately the brutal enemy, and the Belarusian Military District under the command of General Pavlov slept in barracks and tents ... In the Baltic Military District at night on June 22, 1941, planes of the first echelon in convoy, fully fuelled and equipped, were on the runways of airfields, but the command to take off did not follow!?

We want to know the TRUTH, and it is hidden in the criminal cases of Pavlov and the Air Force. The truth about the treachery and betrayal of the people is needed because today fascism, the not quite dead carriers which were flown to the U.S. by plan ODESSA, have again stood up and began to gain momentum in several countries on the planet. Now it is called differently - ZIONISM, but the methods are old, used in 30-40s of last century. We see what pro-Zionist U.S. ruling circles, and Israel are doing in the world today. We can see what is happening in a number of states that have emerged in the Soviet Union and and the socialist camp, the genocide of indigenous people, the prohibition of Soviet flags, the attacks on the veterans, marching Nazis, desecration of monuments to the fallen in the struggle against fascism of the III-Third Reich. We see how in the growing global crisis of CAPITALISM in its imperialist ruling clique of salvation and its political servants are preparing for people a new IV ZIONIST Reich -.

Zionism is a kingdom of darkness. This is kingdom of darkness must be destroyed in the name of light and goodness in the world, destroyed by way of socialist revolution - the inevitable course of history. If you do not – then civilization could cease to exist.

People of good will, proletarians of all countries, unite!
Our cause is just. The enemy will be defeated.
Victory will be ours!



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