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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


14.06.2011 13:52
June 12 in Novosibirsk, another pensioners’ protest took place against the decision of the Governor Yurchenko to abolish unlimited free travel for pensioners on public transport.

We recall that the organizers of these actions had decided to hold them in the summer season once a month – on the 12th of each month.

This time there were about 200 people. Firstly a meeting was held at the residence of the governor, and then march on the sidewalk of Krasny Prospect, then a rally at Lenin Square. Participants of the rally - pensioners expressed their determination to fight to the end and again take to the streets in thousands, if the governor does not cancel his decision.
Participants of the rally expressed their attitude to the bogus "holiday" June 12 " Russia’s Day” of, branding it as a day of tragedy and betrayal when, in 1990 the Declaration of Independence of Russia was adopted (in reality - complete dependence on the U.S.) and began to liquidate the Soviet Union.

The rally and march were once again unsanctioned by the authorities, although the organizers are not obliged by law to seek their permission.

On Lenin Square, official authorities had organized a "holiday" concert. When the column of protesters approached Lenin Square and began to hold a rally at the monument to Lenin, from the "concert" stage, was enclosed in a hurry from the statue of Lenin by a metal armature (which hosted the meeting), a deafening rumble was heard with bad taste in the guise of "folk music" in order not to give the pensioners their rally.

People's attitude towards this pseudo folk music and the "holiday" itself could be judged by the number of the 50 or so onlookers gathered at the concert, mostly vacationers, not taking any part in it.

The protesters themselves expressed their attitude to the official "holiday" with anti-United Russia Party chants and slogans along with the singing of Soviet songs - "Arise, great country, arise to the fight to the death!"

The next event is on July 12, then on August 12, same time, same place - at 12.00 am at the residence of the governor.
People are demanding:
- Cancel the unconstitutional decision of the Governor,
- Adopt a regional law guaranteeing the rights of pensioners and people on benefits, to include the right to unlimited travel.

The struggle continues! Down with the power of the bourgeoisie!




10.06.2011 13:59

On June 7, in Krasnoyarsk there was a meeting of workers of ZAO "Sibtyazhmash”. The workers demanded payment of wage arrears, which constitute about 50 million rubles. The action was attended by about three hundred people – reports correspondent of "ICD" in the Federation of Trade Unions of Krasnoyarsk Territory. In addition to employees in in the action, activists took part from the trade union of Mechanical Engineering, which includes the trade union of the enterprise.

Incidentally, another requirement of the protesters – is repayment of union contributions - about 500 thousand rubles.

The protest action was a necessary measure after it developed as a result of negotiations between the representatives of trade unions and enterprise management over debt repayment schedule of wages broke down.

It was a noisy protest, and people's emotions can be understood. The company's management refused to come out to talk to the people, despite persistent appeals.

A resolution demanded that workers at the rally were repay debts on wages, preserve the plant and jobs and resume its work, to pay outstanding contributions to the trade union – says the newspaper "Solidarity".

Previously, workers at the company held protests. Thus, a mass rally to demand payment of arrears of wages took place on December 24, 2010. However, over time the owners of the company have not solved the problem.


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