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Monday, 6 June 2011

Lee Myung Bak Group Can Never Evade Responsibility for Bringing Inter-Korean Relations to Collapse: Spokesman for NDC

Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) -- The Lee Myung Bak group of traitors on May 19 let a guy claiming to be a spokesman for Chongwadae spread rumor that the "true intention" reflected in Lee's "Berlin proposal" was conveyed to the DPRK side at a secret contact made between the north and the south of Korea in Beijing recently. A spokesman for the DPRK National Defence Commission Wednesday gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA as regards this:

The above-said group is master hands at fabrications as they cook up lies and deny what they have done and hooligans who renege on the promises made to the nation like a pair of old shoes.

This is clearly evidenced by the "Cheonan" sinking case and Yonphyong Island shelling case.

It is a sheer lie that at the Beijing secret contact the south side briefed the DPRK side on the "real intention" reflected in the "Berlin proposal" made by traitor Lee.

Now that the Lee group let the spokesman for Chongwadae open to public the above-mentioned secret contact first on the basis of fabrications and is busy floating nonsensical stories, the DPRK side has no option but to clarify it as it happened.

Finding it hard to evade the responsibility for having driven the inter-Korean relations to catastrophe, the Lee group was aware that the crisis in the closing period of its rule might further deepen due to the situation. Hence, entering April the group made repeated requests to "hold a secret contact for the 'summit talks,' saying it would no more talk about 'Cheonan' warship sinking case and Yonphyong Island shelling case."

And it made poor excuses that what matters is that Lee's "policy towards the north" is "misunderstood" by the north and the south, in fact, stands for the improvement of the north-south relations.

Kim Chon Sik, chief of the policy room of the puppet ministry of unification, Hong Chang Hwa, director of the intelligence service, and Kim Thae Hyo, senior presidential secretary for foreign strategy of secretariat of Chongwadae, and others came out to the venue of the secret contact that started on May 9. They, however, began playing jugglery to wrest apology from the DPRK side, asserting that the above-said cases were "mountains to be crossed with wisdom" for the improvement of the south-north relations. This was a breach of the promise made to the DPRK side earlier.

When it declared that it was preposterous to say the word "apology" over the cases with which it had nothing to do and just measures for self-defence, they asked it to put forth "a compromise proposal" to be declared before the world, the proposal which cannot be interpreted as apology, when viewed by the north side but as apology when viewed by the south side. They implored the north to "make a little concession".

When the DPRK side told them to go back to Seoul at once, saying it is not necessary to discuss the issue of the summit talks in which unreasonable "apology" raised as a pre-condition, they tried hard to keep the contact going on at any cost, saying that it would not be long before Lee Myung Bak's tenure of office would end, the present authorities are hard pressed for time and it is more favorable to push forward the inter-Korean relations by joining hands with the conservative forces, in stead of doing so with the progressive forces.

Noting that a program for all events for the opening of the "summit talks" has already been worked out, they said that depending on the settlement of the issues of the two cases, they expected to open ministerial talks for the "summit talks" late in May to announce agreed points, hold the first round of the "summit talks” in Panmunjom late in June, the second one in Pyongyang two months later and the third round of the "summit talks" during the summit for nuclear security slated to take place in March next year. They earnestly begged the DPRK side to take this embarrassing situation into consideration.

When the DPRK side clarified its steadfast stand that such summit talks cannot take place as long as the south side insists on the hostile policy towards the DPRK, persistently claiming that the north should "dismantle its nukes first" and calling for "an apology" for the two cases, they asked it to express at least "regret" at the two cases, proposed meeting in Malaysia again to conclude the discussion of this issue and urged it to rapidly push forward the arrangements for opening the "summit talks". They went the lengths of showing off enveloped money to lure someone but suffered shame.

The puppet group asked the DPRK side to keep secret what was said at the secret contact, saying the situation in south Korea is complicated unlike that in the north and if that is known to the south, it will entail adverse consequences. They repeatedly asked the north side to keep secret the accounts of the contact as nobody knows about this except Hyon In Thaek, minister of Unification, the director of the intelligence service and the presidential secretary-general who looked after the secret contact at the personal instruction of "President" Lee and those sent to Beijing for the contact.

It was these guys who first opened to the public the misrepresented accounts of the secret Beijing contact in an attempt to propagandize the "justice" of the "Berlin proposal."

This is the whole story about the secret contact that the spokesman for Chongwadae claimed the real intention reflected in the proposal was conveyed to the north before and after May 19.

Had the Lee group have the true intention to improve the north-south relations, it should not have let loose such reckless remarks as what it called "Berlin proposal" and refrained from perpetrating such perfidy as opening to the public the misrepresented accounts of the secret contact.

All facts glaringly show what desperate efforts the Lee is making to shirk the responsibility for having driven the north-south relations to collapse in the closing period of its rule.

For all his desperate efforts the traitor cannot evade the responsibility for the crimes committed against the nation and reunification for three years in power.

The DPRK will make every possible effort to ensure peace, reunification and stability on the Korean Peninsula but it will no longer deal with the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors which meanly behaves, uttering incoherent words to achieve its sinister political aim.


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