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Saturday, 4 June 2011


27.05.2011 08:03
Construction workers went on strike in one of the construction companies of Snezhnogorsk (Murmansk region). The workers refused to comply with municipal contracts until they are paid. Promises by management of the company to pay people have been heard almost every day for the past five months. The last time the workers got paid in full was only in December last year.

The company's management acknowledged that the financial position of the firm is shaky. The issuing of a long-term loan of 15 million rubles to pay off debt and pay off the workers was decided. And then hope for a municipal contract, reports the website murman.rfn.ru.

27.05.2011 07:57
More than 30 workers at Electrical Services City of Nizhny Novgorod on May 23 participated in a strike against the actions of a housing management company of the Moscow district. This was reported in NIA "Nizhny Novgorod" by the director of “GES” Ltd, Sergei Khachaturov.

The workers went on strike at a housing management company office of Moscow district on Liukin street. The strikers oppose the break of the contract, relating to the service of 675 multi-storey that “GES” Ltd serviced previously.

Employees of “GES” Ltd Ltd demand an extention of the contract for services until the end of 2011 to save personnel and technical staff.

“GES” Ltd (City Electrical Services) is a specialized organization, which carries out maintenance and operation of electrical equipment of 675T multi-storey family homes since 2008.

“GES” Ltd is made up of a dispatch service, an emergency service, working around the clock, thus avoiding the recall of the electricians in the daytime, a group of technical audits constantly monitoring the technical condition of in-house electrical equipment, to compiling an act of inspection of dwelling houses on the basis of which is in the planning of repair and overhaul of in-house electrical equipment;a team of overhaulers; a certified engineer estimator, engineer PHE.

27.05.2011 07:53
Because of the new road in the village of Berezovsky (Krasnodar Territory) there was a threat of flooding. Villagers have a long time been sounding the alarm, but they say no one is listening. As a result, people had to block the road with cars and become a human shield on the road. During heavy rains, the village was permanently flooded, until a deep ditch was dug along the route. 13 years later and history has repeated itself. Alongside the houses, persmission has been given continuing paving the new road, but it has finished up half a meter above ground level. Nowadays after the rains, the water goes floods back into the houses.

Once people understood what threatens them with the new road, they immediately began to request a correction of the mistakes of the road designers and builders. But no amount of appealling to the village administration and no amount of complaints to the Mayor reversed the decision. There are still figuring out exactly who is responsible for this road, reports website ntktv.ru.


21.05.2011 16:39
Официальный представитель полиции Филиппин А.Круз сообщил, что утром 13 мая правительственные войска и полицейские подверглись нападению партизан “Новой народной армии” (ННА) в городе Рисаль в провинции Нуэва-Эсиха.

Днем ранее, произошло боестолкновение партизан с полицией в провинции Кагаян, которая находится в регионе Лусон, сообщает сайт www.rbc.ua.

ННА, руководимая Коммунистической партией Филиппин (КПФ), является ведущей антиправительственной вооруженной группировкой в стране. По оценкам военных Филиппин, в настоящее время она насчитывает свыше 4 тыс. членов.

Война между правительственными войсками и филиппинскими партизанами продолжается уже более 40 лет, сообщает сайт www.km.ru.

В 2010 году, по заявлениям партизан, они провели свыше 250 атак, уничтожив порядка 300 солдат и полицейских. Власти заявляют, что за прошлый год уничтожены 35 боевиков, более 130 захвачены в плен.
21.05.2011 16:39

The official police spokesman of the Philippines, A. Cruz said that on 13 May, government troops and police were attacked by guerrillas, of the "New People's Army (NPA) in the town of Rizal in the province of Nueva Ecija.

A day earlier, there was a partisan clash with police in the province of Cagayan, which is located in the region of Luzon, reports the website www.rbc.ua.

The NPA, led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), is the leading anti-government armed group in the country. According to the military of the Philippines, it now has over 4 thousand members.

The war between government troops and Filipino guerrillas has continued for more than 40 years, reports www.km.ru.

In 2010, according to the guerrillas, they carried out over 250 attacks, killing some 300 soldiers and police. The authorities say that last year they killed 35 militants, and more than 130 were captured.


21.05.2011 07:42
On a steep upward continues to develop the conflict in Karazhanbas, where the number of workers participating in a full hunger strike is growing rapidly and if their legal demands and are not satisfied, then a stoppage in oil production can happen in the coming days.

On Sunday, May 15 began a full and mass hunger strike by oil workers at Karazhanbas, and roughly the calculated the number of participants was about 280 people and more than 700 people are on partial bunger strike, that is, for the moment just refusing dinner. Workers are demanding the return of their trade union documents, forcibly held by the former chairman of the trade union, Erbossyn Kosarhanovy, who was removed by the general meeting of the collective of Karazhanbas. In addition to this, the workers demand a complete solution to the demands of the collective with respect to wages and additional social guarantees.

21.05.2011 06:54
Tens of thousands of students and unemployed took to the streets in more than 50 cities in Spain on Sunday to denounce the austerity measures by the government and force it to set as priorities job creation and economic growth.

The protesters chanted in Madrid: "We are not a commodity in the hands of politicians and bankers." Many wore yellow T-shirts that the group "Youth without a future" distributed, organized in April to put pressure on Prime Minister Jose Zapatero, that he invest in job creation programs. About 40% of young people of working age are currently out of work, but Zapatero announced the reduction of public investment by 6 billion to reduce the budget deficit.

Under pressure from the International Monetary Fund and the U.S. government, the freezing of pensions and freeze wages for public servants have also been introduced. Other major marches were held in Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao and Zaragoza.The events were mostly peaceful, but in Madrid police arrested 24 people after a clash in the evening.

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