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Saturday, 4 June 2011


31.05.2011 13:05


Statement by the Central Committee of the AUCPB on May 29, 2011

As you all may already know, on May 26-27 in Deauville (France) took place another summit of the Group of “Eight” (G8), in which state leaders discussed the current problems being the IMF, the situation in North Africa (Libya) and the Middle East, the creation of a European missile defence system, etc. At this summit, Mr. Obama actually showed WHO is master in the imperialist world. Barack Obama with his assistant to him President Dmitry Medvedev made the gathering of leaders at the summit of six European states, the "Six", wait half an hour (an unprecedented event!) whilst he condescended to an 1.5 hours talk with Dmitry Medvedev behind closed doors. Both were satisfied with the discussion. Dmitry Medvedev glowed with happiness, appeared before reporters.

"Over the past few years, a lot has been done to change the relationship” (between America and Russia – FB) - he told reporters. “We have every chance to preserve the positive trend, but we need to work hard and in the same spirit that exists between the presidents." Barack Obama told reporters that "he is very happy to see his friend and partner, Dmitry Medvedev." "In two years, we have succeeded in improving our relations, managed to really restart it, make it so that it contributes to the security and prosperity of the countries” (in the U.S. - yes, but not for Russia. - Our opinion). Barack Obama said that Moscow and Washington "are realizing the START Treaty, cooperating in the spreading of nuclear security in the area of counterterrorism and intelligence, implementing strong sanctions against Iran (!)” - And in this area, they have betrayed. That is our opinion). Obama also thanked Moscow for doing "very much useful in the transporting of various cargoes to Afghanistan." (In a simultaneously issued joint report of the coordinators of the Russian-American presidential commission, it stated that the transit of cargos through Russia to Afghanistan, had carried out over a thousand flights and carried more than 170,000 troops.) According to the White House, "the interaction with President Medvedev has always been very good, even outstanding. The Russian leader is "doing a lot of good things, that Russia has moved forward on a broad range of issues and strengthened cooperation with the U.S.", he said. "We have created working groups on the rule of law and innovation, and these are key priorities, and President Medvedev continues to modernize." WHAT kind of modernization and the rule of law this actually is in a totally corrupt government, we, the citizens of Russia, see in the break-up and destruction of the Russian Federation, the further growth of poverty, destruction of our defence capability in order to please the U.S., the destruction of the world's best during Soviet times education system, etc., the transition to paid services for the public anywhere and everywhere.

One of the most important decisions of the summit in Deauville is that Russia was the first to accede to the demands of the other leaders of the G8 - a coalition bombing Libya, to get rid of Moammar Gadhafi from power. Russia even took on the role of mediation in this traitorous mission. But this a demand to remove Muammar Gaddafi - the original demand and the purpose of military bombing U.S. and the coalition initiated by the U.S. is in the lust to capture Libyan oil. We recall that in the recent past, the entire fault of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was that he was "sitting on the richest oil field in the Middle East." And his public execution, brutally carried out by the Americans in the absence of confirmation of any charges of the United States in his address by various commissions that worked in Iraq, is dastardly murder. And today, the shedding of crocodile tears over the firing on allegedly, "a defenceless peaceful civilian population" of Libya by Gaddafi is yet another scam myth by the USA. For the thugs and drug addicts being trained by special forces of the coalition sent into Libya, the thugs armed and supplied with food and weapons by that same coalition, the thugs bought up with American dollars, the thugs that are cowardly and vile, do not fit the status of "peaceful civilians" of Libya who are still fighting alongside Gaddafi for the independence and freedom of their own country.

It is shameful that Russia, through its leadership now has a mission, fascist, Nazi mission to help the U.S. in its aggressive policy of human-hating seizure of everything that is not theirs, which sharply contradicts the UN Charter with respect to a sovereign state. Every nation should choose its own leaders or appoint them, not on orders from the U.S.. It is we, Russians, for some reason we put up with Gorbachev and Yeltsin, and other traitors to reign on the throne with the help of the U.S. ...

We condemn the allegiance position of Russia's leadership in the Libyan question and demand it not to pull chestnuts for the U.S. from the fire of civil war waged by the barbarian Crusaders of the twenty-first century. This position is Russia’s disgrace, an abuse of its ancient traditions and historical mission.

We fully support the freedom-loving people of Libya and its leader Muammar Gaddafi in their just holy war for freedom and independence of their homeland!

All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB)



25.05.2011 16:49

Despite the fact that the holiday on May 9 Victory Day this year fell on a working day in Riga, thousands of people marched in columns from very early morning to the memorial of the Liberators. Within a few hours, the stone foot of Mother Latvia became a carpet of flowers. This suggests that all attempts by the local authorities to exterminate in the minds of people the greatness of Victory Day had failed.




22.05.2011 10:38

On 9 May, an initiative group of citizens in Moscow held a "Victory Bus" action in Russian cities. On the collected money through the Internet (according to the organizers of the report – of more than 300 thousand rubles.), large posters with the image of Stalin, were stuck onto the sides of buses and minibuses. These buses (or, as they were called - "Stalin buses") appeared on Victory Day in Omsk, Volgograd (Stalingrad), Ufa, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk and Kirov. In Moscow, the action was thwarted by the authorities. Buses with the image of Stalin were on the bus routes throughout May.

Together with a portrait of Stalin were his words, uttered at a reception in the Kremlin, on May 24, 1945: "I would like to propose a toast to the health of our Soviet people and, above all, to the Russian people."

According to organizers, the government provided the strongest opposition to this action.

Moscow City Council expressly stated that it would not allow the appearance of images of Stalin on buses, trolley buses and trams belonging to the state owned company “Mosgortrans”. Even when a compromise was made with the authorities (the portrait of Stalin was replaced with the Medal "For Victory over Germany with a bas-relief of Stalin), the government pressed the advertising agency "Dva Miga" (responsible for the placement of advertisements on the transport routes of the city), and the action was thwarted.

In Omsk, the department of property relations also "threatened" the advertising agency, but the organizers of the campaign could still negotiate with the two private buses.

In Stalingrad - the same story. The City Department of "banned" the placing of a portrait of Stalin on the buses, but thanks to the support of veterans' organizations managed to them on five buses with the image of Stalin.

In Novosibirsk, a letter from the department was received: “by order of the Department of Transport and its head, Mr. Didenko control has been placed over the distibution of the Novosibirsk "STALIN” advertising campaign. All transport enterprises are forbidden to place this information on the sides of public transport, or in any other form on their vehicles." But the organizers still managed to find a bus, even though is was not used on public transport route and which carried the war veterans to the May 9 Victory parade.

In Ufa, the organizers managed to run a bus with a picture of Stalin, who carried the war veterans on Victory Day. How ferocious the opposition was by the authorities is described by the organizers: "On May 5, the owner of the bus which was supposed to carry the "ads", terminated the contract with us under the pretext that "the authorities had pressured him, and threatened to take him off the public transport and take him to court" ... We went to the end stops of bus routes, and talked with each driver. They had been all been informed and refused, but agreed with one driver, though, the bus is slightly different, but not much. "

In Irkutsk, the Governor threatened to "punish" us, and then by unknown persons, teenagers were hired to mess up a portrait of Stalin, on one of the buses (2 buses were running).

In Kirov, action arose independently, on a bus route, a bus drove around with the portrait of Stalin on the side.

In Khabarovsk and Omutninsk (Kirov region) stickers with the image of Stalin were pasted on the cars.

In Vologda, a billboard was set up with a picture of Stalin and with his words: "I propose a toast to the health of the Russian people because they have earned recognition in this war as the guiding force of the Soviet Union."

In Leningrad, there were portraits of Stalin on the underground stations with his statements, and in Moscow - were distributed self-adhesive posters of Stalin.

The "Victory Bus" action (with a portrait of Stalin) on the initiative of Russian citizens (and not political parties) confirms - the authority of Joseph Stalin in the people is steadily increasing, causing panic and madness for the sold off for U.S. dollars “de-Stalinizers” who are sitting in office". According to the organizers themselves of the action, war veterans, bus drivers and passengers merely responded positively to the appearance of buses in the city routes with the image of Supreme Commander Stalin, under whose leadership they had won a great victory.

Prepared according to the publications of the organizers



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