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Wednesday, 1 June 2011






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No 6 (99) JUNE 2011


The Yanukovych-Azarov regime in Ukraine continues to further attack the rights of working people, and further force workers of Ukraine into the bondage of capital and grinding poverty.
Since April 1 this year, once again (the second time since the beginning of the year) electricity bills have increased by 15%. There is a scheduled increase (in two stages) by 30% for gas bills and 62% - for utilities, the first phase increase was implemented in April. In fact, the true government of Ukraine is not the government of Azarov, but the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which provides loans to Ukraine under onerous conditions, requiring a reduction in the budget deficit by dramatically reducing social spending, raising the retirement age, increasing tariffs for housing and communal services, electricity and gas for the population, etc. Moreover, these loans are a burden borne by the working people. Ukraine already on a monthly basis has to give back to the international financial structure 8 billion UAN (1 billion dollars) of debt on loans made by the previous government Tymoshenko. But the government of Azarov, instead of trying to jump off the dollar needle of the IMF, continues the disastrous policies of his predecessors, all over Ukraine and driving our nation into debt and debt bondage.
At the same time, this policy contributes to the further enrichment of the bourgeoisie of Ukraine and the Ministers themselves. According to the magazine "Focus", the number of billionaires in Ukraine last year increased from 8 to 21 people. The total wealth of the 200 largest capitalist robbers amounts to more than 93 billion dollars, which is nearly three state budgets of Ukraine (and our government has "nowhere to get the money from" to refill the deficit of the Pension Fund, for example).
R. Akhmetov continues to be the richest man in Ukraine, increasing his own capital by 2 times - from 7.5 billion dollars to 15.59 billion dollars. According to the report by the Gorshenin Institute "Big Ukrainian business and the government of Ukraine” submitted to Brussels on the 27.03., the majority of the members of the government are dollar millionaires. Thus, the 5 members of the Cabinet are officially millionaires, and they are: A. Klyuev, B. Kolesnikov, S. Tigipko, Yu. Boyko and N. Prisyajnyuk, and two more – V. Baloha and N. Zlochevsky – are millionaires de facto, although they do not declare their millions. The report notes that a number of ministers registered their property in the names of close relatives: Azarov and Lavrinovic – in their sons’ names, Tabachnik – in his brother’s name. The report also says that last year the level of wealth of government millionaires has grown considerably. Thus, the wealth of first vice-premier Klyuev in 2010 increased by more than half a billion dollars (!!), the wealth of vice-premier Tigipko – by 223.6 million dollars
But Ukraine meanwhile is being transformed into a "banana republic" in the literal sense. Cabbage on the Ukrainian market is more expensive than bananas from Ecuador. The agro-industrial complex is almost completely destroyed. And Ukraine has to import dairy products from Belarus, cabbage - from Poland, buckwheat - from China ... But Minister of Finance Fedor Yaroshenko says – “we are building a market economy”.
A foreign "investor" has privatized Ukrtelecom, and the Ukrainian president stubbornly insists that the privatization of strategic facilities will continue (this is understandable - our billionaires and foreign billionaires need to build up their own capital). The selling off of Ukraine continues. And whole villages, together with their inhabitants are already being sold, just like under serfdom. Thus, in the Donetsk region, the village of Dal’nee has been sold off. Residents of the village received homes under Soviet power from the collective farm "Druzhba", which worked for decades. Now the new owner is threatening to kick people out if they do not pay rent or do not buy that same house that rightfully belongs to them.
Children are trafficked from Ukraine as a commodity. Recently, at the Customs, two Frenchmen were detained who had tried to traffic two babies out of the country inside boxes used for carrying kitchen utensils. In Ukraine, surrogacy is allowed and young Ukrainian women are ready to give birth for foreigners in order to somehow for the money, feed their families.
TB kills one person every hour. In a year - 10,000 people. At the same time, there is a shortage by 40% of medical specialists, since who will work for a salary of 1200 UAN?
Even these brief examples once again confirm our Bolshevik conclusion that the regime of Yanukovych- Azarov faithfully serves big business of Ukraine and the West (represented by the US-EU-Israel), helping the first to enrich themselves, and selling off the remnants of economic sovereignty and political independence to the second. (However, the genuine sovereignty and independence of Ukraine was lost back in December 1991 with the criminal destruction of the USSR). In fact, it is a policy of purposeful destruction of the Ukrainian people .

* * *

But the working people of Ukraine shall cease to tolerate this bullying and are starting to protest against the intolerable living conditions in which they subjected to over the 20 years of "independence" and predatory bourgeois reforms.
According to media reports, during the period from October 2009 to October 2010, in Ukraine on a daily basis, an average of 8 protests were held. Their peak occurred in October-November 2010, when local actions began to escalate into all-Ukrainian protests and culminated in the Tax Maydan and AvtoMaydan, in March of this year already. Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses protested against the new Tax Code, which increased the tax burden on small and medium capital.
The authorities strongly hampered the holding of the AvtoMaydan protest action by entrepreneurs, who in cars from different regions of Ukraine gathered in Kiev: on the road to Kiev, traffic police repeatedly detained the protestors, and in Kiev along the roads the convoys were heading along, on the streets appeared lorries and dump trucks that had all suddenly “broken down at the same time” etc. But, according to a businessman from Lugansk, they did not want to overthrow the government, and their demands are legal. And the essence of their problems lies in the fact that small and medium-sized businesses want to be able to continue to operate under the simplified system of taxation and not be forced to go into the shadows or even close down their businesses. The political spokesman for this layer of business is N. Korolyevskaya, a member of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc (BYuT). In fact, this was an attempt by the petty and middle bourgeoisie to survive and not to sink into the ranks of the proletariat in condition of an offensive by big capital of Ukraine.
But the objective laws of capitalist development, the steady tendency of capital concentration and centralization will continue to lead to ruin much of the small and medium-sized businesses and lead to the proletarianization of their representatives.

Representatives of hired labour take strike action.

For many years, workers at the Shevchenko plant in Kharkov have been fighting for survival, the debt on wages has reached 30 milion UAN. The amount payable to each employee ranges from 12 to 20 thousand UAH.
And it is namely the most brutal exploitation of the working class, working people of Ukraine, including non-payment of their meager salaries, a systematic increase in prices and tariffs that is the basis of the rapid enrichment of Akhmetov, Klyuyev, Tigipko ...
In March, teachers went on strike, whose salaries are only slightly over a thousand UAH a month. (And there are lower rates: 813-860 UAH). During the strike in Zaporozhe, one of the teachers noted - how can a hungry teacher teach a reasonable, good and eternal education. The actions culminated in local actions by teachers turned into all-Ukrainian protest in Kiev, which was attended by approximately 10 thousand people (official figure). Teachers are demanding higher rates, and a 20% supplement to improve the material conditions of their labour. “We teach children to respect this country”, said one of the protesters, “but the state tramples on us”.
Is it possible and necessary to respect a state that kills its own people?!
Even in the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels noted that the working class does not have its own homeland.
We, the workers of the ex-Soviet Union, have lost their homeland, having yielded to Gorbachev's treacherous demagoguery.
Do not beg capital and the President and government of handouts at the service of it, but rise up to fight for your rights - the only way out of poverty, starvation and extinction, the path to a decent life.

We Bolsheviks congratulate workers of Ukraine, Russia, and all the former Soviet republics on the occasion of May Day - International Workers' Day of Solidarity, a day of struggle against exploitation and oppression!
We urged all workers to go to demonstrations and rallies on May Day with the slogan:




A. GERASIMOV, a political prisoner in Ukraine

Nearly 4 years ago I wrote an article entitled "The Youth Issue" which was published in “RKP” (Raboche-Krestyanskaya Pravda) № 10, 2006. The article attracted the attention of many comrades and caused many disputes. I was criticized for painting a too gloomy a picture in the paper, for making too harsh an assessment, and for placing a question, that I did not give an answer to. However, so far, the entire communist movement as a whole has not given an intelligible and satisfactory answer to this "Youth Issue."
Comrades, we have let our enemies get away with a lot, and that has been very well used by them. And now they are the ones on horseback, while we are sprawling about on the ground. Either in the very near future we start to break to pieces the situation in our favor, and the youth start to replenish our ranks, or we will continue to languish, which is shameful for the followers of the Great Communist idea! Moreover, the Nazis are a growing force. Young people are increasingly filling their ranks, made insane by brown propaganda attracting young people into the ranks of fascist gangs by the activity and aggressiveness of Nazi organizations. This situation increases the threat of the establishment of a fascist dictatorship. And if such a scenario is ever realised, then a large proportion of the blame for this will lie on our leftist movement.

On the trail of the article the "Youth Issue"

I wrote this article during the information famine I was still subjected to in the early years of my imprisonment. Therefore, I showed the situation in Ukraine which I saw myself during the reign of Kuchma, i.e. the "Kuchma period", (early to mid 90-s). In the main, of course, I was not mistaken, but I did not take into account a number of particular details, although, had I have described them, the picture would have looked even more dismal.
However, with all its sharpness, my article is not intended to be an exhaustive analysis of the situation with young people in general during the period of restoration of capitalism in our country. But naturally, this will need to be done. Of course, this would require a whole series of materials, because we can say that we are just beginning work on this topic. A great deal needs to be said, but much more must be actually done to finally start moving off from the article I wrote, entitled "Point of Death". In that particular article, I touched upon the themes of informal youth and school education, as well as the psychology of adolescents at the turn of the century. The situation in these particular issues has undergone several major changes over the past few years. However, these changes do not cancel my old conclusions in the main.
So, in working with young people, a class approach is needed. And this time, its use will be more successful than 10-15 years ago, when many comrades approached young people not even from a Soviet point, and naturally, repeatedly failed. Now, when the capitalist system is already well established and has proven to be a dead end, for anyone able to think, the situation is somewhat simpler. But you still need to take into account the mass of moments. In the “Youth Issue” article, basically, it was about teenagers, that is, adolescents and youth of secondary and senior school age, as well as some of those between 18-25 years old. But, 30-35-year-olds are also young! Anyway, the official border separating youth from maturity is 35 years old.
It is obvious that the approach to 30-35-year-olds and 13-15-year-olds should be very different. And the 25-year-old young man, too, differs from both the former and from the latter. Actually, I would single out the age groups, differences which we have so far taken into account:
1) up to 15 years old;
2) 15-17 years;
3) 17-21 years;
4) 21-25 years;
5), 25-30 years;
6), 30-35.
These differences are, of course, sometimes very important, and sometimes rather arbitrary. And the factors causing these differences, vary quite a lot. We consider them below. But meanwhile we shall take a look at how youth work is carried out by parliamentary leftists.

Young people and the opportunists
Nowadays, officially the left spectrum is represented by the CPU (Communist Party of Ukraine) and the PSPU (Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine). The latter, however, as the "parent" organisation of the SPU (Socialist Party of Ukraine can be called "leftist" only by the colour of the flag). The socialists and their leader Moroz have long been assigned to the political junkyard. Well, the Natalia Vitrenko supporters club is a pro-Russian chauvinist party worker, and in our present context, nothing can be said about her! But it is worth talking about the Communist party of Ukraine.
Today's situation completely confirms my words four years ago. Formally, the CPU leadership is deeply involved in rejuvenation of the Party ranks, and on paper it looks pretty good. And so it is with agitation: More than fifty thousand Komsomol "New Wave"newspapers are published weekly. And that is a lot, but there was a time when the circulation thereof reached one hundred thousand copies!
However, as the last presidential election showed, the efficiency of the enormous financial cost of the effort was close to zero. The leader P.N. Simonenko came in a shameful 6th place - the best proof of this. The slender (on paper) ranks of “young communists and Komsomols" is in fact - fiction! "Dead souls" and a devoid of ideology amorphous ordinary mass with the same unprincipled careerists at the head - that's the standard Komsomol organization! Of course, there is a small percentage of youth who entered the CPU and Komsomol because they are not satisfied with the existing order, but for the most part, the CPU youth are supporters of "moderate progress in the framework of the rule of law." However, all too rarely are the revolutionary youth encountered in the CPU. This is natural. But they get into the party and Komsomol not because of CPU agitation-propaganda, but in spite of it. Once in the organization, such young people very quickly understand the true nature of the opportunists and: either in general move away from political struggle, or (which happens very rarely) go in search of true revolutionaries, while often falling into the arms of the so-called left-wing opportunists, who in fact are more mongers and hypocrites than the right opportunists in the CPU.
The current Komsomol reminds me of a provincial pioneers' palace. Overgrown foreheads relax and have fun on CPU money: summer camps, KVN, mini-football, rock festivals ... In general, not much different from purely bourgeois youth hangouts. Komsomol party-goers are absolutely sterile in ideological terms, and these differ for the worse, from old men - members of the CPU, of which there are still enough educated Marxists, and most, though not shining in political literacy by themselves are honest decent Soviet people, who sincerely and selflessly lead and conduct party work. Well, young people without financial incentives will not do a thing. A large part of the ‘Komsomols’ and 'young communists’ (rank and file) are party membership card mercenaries who stand at agitation stalls and go to rallies and meetings for money. Still, I must say that the best part of the Komsomol is doing something useful. First of all, it opposes the Ukrainian Nazis, including by forceful confrontation. And it does this certainly at a disadvantage, because the Nazis are superior to the groups of Komsomol both quantitatively and qualitatively! It is easy to assume that sooner or later this will end with a true clash (es) with dozens, maybe even hundreds wounded and killed, and the subsequent defeat of the Left.
But the party leaders have no time to think about the possibility of such a turn of events, as they need something quite different from young party members and members of the Komsomol, as well as the mass of young people in general. The CPU sees the youth only as voters in elections. If we carefully study the Komsomol newspaper "New Wave", this is easy to verify.
This as an all-Ukrainian newspaper published since the beginning of 2008. During this time, it has not found its face and has not won over the masses among thoughtful readers. This is not surprising. The empty form of "New Wave" is based on pale Soviet patriotism and the general line of the CPU. The newspaper wants to persuade young people to vote for the CPU. And it is directed solely at people aged 25-35. For younger people, "New Wave" is too boring. For the ideological activist, it is too apolitical. Even within this age, it is only for a narrow layer of the so-called middle class “on the rise”. Moreover, if the "adult" CPU press (though among others) turns to workers too, then "New Wave" ever more tries to persuade the “successful young people”, that they should only vote for the CPU, showing them that it is quite a "respectable" party, and not a gathering of "old farts", "suckers, losers, tramps and moreover -"bloodthirsty Bolsheviks." In the Komsomol newspaper, of course, there is no overt anti-Stalinism, "repentance" for "mistakes" and "brutality" of the Bolsheviks during the revolution. And it must be fair to say that quite good and literate notes are given by former first secretary of the Komsomol E. Tsar'kov and the editor himself of "New Wave" A. Bondarenko. But everything else, to put it mildly, in general, leaves much to be desired.
Readily apparent is the age egocentrism of the Editorial (editor of a team of regular contributors from the localities). This is complemented by almost Baptist humility. And the output is a toothless, grey newspaper, weaving inside the deep tail of even that age and social group to whom it is more than anything else designed for.
We shall "digress" and now pay attention to the following (especially the older comrades, for whom the Internet is - Terra Incognita). As shown by recent events: the fire in the "Old Horse" (a nightclub in the city of Perm), the death of Polish President Kaczynski and the entire Polish "elite" around Smolensk, and the story of the coastal mystics – the Russian Internet was seething with malice and hatred towards the rule of the bourgeoisie! Some people may think that dancing on the bones of our enemies may seem sacrilegious, but I think this is a very good sign. This is - class hatred - terrible for the oppressors, but holy for the oppressed!
And now here is something to ponder over. First, the bulk of Internet users are young people and I am not mistaken if I say that these and other similar events are most actively embraced by people aged 25-35. Secondly, regular use of a computer means that these people are not the poorest but: the labour aristocracy, "office plankton”, engineers and technicians, but not loaders and handymen. And here even such "respectable" people are happy to see the bourgeois "babies" beaten, and yearn for more blood. I do not think that the Ukrainian contingent in this age of social groups is fundamentally different from the Russian one. Even more so when the power in favour of the oligarchs is increasingly trying to fuck people over by the tonsils!
Rising prices, increasing the retirement age, bureaucratic and police brutality are slowly but surely bring the masses to boiling point.
But the early attainment of this point is not needed by the CPU, it needs the votes and voters. The Party bosses do not want the risk and hassle, and fear the response by the bourgeois state for an aggressively rebellious youth. And therefore it does not aim at involving rebellious youth in the communist movement.

What should have been said in the beginning
Of course, the youth is not a separate class with differing fundamental interests from all the well-known classes, and moreover, it is incorrect to see it as a revolutionary new class that has somehow replaced the proletariat. These misconceptions arose in Western Europe and the U.S. in the 1960-s, and the restoration of capitalism in the USSR has moved that misconception over towards us. The apparent failure of such representations of reality limits the scope of their fans, a small handful of "armchair Marxists." But just as the passivity of the proletariat, the inability and unwillingness of some young comrades to do the dirty work for their organization, and the lack of understanding of the causes of the current passivity of the workers, from time to time generate a search for a “fifth corner”, that is, a new revolutionary class, which contradicts Marxism and common sense.
Yes, young people are found within those classes to which belong they by birth, and from the moment of entry into independent life, clearly occupy a place in the social pyramid, and usually close to their parents. Much confusion confounding our party leaders and theorists of the basements had its place during the first years after the bourgeois counter-revolution, because then, the classes of capitalist society had only just formed. Moreover, it should be noted that the bourgeoisie had formed much faster than the proletariat. Quite often, yesterday's workers became petty and even middle bourgeoisie. Not every young worker is a proletarian, moreover, a working pensioner or a person close to retirement age who has a large array of personal property: apartment, cottage, car, etc., can not be called a proletarian either. It is not uncommon. And even if an older worker does not have a position in a company corresponding to "labour aristocracy", he very well may use his own personal property for enrichment and may not be heavily dependent upon selling his own labour power. How much the rotting Soviet working class became proletarian can be judged by the intensity of strikes and other protests against unpaid wages. The intensity of this struggle is clearly low. Consequently, the proletariat is still being formed, although this process is nearing completion.
Such a bourgeois worker does his utmost to push his offspring to a higher social level, even if not to the level of an exploiter, then at least to the level of an exploiter’s lackey. Such aspirations are the result of bourgeois middle-class psychology, putting reason to sleep and producing monsters.
It is clear that the history of the shoe shiner who became a millionaire is a fairy tale for social Down Syndromers. But how can townsfolk not believe in the purpal dream of capitalism, if in front of them there is a "mass" of examples of those very same successful sluts "who come from the common people", paving by their charms a road to the marital lie of the bloated rich?! Nobody, however, thinks that to the one "lucky" girl there are thousands of those whose road, having started out in numerous model agencies or on the margins of show business, failed to reach "stardom", but instead, the hellhole of brothels and the "hundred metre sidewalk" across the entire world. It is a recognized fact that bourgeois Ukraine is one of the leaders in the "export" of female flesh to the streets of the red light districts of Europe and America! Likewise, the "shoe shiner", malnourished and downtrodden, and then, finally, opening his own business, and enriching himself in the eyes of the rest of us! To one successful bourgeois from the "common people" there are thousands of those other people that from "tricks in the market paradise," have been led to a broken trough, who have been brought to ruin and strangled by debt!
However, we have been a bit distracted by the question now under consideration. I have already painted a fairly bleak picture, and, at first glance, contradicting myself, noting first, that children remain in the class to which the parents belong to, and then, after that describing how the modern Ukrainian workers are pushing their children into the class of the bourgeoisie or its subservients.
In fact, there is no contradiction, because involved in this one layer were bourgeoisified Soviet workers, which in modern conditions were close to the exploiters and their lackeys. But this is far from most of today's employees.
Ignoring the fact of workers becoming bourgeois and the consequential impact of this phenomenon in young people is not the only mistake of the Left.
In the 1990-s, spreading the youth "along shelves”, the left tried to shove them into three cells: the bourgeoisie, the students and the workers. In this case, it remained unclear: to what level was it necessary to enlist the criminal youth?
To understand how society became engulfed in criminality, it suffices to recall that in "independent" Ukraine, that is, in less than 20 years, more than 10 million people have been convicted! It is also clear that youth have been the most affected by criminality.

Path of blood
To understand this phenomenon it is necessary to understand not so much the youth, but the last few generations, and the epoch and reasons for our failures.
We need to start "digging" back in the 1980-s when crime began to take hold with an ever greater force. There has always been crime, but before the 1980-s it existed only in the darkest corners of Soviet reality. Crime is an indicator of the true state of society. For capitalist society, this is the norm and an integral part of it. Under socialism, i.e., on the road to communism – these are the dying "birthmarks" of the past.
However, in the late USSR, these "birthmarks" on the contrary, began to grow. And, above all, this appeared not by the increase the number of pickpockets, burglaries, burglars, robbers, thugs and assassins, although the total number of domestic crimes, including murder, continuously increased with the increase in alcoholism. But it is no secret that before perestroika, the streets of Soviet cities were virtually crimefree.
However, by the 1970-s, a significant number of people became accustomed to bribe-takers, speculators and "pilferers”. Moreover, tens of millions of supposedly Soviet people were, in fact just those types!
The classic underworld, which lived according to the system: "those who stole, drank – off to prison”, grew and developed on namely this nutrient layer. It is always advantageous though harder to rob a crook than an honest man. But gradually there appeared another crime to unite and protect the crooks. Bribe-takers from the nomenclatura united with speculators and plunderers of socialist property. On the outskirts of the Soviet Union began to appear "red" clans, where the authorities were the real mafia.
Even in affluent regions, the young bureaucratic elite, leaders of the Young Communist League and the children party bosses increasingly felt like sovereign and uncontrolled masters of life. Ordinary people saw it all - and the “process had begun”.
Already by the mid-80's, there are widely known examples of the actual capture of major cities by youth gangs. The most famous in this regard, was Kazan, and in Ukraine in this sense, the notorious Krivoy Rog.
Gangs controlling the urban areas, discovered their attitude towards each other with the help of all appropriate materials at hand, including firearms, not to mention knives and brass knuckledusters, resulting in dozens of teenagers being killed and hundreds wounded and maimed. Those who do not believe a word, I advise you to find the relevant statistics. It was not limited to mass slaughter of any stranger inadvertently caught in another district, even a person not being in a rival gang risked if not ones own life, then ones health. But even "their own people" who did not want to stray into the animal herd were subjected to constant abuse. It is also worth noting that the youth gangs established a system of total racket, pressurising all the teenagers in the area, without exception.
Such an atmosphere forced the youth to join the gangs en masse. Of course, I outlined the toughest situation, but that situation grew out of the softer forms of street life, which won itself more seats in the realities of the 80's, in the face of which out of lack of strength, the family, school, party and Komsomol retreated.
This was a youth rebellion against the system of decaying "socialism" against the fate of the "happy" vegetable, which was forced upon the masses by the school, the Komsomol and the party - "the leading and guiding," "the mind, honor and conscience of the era." Well… and the family? Birdbrained philistines generally imagined little of what actually happens in reality. Old communist philistines and those opportunists who now present pre-Gorbachev USSR as the "promised paradise”, after reading the above, perhaps, will announce that it is "slander"... But against what? And why did this all happen?
You can, of course, suggest that the young thugs were steered by adult crime, not pursuing any other purposes other than their own narrow-corporate interests, but not in the case of Kazan or similar cities, where clashes between young people took away dozens of lives. In answering these questions, the possible options are: either the phenomenon escaped from under the control of its creators, or, conversely, everything was very well orchestrated. But in any case, this situation meant only one thing: the utter bankruptcy of the system. The bankruptcy of the formal educators: the school, the Komsomol, and the Komsomol had to be not just a formal mentor, but also an informal one. The Komsomol began to abandon the latter informal function a long time ago, but its complete collapse became evident by early the 80's.
Likewise, the power structure of the state demonstrated its bankruptcy. The militia and the KGB could not cope with the lawlessness among the youth. Meanwhile, such an atmosphere nurtured "rank and file soldiers of the market."
Exactly the same, was the touching unity with crime as demonstrated by Soviet sport.
Another phenomenon of informal youth self-organization were the "repairmen". Youth gangs from workers’ districts and the suburbs of cities (the most infamous were the "Luberos") declared war on the prosperous city centre and the youth who fell under the influence of the West.
Here these were the Soviet Hunveibins! And here I cannot say a word against them: better to be a Hunveibin, than a Deng Xiaoping! And the bankrupt officialdom in its conservative section met this movement with support. It should be noted that under officialdom, I understand to be the Soviet nomenklatura, including security officials, who grumbled about perestoika, but did not enter into open conflict with the governing "democrats". In the "communist", though more in the radical-conservative resistance, from the start, an entirely different ideal of the youth was founded.
It was already in the late 80's, and the communist resistance could well have found an approach to these youth groups. Of course it could have done, if it had really wanted to. But it chose to appeal to pensioners and mature philistines, fearful of the methods of the youth.
One can talk a lot about this topic, but it is better, comrades, to work things out yourselves and understand the situation not via militia reports of that time, but through the power of art. A good presentation of what has been said above is given in the film "My name is Arlekino"(1988 – crime drama), and books by V. Krapivin: "A boy with a sword" and "Lullaby for my brother". The last books show, including the informal struggle (or rather, its attempts) against the growing rot in Soviet society, and the attitude of the officialdom to such conflicts. Incidentally, from there grew the legs of the so monstrous and virtually open-stamp, that says, "a good man has to simply be a victim."

* * *
Crime is generated by social factors. The deepening and accelerating stratification of society into rich and poor led to an increase in crime in the Soviet Union. Perestroika began, and then – the open restoration of capitalism. The processes that were taking place in the Soviet Union were very similar to those that occurred in Western countries over the past 500 years. Start-up capital, like a few centuries ago, was invented under a "Jolly Roger" flag. The youth went for this flag at that time. Crime become the surest way towards a speedy climb to the top of society, or rather, it created such an illusion. But inaccessible to the masses on the whole, this way became very real, for individuals even. Moreover, this method providing high vertical mobility by several orders of magnitude, is more real and easier that the old capitalist fairy tale about the "hardworking" petty bourgeois. It is this illusion that kidnapped huge masses of young people.
Again then, the real "heroes of our (recent) time" are shown in the film "Brigada". In the 1990’s, such heroes for the youth were landmarks and symbols of success, and you would not evoke any more sympathy and respect among the people towards those at the top, especially if they were traders-merchants. Fear of the "sacred right of private property" was not instilled into the people, and people were allowed to use their instincts to survive to the fullest. Therefore, preaching cheap pseudo-socialist morality and patriotism yielded no results.
And once again I have to raise the topic I have touched upon many times. Namely - the role and power of the heroic example. Communists throughout the 20 years of capitalist restoration, if they ever gave an example, it would only be an example of - masochism and bullshit (balabolstvo). How many times have comrades pledged to punish the traitors and enemies of the people? Have any of these traitors and enemies of the people incurred their deserved punishment?
The answer is obvious. Moreover, in some places, in the Soviet patriotic press, prattle flashed around about "cursed people." In a word – they have arrived! But such passages are written and published by those who consider themselves to be communists!
Actually the communist movement could not develop in the 90's, and was only able to develop in the form of circles of intellectuals (even if calling themselves "parties"), but with Soviet patriots - both formal and actual (and the latter was 99% - there was no difference in the parliamentary or extra-parliamentary parties and movements) –they got caught in a trap. Constantly repeating the assertion about an "occupation" of the USSR, they did not make a single step that would be necessary in the case of a real occupation ...
On one side of the scales, for young people there was the enticing prospect of wealth, a beautiful life and all sorts of pleasures, and on the other side of the scales - a grey miserable mass, describing the delights of a warm stall for working animals! And in fact that is what propaganda many communist parties was like, who called for a return to the Soviet past, which, firstly, some people found too boring and monotonous, and secondly, it is accepted that young people like to hope to achieve everything by relying upon their own strenght. And what was promised by the Left, was either not needed by the youth, or that the youth would do this themselves, with the help of a fist or through the barrel of a gun.

To be continued
A. GERASIMOV, a political prisoner in Ukraine

Statement by Mukachevo organization of the AUCPB
(All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks)

On March 18, a large meeting by the Mukachevo city organization "Soldiers-internationalists of the Afghan war and other local conflicts”, was held, led by Chairman of the Board retired Colonel V.S. Semenchuk
The first item on the agenda was the question about the behavior of the Secretary of the CC AUCPB A.A. Mayevsky. The essence of the matter is that how comrade Mayevsky had the audacity, without the consent of the board of the social organization of Afghan war veterans, and without asking for permission from local authorities, together with activists from the organization of the Mukachevo AUCPB, distribute their leaflet "Complete Indifference To The People" on February 15, on the anniversary of the Soviet troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, during the meeting and before the ending of the prayer service.
This leaflet discussed that the local government decided to terminate the central heating of the city. I.e. the issues of heating and maintaining normal living conditions in apartments in the winter time has been shifted onto the shoulders of the residents by the authorities. And the fact that the cost of installing individual heating systems at 5-10 times the income of most residents of Mukachevo, does not concern the authorities whatsoever.
And, according to the logic of Mr. Semenchuk, we Bolsheviks had to seek permission from the authorities to EXPOSE THE ANTI-PEOPLES CHARACTER of this bourgeois power. All the utilities networks in the city have deteriorated. The local bourgeoisie, after the destruction of the Soviet Union and Ukraine gaining "independence" have only profited and increased their wealth. All their unrighteous wealth has been accumulated by robbing the people, by stopping and collapsing the most advanced enterprises in the city, which has led to mass unemployment. At the same time, necessary funds are not invested into the utilities, and thus so far it has come to complete disrepair. Rather than deal with this issue, the government went for the easiest path towards the abolition of the centralised heating system and shifted the issue on the shoulders of the residents of Mukachevo.
The AUCPB leaflet entitled "Complete Indifference To The People" with only few hundred copies printed off has thus frightened the city's authorities that by using Mr. Semenchuk, has decided to inflict moral punishment on our leader, by having him expelled from the ranks of the Afghan Society by a majority of votes of members of the extended board.
Comrade A. Mayevsky is a retired lieutenant colonel, and fulfilling his internationalist duty in Afghanistan in 1985-1987, was awarded state awards of the USSR for military services and has the well-deserved respect from all Afghans veterans and all military personnel, who have not betrayed their military oath to loyalty to the Soviet Motherland – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Early in the 1990's, he took an active part in the Afghan city organization, which then was not afraid to raise red flags at marches and rallies. Now, some Afghans was veterans have forgotten their oath of allegiance to the Soviet people. Like one of the members of the board expressed- I have come "to cry and remember" our dead comrades, but here there are SUCH (!) leaflets being handed around.
Our goal, the Bolsheviks, we see in that city workers, including Afghans war veterans, do not just "cry and pray for", but ponder over why they live the way they do: i.e. why some are bathed in luxury (the minority) and others (the vast majority) are forced not to live, but fight for survival. The bourgeoisie in all spheres is attacking working people: the systematic rising food prices, the tariffs for public utilities. Mass unemployment, due to a stoppage (or sharp decline in production volumes) of a number of enterprises, have affected residents of Mukachevo and they are forced, like workers in other regions of Ukraine, to support their families, leave the country to work abroad. Drug addiction, alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and rampant crime have become commonplace in our lives.
The authorities consider nothing at all. The power needs a humble nation, from which you can rip off "seven skins," and remain silent at the same. And it is extremely frightened by the call on our leaflet: "Dear Mukachevites! How much more will we put up with the humiliating attitude of the authorities (from the central to local) towards us. Is it time to begin to act as in Tunisia and Egypt ?!!». Fear has large eyes. Dr. Semenchuk saw this as a call to overthrow the constitutional order, ie, the head of an NGO, who has no right to interfere in the activities of political parties, becomes a representative of the SBU and the Prosecutor's Office, began to replace them, not forgetting to invite to the extended meeting of the Board a representative of the SBU (who, however, remarked that he had already retired, although, as we know, the representatives of these special organs and "retired" ones continue to perform their functions).
No there is no appeal "to overthrow the constitutional order," Mr. Semenchuk. There's a call for one thing – for the workers to begin to RESPECT themselves, and to remember that they are ALSO PEOPLE (and not just the people who knocked up their own capital), and to prevent an inhumane attitude towards themselves.
We want to remind Afghans war veterans that they fulfilled their internationalist duty honestly and faithfully served the great Soviet Motherland. A withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan served as a prologue to the withdrawal, in fact, of Soviet troops from the socialist countries at the will of the treacherous Gorbachev's leadership. That ultimately led to the temporary destruction of our country, the restoration of capitalism, enriching a small minority and the impoverishment and extinction of the working people.
With the destruction of the Soviet Army, the true defender of world peace, the warriors of US-NATO were unbelted. They committed gangster aggression against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. In Iraq, the cradle of human civilization, from the aggression of imperialist barbarians, a million people were killed.
In Afghanistan, the fighters of the U.S. and its allies have frequently bombed and shelled civilians by "mistake", including a wedding procession, which resulted in killing innocent people, ie, they behave like occupiers. Soviet troops in Afghanistan behaved quite another way, by helping the Afghan people to fight for their independent future and defending the southern borders of our Motherland. But now from Afghanistan, as a result of "Democratic support" by the U.S. and its allies, the flow of illegal drugs has increased ten times, spreading to Russia, and Ukraine, ruining many young lives in a drugged stupor.
Currently, the coalition of Western "civilizers” (siphilizers) are carrying out aggression against independent Libya. The rulers of the US-NATO want to overthrow the regime of Muammar Gaddafi's only because he had not handed over his country's oil wealth to be plundered by multinational corporations, but instead, placed it at the service of his people. As a result, the standard of living in this country is the highest in Africa and in terms of GDP per capita, Libya stands at 43 in the world, but "independent" Ukraine at 81. At one time, Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic was among the ten most developed countries in the world. In Soviet Ukraine, the current mayor of Mukachevo, Mr Z.Z. Lendel, being at one day the 1 st secretary of the Party Committee of the CPSU, would never have even dreamt about disabling the town’s central heating system, because at that time he was serving Soviet, people’s power. Nowadays, he is at the service of the bourgeoisie, and as the mayor, acts quite differently.

Dear Mukachevites!

The reason for our hopeless lives lies in the power of CAPITALto established on our land. Fight for its overthrow, to take your destiny into your own hands, to restore Soviet power and socialism, to achieve true independence of Ukraine as part of the revived Soviet Union - that is what we Bolsheviks call on you to do.

March 25, 2011, Mukachevo


Bureau of the CC AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria
Having heard and discussed the report of the Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB, chairman of the Bureau of the CC AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria "Only in the struggle can you win the right to a decent life!", the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB

1. The world situation continues to steadily deteriorate. Modern imperialism, mired in the global financial and economic crisis, finds no way out of it, except by way of inciting new wars and military conflicts in the struggle for full control over natural resources and raw materials of the planet, primarily oil and gas.
2. In this regard, the developments in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East should be examined, ie the first so-called "Internet revolutions" carried out to replace the discredited pro-Western regimes (Tunisia, Egypt), and other regimes loyal to and totally controlled by Western imperialism, U.S. imperialism, Israel and NATO. Mass protests are occurring in other countries too: Algeria, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman and others . Mass protests began in Saudi Arabia, the largest manufacturer and exporter of oil in the world.
3. Under this same scenario is occurring the so-called "revolution" in Libya. But here the West was faced with stubborn resistance of the people, the majority of whom are devotees to Muammar Gaddafi and ready to take up arms to defend the gains of the Libyan Revolution in 1969.
Drawing on all sorts of comprador and treacherous elements using ethnic-tribal conflicts, imperialism, US-Israel-NATO threatened to use (and are now using- FB) force against Libya to overthrow the disagreeable to them Gaddafi regime and take control of the largest oilfields in the country. (Libya - the largest oil producer in Africa and 8 th country among the members of OPEC).
4. US-Israel-NATO seek to take full control of the Suez Canal and the Persian Gulf to control the transport of oil and other natural raw materials and goods, including into China, which has now become the second, after the U.S., a country of financial and economic influence in Africa, as well as to pursue further ruthlessly exploit and plunder the peoples and nations throughout Africa, with its rich deposits of gold, platinum, uranium, petroleum, copper, cobalt, rare earth elements and other natural raw materials and mineral resources.
5. The strategic aim of U.S. imperialism is the conquest of Iran, DPRK (North Korea), Cuba, Venezuela, to get rid of unwanted regimes conducting separate and independent internal and external policies and to establish full control over the world. In this regard, US-Zionist capital is carrying on incessant work on the final enslavement of Russia and its transformation into a colonial raw material appendage of the West, as well as to prevent the emergence of China, imperialist China, as the largest economy in the world.
6. In Ukraine, the Yanukovych-Azarov regime, the regime of big business, uses the passivity of the masses,and continues its unprecedented attack on the rights of working people. By arrangement with the IMF, another increase in gas tariffs is planned for households at 30%, 62% - on utility bills. The plans of the bourgeois power include- the pension reform with higher retirement ages: women - from 55 to 60 years, men - from 60 to 62 years, land reform with the creation of a land market for agricultural purposes, ie with the actual transition of Ukrainian black soil in the ownership of local oligarchs and transnational capital and the transformation of peasants into slaves on land taken from them, a Labour Code sharply undermining workers rights and a Housing Code that effectively deprives workers' rights to housing, etc.

1. Continue to conduct active agitation-propaganda work to expose the aggressive essence of contemporary American-Western imperialism, on the verge of death and trying to slow down its inevitable end by inciting wars and military conflicts in order to establish full control over the natural raw materials and oil and gas resources of the planet, with a view of enslavement of all peoples and nations to delay imperialism’s inevitable death.
2. To expose the regime of Yanukovych-Azarov, the regime of big capital, conducting an exit policy of Ukraine from the crisis on the backs of an unprecedented assault on the rights of working people and further rapid decline in living standards in Ukraine.
3. Explain to the masses that for a radical improvement of life, the power of capital has to be destroyed, and Soviet power restored, placing Ukraine back onto the socialist path of development, and that to revive the Soviet Union is possible only by revolution, when millions of working people rise up to fight for their rights, for their liberation from exploitation and oppression.
4. Instill Bolshevik class consciousness into the ranks of the working class, working people, spreading the Bolshevik press and literature, increasing subscriptions to the Workers' and Peasants' truth '. Local party organizations to move to the systematic production of leaflets on topical issues of everyday life of working people, exposing the anti-people’s character of the local bourgeois authoroties.

March 12, 2011, KIEV


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