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Saturday, 18 February 2012



This day is a public holiday in the DPRK Unfortunately, the great Kim Jong Il did not live until his 70th birthday.

The DPRK said goodbye to its beloved leader on December 17, 2011. Deep mourning and grief and sincere expression of love of the people for their prematurely deceased great leader spread throughout the country and lasted for more than 10 days. He died on a whilst working, heading to the inspection of one of the remote parts of the army.

But life goes on, no matter how sad it is to think that someone is no longer with us. Today, in the DPRK it was said: "Each of the Koreans, with tears vowed:" General Kim Jong Il is alive forever in our hearts! ".

Twenty years of leadership of the country under the Great Kim Jong Il's DPRK was marked by a powerful thrust forward in all spheres of society. During these years the country has reached a level of highly industrialized nations, and in some areas ahead of some European industrial countries. The past two decades has been to the DPRK unprecedented in the history of the Korean nation, not only a period of a rapid flourishing economy, science and culture, but also of strengthening the strategic power of the state and the armed forces, the creation of nuclear weapons, which, whatever anyone says, put an end to blatant, vile provocation and the constant blackmail from the United States on the implementation of preventive nuclear war against the DPRK.

Kim Jong Il warmly loved the people, shared with them the grief and joy, put his whole soul and tireless energy into the building of a powerful and prosperous state, to improve the welfare of the population. What other country in the world can boast of providing its people with highly skilled universal free medical care, 11 years free universal education, of building a huge and permanent housing stock to the provision of every Korean family free of charge, at public expense, separate comfortable apartments in the cities villages?

Kim Jong Il worked very hard. He always made inspection trips to personally get acquainted with the situation on the shock construction sites, military departments, research institutes, the agricultural cooperatives, was always interested in life of working people and doing everything to improve the organization of their work and life. Thanks to the intense activity of Kim Jong Il directly under his leadership, the people of boiling passion, performed miracles, and the construction of major industrial enterprises and mining complexes incomprehensible in a short time with high quality facilities handed over, the development of new technologies, some of which are much higher than European counterparts. Especially dazzling rapid is the construction of the hydroelectric project of the century Anbenskoy "Youth", the timing of construction and commissioning of large Hichhonskoy HPS, a new fruit-growing economy combined area of more than 1,000 hectares under Pyongyang, fruit processing plant, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, grid-plant construction pig farms, ostrich farms, the factories of the Far East breeding turtles and much, much more. Kim Jong Il as a true and talented Supreme Commander fully rearmed the Korean People's Army with modern military equipment and modern electronic equipment, significantly raised the level of military and political training in the Armed Forces of the country. "To fight for the happiness of the people is one of the most important tasks of the KPA." "Everything - for the defence of the Motherland, and for the construction of socialism - we will take care of!" – such is the slogan of military. Therefore, participation in the legendary army of construction of the century, the development of agricultural production and construction of the monumental works of Korean architects – is a natural situation for the KPA.

Kim Jong Il performed his oath which he made when he was a student at the university of Kim Il Sung: "I praise you, Korea!". If earlier, many in the world did not even know where Korea was located, the DPRK today is at the centre of attention of any politician and statesman of the world. Through the work of the International Institute for the Study of the Juche idea, the life of the people in DPRK is known in all countries and corners of the earth. Diplomatic relations over the past 20 years have been established with an overwhelming majority of the planet. In a hostile imperialist world, diverse permanent provocation for half a century by the United States and its satellites, a brutal 60-year-old economic blockade, DPRK has not flinched, has not broken. On the contrary, it has only intensified. Only the DPRK, has been the only one among all the countries of East and West - both large and small - only a DPRK led by Kim Jong Il - an outstanding thinker and theoretician, consummate talented organizer, a great military leader - DPRK, creating a nuclear shield has not allowed to turn the Korean peninsula into a centre of a nuclear world war. Thus we can assume that DPRK has won the frontal confrontation with the U.S. - political, diplomatic and military, too, one of the all countries able to withstand the global imperialist madness and stand as an example to other strong states and politicians who fell from the armed aggression of the United States.

Having developed in depth the Songun idea, rooted in the Juche idea, Kim Jong Il put forward the Songun politics as the main way of doing politics under socialism, which led to the victory of the DPRK on all fronts of the struggle for socialism. Songun politics has given the progressive people of the world a powerful ideological and theoretical weapon that allows a triumphant advance in the cause of socialism in all situations and harsh conditions.

The monolithic formed Korean society, the unity of the Leader, the Party, army and people have become an impregnable stronghold for any aggressor.

Kim Jong Il has opened a new chapter in the unification of Korea. The adoption of the historic Joint Declaration of the North and South, June 15 (2000) and the Declaration of October 4 (2007) marked the beginning of the era of grand unification on June 15, when the realized ideal of "by our nation." Today all the Koreans are full of passionate desire to thoroughly implement the adopted North-South Declaration in any difficult situations and make sure of the independent reunification of the country.

At the initiative of Kim Jong Il in April 1992, "Defending and moving forward the cause of socialism," the Pyongyang Declaration was published which led to a rise in the world socialist and national liberation movements.

And there is no force on earth that could block the path of the Korean people in building a prosperous socialist state united nation.

In Pyongyang, the capital of the DPRK, on the banks of the River Taedong, stands the brightly lit red unquenchable torch of the Juche Idea, crowning a magnificent monumental creation - the world's highest stone tower in the 170 meters, lined with more than 250 slabs of rare and valuable stone, sent by the heads of States, political and public figures, the adherents of the Juche idea of 82 countries of the world (opened in April 1982).

The successor of Kim Jong Il - Deputy Chairman of the Central Military Committee of the WPK, the KPA Supreme Commander Kim Jong-Un is the successor of the Great Leader, as the Supreme Head of the Party, army and people. Today the Korean people, are honoring the memory of the Great Kim Jong Il, an oath - to the end to implement his ideas and work.

"We will with our hearts, are faithful to the leadership of General Kim Jong Un - just as to our Commander Kim Jong Il! .." - now say Koreans.

The memory of a prominent politician, military leader and theorist, thinker, scientist, organizer and builder of socialism, Great Kim Jong-il will forever live in the hearts of the progressive people of the world.


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