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No 02 (107) FEBRUARY 2012

Workers activists fear that the authorities are trying to secretly bury the bodies of dead comrades and civilians, as happened during the events of 1989. Then the internal forces also shot people and then tried to hide the bodies in secret graves. Even then, Nazarbayev had been in power in the country as one of the leaders of the CPK Central Committee and oversaw the suppression of unrest. Now history repeats itself, though the victims were already striking oil workers and ordinary citizens. The main task created by the Public Commission, independent trade unions and opposition is not to allow the authorities to conceal the true scale of crimes of the regime. So, the numbers of dead people...
To date, there is every reason for such fears, since only in Zhanaozen there are hundreds of people reported missing. They can not find any relatives in hospitals or in morgues or in prisons and police stations. Into the hands of relatives are not given the bodies of citizens who died of wounds in hospitals, which can also be considered a mockery of people, most of which are in compliance with Islamic tradition. Reports of dead, wounded and missing were received from the settlement Shetpe, where there was a night battle between the workers and the internal troops on 17 to 18 December. Meanwhile, previous information about the 70 victims was fully confirmed by other media and witnesses from among the workers, local residents and relatives of those killed.
In the evening of 18 December we had a call for a few minutes from out of Mangistau regional hospital from activist K. Sholpan who said that now there was about forty people seriously injured from gunshot wounds, not including the lungs, most of whom had been discharged. Her husband on this day was to undergo surgery because of a Kalashnikov bullet stuck in his thigh. People began to be brought into the regional hospital on December 16 and 17, which is located 120 kilometers from the events. That's when the district hospital and all health facilities of Zhanaozen were completely clogged with wounded people, and they did not even have enough medicines and bandages.
According to her, in the first battle in Zhanaozen, in just over half an hour 22 people were killed, one died of his wounds en route to a hospital in Aktau, three more young guys and a girl were killed by bullets outside a department store. Died in her arms three young workers and a mother of a petroleum worker who was shot in the head. Also on the square lay a girl of eleven years, where a bullet had smashed her head. When by the evening of December 16 entered the city Marine Corps, internal troops and armored personnel carriers, the number of victims increased, reaching 70. The military and police were firing even on those people who came out of their apartment doorways. Workers and relatives managed to get most of the bodies out during the outbreak of fire from the central square and the central districts to the outskirts of the city.
But during the evening on December 16 and the night of the 17th there was fighting in the outskirts and in the private housing sector of Zhanaozen where young workers tried to resist the troops. The number of dead time was more than 100 people. And many of those who lay there at dusk and at night on the streets can not be found until now. Now the Social Commission from among the independent Mangistau regional trade union "Akat", representatives of opposition parties and public associations, intends to gather all the data on the number of dead, missing, wounded and arrested people. Relatives are going to come and bring all the lists for December 19-20. However, authorities are still not allowing funerals to be held, that raises serious concerns about the possibility of the authorities hiding the corpses.
Journalists of independent and foreign journalists, human rights activists, members of the Working Committee of oil workers and the trade union "Aktau" are constantly gathering information, eyewitness accounts, completed with photo and video materials. There is great danger that the members of the leadership of independent trade union and activists as well as the Public Commission may themselves be subjected to repression, as in Zhanaozen, Shetpe and Zhetybai have been mass arrests of workers who participated in rallies and demonstrations, on 16, 17 and 18 December. We will monitor developments and report to the public and the international labour movement all the facts that will become known.
From Information Service of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan

Frightening messages have recently been coming out of Kazakhstan. On December 16, the day of the 20th anniversary of the so-called "Independence", the authorities perpetrated the massacre of oil workers who have been striking since May 2011, and residents of Zhanaozen, the shooting of a peaceful demonstration and protest rally. Over 70 dead, hundreds wounded and missing - that's the price of "independence" of Kazakh independence of the bourgeois regime "elbasy" ("leader of the nation"), Nazarbaev's own people. A former top party leader, gorbachevets Nazarbayev amassed a multibillion-dollar fortune in plunder and ruthless exploitation of the people, and his improvised trade unionist S. Mukashev, former Komsomol worker, degenerated in Soviet "perestroika" times. Now revealed is their true nature, as enemies of the working people of Kazakhstan. Police and troops, together with the compromising unions have shown themselves the servants of big business, of Kazakh as well as Chinese big business, as the oil company is at the mercy of Chinese capital with billionaire son-in-law of Nazarbayev.
We publish materials of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan (SDK) and the independent trade union "Zhanartu" (Revival) with an evaluation of the bloody events that took place.
We support the call for a general strike.
We bow our heads to the fallen workers who put their lives on the altar of the intensifying battle of labour against Capital.

The treacherous nature of the General- Secretary of Siyazbeka, Mukashev of the "million-strong" yellow trade unions federation - TUFRK (Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Ed.) was once again confirmed by the example of the bloody massacre of striking workers and residents of Zhanaozen on December 16. They not only not supported the strikers, because they condemned the strike from the beginning, but they called the protesting oil workers thugs and bullies in a statement. Actually TUFRK has become an accomplice to the crime by the murderous regime of Nazarbayev and fully acknowledges all police and troop actions on the massacre of demonstrators. Working people in Kazakhstan seeing this most striking manifestation of cynicism, vile and sordid relationship to the working people, must learn again the reality of S. Mukashev and his alleged "trade unions" in defending in reality the employers, in fact, and the government and supporting the dispersal by shooting of disgruntled workers.
Komsomol worker, a close friend of Nazarbayev, who sold off and betrayed many of the resisting unions and labour groups, who lives at the expense of trade union property Kazsovprofa (Trade Unions) S. Mukashev could not do otherwise, as to recognize and support the shooting of unarmed workers and Zhanaozen residents. This is his creed and calling as a rump and appendage of the state system, to repeat memorized phrases on social partnership, stability and prosperity. In fact TUFRK has long been the agent of employers in the work environment and supervisors interested in even greater enslavement of the working class and the working people of the country.
"The right to strike" in Kazakhstan turned out for workers to be met with bullets, carnage, imprisonment, torture and reprisals against labour leaders. The fact that a lawyer of the Oil Workers Union, Natalia Sokolova was sentenced to six years in prison for "incitement of social hatred" and "organizing an illegal union meeting" once again shows everyone how to really solve labour disputes in the country.
The Federation of the Mukashevite "unions" calls on security forces, police and troops to continue to shoot the workers: "We appeal to government agencies, to suppress acts of destructive elements from inside and outside calling for violence and unrest."
Comrades workers! We call as a sign of protest against such statements by puppets of capital and government to leave en masse this "union" that justifies the shooting of protesting oil workers and ordinary citizens and calling for new repressions and massacres of strikers. There is no need to pay fees to those who robs you, deceive and betray you at every turn and still supports the police and military killing of your comrades. Also it is necessary to break away from those same yellow trade unions as Korgau in the company Armselor Temirtau, the "union" at Kazakhmys corporation, trade union corporation Kazzinc "union" Kazchrome "and other companies that are or are to hold a friendly ties with TUFRK or agreed policy on cheating labour collectives for the sake of theo employers and the government.
No confidence in TUFRK and the yellow trade unions!
Now we need to already:
- Leave en masse from TUFRK and the yellow corporate trade unions;
- Establish at enterprises behind the scenes working committees and groups in consultation and coordination, and the current struggle with an elected leadership;
- Where possible, legalize and create our own new independent trade unions;
- Unite trade unions working around the national "Zhanartu" (Revival);
- Prepare for organizing a general strike against the tyranny of employers for higher wages, better working conditions and freedom of trade union activities. Already, we must act! Jeer your union bosses! It is time to remove the puppets and traitors to the workers' cause!
Chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers' Union of Industrial, Public Sector branches, services and agro complex "Zhanart"

Co-Chair of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan Ainur Kurmanov


16, 17 and 18 December, 2011 will forever be recorded in bloody ink in the history of modern Kazakhstan. These days the striking workers and civilians were killed or wounded by the automatic weapons of the soldiers of internal troops and police, and the exact number of victims has not yet been calculated. All of this was the result of a provocation organised against the participants of a peaceful rally of striking oil workers and local residents, who, as was said, began in the morning on the central square Zhanaozen. The workers and their family members went to protest against the authorities' actions, which were fully supported by employers, and to demand the resumption of negotiations and the release of Natalia Sokolova.
As demonstrated by the televised video made by the police, it clearly shows that the unrest was provoked by the authorities. This video shows that on December 16 in Zhanaozen, a convoy of horses went through the protesters and the police crudely began to push apart the striking oil workers. Children and young people, as asserted by the authorities, were not seen on the video. Just as people "armed with sticks”.
At the same time, according to witnesses at the events, a police vehicle drove at speed into a crowd of people, after which the workers, driven to despair, turned to radical action. Obviously, this was a deliberate provocation by the police and authorities in order to force the strikers to go to extreme measures. During those days firearms were used against civilians in the village of Shetpe, where people came out to demand the military stop the suppression of Zhanaozen. Also, in the city of Aktau rallies took place against the violent dispersal of the oil workers.

We demand:

* Conduct at public expense the burying of the dead, to announce a three-day mourning period, to assist the families of those killed and wounded.
* Immediately withdraw troops and riot police from Mangistau region. Call off the state of emergency. Provide workers with the right to form their own militia to protect public order at events.
* Stop press censorship, blockading of the electronic media, etc. Control over the information to pass into the hands of elected committees of representatives of workers and the poor.
* Stop blaming the strikers in the organization of riots and pogroms. Release the civilians arrested in those days. Stop the torture of suspects. Ensure that, under the control of public committees of representatives of workers and the majority of the population, an objective investigation into the events of finding those who gave orders to open fire on the strikers and local residents and to find out the true number of dead and wounded.
* Carry out the priority demands of protesting oil workers, namely, to reinstate all dismissed workers during the strike to their old works places and under the same conditions, release from prison Natalia Sokolova and remove criminal and administrative charges from other trade unionists, to provide workers the right to freely elect representatives for negotiations and begin negotiations with them about the source of claims for wages.
* Not to allow provocations and divisions along ethnic lines.
Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan

We present you with information about the protest, "Occupy Wall Street," which began on September 17 in New York and then swept dozens of countries around the world. As is evident from the brief information about the action, it is petty-bourgeois (middle class) in character as it is not aimed at the destruction of capitalism, but only against its monstrous degeneration - the financial oligarchy. It is no coincidence that it shares support of the Nazis because Fascists have always speculated on social slogans to attract the politically-ideologically unripe petty-bourgeois strata of the population. However, this action shows that even in the U.S., and in the West in general, there is an evermore powerful scale of the rejection by the masses of the predatory nature of the current capitalist world and its financial tycoons.
The aim of the protesters of Occupy Wall Street in the financial centre of New York is to attract public attention to "crimes of the financial elite," and call for structural changes in the economy. Part of the protesters declared support for the intifada against Israel.

A brief description
In the protest there is no clearly defined leader, but the thought of the protest was born in July in the group Adbusters, a Canadian non-profit anti-consumer organization. Active support is provided by the Internet group Anonymus. The protesters were supported by several major unions, including the Union of transport workers. On September 30, 2011, members of the movement marched near the headquarters of the New York Police Department. About 1000 people carried banners criticizing the law enforcement agencies. The protest was held after one of the demonstrations where police sprayed tear gas at four women. The video of the incident quickly spread across the Internet and many of the protesters vowed to "stand up to the end." It is expected that the demonstrators will stay in a tent camp in Zukotti Park through the winter. On October 1, police arrested more than 700 protesters who flooded the roadway in an attempt to cross Brooklyn Bridge. On October 4, three protesters were arrested in Boston on suspicion of drug dealing.
On November 15, police began to demolish the camp, although most of the protesters at that time had left it.

The motives
Activist of the magazine Adbusters Kalle Lasn, when asked why he had waited three years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in order to start the protest, said that after the election of President Obama's among the youth there was a feeling that he would enact laws to regulate the banking system and to "take these financial crooks and bring them to justice." However, as time went on, and "the feeling that he was a little timid, surprisingly stayed with him," and they "lost all hope that his election will lead to changes."

The protesters demand, in particular, more jobs, more equal income distribution, banking reform and reducing the influence of corporations on politics. Kalle Lasn believes that the purpose of the protest is economic justice.
Inequality in wealth and income inequality are at the heart of the problems of the protesters.
The demonstrators as a political slogan use the term "We are the 99%" - political slogan, created by the movement. The slogan is a reference to the differences in income, wealth and political power between the elite (representing a 1%) and all other U.S. citizens (99%).
According to the report of the Office of the U.S. Congress on the budget, in 2007, 1% of the U.S. population controlled 34.6% of the total wealth of the country, and the next 19% - 50.5%. Thus, 20% of Americans owned 85% of the country's wealth, while the remaining 80% of the population - 15%. After the global financial crisis, the share of wealth in the country belonging to 1% of the population rose from 34.6% to 37.1%, and wealth belonging to 20% of Americans - from 85% to 87.7%.
According to sociological surveys, the level of support for the protest action in the U.S. is 40-50%.

Demographic data
Initially, most of the protesters were young Americans for their frequent use of social networking sites, which carried out propaganda of the protest. When the protest action gained a larger scale, it was attended by older protesters. The protest is presented by representatives of various political persuasions and religious creeds.

Organization and group processes
The New York General Assembly is the principal organ of the movement "Occupy Wall Street," taking on the decision-making, and providing much of the leadership and executive functions of the protesters. Meetings are held without formal leadership of anyone, although some members regularly act as moderators.

According to The Wall Street Journal, «Alliance for Global Justice" – a Washington non-profit organization, agreed to sponsor "Occupy Wall Street" and make it tax-exempt status, so that donors can give the movement money.

By 15 October the protest was joined by almost all the world, anti-corporate actions were held in 951 towns and cities in 82 countries. Several celebrities expressed their support for the action. In support of the action stood the American Nazi Party and the Communist Party of the USA.

• On October 14, 2011, on the "Voice of America" was an interview with American journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges, in which he said: "Within the American political system it is not possible to vote against the interests of financial capital ... In this sense, what we see it's really a protest by 99% against one. That is, simply, an attempt to implement the rule of the majority ... If we're do not take power away from the corporations, we will have to see how American society is transformed into a kind of neo-feudalism ... ". Interestingly, the concerns in establishing oligarchic neo-feudalism in the United States was suggested by Jack London in his novel "The Iron Heel" in 1908

2011 was characterized by the growth of the class struggle. Moreover, if we are accustomed to the large-scale protests abroad, we are increasingly becoming involved in the fight of working people for their rights in Ukraine and other republics of the former Soviet Union.
The working people of the West are not going to tolerate the tyranny of the authorities with the attempt of the powers to shift the gravity of the crisis of the imperialist world system onto the shoulders of working people. Thousands-strong protests, demonstrations, strikes of various categories of the working class, civil servants and government officials, are shaking the capitalist world.
Workers go on strike in Greece, Portugal, Italy (in the media recently, a figure was voiced that in Italy about 8 million people are living below the poverty line), Belgium, France, Britain and other capitalist countries. Workers are striking in the citadel of imperialism - the United States. The campaign "Occupy Wall Street!" swept across dozens of cities of America. It was supported by many workers in other capitalist countries. The masses are becoming increasingly aware that the cause of all their troubles is capitalism, the financial and speculative capital, that the powers that be faithfully serve large transnational capital and began to rescue it in time of crisis, shifting all its burdens onto the shoulders of working people. The working people of the West are well aware that their rights, the right to a decent life must be fought for and not to expect handouts from the ruling regimes.
In Ukraine, the arena of class struggle has been moved forward by the Afghan war veterans and Chernobylists. The Yanukovych-Azarov regime, trying to find a way out of crisis, went on with all the tested ways of bourgeois regimes and began a major offensive on the rights of the destitute Ukrainian people. Moreover, the Azarov government has attempted to encroach on the benefits of the Afghan veterans and veterans of Chernobyl, the benefits of the people who earned them with their own blood.
The joint action of the Afghans and Chernobylists in September, who launched their attempt to storm Parliament, indeed scared to death our rulers. "Peoples’" MPs were so scared that they began to take off their badges "peoples’" and chose to leave the meeting room of the Verkhovna Rada through underground passages, (the word "peoples’" we write in quotes, as they are peoples’ deputies only in name but in fact or are themselves millionaires or billionaires, and have only the attitude to the people that is most brazen and cynical, and continue to loot, plunder and mercilessly exploit, or are in the pay of millionaires billionaires, affirmatively make "their daily bread.") Immediately, a metal fence was erected around Parliament, clearly demonstrating their fear of people and their anti-peoples entity. But they did not manage to storm Parliament. So far, they have only attempted it, and yet the rulers have so much fear ...
Then the initiative of the Afghans veterans caught the attention of the Chernobyl veterans. But the protests they've taken on in Ukraine have been by way of hunger strikes, thus trying to draw public attention to their problems and harming their own health. Premier Azarov has an extremely cynical attitude to the problems of the Chernobyl veterans. Instead of delving into the matter, he immediately began to seek out "fake Chernobyl veterans", people who forged their own documents. Across the whole of Ukraine, using the media he began calling out the large sums of Chernobyl pensions and the amount of additional payments, in accordance with court decisions in favour of Chernobyl veterans. Thus he sought to set the impoverished population of the Ukraine against the Chernobyl veterans, acting on a well-known principle of colonial "divide and conquer," contrasting the different categories of workers to each other. It would be better if Mr. Azarov voiced the revenue by members of the government, most of whom are millionaires, or have the foresight to move their capital to the next of kin.
The authorities do not stand on ceremony with the protesting Chernobyl veterans, with people who, at the cost of their health and sometimes, life, saved not only Ukraine, but the whole world, from a large-scale nuclear disaster.
In Donetsk, on the night of 26-27 November, during a crackdown by riot police on the protest by the Chernobyl veterans, retired miner Gennady Konoplev was killed. The authorities, as usual, did not find the culprit of this crime. But eyewitnesses testify that the veteran was simply trampled on by warriors of this Ministry. Of course, the authorities could not find the culprit, because it was to blame for the death of the person.
The Kiev City Administration, banned the protesting Chernobyl veterans - hunger strikers, from setting up tents, and they were forced to sleep on benches in the winter outdoors.
At the same time Mrs. Tymoshenko, serving a prison sentence has a plasma TV and all amenities in her cell. Yes, the bourgeoisie for their class brothers when in prison, create a comfortable environment. This is understandable. Today, the white and blue are in power. And they put their orange competitors in jail. But tomorrow the situation may change. So, just in case of fire, white and blue and are preparing themselves for possible comfortable stay on a prison bunk ...
And the leaders of Chernobyl and Afghan veterans organizations held back the protesters, fearing a spoiled relationship with the government. But there is a limit. And the Afghan and Chernobyl veterans and working people of Ukraine in general are increasingly aware of the anti-people nature of the authorities. Be sure that all the bourgeois, regardless of their political colour, are exactly the same - they have amassed their wealth through unjust ways, by plundering and exploitation of the masses.
Hence the conclusion - only by destroying the power of capital, can one provide a decent living to a working man. But to destroy the power of capital, to destroy capitalism can only be done by an uncompromising, resolute and strong class struggle, class struggle, which takes on a revolutionary nature, involving many millions of people.

* * *
More and more the workers of Kazakhstan realize this truth. In this issue we publish information very briefly, about the massacre committed by the regime of Nazarbayev, on December 16-18, against his own people. More than 70 were killed, with hundreds wounded and missing. The Nazarbayev executioners opened fire with submachine guns on peacefully protesting oil workers. Kazakh workers will have to learn to defend themselves from uncontrolled warriors, to create their own fighting squads, as happened in the revolution of 1905-1907 and during the Great October Socialist Revolution.
* * *
Readers are also encouraged to look at the review by A. Mayevky of the book by K. Dimov "Capitalism - a system with no future" (Russian). In the book, the author, based on a thorough analysis of contemporary capitalism, clearly shows that capitalism is doomed, doomed by the course of their own economic development, creating such powerful productive forces, which have completely outgrown the capitalist relations of production and entered into irreconcilable conflict with private ownership, hindering their further gradual and steady progress.
The struggle in the world between labour and capital is entering a decisive phase.
This struggle will be very difficult and bloody. And at this point there should be no confusion and illusion. Large transnational financial-speculative capital, capital in its core Zionist, will not go away without a fight from the stage of history.
And the so-called "Arab spring" (so named by the imperialists); and the US-NATO aggression against Libya with the murder of tens of thousands of people and the ruthless murder of the leader of the Libyan people Muammar Gaddafi; and to provoke and incite conflict in Syria, and the continued threat to Iran by the US-Israel-NATO bloody bloc, and the attempt to implement a colour (white) "revolution" in Russia – are all the links of one chain.
Imperialism, like a mortally wounded animal, is madly rushing about in the world, trying to find a way out of the historical impasse into which it has driven itself. By manipulating the consciousness of the masses, by using their genuine outrage against the ruling bourgeois regimes, the Zionist puppeteers replace some of their henchmen with other henchmen, set people against one another, setting workers of the same faith against the same disadvantaged workers of other faiths (eg, pitting Sunnis and Shiites against each other in Iraq) - in order to delay the inevitable.
And now the recent events in Russia very much remind us of the recent events in Ukraine, 2004-2005, when the Kuchma faction of the bourgeoisie by the workers' hands in the so-called "Orange revolution" was replaced by the openly pro-American pro-Western faction of Yushchenko-Tymoshenko. The working people of Ukraine have changed, leaders, but the power as before is in the hands of capital, and remained with it.
The same scenario the US-Western puppeteers are now trying to play in Russia. In early 2004, Madeline Albright came to Ukraine and warned Kuchma to remember where his capital is stored (stolen from the people) so that it did not interfere with the process of "democratization." In early 2011, U.S. Vice President J. Biden visited Russia, and warned that the empire (the USA, I mean) did not want to see him as president (Putin). Putin disobeyed. Then began to play out another "orange" scenario (only the colour changed – to white. Among other things, the working people of Russia should remembered that the “whites” represented at the time, the exploiting class - the bourgeoisie and the landlords, overthrown in the October Revolution). Obviously, after the Duma elections were held in December 2011, the dress rehearsal took place. The main events will be played out in March, after the "election" of President Putin.
The real revolution will be carried out under the red flag!
It will be under the Banner of Marxism-Leninism, uniting workers, regardless of nationality, religion, skin colour and other differences, into a single anti-bourgeois, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist fist.
And no matter what difficulties and obstacles may stand in our revolutionary path, CAPITAL will be defeated!
LABOUR will necessarily prevail in the world!

From the Chairman's report of "Trudovaya Kharkov" Comrade P.V. Tishchenko at the 17th Report Conference on December 3, 2011

The society which was imposed upon us in 1991 has suffered a complete failure. The huge losses incurred by our industry, agriculture and science confirms the irrefutable fact that every social formation corresponds to its own productive forces. And when the productive forces come into irreconcilable contradiction with the relations of production, there is an explosion, a revolution that gives impetus to the further development of the productive forces, improve them and move forward.
In our country when due to the counterrevolutionary coup in 1991, we returned to the old formation - capitalism, the productive forces come into sharp conflict with the relations of production. But if the Revolution was a step forward, a way to improve and move forward, the situation in the post Soviet expanse is regression, a return to the past. Hence, a natural phenomenon - capitalism began dismantling and the elimination of the productive forces created under socialism. These forces were so powerful, so voluminous, so developed that the new-old school has not been able to hold them. The way out - destruction.
Therefore, machinery giants in our city alone such as the Hammer and Sickle, HZTD, HZTSSH, RADIODETAL and many others have been destroyed. Preparations for the destruction of other companies are underway also. The terrible statistics - from 1996 to 2008, in Kharkiv region alone, 1879 enterprises have been destroyed. And how many across the whole of Ukraine?
What conqueror can be compared with such barbaric destruction created by the labour of generations of workers?
Confirmation of the reactionary nature and non-viability of capitalism is another comprehensive crisis of the world capitalist system. It is common knowledge that all previous crises end in wars. In this way, the capitalists are trying to find a way out of crisis. The bandit attack on Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, organized by the U.S. imperialists and Syria threatened with intervention, and coloured "revolutions", revolutions in the Arab world is a confirmation of this trend. And we must take this into account and to fight against it to the best of our ability.
As always, at the beginning of the crisis, the powers that be try solving the problem by shifting it over to the workers. And if the workers of Western countries, led by trade unions, are committed to defending their rights violated by the authorities, our workers are still not accustomed to this, and the trade unions have traditionally try not to quarrel with the government.
In Ukraine, the government, which promised that the next day after they came to rule the country, everything would be better, begin with an attack on the rights of working people. Today we are witnesses of how limited the rights are of "Chernobyl" and "Afghan war veterans”, like "children of war" wait in line in long queues to get court decisions that require the authority to carry out the laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Upper House).
The result of the crisis was sharp job cuts, layoffs, unpaid wages, high prices and tariffs, the closure of enterprises.
All this could not be but the basis for enhancing the work of our activity with the workers to organize their protests at first with economic demands, and then political. In our leaflets we have explained to the workers that the main cause of the crisis is capitalism itself, the existence of private ownership of the means of production.
Without solving the issue of destruction of private ownership and capitalist relations, the working class can not escape from the shackles of the exploiters, to gain genuine freedom, a dignified life for working people.
We have carried out a series of pickets, in particular:
- At the regional government HQ on the situation in industrial enterprises;
- A picket on the arrival of the President, who arrived in Kiev in February this year, with the demand he fulfil his campaign pledges;
- At the City Council - against attempts to destroy the monument in honour of the proclamation of Soviet power in Ukraine;
- At factories HAZ and ZISH - for non-payment of wage arrears;
- The regional prosecutor's office demanding to institute criminal proceedings against those managers responsible for the non-payment of wages in the factories ZIM, ZISH, KHEMZ, Electrical equipment.
- Kiev District Court, which deals with the case against S. Pozdnyakov and others in the destruction of a UPA memorial stone.
On the anniversary of the start of the Great Pariotic War at the Memorial in front of M. Dobkin and Kernes G., who set up a memorial plaque to the nazi lackey I. Slep, we unfurled a placard - "Stand up the fallen, the traitors are coming for you", and Commissar, of "TK", A.K. Oleinik read out a statement. Clashes with police followed. We previously held a protest against the establishment of plaques to Slep, and was filed in court. On the day of "independence" we came to Soviet Ukraine square, set up an agitatin post with sovereign praporom with black crepe and posters: for 20 years - there has been no life; 1941-1945. – in the war - loss of life - 6 million people, but the years 1991-2011 – of “independence” - the loss of life - 7 million people.
A related topic - the attempt to protect a monument in honour of the proclamation of Soviet power in Ukraine, established on Soviet Ukraine Square. We have tried to use all levers of power in Kharkov, but with all instances of our requests, they were sent to the City Council or the Regional Administration to get answers. We got no answer only from the fraction of the Communist Party of Ukraine in parliament. They themselves had taken a number of measures. We held positions by trying to influence the workers, destroying the Monument, we covered the fence with the words - No vandalism! We will not allow the destruction of historic memorials. Death to the vandals! Hands off our history, and many others. On the initiative I.T. Shekhovtsov, we prepared an appeal to the city hall, the prosecutor's office and police, where we warned that under the Criminal Code we will physically prevent the destruction of the monument, opened the gate and, together with the officers, entered on the territory, forcing the workers to come down from the monument and to stop, but were withdrawn from the closed territory when police arrived. After learning about the plans of urban vandals with Mr. Kernes at the head, we filed a claim in court to prevent the destruction of the monument, to prohibit any work in the security zone, as required by law. The Court found a clear interest in a speedy and unequivocal refusal decision on the case, stubbornly refused to meet the challenge of the court, stated repeatedly by plaintiffs. In order to cover up their wrongful acts, the court had falsified the minutes of the meeting of the court and copied audio files.
The Court of Appeal did not reverse the court's criminal decision that only confirms the truth of who is the justice in bourgeois society.
The executive committee created a propaganda team and a schedule of access to the entrance to the factories ZISH, ZIM, KHEMZ, HAZ, HTZ, where the situation is most tense, and others. The formed teams, with the flags "TK" and VSR, visited the company more than 80 times. Factory workers were distributed leaflets "Not one step back," the newspaper "objective thought and modernity," "working class", "Workers 'and Peasants' Truth". Among the workers of these enterprises were our supporters who gave information on the operational situation at the enterprises, they became pioneers in conducting protests.
The result of this work were actions by a number of labour collectives with protests and strikes to demand payment of wages, job security:
- On March 21 and 22 factory workers went on strike at Shevchenko factory. On the first day they blocked the road of October Revolution street for 2.5 hours, the second day - held a march and picket the regional administration. An attempt was made by workers to enter the regional administration building, and the intention of law enforcement to detain the leaders of the head stock Tishchenko, ran into a sharp rebuff with the workers, mostly women. M. Dobkin created a conciliation commission, promising to pay the arrears of wages by July 15. As always, he failed to keep his pledge. Wages have not been paid so far. In June, the plant again went on strike. Sell off of equipment and buildings continues, but for a long time since 2008 and pay arrears have not been repaid. There is little work either, mainly work for 2 days a week. How in this situation do people live? There is every reason to believe that ZISH as KHEMZ have been sentenced to death. KHEMZ is divided into two plants, one of them private.
On 24 and 25 July, smelter workers were on strike. Unpaid wages and the pension fund has reached 100 mln rubles in debt. Activists of the "TK" and VSR through its information leaflet "Not one step back," urged the workers - enough of waiting, to go on strike. When on the second day of the strike, we came to support the strikers, we set up our agitation post, raised the banner of "TK" and VSR, factory workers welcomed this with applause and shouts - "Hurray!, Our people have arrived." In a hurry the debts were paid to workers, but today again have appeared debts, and there is an insufficient volume of work.
Our organization has organized and conducted rallies also. This year's meeting was held to mark the 20th anniversary of the referendum by the USSR. The people's will, expressed in the referendum has supreme legal force, so we have every reason to demand the authorities to follow in line uniting the peoples of the USSR into a new union, the more so because it promises to the current government - an introduction of the Customs Union, the EEA etc.
At the initiative of the World Federation of Labour, October 3, 2011, on the "World Day of Action" we had a city-wide protest against government policies. This meeting was attended by almost all leftist forces, as well as veterans of "Chernobyl", independent trade union of railwaymen Kharkov Branch, "children of war", workers of a number of enterprises in the city, and there were representatives from Donetsk, Makeyevka, Belgorod. The meeting had a profound impact. The rally adopted a resolution that was sent to leaders of the country, the headquarters of the VFT in Athens (Greece), Panhellenic front workers P.A.M.E. On the internet, were posted photos of the rally and resolution of our comrades in Russia, Belarus, Canada, USA, France, England, Pakistan, DPRK, and India.
As you can see, we had access to a number of international organizations outside the country. This was made possible thanks to my journey as a leader of "TK" to the Congress of the World Federation of Trade Unions of class standing on Marxist revolutionary positions, which took place in April this year in Athens for 5 days. I managed to get acquainted with trade union representatives from both the former Soviet republics - Russia (Moscow, Leningrad), Belarus, Lithuania and other countries in the world. My report to Congress on the situation in Ukraine aroused great interest. We had an English translation of the report sent to many countries including India, Canada, Pakistan. Canadian Friends of the Soviet Union published it in their anthology.
Throughout the period when our city continues to summons the political prisoner in the "Odessa" case of A. Smirnov, our organization has provided all possible assistance, collected money and handed parcels over to the prisoners, our members regularly participate in meetings of the courts in dealing with complaints by Smirnov and his lawyer.
Work has begun among youth. A small group of young people have organized group called "Attacking Policy" and a few publications have been was prepared and released that are distributed mainly among the young university students.
Our organization actively cooperates with the majority of left-wing organizations in the city and region, as well as the regional coordinating council of VSR (RKC VSR), which combines a number of regions of Ukraine (Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk region, Sevastopol, Kremenchug, Crimea, etc. ) to strengthen the coordination of joint actions of workers.

* * *
Today Ukraine is again facing a serious choice. The authorities headed by the "Regionals", have completely forgot about their campaign promises, forgotten them and President Yanukovich also. As with the previous government, they desire to pull Ukraine towards Europe, with the intention to sign the documents on associate membership in the EU. While at the same time clearly not friendly rhetoric towards Russia.
We have no good feelings for Russian oligarchs, but we do not want to, against our will, according to fake promises, be dragged into an organization that fails, where it began disintegrating, where a number of countries are mired in debt, where there is a real threat to a single currency - the "euro".
Drawing us into the European structures, for some reason the euro-integrators are keeping silent about what Ukraine will pay for its entry in the EU.
But this restriction and release of certain types of agricultural and industrial production, as in the EU, there are quotas for this. Due to the huge external debts of countries-members of the union they need Ukraine to improve its sagging business. So this place is a colony. In matters of possible membership in aggressive NATO - a military organization pouring blood in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and ready to continue its criminal policy. The overwhelming majority of EU member states are members of NATO.
As in this situation, relations will develop with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, which are combined and are threatened by NATO which is placing near the border its missile defence systems.
In this situation, we must express our strong opposition to this policy by the country's leadership and take all measures to prevent another crime being committed against the Ukrainian people.
Regarding the situation in the country, we are faced with large-scale offensive by the bourgeoisie against the workers' rights in all spheres of life. The pension reform, and the new Labour Code and Housing Code, the rise in prices and tariffs. The bourgeoisie has traditionally brought about crisis created by their greed, ignorance, crime control methods, robbery, and intends to overcome it at the expense of ordinary citizens. Make them answer for their own crisis – THAT IS OUR TASK.
The criminal policy of the authorities in regard to public enterprises continues. The plant "Electroappartura" is dead and KHEMZ, ZIM, ZISH, HAZ are on the verge of death. There is a wholesale reduction of workers from these and other enterprises. The impression is that the bourgeoisie is planning to completely destroy the working class, in order to avoid a future proletarian revolution, leaving only a market proletariat (hired-sellers) that sell goods manufactured in other countries.
Our goal in this matter is radically opposite - in every way we must oppose the destruction of factories, job cuts - the economic power of the country. After winning the peoples’ revolution, that will be crucial.
We must do everything possible to bring to the consciousness of working people the ideas of Marxism-Leninism, and understanding that only a determined struggle against capitalism and its chief evil - private ownership of the means of production, aimed at scrapping the existing vicious system can bring victory to the proletariat, and will ensure sustainable development in the path of progress, as it was in Soviet Ukraine.
The slogan Soviet power - the Soviet Union - socialism is now extremely urgent and vital to the future of the peoples

Kharkov city

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