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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New Communist International

Proposal submitted by the Palestinian Communist Party to all Marxist- Leninist parties for study and constructive discussion for the purpose of overthrowing the bourgeois state and the establishing a Scientific Socialist State.

The twentieth congress of the Soviet Communist Party convened in 1956 marked a historical treason to the working class and the Communist Parties, and Communists all over the world.
The Soviet opportunists and revisionists under the leadership of petty bourgeois, and army Generals and the renegade Khrushchev have taken over the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Soviet State directly after the death (or poisoning) of Comrade Stalin. These group of renegades have taken on their shoulders the task of retrieving capitalism, and the destruction of the Socialist State in the Soviet Union, which resulted in the disintegration of the Communist Parties all over the world and change the direction of these from the Marxist-Leninist line and ideology.

Since that infamous Congress, the Communist movement was dispersed and its ideological unity and organization was destroyed, and most communist parties was transformed to opportunists and revisionists with out any common language among them. And each party claims to represent the working class and follow the Marxist-Leninist principal.
This dispersion of the communist movement resulted in the destruction of its unity and most of these parties become a revisionist parties following the path of renegade Soviet Communist Party which repeal Lenin principal which emphasize the organic unity between national revolution and socialist revolution which lead to handing over the National Liberation Movement to imperialism and later to the disintegration of the Soviet Union which founded by comrade Lenin and built by comrade Stalin.

A real united Communist movement uphold Marxist-Leninist movement has ceased to exist, and there was a widespread opportunist and revisionist parties in the communist movement which resulted in building up a Communist, Leninist, or Socialist Party parties too far away from Marxist ideology with out a common language among them, and each party claim to represent the working class. The existence of these parties resulted in the destruction of the major weapon in the hands of the working class in its struggle against bourgeoisie, the weapon of their unity.

The ruling bourgeoisie which controls the people's fate will never stop the class struggle which is embodied in the very nature of capitalist system controlled by the bourgeoisie and from the nature of contradiction between labor an d Capital.
On the other hand a new revolutionary parties with their motto recovering Lenin- Stalin Socialism which can be achieved by Socialist Revolution, the revolution on the bourgeois state established after the disintegration of the Socialist system.

A call from several Marxist-Leninist parties to form a revolutionary Communist International (Lenin International) comprise in its ranks all Marxist-Leninist parties in order in order to achieve the unity of the working class parties on a concrete Marxist-Leninist ideology and organization. And in order to help the communist parties followed the renegade Khrushchev opportunist and revisionist path, And to follow Marxist line in order for this international to become as one party for the working class under the banner of Marxism-Leninism. The Communist Manifesto has emphasized " the necessity for the working class to have its own party independent theoretical, political and organizational in order to perform its revolutionary historical role to control the density of their society ."

The existence of this international to the working class is an indication that world working class is one class regardless of its location in different countries. The working class is one class due to the nature of its exploitation and the nature of its strategic goals which is freeing itself from capital exploitation and create world system free from the exploitation of human being to his brother human being.
This Communist International must have a unified revolutionary program represents the goals of all World Communist Parties.. The program can not be identical for every party, because the conditions of each country differ from the conditions of other countries, and each party program must suit his country and the revolutionary stage of that country. The program of each party or local organization must follow the same general direction (Marxist-Leninist) proposed in their program of the Communist International.

The Communist International must put its policy based on Marxist-Leninist theory which determined the acceptance of any party or organization as a member of the International, and the local party must prove that his local program follow the determined principal of the International program. This may, on the long run, lead to the uniting the parties of each country and the acceptance of this party in the Communist International as a member, and this will result in the unification of the working class in each country and not divide the party in each country to several parties, each party claim the representation of the working class.

Nowadays, the building of Communist International becoming a necessity for the working class to help them achieve their unity and for their struggle for socialism. It, also, help them to purify Marxism- Leninism from revision from its ranks acquired from the renegade Khrushchev and his gang from the congress of the Communist Party in 1956.

We, in the Palestinian Communist Party, call upon all Communist parties to establish a Revolutionary Communist International based on the Marxism-Leninism for the struggle against imperialism as a united front since we believe that the years ahead will breed a real socialist revolution which must be lead by this International.
We hope all sincere communists to join us.

From our part, we suggest the following points to be Considered:

1- Establish a Executive Committee to prepare for a meeting from representative of all (non revisionist) Marxist-Leninist parties.
2- Prepare working program for the Communist International agreed upon by all parties willing to join the International.
3- The International shall embrace only the communist Leninist parties and other communists after submitting an application to the International.
4- All parties willing to join the International must expel all revisionist and reformist leaders or cadres, in order for the policies of all international parties coordinated so not to commit the same mistakes of the Second International.
5- The Parties willing to join the Communist International must regularly remove reformists and revisionists from every responsible post in the labor movement, or any party organization or post.
6- Every party wishes to affiliate with International must develop its
Communist activity in the labor union and other public organization.
7- The parties belonging to the Communist International must be built on the basis of the principal of Democratic Centralism.
8- The parties that wishes to belong to the Communist International must have the obligation of breaking with reformist and revisionists.
9- In those countries which the Communists can carry their activities legally , must from time to time undertake purges of the members of their party organization in order to clean the party from the petty bourgeois element within it.
10- All parties that wish to belong to the Communist International must have the obligations of changing their revisionist program and work out a new Communist program correspond to the particular conditions of their countries.
11- The Communist International and the Executive Committee must in the whole of its activities, take into account the different conditions under which the individual party have to work.
12- Every party that wishes to belong to the Communist International must bear the name Communist Party of this or that country.
The difference between the Communist Parties and the other parties that betrayed Marxism-Leninism and the banner of the working class must be clear to every simple toiler.


This proposal submitted from the Palestinian Communist Party for discussion, because we feel that the working class needed Communist International to lead them to Socialism.
The urgency in forming an Executive Committee from number of Communist Parties to initiate the work.


Mohammad Alqam

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