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No 1 (94) JANUARY 2011


Press Conference ofA.G. Lukashenko for the Russian regional mass media
(early october 2010)

The Russian authorities and the media unleashed another campaign to discredit the President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, who spoke on Oct. 1 at a press conference for Russian regional mass media to criticize the Russian authorities, opposing the union of the two states - Russia and Belarus, leading, in essence, a war against the brotherly Belarusian state. Alexander Lukashenko, in contrast to other "heads" of post-Soviet states acting on orders from the powerful puppeteers from Wall Street and the IMF, aims to pursue an independent foreign policy in favor of rapprochement between the two brotherly Slavic peoples, and therefore causes a bilious resentment from the Zionistic Russian media and their patrons in power.
Below we publish a statement from his speech, on the relationship between Belarus and Russia.
From the speech of A.G. Lukashenko:
"After all, if as before, the Russian information space for Belarusian topics were simply closed, nowadays, unfortunately, it deliberately injects into the flow shameless lies, misinformation, and just plain nonsense ... And the purpose of the initiators of this campaign is clear - to convince people in the area from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok that Belarusians – are more like enemies. Their President Lukoshenko is a thief, murderer, traitor, and Belarus itself is the eternal scrounger off Russia.
"It is clearl, under whose tune they dance to this music and under whose orders ... Everything that is happening today around Belarus - is the undertaking of a handful of politicians."
NTV - is Gazprom's actual TV channel. And all its dirt is financed by Gazprom. Gazprom is a state company. Who runs and commands it, you also know.
"How do I feel about what they (the opposition. - Ed.) broadcast on Russian channels? .. It amazes me the position of your leadership. Maybe they do not know much? Or they are not really interested in it? It is they who in Russia are not very interested in what happens there, far beyond the Urals. Further out than the ring road of Moscow ... The worst thing is, that they are granted the right to broadcast to people who do not carry on the spirit of Russia. These are people who yesterday and today received grants in Western Europe and America. But today, they have found another sponsor: business in Russia. And we know who pays the money. Recently a courier was detained who, in violation of the laws across the border was carrying 200 thousand dollars ... venues are created in Lithuania, Poland and Germany. And from there Russian money comes to Belarus. And directly - through the Russia-Belarus border.”
"It (Russia - Ed.) wants to gather land, as you have to say, around itself. She wants to tighten state and nation. But alas, it did not happen. And instead of having to create a customs union, we would simply have to form a Union. Because as it were, the project of the Union State (of Russian and Belarus) was in a very advanced direction ... And it would be logical for the Union State, to the fact that what we have gained and what we have is achieved, would draw in Kazakhstan and other countries. No. Somehow, Russia and its leadership found the project unprofitable ... Instead of moving along a thumb groove and based on what we have achieved in the Union of Belarus and Russia, and to draw other States into this to make more attratvie to our Union, we are engaged in other projects. So there appeared the Customs Union.
... What have we got? The economy of Kazakhstan and Russia is very different from Belarus. Kazakhstan chokes on energy. Russia has choked on them. We do not. We are very dependent on Russia and Kazakhstan. We have different economies. We have a real economy - agriculture, industry, transport, communication, communication ... But we, of course, are dependent on raw materials. And for us it was very important, that our partners have a lead in this direction. I feared a year or more ago, when we agreed to the Customs Union, and namely that I publicly said to the Government about this. It turned out that what I feared, actually happened. They have raised 5 times the price of natural gas which goes outside of the treaty ... Then we introduced the duty on oil. Then - on light oil: diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene and so on. In short, they did as the worst enemy of Russia would do. Therefore, judge for yourself what we have received to date from the Customs Union ... In fact, we have been cheated ... That was the case often in our relations with the Russian Federation .... Russia blocks the delivery of our products ... You remember it: and the "sugar war", and the "milk war" ... you know how to these levers were pulled. Not to mention the Russian state orders, where Belarusians were told "do not let go".
"And when Putin, the Russian government imposed restrictions - there we do not let go, and are not given loans. In short, they have closed the Russian market on us, I say: "What are you doing? We have too few unemployed or what? You still add 15 million.” But we endured. We are diversified, we searched for other markets to trade. Venezuela appeared, for which we are criticized for, and Iran too... But if our brother, our ally, our Russia is closed to us, and even when we are scrambling, as is trying to sell their products - you remember, we started to close the border - for milk, meat and sugar. With the submission of whom? Your oligarchs, who have divided the economy and say that the Belarusian sugar is not to be taken. And why not? Because it is cheaper. So you sell cheaper. No, then the pocket will be skinny for the oligarchs, who are engaged in the sugar business. But we knew that we should offer Russia and others, quality goods, so we have modernized four sugar mills, made like a toy ... No, and now there are quotas, even when their is not enough sugar today, in Russia it is stupid that these quotas still exist ... So you can still buy almost half from outside. Why, in this half is not three to five per cent of Belarusian sugar? That we earned from you the Russian ruble, exchanged it for the dollar and paid for energy. We cannot even pay you back in rubles on all items. And you say you want to make the ruble a regional currency. Yes, you yourself do not want to accept it as a means of payment, but allow the dollar. And we need the Russian ruble, which we earn, often exchanged for dollars or euros and pay you for the goods. That is, it is rolled forward on all counts. "
"... Here, is the scope of our interests” – declare the politicians of Russia. And I ask: where is the sphere of interests of Belarus and the Belarusian people? So do you need it to be a sphere of your vital interests? So do you need it, when we really protect your interests sometimes more than you your own in Russia? You were, on a point of defense - supermodern upgraded by us. Russians have not helped us one bit. We upgraded and we see all the space from the Baltic to the Black Sea. And we, as is customary to say, pass it online into the Kremlin. There Medvedev can see, thanks to us, what is going on from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Do you need to break all this today? Well break it up, but return to this will be almost impossible. Who needs such a policy."
"... I reminded Medvedev: you're a commander in chief. You should know that what you have here are two powerful bases that every hour, every day work. One of these is an early warning of missile attack in the Brest region. The second, which leads into the Atlantic, communicates with all of your submarines, including nuclear ones. How much do you pay us? Zero! And then how much did you pay (for the lease of the Black Sea Fleet. - Ed.)? $ 40 billion? We are not asking you for money. We want to see a humane attitude."
"Two days ago, one of our ministers arrived from Russia. He works in the ideological sector. To him there came one of the leading men, who in “tandem” answers to the media. Says: Well, how will we “rub your nose in your own urine”? This is a member of Medvedev’s team talking here."
"So at every opportunity they try if not to prick, then roll forward, and even "rub your nose in your own urine".
"... Of course, we have to recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Be that as it may, it is our ally. And we were ready to do it. But ... We meet with one Western politician. He came over specifically and asked: "Are you sure you want to recognize Ossetia and Abkhazia?" I say: "Why are you so annoyed by that? We are allies." And he explained to me the spectrum of relationships that has developed in us with the European Union and America.
We were threatened. And with the EU, so you know, today we are trading a bit more than with Russia. This is - billions of dollars. And when we were pushed out from the Russia market, the EU did not dare to do. Although they have boozed up on the full program and "rubbed our nose in our own urine" as you say. They said that we should forget about payments in euros and dollars. So what is the state to do? We started thinking and looking for a way out. I met with your President in Sochi. And we discussed this problem.
I said to him: "Here are the consequences. We have them figured out.” Are you ready, Mr. President, to share, dear friend, Mr President, these consequences with us? Are you ready to lend a shoulder? Literally: "Well, Alexander Grigoryevich, let's not haggle. This is one issue, and this is - another." I say: "Thank you. Topic over." If you find this is one topic, and this is another – there is no point continuing the conversation. Do you understand? He was far from these problems.
... What is to close payments in dollars and euros? Collapse of the whole economy. We couldn’t sell anything. Closed all ... And Russia would not be ready to lend a shoulder. So in the end, at least they promised. Therefore, our conversation ended.
... And perhaps Russia would rather that we did not recognize Ossetia and Abkhazia? Maybe they need a reason to have somewhere to tilt us? "
"... Here it is slandered, it is necessary to push to the finish. This is a matter of the Russian leadership. "
"We never closed to you the possibility of investment here. But not for free. I once truly said to your leadership, that if I really was convinced that if we are cheaper and sell, and the difference reaches the pockets of ordinary Russians, I would risk it. But those who come to us for these assets – are billionaires.
Why should I need to increase their wealth at the expense of property in Belarus? "
"Well, what kind of market price is this (set by Gazprom gas price for Belarus. - Ed .)?.. They arrive and say: the price will be such and such. We say no, it is illogical. We show a lot of evidence to prove this. Including the prices in Europe. And ask the question: why have you bigger returns of Gazprom in Belarus than in Germany? Why do we deserve this? No answer. This is monopolism ... This is the first point. Secondly, suppose we require non-market low prices or not maximal high ones. Well, we also provide services for free. Here's what you saw - 1600 of your objects accompany our defense from the Baltic to the Black Sea. It is worth something? This is state security. You do not give us a penny for it. For bases, like Ukraine for Sevastopol, it doesn’t pay 40 billion. I generally can not compare Belarus with any other country."


"The political activities of the Social Democrats is to promote the development and organization of the working class movement in Russia, transforming it from the present state of isolated, deprived of guiding ideas attempts of protest, “revolts” and strikes, into an organized struggle of the ENTIRE Russian working CLASS against the bourgeois regime and aiming towards the expropriation of the expropriators, towards the destruction of those social orders, based on the oppression of the workers. The common belief of Marxists in the fact that the Russian worker is the only natural representative of all the toiling and exploited people of Russia serves as the basis of this activity". (CCW, Volume 1, p.310 Russian).
"The worker already cannot but see that he is oppressed by capital, and that the fight has to be with the class of the bourgeoisie. And this struggle aimed at achieving immediate economic needs, at improving his material conditions - inevitably requires from the workers organizations to becomes not a war against individuals but against a class, the class itself which is not in separate factories, but everywhere and wherever it oppresses and crushes the worker. That is why the factory worker is none other than a good representative of all the exploited population, and in order for him to exercise representation in an organized, sustained struggle, demands ... explaining to him his position, the explaining the politico-economic structure of the system that oppresses him , identifying the necessity and inevitability of class antagonism in this system "(ibid., s.310-311).
"Social Democrats pay all their attention and all their activities on the class of workers. When the advanced representatives have mastered the ideas of scientific socialism, the idea of the historical role of the Russian worker, when these ideas become widespread among the workers, solid organizations are created, transforming the present sporadic economic war into conscious class struggle - then the Russian WORKER, rising up at the head of all the democratic elements, will overthrow absolutism and lead the RUSSIAN PROLETARIAT (alongside to the proletariat of ALL COUNTRIES) along a straight road of open political struggle to the VICTORIOUS COMMUNIST REVOLUTION "(ibid., pp. 311-312).
"We all agree that our task lies in the organization of the proletarian class struggle. But what is class struggle? When the workers of a separate factory, of a separate craft enter into a struggle with their owner or with their owners, is that a class struggle? No, this is only the weak beginnings of it. The workers' struggle is class struggle only when all the best representatives of the working class throughout the country are aware of themselves as a single working class and begin their fight not against the individual owners, but against the entire capitalist class and against the government supporting this class. Only when the individual worker is aware of himself as a member of the working class when, in his daily, petty fight with individual employers and individual officials, he sees the fight against the entire bourgeoisie and against the entire government, only then this struggle becomes a class struggle ... The task of Social Democracy consists in the fact that by the organization of workers, propaganda and agitation among them, is to turn their sponaneous struggle against the oppressors into a struggle of the entire class, into a struggle of a particular political party for certain political and the socialist ideals "(CCW, Volume 4, s.187-188 Russian).
"In all European countries, socialism and the labour movement existed initially separate from each other. The workers were fighting against the capitalists, organized strikes and unions, but the socialists stood apart from the workers' movement, and created doctrines critising contemporary capitalism, the bourgeois order of society and demanding a replacement of that system by another higher socialist system. The separation of the labour movement from socialism caused the weakness and immaturity of both of them ... The labour movement remained petty, fragmented, did not acquire political significance, and was not covered by advanced science of its time. Therefore, in all European countries, we see a more and more manifest desire to merge socialism and the labor movement into a coherent social democratic movement. Workers’ class struggle is transformed in such a merger into a conscious struggle of the proletariat for its emancipation from exploitation on part of the propertied classes, and produces the highest form of socialist labor movement: an independent workers' social-democratic party. The direction of socialism towards merging with the labour movement is the main merit of Marx and Engels: they created a revolutionary theory that explained the need for the merger and set the task of socialists to organize the class struggle of the proletariat "(CWW, Volume 4, pp. 244-245 ).
"Emerging from the very nature of capitalist society, strikes mean the beginning of the working class struggle against this system of society ... When workers alone deal with their bosses, they are real slaves, always working off a piece of bread for a stranger, always remaining humble and dumb stooges. But when workers together declare their demands and refuse to bow to the boss who has a fat wallet, then the workers are no longer slaves, they become people, they begin to demand that their work was not just to enrich a handful of parasites, but to give the worker opportunity to live in a humane way. Slaves start to make demands to become masters - to work and live not how the landlords and capitalists want them to live, but how the workers themselves want to live. Therefore strikes always cause such horror to capitalists as the strike begin to shake their rule. "Your strong hand can stop the wheels if you want” – says one song of the German workers about the working class. And indeed: the factories, landowners' farms, machinery, railways, etc., etc., are all like the wheels of one huge mechanism - the mechanism that produces various products, processes, and delivers where it should. This whole mechanism is moved by the worker who tills the land, mines, makes goods in factories, builds houses, workshops, and railways. When the workers refuse to work, this whole mechanism is threatened with stoppage. Every strike reminds the capitalists that the real masters are not they, but the workers who louder and louder claim their rights "(CWW, Volume 4, s.292-393).
"The strike teaches the workers to understand what the power of the owners is and what the power of workers is, teaches the worker to think not of only his own boss and not only his closest comrades, but of all the bosses, the whole class of capitalists and the whole class of workers. When the factory owner, with his millions living off the labour of several generations of workers, does not agree to a modest increase to the workers’ pay, or even tries to further reduce pay and, if the workers resist and thousands of hungry families are thrown onto the streets - then the workers can see clearly that the entire capitalist class is the enemy of the entire class of workers, and that the workers can only rely on themselves and their unification. It often happens that the manufacturer tries in every way to cheat the workers and makes himself out to be their benefactor, to hide his exploitation of the workers with some empty sop and false promises. Every strike is always with one stroke destroys all this deception by showing workers that their "benefactor" is a wolf in sheep's clothing "(ibid, s.294-295).
"The socialists call the strike a "school of war”, a school, in which workers learn to wage war against their enemies, for the liberation of all people and all workers from the tyranny of bureaucrats and capitalist oppression.
... From separate strikes, workers may and have to cross over and really cross over in all countries to the fight of the entire working class for the liberation of all workers. When all class-conscious workers becomes socialists, i.e., aiming towards such liberation, when they unite throughout the country to spread socialism among the workers, to teach the workers all means of struggle against their enemies, when they form a socialist workers party that fights for the liberation of all the people from the oppression of the government and the liberation of all workers from the yoke of capital - only then the working class is completely adjacent to the great movement of workers of all countries, which unites all the workers and raises the red flag with the words: "Workers of all countries, unite!" (ibid. same, s.296-398).
"This by itself implies a task that Russian Social-Democracy is called upon to implement: to introduce socialist ideas and political consciousness in the masses of the proletariat and to organize a revolutionary party, that is inextricably linked with the spontaneous labour movement ... Without such an organization of the proletariat can not rise up to the conscious class struggle, without such an organization, the working-class movement is doomed to impotence, and with just insurances, circles and societies of mutual aid, the working class will never be able to perform the great historic task lying ahead of it: to liberate themselves and the whole Russian nation from its political and economic slavery" (CWW, Volume 4, s.374-375).
"The workers' strikes in Russia during the preparation of the revolution and during the revolution, were the most common means of struggle of the proletariat, of the advanced class, which alone is the end, the revolutionary class in modern society. Economic and political strikes that alternate with each other, intertwined into one indivisible whole, united by the working masses against the capitalist class and the autocratic government, brought unrest to the whole of society, raised up the peasantry... No power on earth will stop the masses when they rise up. Now they have begun to rise up. This rise may go fast – or maybe go slowly and intermittently, but in any case it is heading towards revolution. The Russian proletariat was ahead of everyone in 1905. Remembering this glorious past, it must now exert all efforts to restore, strenghten and develop their organization, their party, the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party. Our party is going through difficult times now, but it is invincible, invincible as the proletariat "(CWW, v.20, p.73-75).

From the Editor. At the dawn of the socialist movement in Russia, the Communists were called the Social Democrats and the working-class party called - the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP). However, when social democracy discredited itself with its collaboration with the bourgeoisie in the First World War, the revolutionary Social Democrats, headed by Lenin, in order to dissociate themselves from the social-chauvinists, began calling themselves communists. Today it is namely the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB) that inherits the Bolshevik principles of the RSDLP - RSDLP (b) - RCP (b) - VKP (b) – the Leninist policy of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, consistently defending the class interests of the working class and all working people.
Trial over timeservers: some results of a popular vote in the television show "Court of Time"

01.12.2010 10:10

Svanidze and Co. have decided to judge the great Stalin era, having started a TV show "Court of Time” (judge of time) following the instructions of timeserver Medvedev about "de-Stalinization of the public conscience", but like the TV show by anti-Soviet Lyubimov, we got the opposite effect - the people with their votes judged the time-servers, and pay tribute to Stalin .
Below are the published pictures from the TV program "Court of Time" with the results from the national (phone-in) vote. The results of the voting by the brain-washed by Svanidze & Co. TV show audience were completely the opposite, or roughly equal, that many of the facts of our history are so striking and obvious that no lies and falsification can hide them.

Question 1:
Perestroika: Was this a way out of a dead end, or a catastrophe?

Results from phone-in vote:
A way out of a dead end: 7%
A catastrophe: 93%

Question 2:
“Soviet Man” – Was this an ideological myth or a historical achievement?

Results from phone-in vote:
An ideological myth: 6%
A historical achievement: 94%

Question 3:
The Stakhanovite Movement: Was it a Soviet “propaganda campaign” (“kampaneishina”) or a true labour uplift?

Results from phone-in vote:
Soviet “propaganda campaign”: 6%
A true labour uplift: 94%

Question 4:
Was the Constituent Assembly a democratic step forward or guaranteed chaos?

Results from phone-in vote:
A democratic step forward: 8%
Guaranteed chaos: 92%

Question 5:
Ukraine and Russia: Are they better apart or together?

Results from phone-in vote:
Apart: 8%
Together: 92%

TV Photos


22.11.2010 11:20
Taganrog Automobile Plant workers stopped work, demanding payment of wage arrears.

FACTORY MANAGEMENT owed money to company employees for several months. Failures in the payments started in August, when wages had begun to be distributed in parts, and from November 15, beginning to wind up more with 15-day arrears in October. All this time, the management explained the lack of payments due to the need to procure parts and urged the workers to see sense. But why the itch to offset the costs out of workers’ pocket, and not at the expense of the bosses getting big money, rank and file employees did not understand. The first to revolt was in the morning on November 12 at the welding shop. Action was supported by about 100 people, armed with the 142-th article of the Labour Code which gives employees the right in case of delayed wages for more than two weeks to suspend work until payment of the debt.
The strike lasted several hours and ended only after the protesters had been promised a pay off of arrears in the next few days. Strikers were given less than half of the September salary, and on 15 November in the fight for their rights, employees of two more shops joined them. Total notification of the right to suspend work was submitted by more than 150 automakers. If management of TAGAZ break their promises, warned the chairman of the territorial organization of Taganrog Interregional Trade Union of Automobile Industry Sergei Penchukov, the plant will begin large-scale protests.
The militant trade union committee is in communication with the association of representatives of labour collectives of the Rostov region. Both organizations participated in the preparation of joint protests in Taganrog against labour law violations and the conditions of health and safety by the management of the plant. They opposed irregular working days, lack of full paid leave, fought against the policy that when new employees starts work, they have to write an application and at the same time fill in a form agreeing to the "voluntary" transfer of pension money in the pension fund "Quiet Flows the Don".
As chairman of the association, first secretary of Party Committee Neklinovlky Yuri Shatalov told the newspaper “Pravda”, the situation at the plant engaged in assembling overseas vehicles is very difficult. Back in July, of assets of the company were arrested on account of large debts to Sberbank. To avoid reckoning with its creditors, the factory decided to get the plant recognized as bankrupt and created instead of OOO “TAGAZ" a new legal framework OOO “TagAvtoProm”, moreover, is reorganizing, tried to get rid of the most active members of the trade union.
To demand payment of wages, job retention and job places, the automakers went to the police. As a result, the city prosecutor's office made the case for administrative violations in regard to some executives of the plant, has made a submission to the unscrupulous employers to eliminate violations of the rights of workers and payment of wage compensation, under labour laws. By mid-August, TAGAZ staff had been allocated 14 million rubles, and they were able to achieve through the courts the reinstatement of illegally dismissed workers. However, workers and have not seen the entire amount of money, and at the end of the summer, stated they reserve the right to protest actions. By the way, the judicial experience of the factory trade union received last year. It was in 2009, that there began at TAGAZ downtime and serious problems with cash payments. In the spring of that year, dozens of workers had court settlement of arrears of salary and compensation for moral damage. Then they decided on and organized protests.
Shatalov said that he communicates with the rebellious tagazov workers. According to them, many would have long ago abandoned the humiliating work, which as a result of the reorganization of the salary dropped to 7-8 thousand rubles, and in the days of downtime - even less - up to 4-5 thousand. But there is one thing. In good times, workers have received from the mother company cars, the cost which was deducted from their paycheck. When they paid around 30,000 rubles, they couldn’t have wished for better. But in the present miserable conditions people are in debt bondage: in case of withdrawal from production they need to either pay the entire cost of the vehicle entirely, or pay a penalty of 1 percent per day from the amount owed. Does one need to say that the automakers are not able to give back money from the family budget at one and a half thousand rubles a day.
Thw workers continue to fight for their rights against the employer that in "the pursuit of profit, spits on the laws and the workers."




November 28, 2010 marked 190 years (1820) since the birth of Friedrich Engels - the great fighter and teacher of the proletariat, a friend and comrade of Marx, and together with him developed the theory of scientific communism and fought for the emancipation of the working class. Along with Marx, “Engels was a most remarkable scholar and teacher of the modern proletariat in the whole civilized world" (Lenin).
Friedrich Engels was born in Germany, in the city of Barmen, into a family of textile manufacturer.
During his stay in October 1842 in England – an advanced industrial capitalist country, Engels, studying the position of the English working class, moves to the position of materialism and communism. In the summer of 1844, returning to Germany, Engels, on the way to Paris, met Marx. At the same time "we had full agreement in all theoretical fields, and from then, we began our work together" (Engels).
Engels, throughout his life, hand in hand with the outstanding teacher and leader of the proletariat Karl Marx, carried on seething social, political and revolutionary activities, directs the international proletariat, creating the foundations of Marxist science, independently developing "the greatest questions of philosophy, science and social sciences"(Lenin).
Engels had a rich erudition, universal knowledge, vibrant talent as a publicist, amazing speed and flexibility of mind. Engels spoke and wrote freely in twelve languages, and could read in nearly twenty languages. Engels differed by having a passionate revolutionary temperament and courage of proletarian resistance and high ideological principle.
From the very beginning of his political activities until his death, Engels was an ardent revolutionary fighter, a leader of the world working class and socialist movement. Engels, with passionate energy fought for the connection of scientific socialism with the labour movement as "theory becomes a material force once it is grasped by the masses" (Marx), for the creation of a truly proletarian party, for its ideological and political purity and proletarian strength, for the bringing about by the proletariat of its world-historical mission. Along with Marx, Engels takes an active part in the establishment and operation of the Communist League." During the 1848-49 revolution, Engels - in the midst of revolutionary events in Germany, together with Marx publishes "Neue Rheinische Zeitung, is actively involved in an armed uprising. After the decline of revolutionary activity, Engels summarizes the lessons of revolution and wrote many works on military issues.
In a paper on the leadership of the International Workingmen’s Association (IWA) – First International, in the struggle against the hostile trends against Marxism, Marx has received tremendous support of Engels, who sought unity of the proletarian ranks of the International in the struggle against the supporters of Bakunin. After the termination of the First International, Marx and Engels continued to lead the workers and socialist movement, and much of Marx’s intensive work on "Capital", the brunt of the work fell to Engels. During the formation of socialist parties in Western Europe, Engels waged a relentless struggle against opportunism in the workers’ parties, dissected and subjected their mistakes to severe criticism, and gave a revolutionary direction to their work. "After the death of Marx, Engels continued to be an adviser and leader of the European Socialists" (Lenin).
Engels, like Marx, was not only a fiery revolutionary, leader of the proletariat, but also an outstanding scientist, one of the creators of advanced proletarian science - scientific communism. Engels, with Marx, from the outset adopted a detailed development of Marxist science, which, according to Engels, rightfully bears the name of Marx, "in a variety of directions" (Engels). To Engels belongs the invaluable services in the independent development of a number of fundamental questions of philosophy and the theory of natural science, political economy, the tactics of the proletariat,and military issues. "It is impossible to understand Marxism and impossible to integrally lay it out, by ignoring all the writings of Engels'" (Lenin).
Without systematic financial and other support from Engels, Marx would have been unable to finalize of the genius work - "Capital". Moreover, the assistance of Engels was not limited to material concerns about Marx and his family. Marx in the process of working on "Capital" consulted with Engels the major theoretical problems in letters requesting his opinion, often turning to him for advice on a number of practical issues of the economy, in which Engels well understood. After the death of Marx, Engels puts aside all his work and does enormous work in editing the manuscripts of Marx and the publication of volumes II and III of Capital, "which nobody could do, other than Engels. "These two volumes of Capital, are the work of two: Marx and Engels" (Lenin). Marx's Capital made "the final transformation of the whole of economic science", "now, our theory becomes an unshakable foundation, and we are able to victoriously fight with any enemy" (Engels).
The joint close political, scientific and theoretical work of Marx and Engels throughout their lives, the titanic work done by them to create a new advanced proletarian science and leadership of international workers and the socialist movement, the constant a lively exchange of views in the process of scientific activities, mutual selfless support throughout - is a shining example of great friendship between the two leaders of the proletariat, which is superior to "the most moving stories of the ancients about human friendship" (Lenin). Engels to the end of his life kept in his ardent heart of a fond memory of his friend and ally in the struggle - Marx. "This stern fighter and austere thinker had a deeply loving soul," wrote Lenin about Engels.
Engels, directing the international socialist movement after Marx, was particularly interested in Russia's internal development and the prospects of a Russian Revolution. An aquaintance with Russian science, with Russian progressive social, thought enabled him to appreciate the work of the best representatives of the Russian people - the "great and highly gifted people," their "critical thinking and self-sacrificing quest for pure theory, decent people who gave birth to Dobrolyubova and Chernyshevsky" (Engels) . Engels studied the Russian language, read Russian classics, maintained close contact with Russian revolutionaries and wrote several articles on social relations in Russia.
Friedrich Engels died at the turn of a new era - the era of imperialism and proletarian revolutions. History has put forward now to the working class a number of new and complex questions to which the writings of Marx and Engels had not been given direct and full answers. Marxism faced a serious challenge. It was necessary to develop the revolutionary doctrine of Marxism to the new historical conditions of the proletarian class struggle. This task was carried out by Lenin and Stalin - the great leaders and teachers of the proletariat, having based its activities on granite scientific foundations laid by the founders of scientific communism - Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.

By Gregory Pavel'ev


On December 6th 2010, late at night in the town of Pushkin near Leningrad, a 2.5 meter high monument of V.I. Lenin was blown up. During the Great Patriotic War, it he was taken by the Nazis to Germany for smelting. But the German workers hid the monument. After the war the bronze statue of Lenin was returned to the town of Pushkin. Now the modern Nazis have blown up the monument of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
Regardless of whoever is announced the perpetrators of this act of cave-like vandalism, the blowing up of the monument to Lenin is an act carried out in accordance with the proclaimed and headed by Dmitry Medvedev in early October, campaign of so-called "De-Stalinization" or the same thing - "desovietization" of public consciousness, which the President has defined as "an essential part of public policy" of Russia.
Because the main culprit deed, we believe president Dmitry Medvedev, who proclaimed in fact, the fight against communism - a policy which was held by the demon-possessed Fuhrer. Probably, Medvedev is not able to see that in society, there is a growing wave of sharp opposition to today's life and impending social explosion, which is being greatly aided by the "democratism," of Medvedev not only in the ideological sphere, but also in the social sphere, too. It is high time for Medvedev to become thoughtful, to there he is heading, driven by the American political lobby. Also as we know, it is impossible to ban ideology.

In "Freedom Of Speech" ("2000” № 18-19 (509)), I saw a screaming headline of an article by Mr. Turchak entitled "Stalin - the most bloodthirsty dictator of the twentieth century”.
This opinion, I think is unscientific malicious slander. But, I think, you never know, maybe Turchak found in the archives irrefutable facts of the "criminal activity" of Stalin as a "bloody dictator"?
I read it. There are no facts in the article. All evidence by Turchak has gone in a single sentence: "According to the calculations of foreign historians (and these are scientists of world renown, and they can be trusted), as a result of Stalin's purges, famines, deportations and the liquidation of the kulaks, at least 20 million completely innocent people were killed." And the conclusion by Turchak: "This is a very good reason to dislike the leader and put him in the list of the bloodiest dictators of the twentieth century."
Good evidence! Needless to say! Who are these scientists of world renown? On the basis of what documents did they "calculate the number of "innocent victims"? Turchak modestly does not mention names. Who is it? Perhaps Solzhenitsyn, whose old Zeki, past Kolyma, Kraslag and the White Sea-Baltic Canal, after reading self-published version of "The Gulag Archipelago" that was called "a disgraceful bitch"? Or "historians" who have brought the numbers of deaths from starvation in 1932-33 up to astronomical proportions, and never stopped lying, opening photo exhibitions about the famine-genocide, while showing pictures of starving people in the Volga region in 1921 and starving unemployed refugees in the United States during the Great Depression, and added to the lists of victims of the Holodomor all those died of alcoholism or who was run over by a bull? Probably, these "historians" counted the number of victims of the "bloody tyrant Stalin?
Or maybe Dr. Goebbels, who tried to put the blame on Stalin for the Polish POWs murdered by the Nazis in Katyn in 1943?
In 1945, when the examination was carried out, the whole world recognized that the Poles were killed by Germans by their own weapons! This was confirmed by eyewitnesses of the events! However, every "popular intellectual" like Turchak, does not care!
The "popular intellectuals" are not interested in the opinion about Stalin by the sworn enemies of him, Churchill, Roosevelt, and that same Hitler. The opinion of marshals and designers who forged Victory, (the wonderful article by S. Lozunko "Stalin deserved a monument ...") - also does not interest Turchak. There is a team of people in power that must sling mud at Stalin, and the "popular intellectuals" – are right there to do just that! If they order Joseph Vissarionovich to sing an ode, again the "people's intellectuals" will be ahead of the rest. And the first ones will start yelling: "Death to the enemies of the people"! And if the situation changes, they will cry out: "Stalin is a bloody tyrant!"
The whole world recognized that the conspiracy of the High Command of the Red Army in the 30's against the Soviet power was not a fantasy of Stalin or Beria, but a brutal reality of that troubled time.
The whole world watched the open trial of the Bukharin-Trotskyist scoundrels. The whole world recognized that the fifth column of imperialism in the Soviet Union was, and before the war eliminated! What, they were all innocent victims?
After sweeping accusations of Stalin of bloodthirstyness, Turchak in his article begins to contradict himself. It turns out that when the "bloodthirsty tyrant was in power" there were 4-5 children to a family and a constant increase in the size of the population!
And vodka under Stalin was drank less! Why is this so?
Turchak still forgot to say that it was under Stalin, that industry was built, which is now exploited by all sorts of Lakshmi, Mittals and Akhmetovs gangsters. The "people's intellectual" forgot to mention how Stalin had took on the country armed with a plough and left it with a nuclear weapon!
Turchak hid the fact that such ardent and militant enthusiasm of the people after Stalin died was gone. And people began to drink more after the death of the leader, and already by the late 50's, the consumption of alcohol per capita had increased dramatically!
For Turchak, the leader of the Cadets, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Provisional Government, ardent anti-Bolshevik Miliukov is probably not of authority, he was not a "foreign historian"! Here is what wrote Miliukov of Stalin's Soviet Union: "The people there had changed, people have become much more developed, more intelligent. Soviet power for them is everything. It turned them into people, and they do not want anything else. A Soviet citizen is proud of his or her affiliation with the Bolshevik state. The great victory of the Red Army compels us to revise our previous attitude to the new Russia."
Turchak wrote that he "did not understand the connection between the reduction of the Ukrainian population during independence period and the Stalinist repressions. Let me explain.
Under Stalin, there was no reduction of the population! All of these "20 million innocent victims" is a lie. And now there is a reduction! At a rate of a minimum of 400 thousand people each year! There are many reasons for the population decline. And all these reasons for the genocide of the people have been created by capitalism and those who serve it!
The impossibility of enough money to fully cure oneself. Medicine and healthcare is something we now have to pay for! People are slowly dying because they have no money to have an operation, or to buy medicine, or pay for the hospital stay. How many are there of these people? Are there statistics? And the authorities say it is "natural population decline!
The impossibility of eating properly! Prices for meat, milk, eggs, vegetables - the backbone of human health – are beyond the clouds. However, all products of low quality are filled with chemical and biological additives.
The impossibility of paying tuition fees in universities. Education today, too, is not cheap! As a consequence - the inability to choose a specialty for the soul, and it is often impossible to choose any specialty at all. Next - unemployment, a humiliated state, living in constant stress, depression. The result - mental disorders, criminality, alcoholism, drug addiction, degradation ...
Was there any of that under "the bloody Stalin" Turchak?
In those days, medicine and education were free, with a reduced price for everything, and people were well nourished. And if there were hungry years caused by objective reasons, the people knew and then always found that this was only temporary, because they continued with dedication to build a future. People believed in the future without fear of bearing children. And they were willing to die for the future. That was the true passion of Soviet people. A nation becomes passionate when it consciously moves towards an established, long-term, dignified, selfless purpose. And for that, they are ready to die.
Therefore, they were proud of their country and selflessly died at the front, built and knew that this success was not only of Stalin, but of all the people!
And then something happened, something that A. Dulles had been dreaming of. Our true values were suddenly replaced by false ones, and we were forced to believe in them.
And for many, the purpose of life meant having a lot of sausage in the shops, crystal in the cabinet and tranquility. The passion had vanished, and it was replaced by drunk, bitter middle class values.
There were exceptions, but the trend was troubling. If we add to this the work of American intelligence, the betrayal by the top echelons of the CPSU, it is only natural that we come eventually to the restoration of capitalism, with all the nightmares that stem from this.
V. Bushin, a prominent journalist spoke very well of this when he said: "The more time goes by, the more visible becomes the majestic figure of Stalin. Ironically, the Democrats by their actions have justified Stalin in everything. Absolutely everything. So one could assume that it would be have been better to have a softer policy, and would have been better not to have made such drastic steps. One look at the actions of Democrats, and you see that Stalin was right."
In the twenty-first century, the world capitalist system went into its deepest crisis in its history. The current situation can not even been compared to the Great Depression of the late 1920-s - early 1930-s. Now we are witnessing not only a crisis of overproduction, but also a systemic ruling crisis. In other words, the system has ceased to be controllable. The market and private property have shown their complete failure in the era of global expansion of capitalism. Everything is just as the classics as prescribed: the social nature of production has entered into fierce conflict with the private appropriation of the results of this production. Hence the poverty of entire continents, famine, war, etc. Billions of people have been made redundant in this system, and its very existence is under threat. And the system takes steps to remedy the situation ... by the planned destruction of these "extras" under the guise of natural de-population!
We have all been deliberately, using commodity-money relations, deprived of money, deprived of healthcare, quality and nourishing food, drinking water and education, both through advertising and instilling alcohol and tobacco. They invent in laboratories new types of diseases (bird flu, swine flu, etc.), invent non-existent diseases (AIDS), and then organize hysteria all over the world, transforming the "superfluous" into paranoids who think of only one thing - not to get sick and die. They construct new kinds of drugs and distribute them, slowly killing the people and thus earning huge money.
And all those who are deliberately doing this, who are running this process and directing the genocide, hysterically curse Stalin. By inventing his "bloody crimes," they are hiding their own heinous crimes globally.
Next, Turchak thoughtfully argues that we need "a modern leftist party of a European type, free from leaderism", etc. By the way, every day we hear: "the leader of the Party of the Regions", "the leader of BYT” (Timoshenko), "the leader of the "Freedom" party, "the leader of the country "... Look Turchak, in the Anglo-Russian dictionary, and you will see how the word "leader ", translated into Russian and, hopefully, will no longer talk nonsense about "freedom from leaderism”.
Well, the main thing is Turchak defined: "a decent standard of living of the working people under capitalism."
Now everything is clear. Turchak is not a "popular intellectual", as he calls himself. He is just a servant of capitalism, begging for crumbs from the master's table!
Turchak hides from the people that under capitalism, the working people can never live with dignity! In order for the countries of the "golden billion", to feel more or less well fed, it is necessary for 3 billion people of the world to starve and the rest suffer from malnutrition! Moreover, as shown by disturbances in Greece, Italy, Germany, France, in the "golden billion" things are not looking so good!
Stalin before his death said: We need a theory! Without theory, we die! At the time, Stalin still could not see the new base of this theory. And now this base is in every house. I'm talking about the computerization of the world. No, and not stupid computer games, or porn sites ...
After the revolution in science and technology, i.e. with the development of productive forces, industrial relations must inevitably change.
The world is rapidly being cybernetisized. Many production processes are automated. Robots have become a reality, as if disappearing from the pages of science fiction books and coming to life. Nobody doubts that there has been a scientific and technological revolution. But the production relations have remained essentially such as they were in the days of steam engines. Salaried workers, the principle of private appropriation of labor, the wild pursuit of profit, the excitement through advertising and of rampant consumerism, credit and money-grubbing among the mass of the planet's population, the exploitation of nature and people, including slavery! The monstrous growth of production for profit has raised the question of depletion of natural energy resources on the planet. It had already been calculated that in order for the whole population of the planet to consume as much as U.S. citizens, we would need another planet with the same energy resources. In addition, with this level of consumption by all mankind, the planet in a very short period of time would just suffocate in a haze. I.e. the level of consumption should be driven into a reasonable framework and a fair distribution of the total labor started. The vicious practice, when some eat enough for three people, suffer from obesity and throw half the products into the garbage, while most others go hungry - must stop. Under capitalism, this is impossible.
Another danger faced by humanity is connected, strangely enough, with the scientific-technological revolution – and the result of it.
Let's imagine that the majority of industries in the world are automated and robotic. Technically this is possible now. Huge masses of workers will be thrown into the street. They simply will not be needed in the production process. No private owner will feed them. This phenomenon is fundamentally worse than any of the unemployment generated by recession. Recession is followed by boom, and yesterday the unemployed return to work. By replacing people with robots - people will never be needed!
Slums will be filled and grow in size. And if the "extra" people in the countries of the “golden billion" somehow keep afloat, the position of the peoples of the capitalist periphery will be disastrous. This is the economic aspect of scientific and technological progress. But there is also the psychological aspect. A person without creative work quickly degrades. Unemployed people suffer more from the inability to apply their knowledge and skills. And this leads to mental disorders with often irreversible consequences.
And there is only one way out of this situation - socialism. But this is not a return to socialism of the Brezhnev era. Humanity must move to a new, scientific-technical model:
1) The nationalization of all businesses and industries. In the country should be made and be available all that is necessary for a normal life. We have the technical and scientific basis for that.
All available resources through government programs are transformed not into profits of billionaires, but go towards the automation and robotization of all industries.
The problem of "surplus" workers can be solved only by reducing the working day of every worker to 2-4 hours per day. One process during the working day will carried out by several people. We must forever eradicate the inescapable monotony and weariness of it, its professional deformation, etc. All these measures will sharply boost productivity.
In their spare time, people will study, practice art and sports. Creativity and healthy lifestyles will be promoted and cultivated, and any tendency towards degradation and parasitism suppressed.
2) The whole industry of the country must unite into a computer network of automatic control systems for production, planning and distribution.
A powerful central computer must in real-time, process information, which will constantly flow into it: how much and what is produced, how much to produce, how much natural resources are extracted and used, population size, trends in its population and consumption levels, the weather and its forecast - and much more that necessary for the normal process of production and society as a whole.
Today, technology allows everyone with a personal computer and mobile phone to log onto ACS and download to a central computer, data based on region. What is in the shops, what need delivering, suggestions and proposals on other issues, etc. All this information will be processed in real time, adjusting production and distribution.
The introduction of the automated computer analysis of supply and demand, the first time in human history, will make it possible to systematically reject the market! And this will be the first time commodity-money relations will be eliminated - this monster, the cancer of humanity. From relations that push people into crime and war, turning them into greedy, crazed consumers of advertising, products, each other and nature.
Such a system of management and planning had been developed by outstanding cybernetics scientist - Glushkov in the mid 1960-s But then, scientists encountered technical difficulties –computors were not so powerful. But in the leadership of the USSR the line of "marketeers"won. "Kosygin’s reform", was implemented and in the country instead of a breakthrough into the future, commodity-money relations and categories mossy capitalist "profit" and "cost accounting" were mothballed. All this eventually led to the restoration of capitalism in 1991.
Now only the blind can not see that the representative bourgeois democracy is outdated, corrupt and demoralized.
The world has arrived at a threshold when: either a revolution will be carried out in all aspects of public life from government to the economy, or humanity will be thrown into chaos and barbarism which will destroy itself along with it habitat environment.
So, "people's intellectual" Turchak need not be anxious for anything. There is a party with a specific program, a purpose, a dream, for which it makes sense to fight.
But the preservation of capitalism - is a dead end for humanity.


From the Editor: We fully agree with the author's claim that capitalism has broughts mankind to a standstill, the outcome of which can only be a the proletarian revolution and the building of a classless communist society. Work in this society will become a vital necessity for man, as food, water, air. As underlined by the classics, only with communism begins the real history of mankind. Outstanding Russian scientist K.E. Tsiolkovsky stated that the Earth is the cradle of humanity. It is from communism that begins the mastering by mankind of the solar system, and then other star systems. In this direction, so far only the first steps have been taken. And the path into Space was continued by the world’s first country of socialism – the USSR. Therefore, the free time of every person will be occupied with intense creative labour, devoted to the modernisation and self-improvement of the individual. This is the aim towards which is directed the activity of our party, the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks - AUCPB

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