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Monday, 31 January 2011


29 JANUARY 2011
Another day, another fight…. Students and workers alike take to the streets of two of Britain’s major cities in another day of anger and protest against the tory-dem bastards’ austerity measures unleashed against working people, unemployed and disabled people alike.

Scuffles with police, more arrests, Top Shops attacked and eggs pelted at traitorous leadership of National Union of Students. The people are learning fast. The wave after wave of unrest in North Africa is inspiration to us all in the militant leftist movement over here.

Time to drive out the government from power, and the Labour, trade union bureaucracy and other traitors of the working people, out of the leftist and workers’ movement of Britain, in the same way the people of the Middle East are hitting the streets in mass direct revolutionary action against unemployment, poverty and oppression, and driving governments and leaders out of power in their own countries. Time to put capitalism out of action….forever!

Thousands of protestors took to the streets of London and Manchester in a new wave of protests against government cuts and hikes in education fees in education and harsh austerity measures. The march in London passed the Tory party headquarters on Millbank , and then moved onto the Egyptian embassy for a solidarity demo with the people of Egypt fighting to overthrow president Mubarak. There was a huge police presence everywhere.

In Manchester, some of the largest trade unions joined forces with students as anger about the Conservative – Lib Dem coalition government’s austerity cuts boiled over into wider sections of society. Several protestors were arrested. Minor scuffles with police took place in both cities during the demos. At the rally which was held at the end of the march in Manchester, the president of the National Union of Students pulled out of speaking at the rally after he was surrounded by demonstrators who called for his resignation. Aaron Porter was due to address the rally about the effects of spending cuts on young people, but was forced to step down, and needed police escort to the Manchester Metropolitan University after been chased along the streets by angry protestors who chanted “Students, Workers, hear our shout! We want Aaran Porter out!”

When the rally started afterwards, around 4000 people took part. Missiles, eggs and oranges were pelted and thrown onto the stage at Shane Chowen, the NUS vice president for further education. He quickly left the platform to the shouts of boos from the crowd when he told them “the majority of students are behind the NUS and UCU (university and College Union). We are fighting on your behalf”.

A few hundred protestors drifted away before the end of the rally and headed back in the direction of the where the march had started near the university and then some protestors they suddenly ran into the packed Arndale shopping centre were most of the shops were open. Staff at some of the corporate shops like Top Man and Vodaphone got their window shutters down before protestors stopped to trash and ransack the shops screaming “pay your taxes!” A number of protestors were arrested and bundled into police vans. Some were “kettled” by police for short while.

In London protestors continued marching around central London attacking and ransacking corporate shops until late evening.



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