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Monday, 31 January 2011

Russia labour movement

Miners on strike in Georgia
26.01.2011 21:15
TBILISI, January 26. Miners at the Tkibuli “Mindeli” mine in Georgia announced strike action. As the correspondent of “Rosbalt” says, quoting InterPressNews, the reason for such action was the detention by the prosecutor's office of Georgia of two senior employees of the mine. They are accused of failure to comply with safety standards, resulting in an explosion at "Mindeli" mine that killed one miner and seriously injured four people.
"Mr Sturua and Devdariani are accused of ignoring safety standards. However, they agreed on the need of the explosion, after, as the four miners said, that in the mine everything was fine and that the amount of gas did not go beyond the danger limit. And in the blast they had to get miners lifted at least 100 meters up out the way, which was not done "- one of the engineers of the mine told the news agency.
The miners believe that the detainees are not guilty over what happened, and the miners who are now being treated in a burn center in Tbilisi. The miners are not going to resume work until their detained counterparts are released.
We recall that the responsible staff of the mine, Eden Sturua and Giorgi Devdariani are charged with violation of safety rules. If their guilt is proven in court, they face imprisonment from two to five years.
The investigation continues, and it is possible that other employees of the "Mindeli” coal mine will be taken to court.


In Greece another week of strikes have begun over government reforms. Transport and medical workers all out.

In Feb, two large heavy engineering factories (Sibtyazhmash and Krastyazhmash) in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, to close with loss of 600 jobs.

29 Jan…In Jordan anti government meetings and rallies. Jordanian tanks on streets.

29 Jan.. Serbian school teachers out on strike for pay rise

27 Jan, In Pervoluraslk, Russia, rubbish recycling workers on strike over wage non-payments. Gates of factory blocked by workers.

From 15 jan 20 protestors in Omsk region, Russia on hunger strike with demands that governor of Omsk region resign over not providing population with decent living standards.

17 jan workers TagAZ car plant fighting for timely payment of salaries
On strike Three shops - welding bodywork, paint and assembly shop of the Taganrog car plant - January 17, suspended work because of delay in salary. Workers not been paid money for September and October.Suspension of work lasted for a week.
Causes of debt - a lack of funds and flexible payroll - employees at Taganrog Automobile Plant are not satisfied.

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