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Tuesday, 1 February 2011






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No 2 (95) FEBRUARY 2011


The birth of a new historically more progressive social and political order has always been associated with the bitter struggle of the old and nascent new one, with great hardships in constructing this new one, and because of the lack of historical experience of creating the new one, and because of fierce resistance and opposition from the old, outdated, but still strong system.
That is the way it was during the construction of socialism in the USSR, accompanied by a bitter struggle within the country by representatives of the exploiting class and on the external front - the desire of the imperialist states at all costs to destroy the Soviet state (the campaign of the Entente, World War I and World War II, the organization's fifth column within the country, wrecking and sabotage, huge finance thrown by the West into subversive activities inside the Soviet Union, to "buy up" unstable elements in power, etc.).
Today, the most powerful pressure on the two socialist states - the DPRK and the Republic of Cuba, is being applied by the old world, represented primarily by the evil empire - the United States. Having fattened and enriched themselves at the expense of armaments supply during World War II, America, unceremoniously looting now underdeveloped countries and third world countries, organized the recent default of the world economy, and has become an insolent monster, dictating to all states, their methods of "play" and their "rules of life", having declared the whole world the "sphere of its own vital interests."
Particularly irritating to the U.S. is the presence of the DPRK (North Korea) on the world map – a socialist country unconquered by them, the superpower United States, or in the period of American military aggression, 1950-1953 (Korean War), nor later, in spite of an organized by the United States of more than five decades of relentless economic blockade, a monstrous, malicious most powerful anti-DPRK propaganda throughout the world by the bourgeois media with the aim - through lies, distortions of facts and gross fabrications to discredit the people's life in the DPRK and its socialist system, and thereby stave off socialism of the working who are fighting for their social rights in the bourgeois capitalist world.
Then, in the Korean War 1950-1953 (the Great Fatherland Liberation War), the people of the DPRK and unbowed by the U.S., delivered a slap in the face to the U.S., which were unable to break the great spirit of heroism in the Koreans in the defence of the Fatherland. All subsequent years, the Korean people bravely and proudly with dignity continue building their bright future of a prosperous socialist nation, marking each year with new labour victories and accomplishments. The monolithic unity of the Leader, the Party and the People –is a pledge the invincibility of the DPRK. The People's Army is an active builder of socialism and a watchful guard over the impregnable borders of the Fatherland. But the U.S. could not for all the years endure their shame the first time they lost the war, could not the first time in its history, bring to its knees the freedom-loving Korean people, and this shame of a superpower can not forgive itself, trying to now by any means break or destroy this rebellious people. But the North Korea, despite the vile machinations of the U.S. and its satellites, confident in the future, and with songs, builds its own prosperous socialist state, while continuing to fight for the reunification of the Korean nation, severed by the will of the United States.
The New Year's 2011 joint editorial of the party, military and youth newspapers reveals the tremendous enthusiasm of the people who decided not only to build in the lifetime of this generation a prosperous socialist state, but also to live in it. Each year in the country's life - is a powerful leap into the future, a solution to enormous challenges in their complexity, astonishing the world community. Great plans, great things, great heroism of the life and the people!
2010 was the year of the beginning of an era of great uplift, high enthusiasm and achievement of significant success in all sectors of the economy and national defence. It is difficult to enumerate all the achievements of the past year. We note only the individual strokes of the heroic pathos of everyday life in the DPRK. This includes the mighty housing construction in urban and rural areas - hundreds of thousands of new inhabitants, and new methods of medical computer diagnosis in remote areas from the capital, and the commissioning of new power plants, and construction giants, chemical and light industries, and commissioning of plants with the latest production technology, and development of space exploration with the launch into space of a satellite, and the strengthening of defence equipment to the Armed Forces of the country with nuclear weapons, and much, much more.
The 65-year anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea and the party conference in October, confirmed the immutability of the economic and political policies of the country, inspiring confidence in the mandatory achieving of great goals in the coming years, confirmed the national love of the people toward their great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il.
The year 2011 should become according to the party plan, the year of general offensive, when there is still more powerful development of all sectors of the economy, improving people's lives and the completing of a decisive turning point in building a prosperous nation. 2011 should be a year to build momentum in the progressive march to achieve the great upsurge. The the words of Great Kim Jong Il became the slogan of the victorious march: "We need faith in victory to make continuous progress, to make continuous progress and to quickly bring a bright tomorrow, a prosperous nation."
The great enthusiasm of the Korean people who are building their powerful socialist state, is very similar to the enthusiasm of the Soviet people of the 1930-40-s, building socialism, with their labour feats in the name of the Fatherland.
The labour heroism of the Soviet people made it possible for the Soviet Union to step in 3 Stalin decades, hundreds of years ahead in its development from impoverished and backward tsarist Russia, to become one of the superpowers of the world that built its own nuclear weapons and thus bury the attempts of the imperialists to destroy the Soviet Union after World War II, with the creation of the atomic bomb. By many indicators, we had overtaken America. The greatest heroism of the Soviet people during World War II brought the long-awaited victory, made possible by the Soviet system and the formation of new person – the Soviet person. As an example, the Soviet Union raised across the world a huge wave of national liberation movements, which led to the downfall of many of the imperialist colonial empires, to the formation of the countries of the People's Democracy and galvanized popular revolutions in many third world countries. The great achievements of the Soviet Union was due largely because the country was headed by Joseph Stalin, a wise and brilliant politician, devoted to the cause of the working class, a steel Bolshevik, a great military strategist and practitioner. Unfortunately, the war prevented the preparation of a proper succession to the generations of leaders-Bolsheviks and the coming to power of Trotskyist Nikita Khrushchev wrapped up Socialist construction and reversed it. Gorbachev completed the process of degeneration of the socialist state, abandoning socialism.
Today's powerful forward movement in the DPRK is largely due to the fact that the cause of Korean socialism, which was started by the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, has been successfully continued by his faithful follower, well-prepared wise politician, a deep thinker, an outstanding strategist and practitioner of socialist construction, talented leader, Great Kim Jong Il. He is constantly with the people, constantly traveling around the country to inspections, always by his own example, inspires people to labour feats. Thanks to his talent as a politician and strategist, the DPRK is still conducting its own independent policies and staunchly defending its borders from unwanted invaders.
WE, the AUCPB, fully support the internal politics of the DPRK, carried out in the interest of the people in the name of the people, for the benefit of the people, for the benefit of world peace against the instigators of a nuclear war in the face of the United States.
We closely monitor and analyze events related to the DPRK and its struggle against U.S. imperialism for peace in Northeast Asia and thus - to preserve peace on Earth. Today, the DPRK is the standard-bearer of peace throughout the world.
U.S. will not forget the slapping by the DPRK throughout the years and today, by all means is trying to get even with the DPRK for its only military defeat in U.S. history. 2010 was a year of difficult, primarily psychological tests for the people of the DPRK, when a huge American military armada, along with Japan and South Korea blocked the maritime territory of the DPRK, continually threatening a pre-emptive nuclear strike, organized so-called provocative military exercises near the border of the territorial waters of the DPRK at a distance of some 30 km from the land border of the DPRK. This presence of the American military armada in conjunction with the armed forces of South Korea and Japan is nothing but military blackmail and psychological pressure on the DPRK, inciting the DPRK to react. The DPRK withstood the pressure. The whole world breathed a sigh of relief. But hawks in the Pentagon would not let up, and continue to threaten the DPRK. The statement made in January this year in Beijing, by Defense Secretary Robert Gates that “North Korea poses a direct threat to U.S. security “(?!!), indicates the continuation of criminal intentions of the evil empire. The Pentagon confirmed the "possibility of a military response to the provocations of the DPRK, which never were, as we know, from North Korea. The provocations been carried out on direct orders from Washington, by the leadership of South Korea – the U.S. kept woman.
On January 10, North Korean social and political organizations sent personally to leaders of public and political organizations in South Korea a written notice of important proposals in the Joint Declaration of the Government, political parties and public organizations in the DPRK, on the practical measures intended to implement the first (in the statement of representative of the Committee on the Peaceful reunification), with specific dates of contacts between the two sides to normalize relations and contacts between North and South. From this it is easy to see who is muddying the waters in the relationship between the North and South.
The people's desire to live in a united country cannot be stifled by anybody. The key to that is in the constant painstaking and persistent efforts of Kim Jong Il on the reunification of Korea into a unified Confederative state.
The All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks fully supports the DPRK's peaceful foreign policy in Northeast Asia and considers the DPRK under present conditions as the standard bearer of the struggle for world peace and as a fighter for the preservation and development of human civilization.
We wish the heroic Korean people success in socialist construction under the leadership of Great Kim Jong Il, high endurance and patience as opposed to the vile provocation by the U.S. and their henchmen.
N.A. Andreeva
General Secretary of the Central Committee of the AUCPB
01/15/2011 Leningrad

The country’s top leadership has openly adopted a policy
on the fascization of the political regime.
On December 6th 2010, late at night in the town of Pushkin near Leningrad, a 2.5 meter high monument of V.I. Lenin was blown up. During the Great Patriotic War, it he was taken by the Nazis to Germany for smelting. But the German workers hid the monument. After the war the bronze statue of Lenin was returned to the town of Pushkin. Now the present day Nazis of Russia have blown up the monument of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
Regardless of whoever is announced the perpetrators of this act of cave-like vandalism, the blowing up of the monument to Lenin is an act carried out in accordance with the proclaimed and headed by Dmitry Medvedev in early October, campaign of so-called "De-Stalinization" or the same thing - "desovietization" of public consciousness, which the President has defined as "an essential part of public policy" of Russia.
Because the main culprit of this deed, we believe is president Dmitry Medvedev, who proclaimed first in fact, the policy of “de-Stalinization” (or the same thing “de-Sovietization”) – of public consciousness or the fight against communist ideology.
But ideology can neither be banned, nor even destroyed. This is all the more true to the ideology of the Soviet people, because we, despite everything, continue to be a Soviet people, the carrier of the most scientific, only correct one, and the only revolutionary ideology that has a future - Marxism-Leninism. By his Decree, on the appointment of Chairman to the Board "on human rights" under the president of a full-grown "democrat", "experienced" Mikhail Fedotov, Dmitry Medvedev actually announced that he claimed the mission to continue the policies of the possessed Hitler, fighting for the destruction of the communist plague", burning with fire and sword all that was associated with Soviet power and, above all, destroyed the Soviet people – a carrier of the ideological and spiritual culture of socialism. Hitler was afraid of the Stalin who was alive. The current rulers and their "democratic" corrupt henchmen fear Stalin even when he is dead. Dmitry Medvedev is continuing to do what Boris Yeltsin feared to do in the full - namely, carrying out the instructions given to him in the form of an order political executive committee of the People's Labour Union of Solidarists (NTS) (first from the White Guard, and then the CIA) on the elimination of all that is associated with the socialist era of the country, namely:
- rename all names related to the Soviet era, to czarist names,
- Demolition (destruction) of all the monuments of the Soviet era - "the cosmic era" of Russia,
- Restore (back to their former position) monuments to royal officials,
- The reburial of the royal family in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg,
- Elimination of everything related to the Soviet era, hated by entrenched in the Soviet Union enemies of the Fatherland and their Western sponsors and patrons and also those offended by the Soviet authorities imaginary and real "repressed" people. In particular, the commission of the notorious A. Yakovlev ranked all criminals, bandits, murderers, as "repressed" with the provision of certain benefits. The real enemies of the people are the saboteurs, provocateurs, wreckers and other convicts like them were sent behind bars and should not have been subject to rehabilitation.
In the ecstasy of imitation everything throughout the West, by decree of Medvedev, the militia has been renamed the “police”, because “now the time has come to do it, even though the name - "policeman" since World War II is still qualified by people, as past the horrors of the German occupation, an is no other than as an expression of contempt. Maybe soon we'll be like in America, dealing with "sheriffs" - senior policemen. It turns out that our supreme authority has already considered how and when to take the people and our country to their idols - the Americans. And so as not to impede the latter with weird names and not retrain their lazy townsfolk, they are pre-setting the stage for the overseas masters, pushing Russia under the American standard, even in this case.
Russian "democratic" presidents replacing one another, publicly repent, and take on themselves (or rather redirect to the Soviet people and its glorious leaders) the fascist-Nazi crimes of the execution of Polish officers at Katyn, ignoring, and discarding the original historical documents, and referring to the fake ones actuated on orders of Yeltsin at the beginning of the counter-revolution by specially created groups of semi-literate accomplices, involved in a perversion of Soviet documents from the plundered by "democrats" special archives of Soviet law enforcement agencies. Thus, the issue surrounding Katyn are appearing in documents of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the AUCP(b) on March 5, 1940. The documents bear the seal of the CPSU Central Committee (!), despite the AUCP(b) being renamed to CPSU at the XIX Congress in 1952. The documents looted from the Soviet secret and special storage archives by the "democrats" in the early 90's were freely traded, thereby they created their own fraudulent financial capital for a comfortable life in the new gangster system.
The presidential "defenders" in their pathological hatred are going "further and further away, in the words of perestroika "Democrat" Michael Shatrov. Now they demand from Medvedev the trial of "totalitarianism", which is scheduled for January 2011 at the first meeting of the Presidential Council for Human Rights in the new composition with M. Fedotov. It has been reported in the press that "human rights defenders" at this meeting will demand not only the "de-Stalinization" and the trial of the "totalitarianism", but completely open Soviet archives. The desire of the rabid "democrats" to brand the Soviet Union and its leaders as "totalitarianism" stems from their fear of their own deeds, from the growing hatred of people towards the darkness of lies and crimes of the 20-year old counter-revolution and due to ever widening interest and love of the people towards socialism and J.V. Stalin. That's what results say from the popular vote in 2009 "FOR" Stalin and the telephone poll-voting in that repulsive, deceitful, counter-revolutionary program Svanidze "Court of Time".
The complete opening of secret Soviet archives by demand of the "democrats" will make way to a load of new fakes of the "democrats" and their allegations against Soviet leaders with whom they never had any relationship, will be another attempt at fraudulent humiliation of the Soviet period of history, its denigration. The "democrats" so desperately need to smear our great Soviet history "by storm and invasion" in order to make people ashamed to consider themselves the creators of this glorious history, and to destroy in the people any respect towards their history, their country, to fit everyone under the American standard, by which home is where life is easier and to have no desire to defend ones homeland, as did our great ancestors - Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donsky, Peter the Great, Joseph Stalin, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Alexander Matrosov, not to mention the mass heroism of Soviet people during World War II .
But no matter how they - the enemies of the Fatherland, howl in fierce hatred of all things Soviet, with each passing day, the slandered truth raises its the head above, Russia humiliated by them rises from its knees, brushing off the moss-covered pieces of hatred and anger of the "democrats". The earnest "democrats” are too corrupt and cowardly, and do not pray to anyone or anything besides the greenback. Therefore they are not able to understand that despite the forceful degradation of young people by all the media promoting as a standard of behavior for young people noxious immoral western mass culture, despising secular human values, despite the horrific attempted destruction of moral values and sense of justice, that a person was brought up on in the Soviet era, and all that that the "democrats" define as the need to "overcome by the nation, the remnants of the past” - all of this is impossible to root out of Soviet man! Too stark is the contrast between socialism and mafia oligarchic criminal capitalism in which we live. Modern youth itself is seeking a way out of the current terrible situation, being deprived of housing, education, work – a future. Today, this search and hatred towards the powers that be, results in riots and fighting on national soil, suggested by "well-wishers" hirelings as way out for accumulated negative energy out of despair. The national question is too delicate and subtle, and therefore politically illiterate young people agree that their enemies - youths who come from Central Asian republics looking here in Russia, for a piece of bread and an opportunity to somehow help their starving families in their home countries (in those places, it is even worse than in Russia).
But enlightenment will come soon. Life itself will teach this, forcing one to make an unambiguous conclusion that the only way to organize a fair and happy life – is through the struggle for socialism, and we all are Soviet, regardless of nationality, we are - brothers, brothers-in-class of the deprived. And interests we all share - housing, work, certainty in the future, a peaceful life. I.e. all that was taken from us by the "Democrats", having stolen from us, our main wealth - our public property, land, forests, lakes, having deceived us with mythical personal cars (Gaidar's reforms), deceiving the miners, using their political illiteracy against socialist society, and so forth. Everything expropriated from the people by the counter-revolution must be returned to the people.
Medvedev is singing in unison with the "democrats", the "eager crowd standing at the throne", that "it is equally important not to allow under the guise of restoring historical justice, justification of those who destroyed their own people." Medvedev apparently is not familiar with the statistics relating to the extinction of the Russian people during the period of his, Medvedev’s and his "democratic" predecessors rule. In Soviet times the population had grown each year, including during the so-called "Stalin's repressions. But under the current "presidents", the population is so much in decline that in the opinion of Western scholars Demographers, after 50 years in Russia, there will remain no more than 50 million people, that is, it will have fallen by 3 times. Today the people are being destroyed by squalid pensions, which are impossible to live on, and because of this, ancient old men are forced to work. Extremely high prices for medicines are destroying people, which are essential for many to be able to live, the cruelty of youth (grandchildren, great grandchildren), which society is "raising" with contempt and disdain for the elderly, the older generation and its heroic achievements Youth are being destroyed by the absence of any paid work, and those who can not resist and fight, fall to the bottom of life (“Lower depths” by Maxim Gorky). In Russia each year, more than 100,000 drug addicts die before they reach 30 years of age.
The destruction of the country and its people under "democratic" presidents is in full swing under the patronage of the West, and which is enthusiastically welcomed and implemented by our "democrats." Devout "democrat", Anatoly Chubais (son of Rostropovich and Vishnevskaya) destroyed the glory of Soviet power - a unified energy system of the country, a model which Europe is trying to create now. Thanks to Chubais, even Moscow itself is now often paralyzed by power cuts. Now the Chubais management has been given the go-ahead to command national nanotechnology that will destroy it in the bud. His brother - "the philosopher" Chubais - Member of the political executive committee of the NTS (!), and others with dual citizenship, traitors to the Fatherland, drip snake venom on provocative TV shows like "true democrat" Svanidze and Co. Svanidze now appears on television as "the voice of history" after the eulogy written by himself to Medvedev. from the top of this praising the person in the country The president’s website is filled with quotes by him praising the president.
Every cloud has a silver lining. "The Democrats are now highlighted and have quite clearly shown themselves up as a force that opposes the people, who hate the people and our Soviet history.
Presidents- “democrats” are ready to give out in parts our country (and have already made concessions to China and Norway). The Japanese demand the Kuril Islands. There are many others too, with their eye on our territory. Never before has Russia ever experienced such a humiliating and insulting historical period of her dignity.
In 2011, we by will of Medvedev are to join the WTO, which will lead to eventual bankruptcy of domestic production and total enslavement of us by the West, the destruction of what had not yet been destroyed and a further reduction of jobs. Or is this what President Medvedev is achieving? Our greatest wealth is shamefully being taken away, floated into the West (without restoring) - forests, natural resources - oil, gas, diamonds, gold, and much more.
WHAT will we leave behind for our future generations? Bare cracked earth, or its sell off for a pittance to Western sponsors? The principle of our Supreme Leadership – is to sell off to shark mafia business and foreign "partners" everything and to answer for nothing - But they will have to answer for all this!
Arguing for strengthening the country's Armed Forces, the Leadership has been closing down ALL military schools, thus effectively destroying the future Army. Arming the country at sea, on land and in the sky under the cheers of the United States and with their help has been reduced to a size not capable of defending the country in case of pre-emptive strike from our "best friends". Is this stupidity or betrayal of state interests? Although in significance, they are both equivalent. ("Who does not want to feed their own army, will feed someone elses." Napoleon)
These are only a few words about the destructive policy that is being carried out by the"democratic" president in the interests of western "friends-partners."
All of the past 20 years of counter-revolution have shown, is that the upper "democratic" leadership is not able to solve the challenges it faces for a normal life of the population and economic development. Henceforth the growth and strengthening of the repressive structures, and tighter legislation to criminalize anyone who dares raise his voice in defense of life.
The past years of counter-revolution have shown that the "democrats" can not create anything – and that they are a terrible destructive force.
Probably, President Medvedev is not able to see that in society there is growing wave of sharp opposition to today's life and that a social explosion is on the horizon, which is greatly aided by the policy of Medvedev not only ideologically, politically, but in and social sphere as well. A demonstration of the achievements of the Russian Federation and the announced GDP growth of 4%, is no more than in the known history of "Potemkin villages".
It is high time President Medvedev started thinking about where he is going, driven by the U.S. political lobby.
Afterword. Whoever is in charge of the country from the "democrats", from bourgeois politicians, the destruction of the country and people will continue. The question is about the fundamental change of power and the socio-political system ..

N.A. Andreeva
General Secretary of the CC AUCPB



Commissioner of South Korean Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) Chang Soo-Man recently returned from Moscow where he participated in talks, during which questions were considered on the transfer to South Korea of Russia’s key arms technology. South Korean newspaper "Korea Times”, reported this from an unnamed military source. While in Moscow, the head of DAPA discussed ways of boosting defence cooperation with Russia. A key topic for them was the implementation of the third phase weapons for debt-swap project, (codenamed Brown Bear) which provides for the delivery of Russian arms to Seoul in repayment of Moscow’s official debt. Unlike the first two stages, when the debts were settled by the direct supply of military equipment and raw materials, Seoul, now wants to receive more state-of-the-art Russian military technology, rather than end products of Russia’s Military Industrial Complex under the third phase.
Against that backdrop, in 2007, the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding on the transfer to the Koreans of Russian military equipment and technology. But the talks ended inconclusively, as both sides failed to reach a final conclusion on the items for the deal. South Korea has asked Russia to transfer 11 military technologies, while the Russian side agreed to provide only four to five technologies.
Also part of the discussions, in particular, was the possibility of transferring military technology to Seoul concerning long-range radar and a protective system against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. In South Korea it is said that the DPRK (North Korea) was developing an EMP system that could crippled an enemy’s command and control communications and radar. In response to a threat from North to South Korea, the newspaper said South Korea’s Agency for Defence Development which is also sometimes referred to as the National Agency for Defence Development is already developing an EMP bomb and a related defence system.
The "Brown Bear" project began as part of efforts between the two countries to repay the debt of the former Soviet Union after receiving a loan in 1991, which was intended to assist Moscow in its transition over to a market economy. After the establishment of diplomatic relations 20 years ago in 1990 between the two countries, the then administration of President of South Korea, Roh Tae-woo extended Moscow bank loans amounting to $ 1 billion through the government, as well as another $ 470 million dollars in commodity loans. Originally it was assumed that Russia would pay back the loans in five years after a three-year grace period, but Russia’s economy weakened and fell behind on its payments .
In 1995, in the first phase of project "Brown Bear", Moscow began shipping arms to repay the loans. Russia provided south Korea with T-80U tanks, BMP-3, METIS-M anti-tank missiles, Ka-32 transport helicopters, PZRK-s, and spare parts for military equipment.
By 2003, in connection with the interest, Russia’s debt rose to 2.24 billion dollars. The then Roh Moo-hyun administration of south Korea agreed to write off 660 million dollars in exchange for more arms and Moscow's pledge to repay the remaining 1.3 billion dollars in cash over the next two decades.
Under the second phase, South Korea received Russian arms worth 534 million dollars, including seven Ka-32 helicopters and three “Murena-E” hovercrafts, the newspaper said.
25.12.2010 20:37

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, while in India, December 21-23, stated that Russia does not intend to lay claim to being a superpower.
"I would not like to see someone at some time using such terminology ... "- said Dmitry Medvedev, responding on Wednesday in Mumbai to question by students of the Indian Institute of Technology. Speaking about the Soviet period of Russian history, Medvedev allowed himself unnecessary public frankness of his own assessment of Soviet history. Here are some of his political gems:
" The most dangerous thing that can happen with the state, is when it begins to revel in its status and say: we are the strongest, it all the same to us, we are able to develop the country ourselves, we do not care about those around us, our economy is stronger than the rest."
Medvedev has forgotten that the Soviet people, like noone in the world, were "born to make a fairy tale come true."
In respect to being intoxicated by status, this relates to the so beloved by Medvedev United States, pursuing a policy of banditry on the world stage, particularly now in North-East Asia, declaring to everyone and everything in a thousand mile radius from the U.S. – to be a "zone of their vital interests."
"All this usually leads to the collapse of a state. The fate of the Soviet Union was associated with these illusions, illusions that the Soviet Union was so rich, self-sufficient and independent, that it may develop along some individual scenarios. That failed. (Medvedev showed himself to be a complete amateur in the field of knowledge of Soviet history and the great achievements of the country during the period of socialist development, and Russian history, too, or worse - detractors of the heroic history of great Russia.) "We, in a certain period created what is called the Iron Curtain. I am talking here about the technological Iron Curtain. We tried to rely only on ourselves. And at some point, our research began to fall in level." (It is in the president’s head that something is falling in level.)
"Any curtain and any wall is dangerous – both ideological and technological. Therefore, an attempt to declare oneself a superpower, absolutely not dependent on any state can lead to these kinds of walls and curtains. It is not highly productive whatsoever, and we do not want to go along this route." (Firstly, the point is not in declaring something, but in its essence. Secondly - on the understanding of dependence and independence of a country, Medvedev is clearly at odds with the logic of thinking.)
Having publicly spat upon the glorious Soviet past, with the great achievements of socialism (by which we are just about getting by on through the last 20 years of counter-revolutionary disorder and looting of people's property by the bunch of crooks) by describing the Soviet period of Russian history "as a time of weakness, powerlessness and humiliation", Medvedev has once again publicly demonstrated that he is clearly out of place today, and that his foreign trips, besides attempts to discredit great Russia and its great people, bring nothing to it.
The president, who has no respect for his own country or its history, does not believe in its success in the future, hates as "devout" Democrat hates ( judging by his statements ) the history of the Soviet period - does not match his post of PRESIDENT of a great Russia.
HOW LONG will the people continue to witness at the head of the state a person with humiliation and servility before the United States robbing the entire world, and slinging mud at a country, created by centuries of talented people, peoples-hero, peoples-worker, a peoples-creator?
Regarding Russia, there is no doubt that having swept the country from the mold and rot, we, Great Russia - Socialist Russia, without a doubt will become once again a great world superpower.

FASCISM WILL NOT PASS! Statement by the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria

04.01.2011 08:36

On the evening of December 31, 2010 in Zaporozhe, Ukraine an act of vandalizm was carried out - a monument to Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet people, the working class and toiling masses of the world, the head of the world's first State of workers and peasants - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Generalissimo of the Great Victory over fascism, was blown up.
It was blown up cowardly and secretly under cover of night by the modern successors of the bloody cause of Bandera – the fascist hireling, and bloody butcher of Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Belarusian, Jewish and other peoples.
Modern followers of Bandera try to whitewash him and his henchmen’s bloody deeds, and to present Bandera as a fighter for an "independent Ukraine". But we all remember that the Bandera, Miller, Shukhevych and other leaders of OUN-UPA (Ukrainian Insurgency Army) were educated and trained in the Nazi special forces schools, were agents of the Abwehr, and Hitler's loyal lackeys. The Banderites broke into Lvov following the Nazis in June 30, 1941, and adopted the "Act of proclamation of the Ukrainian State” which was read by Deputy of Bandera, Stetsko. In this "Act", Bandera vowed that the "Renewed Ukrainian state will work closely with National Socialist Great Germany, which under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, is creating a new order in Europe and the world and helping the Ukrainian people break free from under Moscow's occupation. The Ukrainian National Revolutionary Army, which will be established on Ukrainian soil, will continue to struggle with the allied German army against Moscow's occupation, for the sovereign integrity of Ukrainian Power and a new order in the whole world."
Immediately Bandera showed what this "new order" was. With the blessing of metropolitan A. Sheptitsky, Bandera began the shooting, killing, torturing of civilians, throwing babies onto the pavements from the upper floors of houses. In several days they had killed more than three thousand people of Lvov, mostly of Polish origin, including 70 scholars of world renown.
Their whole way of "fighting for the freedom of Ukraine was pouring with blood: they dumped people in water wells, choked them, cut them with an axes, sawed them with saws, nailed children to trees, etc. ...
The kind of "independence" of Ukraine today’s nationalists have brought under the yellow and blue banner, the workers can very well see: industry and agriculture destroyed, the destruction of science, ravaged free health care and education, multi-million unemployment, widespread poverty, alcohol abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, the extinction of the Ukrainian people (the number of Ukraine's population has decreased over this period from 52.25 million. to less than 46 million, and when including those people who went abroad in search of work and earnings for a piece of bread, at least another 7 million, and so Ukraine is now home to less than 40 million people.).
The current nationalists-neobanderovits have moved over to the service of a new master - modern Zionist-American fascism and working the dollars spent on them.
But no matter how enraged the current followers of Bandera are, the greatness of J.V. Stalin - the organizer of victory over fascism, they will not diminish him.
Every day the people, despite the unbridled anti-Stalinist, anti-Communist and anti-Soviet propaganda, have growing respect for the leader and a growing awareness of his role and greatness. There is no comparison to the full-blooded life of happiness of working people in Soviet Socialist Ukraine, which was among the most highly developed countries in the world - with life in today’s Ukraine, a capitalist and dying Ukraine.
Having come to power, the regime of Yanukovych-Azarov, the regime of big capital, is holding the modern Ukrainian Nationalists - followers of Bandera and the possessed Hitler, as the last reserve in the fight against widespread public anger.
We appeal to the working class, the working people of Ukraine – begin your struggle for salvation from extinction and poverty, for freedom from exploitation and oppression, under the victorious banner of Lenin and Stalin!
Long live Soviet Ukraine, Socialist Ukraine!
We shall revive our Soviet Motherland – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!

January 3, 2011
A. Mayevsky,
Secretary of the CC AUCPB, chairman of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the AUCPB for Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria

The monument to J.V. Stalin was set up on the day of the 65 th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The powerful explosion destroyed the bust of Stalin completely.

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