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Friday, 18 February 2011






A warning action – a short stopping of lorry transport across the entire territory of Russia is taking place, in protest at long-distance lorry drivers having to pay thousands of rubles to re-fuel their truck in one go. Their patience is running out over this. Some driver-owners have had to take out loans to cover costs, and have been unable to pay back the money they owe. The rising fuel cost is threatening to take them out of business. Drivers have being paying less for stolen diesel, at 20 rubles a litre, especially around Moscow, but that loophole is being closed off. There then awaits a social explosion.

On 17th February, Russian trade unions held a picket outside the Mexican embassy in Moscow in protest against violations of workers’ rights in Mexico. The picket was held for about an hour and a letter handed into the embassy with the demands of the international trade union movement. The maximum number of people allowed to stand and show solidarity with the Mexican workers was ten. Despite the freezing minus 20 temperature, nearly twice that number of people turned up. The police on duty said that no more than 10 people at once could stand and demonstrate and insisted that demonstrators replaced one another in front of the embassy to keep the number at 10. The protestors held a banner with the words “Mexico is anti-union territory”. The level of anti-union repression in Mexico is equal to that of South Korea. In South Korea, each year trade union activists are subjected to brutal suppression and strike are suppressed by police and the army. The labour legislation violated international standards, especially regarding the question of freedom of association.
The picket was held in the framework of global days of action for trade union rights in Mexico 14- 19 February.
We recall that the IMF, ICEM, ITF and UNI are calling on affiliates to take action from February 14 until and as close as possible to the fifth anniversary of the Pasta de Chonchos tragedy on February 19.
The demands are
1:Hold employer and government officials accountable for the Pasta de Chonchos mine explosion that killed 65 miners on February 19, 2006,

2. Abolish systemic violation of workers’ freedom of association,

3. End the use of force by the state or private parties to repress workers’ legitimate demands for democratic unions, better conditions, etc,

4. End the campaign of political persecution against the Mexican Miner’s Union and Mexican Electrical Workers’ Union.

More details can be found via these links




Workers of company AO “Zelestroi” did not turn up for work on Wednesday and went on strike in connection with unpaid wages for the past 5 months. The director puts this down to having to pay off debts taking out for buying special equipment, but stated he is trying to obtain further money in order to pay off the 365 workers’ wage arrears next week. The workers have stated they will not return to work until all the wages have been paid up to date. Total sum owing amounts to 60 million tenge ( roughly £ 270 000)



Workers at “Donelectroavtotrans” tram depot stated they have not received any wages since November 2010. “We have been demanding our wages from management. The only thing we have got out of them is a pledge to us that whoever decides to protest and call for strike action will be sacked,” said one tram driver form route No1 Lyubov Korobova. Director of the depot Vladimir Zakharov declined to comment on the situation. Conductors get paid around 1500 UAN (Ukrainian currency) and trams drivers, around 2000- 2200 UAN. This is not the first time it has happened. In August 2010, violations in payment of wages were recorded after local labour inspectors checked the depot. At the time, the local authorities declared that the documents concerning this were handed in to the local prosecutor office, but since then, there has been no information on the case from them.

The rector of Moscow State University (Press) (MGUP) Alexander Tsyganenko has been forced to resign from office, said one of the activists who oppose the policy of the rector, with reference to the Ministry of Education and Science.
According to Artem Khromov, activists welcomed the resignation of the rector, but they want fundamental change in university policy on students and teachers. "The main thing is that we need to carry on the fight. If someone from the administration is appointed as rector, and will insist on reform, it will not bring anything good. We have to democratize the learning process so that students and the lecturers can participate in the selection of the rector, who will restore the school, and not destroy it", - said Khromov.
For more than 1,5 years sa group of students and teachers of have been fighting MGUP for the resignation of the rector
They accused the rector of a change in the educational process, in particular, raising tuition fees, dismissal of protesting teachers and applying pressure on students. In December, an indefinite strike began, demanding the resignation of the rector – it was attended by 350 students and 30 lecturers.

Since 29 December last year, when pensioners picketed the Novosibirsk city government administration building demanding the governor to cancel the decision to limit the unlimited travel on public transport to 30 rides a month on public transport, the Novosibirsk city mayor is refusing to negotiate and agree with the organizers on where to hold future pickets (and proposing that they picket not the governor but the city library – the State Public Scientific Technology Library), and law enforcement bodies after each picket will draw up a protocol of "administrative violations". There were three "unauthorized" picket -on 29 December 2010, 21 January and 4 February 2011. A notification has been made for a rally at the same place on February 21, but the mayor's office also refused to agree on allowing it. The organizers of the pickets, in turn, have taken legal action against the mayor on the grounds of his action being illegal. At this moment, awaiting trial are 7 administrative cases are and 2 civil cases of citizens.
Administrative proceedings are being instituted against the following people:

V.I. Sukharev, a pensioner, organizer of the picket on 29 December (the hearing will be held Feb. 16 in Central Court). Tel.: 256-09-16

A.V. Mikheev, pensioner, an organizer of the picket on January 21 (meeting will be held on February 17 , Magistrate Judge Central District). Tel.: 260-36-57

O.M. Mazepo, , organizer of the picket on 21 January, case moved to the Leninsky court. Tel.: 353-31-06

I.V. Lobar, the organizer of the picket on 29 December and picketer on January 21, the two cases in the Sovietsky court, 17 and 18 February ;

A.V. Denisyuk, organizer of the rally on February 4, the hearing will be held on March 4 in Central Court. Tel.: 375-09-05

L.N. Anufrieva, pensioner, an organizer of the picket on February 4, the hearing in Central Court postponed.
Tel. for inquiries: 375-09-05

Municipality Of Novosibirsk To Assist Those Who Are "Really Need" More Than 30 Free Trips On Public Transport

10 Feb - The mayor of Novosibirsk, Vladimir Gorodetsky has signed an order for social benefits to be paid out to (as earlier pledged) pensioners who need to use public transport more than 30 times a month.

More than 190 thousand people use discounted travel on public transport in Novosibirsk. The mayor ordered that from 01 January 2011 this be applied to only 66 thousand people. Under pressure from protesting pensioners, the mayor was forced to back down, by saying "the Municipality of Novosibirsk, understanding the complexity of the situation, is trying to respond to the complaints of citizens and veterans' organizations.” Hotlines have now been set up to individually ‘means test’ pensioners illegible for “targeted assistance” And again, there is a lot of form filling (similar to the DWP system in Britain).

FEB 14 - RUSSIA – NOVOSIBIRSK- Outside the building of the Government of Novosibirsk- a series of pickets by residents of Iskitimsky district were held in protest against the persecution of a mother of a local MP by the local administration.
From 12:00 at the Administration building- a series of pickets by residents Iskitimsky district takes place against the persecution by the administration of the mother of a local MP.
On Monday, February 14, from 12-00 to 14-00 a of series of pickets around the Administration of Novosibirsk region.
January 31, 2011 Housing office "Agralesovskoe" disconnected without warning cold water to the home of disabled pensioner Vera Constantinovna Savina in the village of Berd, Iskitimsky district.
The company refers to an absence of a water contract, but the water charges have been paid to them on a regular basis since 2003 - the date of acquisition by Savina of the site with a water supply. The villagers can not get a response from management of the housing utilities department, about when water be connected the, although the contract is from February 4, 2011. As the villagers say, the many new grounds for water non-connection have been named – i.e. that "the house has not been used ", or there is a “rule” that says "you need to put a metre in the well to count the cost of water, etc etc.
In fact, the villagers suspect that the "repression" is associated with her son Constantine Savina, who was in 2010 elected to the Michurinsky village council, and regularly defends the rights of the villagers against the administration of Iskitimsky district.
Local residents, expressing solidarity with the victim, together with her go to pickets with an appeal to the governor, one after another.
In the meantime, the person with disabilities is living without water.
Person to contact: 8-913-941-0576 Vera Constantinovich Savina



CAIRO, Feb. 14. Itar-Tass. The army of Egypt today called for all who are still in downtown Cairo in Tahrir Square, to stop the protest, to clear the area and return to work. Military police in the "red berets" surrounded the area, trying to squeeze out the last of the demonstrators. According to available information, these people were given half an hour to get away from Tahrir square.

Within an hour of the Supreme Council of the armed forces was to come up with another statement in which, it "warns protesters of fomenting violent actions ."

On the eve of an attempt to dislodge the protestors and the army clashed, and once again paralyzed the central square of Egypt. Military police intended to disperse the camp, but encountered fierce resistance from the protesters.

Egypt's army has warned its citizens of non-continuation of the protests. It is said in a statement released today by the Supreme Council of the armed forces of Egypt under the number "5". It provides, inter alia, states that " any unauthorized performances are now considered illegal . "
" Under present conditions to continue the demonstrations and protests will have extremely negative consequences - the army spokesman said Ismail Othman. - It will be bad for the economy, and for Egyptians . "

From AUCPB editorial board. The army of Egypt is the largest Egyptian tycoon and is not going to part with its wealth. The true owners of the army of Egypt is the United States. Under Mubarak, the army was maintained by the U.S. and has been "stuffed" with the U.S. military advisors, trainers and agents of the CIA, together with U.S. dollars

(Comment from FB-AUCPB - People were finding it quite strange if not amusing to hear people talking about the Egyptian army “being on the side of the protestors”. Is it really? We don’t seem to think so.)


In Moscow on 14 February from 19:00 to 20:00 hours on Pushkin Square, a rally of solidarity with Urusov took place
Urusov is a new type of political prisoner in Russia's recent history: a worker leader who was able to organize a trade union organization in the remote (Sahka) Yakutsk village of Udachny, and yet paid the price for this by losing his freedom. Since June 2009, the union leader, having risked conflict with the larger diamond company ALROSA, is now behind bars. (FB-comment - ALROSA was a large Soviet state owned company called “Yakutalmaz” until it was stolen from the Soviet people by pro-U.S. zionist puppet Boris Yelstin and his mafia bandits in 1992 and renamed ALROSA).
Despite the fact that the previous court's decision was overturned by the Supreme Court, Udachny court affirmed its earlier decision, and again, Urusov was sentenced to 6 years in prison. The court decision sparked strong reaction among trade unions and rights defenders. But despite the protests around the world, Urusov remains in custody.

All articles and materials on Urusov

Urusov in 2007, created a workers' union in the diamond mining company Alrosa (Yakutia). In the first months of the organization, it in took over 1000 people. The workers demanded better working conditions and eliminate debt for unpaid overtime. August 25, 2008 they had declared a hunger strike. Aug. 27, after reaching an agreement on the establishment of a conciliation commission, the protest was suspended. The Commission began work, but on Sept. 3, 2008 Urusov was arrested by the Drug Control Squad at the front door of his house.
In Urusova home, 70 grams of drugs were "confiscated", and not by someone else, but by the head of the Mirny (Drug Control Squad) S. Rudov, and was not too lazy to travel over 600 km to get Urusov.
Urusov himself in a statement handed to a lawyer, described his arrest as a kidnapping with beatings and threats. He was forced to sign a confession or be killed: "Either die here in the woods, or sign and stay alive."
December 29, 2008 Mirninsky g.Udachnogo District Court presided by Judge Guseva Y. Urusov Valentin Yakovlevich was sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment in a penal colony and 100 000 rubles penalty according to article 228 part 2 of the Criminal Code.
May 12, 2009 Supreme Court of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), overturned the conviction of the Mirny district court with respect to trade union activist Urusov
He was released from custody at the courthouse.
But on May 26 Mirny district court again sentenced him to imprisonment. The sentence was reduced to 5 years after re-appeal.
Meanwhile, in January-March 2009, all union activists at the company Alrosa have been laid off and entered onto a" black list ".
Currently Urusov serving his sentence in a penal colony № 7 general regime of the village Tabago (Yakutia).
Source: Trade unions today



The large Arab revolution continues to gain momentum. On the background of recent developments in Egypt have intensified riots in Yemen and Algeria (Bahrain and others). Inspired by the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, several hundred protesters gathered in the center of Sana'a and marched to the Egyptian embassy, demanding the resignation of another political longevity - Yemeni President Abdullah Saleh, who has been in power since 1978.

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh postponed his visit to the United States against the backdrop of protests taking place in his country. The visit will take place in late February. They noted that the official reason for this decision was "the situation in the region, sharply reacting to the events in Egypt.”
The last major demonstration in Yemen took place on February 4 in Al-Mukalla - the administrative center of the province of Hadramout. The rally ended with the death of four people, when police used live ammunition to disperse the crowd of protesters who called for independence of the southern part of Yemen.
"Soviet Russia" [15/02/2011]

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