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Monday, 14 February 2011



Anti-worker practices at South Korean owned auto-parts maker Yura Corps based in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

The main reasons that prompted the workers to establish trade union cells at south Korean owned Yura Corporation RUS were - low wages, poor working conditions, neglect by management and violation of Russian labour laws.
Lawlessness by management amounts to an actual declaration of war on pregnant women.
Due to the fact that Yura corp is a manufacturer of auto-parts, workers at the company decided to join the existing Inter-regional Trade Union of Automobile Workers (MPRA). Having learned of this, the management began to intimidate employees of the plant by threatening of closure, mass layoffs, and deprivation of bonuses.
In mid-January, the administration of the company held a meeting of the workers’ collective, in order to persuade the employees to leave the MPRA. But the workers almost unanimously voted against that.
Management response to this decision was quick. The next day, they started to call in workers one by one. Some tremble and signed a statement imposed by the administration to withdraw from the union.
Reaction from the media, pressure of solidarity of workers' organizations, the intervention of the district prosecutor's office, forced the management of Yura Corporation to negotiate.
As reported by the chairman of the trade union cell at the company, Victor Makhno, on January 21, district attorney of Kingissepsky district of Leningrad region, Igor Fedorov arrived at the factory.
A meeting took place, attended by Makhno and the CEO of Yura Corporation RUS Lee On Sog. The prosecutor demanded compliance with Russian legislation, which guarantees the right of workers to form unions. This forced the representatives of Korean companies to recognize the union and to refute the rumours of moving the factory and mass layoffs.
Nevertheless, the administration has not yet responded to the key questions - what will be the order of interaction with trade unions and whether or not guarantees will be given to trade unionists about unimpeded trade union work?
MPRA representatives say that as long as the guarantees of trade union activity at Yura corporation will not be legally documented, the union would continue a campaign of solidarity with workers.


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