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Sunday, 27 February 2011



Our comrade Alex Denisyuk, member of the AUCPB and one of the organizers of the protests by pensioners in Novosibirsk, has been sentenced to 7 days administrative arrest

Previously, we reported that in Novosibirsk early morning on the day of another “un-sanctioned” by the city mayor, demo at the Regional Administration on Feb. 21, our comrade, AUCPB member Alex Denisyuk - the leader of the organization of the Novosibirsk AUCPB, an activist in the movement for the restoration of unlimited travel for pensioners and people on benefits on public transport and that had been abolished by the Governor Yurchenko, was detained by police and thrown into a police cell, allegedly for "non-payment of a fine to the Road Safety Inspectorate GBDD"

On February 22 at the magistrates court of the Kalinin district of Novosibirsk considered the administrative case against a comrade Alexei Denisyuk.

The court sentenced comrade Alexey Denisyuk for " failing to pay a fine of about 1,500 rubles - to 7-day administrative arrest "! Such inadequate severity of the offense and obviously earlier ordered court decision is nothing but a political reprisal in an attempt to intimidate people protesting against the sudden impoverishment and further deprivation of their social rights, especially - pensioners, under the constant chatter of the president and prime minister about their warm concern for the welfare of people. Such violence will only lead to strengthening of the protest movement. The authorities are themselves rapidly digging their own graves.
People unite against the criminal bourgeois capitalism imposed by the Soviet people counter!
Join up to our ranks!


From the AUCPB Editor

The present Russian regime suffering complete collapse in everything and is beginning to become enraged, crossing over to fascistic methods in counter-acting against the people.
It is preparing legislation to prohibit the activities of communist organizations and communist ideology (as was done under Hitler in Germany at that time).
This is what is being said by the authorities: "In the popular press, our project was called " Destalinization”. This is inaccurate and politically incorrect, though the essence of the project, of course, is in the de-Stalinization and de-communization of Russian public consciousness and of our country itself... As the terrible sin was 70 years of totalitarianism, when the people carried out a revolution, came to power and supported an anti-human, barbaric regime. "<...>" The president raised the question about a legal assessment of the crimes. He said that the political assessment of them is clear as it has been sounded in his speeches and in statements of the State Duma. However, it is not entirely clear on how to develop a legal assessment of the crimes - but this one will need some thinking over."

(Http://novayagazeta.ru/data/2011/gulag47/00.html )

But the protest of the people can not be stopped by any repressive methods. Not everyone can be put in prison! The drastic impoverishment of the people, the catastrophic decline in its standard of living, lawlessness and corruption in all echelons, from the very top, leaves nothing to the people, except to intensify the fight against the existing criminal oligarchic capitalism.
A new socialist revolution is coming! So let us be worthy successors of the glory of our heroic forefathers - the revolutionaries who carried out the Great October Socialist Revolution, our grandfathers, who build socialism and defended it in World War II. We shall still win and continue our glorious Soviet history!



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