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Tuesday, 22 February 2011



The arch-reactionary bourgeois ruling clique of Russia is once again on its heinous conspiracy to eliminate the Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow, and remove the embalmed body of Lenin, the great leader of the proletariat and the architect of the October Revolution. These rulers are the fitting successors of the former Soviet revisionist leadership of Russia, who, in collusion with the imperialist powers, staged the counter-revolution and brought about to the destruction of the socialist state - the USSR.

The present rulers have "consolidated" capitalism in Russia, ruthlessly exploiting the Russian people. Capitalist Russia is a willing partner of the imperialist camp. But the ruling class is mortally afraid of a resurgence of the revolutionary movement in Russia, and it is this fear complex that is goaded it to remove the symbol of the revolutionary struggle from the public eye.
Lenin was not only the leader of the Russian people. Throughout the world, where people have been struggling against imperialism, against capitalist oppression and exploitation, Lenin has been the inspiration of their struggle, has been their leader. We express our strongest condemnation of attempts to remove Lenin's mausoleum and encourage the freedom-loving people around the world to raise their voice of protest, to mobilize world public opinion, to organize movements to foil this heinous conspiracy.


Manik Mukherjee
Member of the Politburo of the Socialist Unity Centre of India (communist)

Nina Chapagain
Member of the Politburo, the United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

The General Secretary of the Socialist Party of Bangladesh

Mubinul Hyder Chowdhury
Central Committee member, the Socialist Party of Bangladesh

Sara Flounders, Deirdre Griswold
Members of the Secretariat, the World Workers Party, USA

Nina Andreeva
General Secretary, All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, (AUCPB) Russia

E. Thambaiah
International organizer, the New Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party, Sri Lanka

Paolo Babin
CARC Party, Italy

Dr. Mazen Hanna
General Secretary, Jordanian Workers’ Communist Party


15.02.2011 06:39

On the morning of 9th August 1942, the troops of the Wehrmacht entered Krasnodar, in August there were gas vans, killing 7000 people, and during the occupation – 13000 killed. On the Day of Liberation of Krasnodar there proudly flew the Red Flag on top of the building of the Regional Committee of the Party, mounted by warriors of the charging Cavalry under the command of Lieutenant M.A. Krapiva. The city lay in ruins, the Nazis blew up the best buildings and enterprises before they fled. Krasnodar was among the 15 cities most affected by WWII. Today in Krasnodar live 75 people who participated in the liberation of the city. Among them: Anna Nikolaevna Svezhakova, gunners Vladimir Ilyich Biryukov and Arseny GerasimovichVasilevsky, bomber pilot Gennady Paschevsky, infantryman Nikolai Petrovich Dubinin, anti-aircraft gunner Maria Prokofyevna Kopaneva, Political Officer Petr Pavlovich. Alekseenko, Nikolai Grigoryevich Detkov (he is now 90 years old), Gregory Bulgakov - Sapper, cleared Krasnodar from mines, now an artist, and others.
Krasnodar was liberated under the command of Major-General I.P. Rosly - the commander of the 46th Army, 40-th separate motorized infantry brigade under the command of Major-General N. Tseplyakov, the 9th Mountain Division under the command of Colonel M.V. Evstigneev, the 31th Infantry Division, commanded by P.K. Bogdanovich,
Heavy fighting took place in the area of a farm named after Lenin, Pashkovsky bridge and Kozhzavod. The Germans fought desperately, as a result did not withstand the Soveiet onslaught and fled towards the village of Elizavetenskoy. The Soviet Army on Feb. 12, 1943 with the victory entered the city, where residents greeted the soldiers with glee, and were given bread and salt.
Now on the Liberation Day of Krasnodar from the German fascist yoke, on February 12, in the city, rallies were held, together with pickets by the eternal flame, and the monument to Marshal Zhukov and the Soldier-Liberator.
The Krasnodar AUCPB organization took an active part in the events dedicated to this memorable date.
NA Tyutyunnikov, secretary of the Regional Committee of the AUCPB


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