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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

69th Birthday of Kim Jong Il

February 16 - Birthday of DPRK leader Kim Jong Il

On February 16, Korean people celebrate the Birthday of the General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Jong Il - Chairman of the National Defence Committtion of the DPRK, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the DPRK.

We congratulate Great Kim Jong Il on his birthday and in his name, the entire Korean people on this auspicious occasion.

The years of leadership in the DPRK by Kim Jong Il have been historically the most difficult because of the sharp aggravation of the crisis of world imperialism and attempts by the hawks in the U.S. and world governments to ignite the fire of nuclear war, where only is provided such an opportunity - anywhere in the world, because the globe is actually declared a U.S. "zone of their vital interests."

The severe economic blockade the DPRK, declared by the United States, throughout the life of a young socialist country, the despicable and heinous false propaganda of the world against the DPRK, the South Korean leaders incitement to exacerbate relations with the DPRK, to prevent reunification of the nation - all this is only a few strokes of the fierce political and diplomatic struggle that is constantly engaged by the DPRK government under the leadership of their glorious leader Kim Jong Il, who, like the fairy tale horse Chollima, skillfully overcoming all the obstacles erected in the path of of the DPRK, swiftly and confidently leading the country to a brighter future of prosperity of a socialist highly developed nation.

More than half a century of socialist construction in the DPRK clearly demonstrated that even a small country can live and thrive completely isolated from the world, relying solely on its own strength. (Russian President Medvedev can not imagine Russia without foreign props, as he stated in Mumbai (India) in December 2010. An example of building socialism in the Soviet economy on its own without the help of the West, Medvedev cannot comprehend. He seems according to passed especially recently, laws and reforms, set to the break up all that is left of socialism, even though at the expense of the remaining, of what we exist on now. The reality of modern Russia personally confirms that the activities of the Russian authorities are aimed at the destruction of Russia, rather than creation – and with the advice and the applause of the United States.)

The permanent increase in the level of public education in the DPRK and as a result - the growth of scientific and technological potential of the country (cadres decide everything!), the introduction into operation of enterprises using the latest modern technologies developed by scientists of the DPRK, a grand building of housing, the rapid development of health, development of various sectors in agriculture with only 20% of land fit for this, mining their own mineral resources, the development of metallurgy, hydropower on small rivers and much, much more evidence of self-sufficiency of resources for accelerated economic development of the DPRK and the full independence and autonomy of politics and economy of the DPRK.

The whole world held its breath, following in December the situation on the Korean peninsula, around which at the end of 2010, the United States have focused hitherto on an unknown quantity of modern naval and air forces, military exercises by provoking the DPRK to retaliatory action in the direction of a nuclear War. The world was on the brink. But the iron will, steel restraint and the highest intelligence of Great Kim Jong Il prevented the development of such a desirable scenario of action for the U.S.. In the military exercises, the United States, "intimidating the DPRK”, together with Japan and South Korea's territorial waters near the DPRK have been involved a great variety of military equipment of all arms and military units conceivable – it is a wonder how so many could even fit on such a small area of water and land.

Today, rejecting any kind of grievance, and looking at the facts of misconduct by the leadership of South Korea, the false and unproven, and refutation by facts of the charges, the DPRK, is persistently offering to resolve all issues through diplomatic channels, inviting all sides in South Korean parties and organizations to participate in joint talks. But the USA and their kept woman South Korea does not want this. South Korea demands DPRK full disarmament under the dictate of the U.S., ignoring the obvious, that the number of U.S. nuclear warheads stockpiled are thousands of times greater than available in the DPRK in service. Disarming the DPRK under present conditions means to leave the country defenseless against clashing teeth mad and crazed from blood of a predator - the United States. Everyone knows the truth: the DPRK's nuclear capability is the only true deterrent for today aggressor and thereby preservation of peace in Northeast Asia.

The New Year joint editorial in 3 major newspapers in the DPRK Korea - the party, military and youth papers- offers tremendous prospects for further development and accelerated growth of the people's welfare. 2010 was a year of beginning the era of great uplift, high enthusiasm and achievement of significant success in all sectors of the economy and national defense.

Question number one in the near future - the accelerated development of light industry and food processing to meet the increased demand of the population.

2011 is planned to be the year of a general offensive , in which will see even more powerful development of all sectors of the economy, improving people's lives and committing a decisive turning point in building a prosperous nation. And of course, the leader and mastermind of the revolutionary movement was and remains the country's leader Kim Jong Il. His motto - " We need faith in the victory to make continuous progress, to make continuous advancement and quickly bring a bright tomorrow, and a prosperous nation."

We the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB), wish the hardworking heroic Korean people success in achieving thr ambitious objectives of socialist construction. To Esteemed Comrade Kim Jong Il on his birthday we want to wish - good health, inexhaustible energy and great strength of spirit to defeat the intrigues and provocations of U.S. imperialism.

There is no force in the world capable of turning back the history of the DPRK! Forward Only! Towards the shining heights of a highly prosperous socialist state united nation!


On the occasion of the birthday of Kim Jong Il, to Pyongyang and addressed to the General Secretary of the WPK from the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the AUCPB Comrade Andreeeva, a congratulatory telegram has been sent.

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