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Thursday, 27 January 2011

General strike- Tunisia

General anti-government strike begun in Tunisia
26.01.2011 20:53
Initiated by the largest trade union - the Tunisian General Labour Union
General anti-government strike began on Wednesday in the second-largest city, Sfax of Tunisia, which is considered the industrial capital of the country, according to Arab media.
The action was initiated in Tunisia's largest and most influential trade union - the General Union of Tunisian Workers (UGTT), who played a crucial role in the recent change of government in the country.
Protestors gathered in the streets of Sfax on Wednesday demanding the resignation of the government of Mohammed al-Ghannouchi, as well as the dissolution of the rules at the deposed president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, Constitutional Democratic Party unity.
In addition, people's protests on Wednesday continued in other major cities in Tunisia, including in the capital, where demonstrators once again tried to break through a police cordon and break through to the building of the Tunisian government.
Previously reported that the teachers of secondary schools and lyceums of Tunisia on Monday began an indefinite strike, demanding withdrawal from the government in the country all members of the ousted regime. The strike coincided with the day classes resume in Tunisian schools and high schools, which were suspended in early January in connection with the riots.
In the morning in Tunis, children and their parents almost universally expected closed school doors with the announcement of the strike.

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