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Tuesday, 15 March 2011




In the Russian city Novosibirsk, for a few months there has been a confrontation between the government and pensioners, picketing the regional government headquarters demanding the lifting by the governor, of his decision to deprive the pensioners of the right to move freely around the city by public transport. After each action, the police have been drawing up protocols of "administrative violations" against is the organizers of the protests.

In our hands fell a remarkable document, taken from the case against of one of the organizers, brought against him on January 21 entitled "PLAN to ensure public order and traffic safety during the event on Jan. 21, 2011 in Novosibirsk. The document was drawn up by police chief of MOB UVD (Internal Affairs) HQ of Novosibirsk, colonel V.I. Roppel, agreed by deputy chief of police for the GUVD chief of MOB major general of militia, A.N. Kirillov, and approved by the Chief of police in Novosibirsk, colonel O. F. Kudinov.

Briefly about the content of the document. To "ensure the protection of public order" (Note that in the protest were expected 200 retired pensioners in receipt of benefits) "an operational headquarters ," is being formed before the event and composed of: Head of Staff - Colonel of Militia Roppel, Chief of MOB UVD Novosibirsk; deputy. Head of Staff - Colonel of Militia Muzalev AV, Deputy. Head of OM number 1 UVD Novosibirsk, and Lieutenant Colonel A. Rudenko, chief OGIBDD UVD Novosibirsk, members of staff - police colonel Koparev, commander of the riot police to the NSO, police Lieutenant Colonel I.V. Rakuten, chief of ESD ATC Novosibirsk, police Major Kositsky SN, chief of OOSSiA UVD Novosibirsk. "The operational headquarters is located in the PPSM PPU Regiment police department for the Government building on the right side of the administration building, at the entrance to the public reception.

For "operational supervision of police" the territory adjacent to the venue of the mass protest has been divided into three " sectors »(№ 1, № 2, № 3), led by "senior sector” and with the participation of police personnel ( sector number 1 - stationed in front of the Government administration buidling, from the side of Red Prospect street, consisting of: 10 people / OM number 1 of UVD Novosibirsk and 60 other police officersof the UVD police regiment of the Government building, etc.). A "documenting group” is also being formed and led by a "senior" and with the participation of police personnel. Added to all this are being formed three "reserves", including the provision of riot police ( "reserve number 1" - riot police – 50 police posted in the area, etc.).

To "provide timely information to operational staff and warnings to the participants of the mass protest" there are " 4 groups of intelligence gatherers" from a designated place of the dislocation for the purpose of: organising the conducting of operational search activities to identify those hatching intent to commit crimes of an extremist nature, and capable of provoking group disturbance of public order ". Also have been created are two "reserve groups (FIT teams) for identifying and documenting" responsible for "providing video and audio fixation of possible illegal acts", the task "to increase the density of police patrols in the subway stations "Rechnoy Station", and "Lenin Station" "to monitor the movement of organized groups of participants by means of video surveillance, etc.

To achieve the "objectives" the following means will be used: Portable radio 15 pcs., Megaphones 7 pc., PR-73 100 pcs.; Cars - 16 pcs; police officers and reserve - 327 people. (note that in this rally there are no more that 150-200 pensioners).

To "maintain public order" Centre "E" (special department for monitoring “extremists” is being used. The case report has a "REPORT" by a senior security officer of the Centre "E" Internal Affairs Directorate in Novosibirsk region, Militia Major R. A. Dolgov. The report was sent to the head of Centre "E" police department of the Government police Colonel V.A. Pevnev. From the report it follows that the staff of Centre "E" "have the task of protecting public order, as well as fact-finding the distribution of printed and other materials of an extremist nature". During the event, the staff of Centre "E" has been given the task to "detain" one of the organizers of the event "for the purpose of drawing up a administrative report-protocol", etc.

The site of the Novosibirsk organization AUCPB published these documents, which need no further comment.



Half of the employees of a company of 2600 people, receiving payslips and finding that their wages were twice as small than usual, immediately went out on strike, thus effectively stopping production. On this BUSINESS Online reported on March 10.

According to the newspaper, some workers receive a salary of no more not more than 12 thousand rubles a month. This time, many did not receive even this. The union is confident that what is happening is a consequence of the constant change of top management and administrative errors.


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