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Tuesday, 22 March 2011



21.03.2011 10:55
On March 21, the Central District Court continued the examination of a civil case at the request of organizers of the rally on February 4, challenging the illegal actions by the mayor of Novosibirsk, for refusing to agree on the holding of protests outside the government building of Novosibirsk region.
The Court decided: to recognize the action by the Mayor as illegal and the proposal to change the venue of public event unmotivated and unreasonable.

We recall that the mayor's office of Novosibirsk city is denying the organizers of the rights of pensioners to unlimited travel, to hold protests outside Novosibirsk regional government administration building, and offering a platform at the local library instead. 6 protest actions have been held so far (December 29, January 21, February 4, February 21, March 4 and March 18). This trial is the first, and therefore revealing. For other protest actions, in court are petitions from citizens, some of them are already assigned a date for consideration.

At the previous court session of March 15, the Mayor requested the court to postpone the hearing to provide "additional evidence", but at today's meeting, such evidence was not actually presented. What was presented was "information" by the Committee for socio-political relations of the administration, which allegedly says that holding protest events outside the administration building "substantially obstructed the work of the public authorities", the reference being dated 18.04.2011, i.e., a long time has past since the date of agreement on this, (why did they take so long since December to make an official complaint? FB) and nothing in it clarifying what exactly obstructs the work of the administration. The mayor also provided information on the police in Novosibirsk (also dated from 18 March 2011.), in which it "proves" the impossibility of carrying out activities outside the administration building, allegedly because of the need to attract a large number of law enforcement officers, which in turn leads to a "reduction in solving crimes in hot pursuit"... no other "evidence" at the court session was provided by the Mayor.

Organizers of the protest action at the government administration building will intend to defend their constitutional right to freedom of assembly, meetings and processions.

The next rally will be held on April 1 at 12:00 pm: rally at the government administration building, and then march on the road (not the sidewalk) along Krasny Prospect to the Lenin Square. The number of protestors to take part in it should be around 2000 people.

The struggle continues! We will not give up!
Source: http://vkpb-nsk.ru/

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20.03.2011 10:11
On March 15, factory workers at "Yura Corporation in Racha (Serbia) and Sloga union activists, held a protest in front of the Embassy of South Korea in Belgrade. They demanded the reinstatement of six employees dismissed for union activity, and expressed solidarity with unionized workers at "Yura Corporation" in Ivangorod (Kingisepp district of Leningrad region), who are also under severe pressure from the employer.

We recall that on March 6, in Kingisepp a picket took place against the anti-union policy "Yura corporation” in Russia and Serbia, organized by the Inter-regional trade union of automobile industry workers (MPRA). Several dozen workers armed with whistles and megaphones, appealed to the Ambassador of South Korea and the state authorities of Serbia with the demand to curb the South Korean investor, grossly violating national and international legislation.

"At the “Yura plant" what is going on is a monstrous humiliation of workers - citizens of Serbia: the physical, psychological, and sexual - says Zeljko Veselinovic, chairman of the trade union Sloga. - The Labour Inspectorate ordered the return to work of our colleagues, but the leadership of "Yura" refuses to implement this decision."

"They do not accept the decision, on which we must return to work, and violates the laws of the Republic of Serbia, which for them – mean nothing," - said Maria Ilic, deputy chairman of the Sloga union at the "Yura”.

Meanwhile, the sympathies of the local authorities are clearly on the side of the employer. Thus, Mayor of Racha, Dragan Zhivanovich refuses to communicate with the media. In a brief telephone conversation with reporters, TV B92, she said she did not believe the workers of "Yura", and accused journalists of bias: "I spoke with the director Lucas-nam, and he assured me that “Yura" is in compliance with all laws and regulations." The management at "Yura" also refuses to comment on it.

Chairperson of the primary organisation of MPRA at "Yura Corporation RUS” in Ivangorod, Russia, Victor Makhno said that their union strongly supports the struggle of the Serb colleagues:" We protest against the illegal actions of "Yura" against the outbreak of psychological terror against workers who have used their legal right to organize into unions. We support the struggle of our sister union and believe in the victory of law, justice and truth, which is on our side. We are together to do one thing - fight for the interests and rights of workers. "

Russia- Moscow
20.03.2011 10:14

On 17 March, by the Ministry of Education and Science a protest of students and teachers at the VZFEI was held. Students and teachers at VZFEI (All-Russian Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute) opposed the accession of the Institute to the Financial University of the Russian Government and demanded the holding of free and democratic elections to appoint a new rector of the university. During the event, the protestors chanted "Freedom to VZFEI", "Free elections for a rector" and "Self-determination for universities”.


On 18 March, in Novosibirsk there was another, already the fifth, protest action for the reinstatement of unlimited travel on public transport for pensioners, organized by the committee, "Pensioners - for a decent life" and the movement "Youth - for veterans' rights!" The AUCPB, Trudovovaya Rossiya and other leftist organisations took active participation in it. We recall that governor Yurchenko in the New Year introduced a limit of 30 free trips per month on public transport for per "benefit recipients". This limitation is grossly violating the rights and interests of pensioners, has caused outrage and outcry from both the victims and other residents of Novosibirsk. The action took place like last time (March 4), in the form of a rally outside the regional government building and then marched to Tolokonsky, Presidential Representative in the Siberian Federal District, and was, according to a tradition, not sanctioned by the mayor, who has steadfastly refused to agree to have rallies held outside the government building, proposing instead, a standard septic tank - a deserted area next to the local science library and an even more deserted route for the march down Kirov street of. But protesters want to express their position not in the air, but to the governor himself, and therefore hold their rallies is the administration area and during working hours. Moreover, the movement is to get bigger, therefore the last time, besides the rally under the windows of the governor, the people marched on the sidewalk of the Krasny Prospect to the building of the presidential representative, where they presented their demands to the presidential envoy, former governor of the Novosibirsk, Mr Tolokonsky. The aim of this march was to demand from Tolokonsky an answer and ask about the fulfilling of his promises.

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