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Sunday, 20 March 2011


Statement By The Central Committee Of The AUCPB


On the night of March 18, the controlled by the U.S. UN Security Council adopted a resolution authorizing the imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya. This means that from now on, warplanes of Muammar Gaddafi have no right to strike at the "opposition" (in fact: bandits who had seized the government arms warehouses and are leading an armed struggle against the lawful government of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya). In addition, the UN Security Council resolution calls for "all necessary measures" to protect the civilian population of Libya from the forces of al-Gaddafi (rebels with arms in their hands – is that a civilian population?) This wording actually allows international military intervention to take place.

Participants in the military operation (aggression) in Libya (they claim to be the United States, France, Great Britain, a number of Arab states) in the first stage are to use cruise missiles and combat aircraft to destroy command posts of the Libyan air defence. U.S. Navy ships, such as the aircraft carrier Enterprise and the amphibious assault ship Kearsarge will provide artillery and air support.

10 members voted in the UN Security Council with the necessary nine votes in favour of the resolution proposed by the United States, Britain, France and Lebanon. Five countries abstained from the vote: Russia, China, India, Brazil and Germany.

This resolution unties the hands of the imperialist hawks for aggression against Libya. France and Britain, according to the diplomats of these countries are ready to carry out strikes on the positions of government troops of Muammar Gaddafi.

In turn, officials of the Libyan Government said that the resolution adopted by the U.N. Security Council making air strikes on positions of government troops legitimate, jeopardizes the country's unity and indirectly encourages Libyans to kill each other.
Shaken by crisis, the imperialist world for the sake of renewing its existence, is trying to ignite the fire of world war in different parts of the globe. In Libya, the international gendarme - United States, fighter for "human rights", is attempting to repeat the scenario of the destruction of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan. In a unipolar world, which become such because of the dismemberment of the USSR, unfortunately there is no force capable of confronting the criminal policy of the United States – the world dictator, brazenly ignoring the fundamental provisions of international law on the full sovereignty of each independent state.

As you know, in September 1969 after the revolution led by Muammar Gaddafi, in Libya the monarchy was overthrown, the monarchy which helpfully entitled foreign companies to shamelessly plunder Libya and for a song to take away its national wealth - oil. The new revolutionary government after overthrowing the rotten regime, strongly indicated its desire to achieve national independence and the elimination of foreign domination and to implement progressive economic and social transformation. Britain was forced to evacuate their military bases in March 1970 from the territory of Libya and the U.S. - in June 1970.

As a result of the transformations, the Government of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, headed by its leader Gaddafi, put the country's oil resources in the service of the Libyan people. In recent years, Libya has firmly ranked first in terms of human development in Africa and has the highest life expectancy on the continent. This is the most advanced country of all countries on the African continent.

However, the country needed a large number of foreign workers to carry out ambitious plans for economic growth and social development. The Libyan government has provided jobs to hundreds of thousands of foreign workers - Egyptian, Tunisian, Chinese and others. Today, most of them (for good pay) along with a small part of sold out to the US Libyan intellectuals and drug addicted youth have been used by an extensive network of foreign intelligence services (primarily American) as the "opposition" in an attempt to overthrow the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. World imperialism needs Libyan oil, the oil of the highest quality, and gas. The rhetoric of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton about "democracy" and "human rights", are lies and misinformation, propagated by all the foreign media regarding events in Libya, have the same goal - to overthrow the anti-American independent Muammar Gaddafi, and to lay their hands on their wealth of Libya, putting at the head of the country their own loyal puppet. But, as witnesses say, the majority of Libyans support their leader.

Huge amounts of money dumped into the laps of the "opposition" by the West, have allowed the opposition for a time, to establish control over the east of the country and some western areas. However, to capture entire Libya by means of "quick wins" and another "colour revolution" failed. Gaddafi and his entourage were able to mobilize all the loyalist part of the country and launch an offensive against pro-Western forces "insurgents." As a result, the "rebels" were forced out of major refining centres of Libyan oil and the port of Ras Lanuf and Marsa el-Brega, cities Es-Zawiya, Sirte and Adzhdabiya, and also an assault on the third city of Libya, Misurata, was launched and government forces are preparing an operation to free the main centre of the pro-Western rebels - the country's second city - Benghazi.

Seeing that the sweet dream of owning Libyan oil is becoming unattainable, the U.S. pushed through on March 18 this year via the UN Security Council, a resolution, paving the way for predatory attacks on a defiant state. The Italian government has already announced that it is ready to provide military bases to implement the UN Security Council resolution adopted, and the military air base in Sicily, which is used by the 6 th U.S. Navy, the most closely located to Libya, a NATO base, is preparing to conduct military operations ...

The All-Union Communist Party Bolsheviks strongly opposes the impending aggression of NATO forces led by the USA against sovereign Libya.

We fully support with the people of Libya and its leader, Muammar Gaddafi, fully support their just struggle for freedom and independence of their country!

We demand an end to the inhumane preparation of international imperialism, headed by the U.S. of new aggression against Libya now!

Hands Off Libya!

We urge the entire international community, not wishing to burn in the hell of a third world war, to block the path of the imperialist madmen, trying to rekindle the fires of war in North Africa!

Translated into English by For Bolshevism-AUCPB

Original AUCPB Russian version

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