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Friday, 11 March 2011




Around 100 former soldiers of the National People's Army of GDR (NPA) over the weekend gathered in a cafeteria of Friedrichsfelde zoo in East Berlin to mark the 55 anniversary of the founding of the NPA, according to Tagesspiegel. Many came in grey parade uniform with marks of distinction and ceremonial weapons.

At the event, which was of a confidential nature, a speech was made by former GDR Defense Minister General Heinz Kessler. The cafeteria hall was decorated with flags of the GDR.

Senior management of the Friedrichsfelde zoo on Monday, March 7, hurried to distance themselves from the incident, noting that the cafeteria was run by a private tenant, who failed to warn them about the upcoming event, otherwise it would have been banned.

The café and zoo staff, who knew about the meeting of veterans of the NPA, but did not inform the zoo management were given a warning. The administration Friedrichsfelde zoo noted that the zoo in principle is open to all, but not for the "former pillars of the dictatorship and people who are against the constitutional order."

Berlin's Social Democrats have strongly condemned the incident and urged to avoid this in the future.

Even representatives of the party "The Left" who have repeatedly made calls to stop demonizing the GDR, have distanced themselves from the NPA veterans, saying it would not have anything to do with them.

Vice-Chairman of the Association of Victims of Stalinism (VOS) Ronald Laessig said that the symbolism of the NPA and uniforms should be banned just as Nazi symbols are banned.

For his part, the legal counsel of the Berlin police, Oliver Toelle noted that the NPA is not a banned organization and wearing its uniform can not be regarded as a crime.

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08.03.2011 14:06

On 25 - 27 February, 2011, in Minsk, Belarus, the 11-th International scientific-practical conference "The Slavic world: healthy thoughts, security, the ideology of the future" was held. The conference was attended by secretary of the AUCPB, chairman of the Central Committee of AUCPB, Bureau of the Central Committee AUCPB on Belarus and Kaliningrad region Comrade V.B. Zelikov, who spoke at a special workshop on "National Unity of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - an urgent task of the brotherly Slavonic peoples."

At the conference, Comrade. Zelikov met with representatives of the patriotic and communist organizations in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, for an exchange of views on the forms and methods of work to strengthen the unity of the Slavic world, as well as the specific steps to create a Union State of Russia and Belarus and the accession of Ukraine. The same idea Comrade. Zelikov defended as a member of the editorial committee of the conference, while working

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