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Friday, 18 March 2011


Caucusus – Russia


16.03.2011 11:59
On March 13 this year, activists of the AUCPB of Seversky District, in the village of Seversk held a picket near the entrance to the Pushkin park. The purpose of the picket was to express the opinion of participants of a public event on social and political issues, one of which was - the results of the policies of Gorbachev's perestroika.

The date was not chosen by chance. On March 13, 1988 in the newspaper "Soviet Russia" was featured an article N.A. Andreeva, "I cannot give up principles," which laid the foundation for the revival of Bolshevism.

At the picket, along with symbols of the AUCPB, an agitation and political stand was set up, with an appeal to district residents to rise up to fight for their social, economic and political rights, with demands to the government to stop the rise in fuel prices, electricity, land, etc., and to reduce prices for medicines, food and essential goods. Bolshevik newspapers “Workers' and Peasants' Hammer and Sickle ", " Workers and Peasants' Truth ", Youth newspaper of the VMGB "Revolution" were distributed at the picket along with fliers to mark the political event of the day and the aim of picket.

Passers by supported us, saying that such pickets should be organized and to work more with people. Yes, we must rise to the protest.
Derbeda LA


Mass student protests in California (USA)

15.03.2011 19:28
In Sacramento, the students took to the streets to protest against the reduction of financial support for education. The initiative of the new California governor Jerry Brown, suggests that the University of California and California State University will shortfall from the budget of $ 500 million. The rally took place against the backdrop of a wave of protests against the bill to limit the rights of trade unions.

Governor Jerry Brown decided to cut funding for virtually all spheres of life of the state - from health programs to maintaining public parks. As a result of the reform, a lot of young people can not afford university tuition.

Currently in the U.S., people are also protesting against the law to restrict the rights of trade unions. People are angry that, if the bill is passed, the unions will lose their right to negotiate with the state about the size of grants to employees.

The number of protesters in Wisconsin at the peak of anger and frustration reached 75,000 people. The example was followed by fellow residents of Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Idaho, Iowa, and New Jersey. Some commentators have called the wave of protests in the U.S. echoes of Middle Eastern syndrome.
Source: Trade unions today

ZIL workers hold pickets for the preservation of plant and salaries

15.03.2011 18:58
On March 14, employees at ZIL held an hour and a half picket at the metro station Avtozavodskaya. Under the monument of factory workers and war veterans, demands were made for the conservation of the plant and payment of two months' salary arrears. Demands were addressed to the Government of Moscow as the principal owner of the company. Representatives of the ZIL trade union and automobile and agricultural machinery workers' unions handed written demands into Moscow City Hall to Sergei Sobyanin.

The former flagship of the domestic automotive industry is experiencing hard times. The process of reform of the enterprise, launched by the Moscow government, aims to reduce the territory from 370 to 70 hectares, modernization of production and new products. ZIL has already developed and prepared for the release of new fire department and municipal vehicles, buses and armored vehicles for special forces, as well as a special model of the limousine for the Russian leadership. However, as is often the case, for the realization of the ideas there is not enough working capital.


In Kazakhstan, fourth day of striking workers of state enterprises

15.03.2011 18:56
In the southern capital of Kazahastana, Almaty, workers at public utility company "Almaty Pater Kyzmety' were on strike for already the fourth day, seeking payment of all outstanding wages. Drivers, handymen, janitors and people of other professions can not get their salary in full, although the company is public and is under the control of the Almaty akimat.

One hundred and fifty drivers of bulldozers, dump trucks and snow equipment, and about four hundred highway maintenance workers refused to start work, since for a second month, they can not get salaries, which they had been promised when they started the job. "We should receive 80-90 thousand tenge, and we get is twenty thousand, which in Almaty to feed ones family is impossible. What do we do? How to live? And when we were taken on the job, we were promised all the benefits, bonuses, advances, social benefits. We believed them, as the company is state owned and not a private office. In the end we were not even given copies of our employment contracts! We are now on strike and will stand up to the end until our demands are met, "- said the bulldozer driver on behalf of the Kanat.

Journalists of independent media and “Zhanartu” activists, who conducted outreach on the need for enterprises to form their own union cells, came along to the enterprise. If in the near future wages will not be paid, then workers together with the activists of "Kazakhstan 2012" and socialists will plan to take the protest to the office of the company and the Almaty akimat.


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