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Saturday, 3 June 2017

A. Batov detained on May 9 during the participation in the action "Immortal Regiment" in Moscow,

In Moscow on May 9, Secretary of the Central Committee of the ROTFront Alexander Batov was detained for distributing propaganda materials revealing the class essence of the Great Victory, with leaflets - "This is not your victory!" . Together with him, for participation in the "Immortal Regiment" action a number of activists of the Russian Communist Workers Party of  Russia and the "Defence" trade union were detained. First, the detainees were given 7 days, now the authorities are trying to open a new case against them ("Violation of the established procedure for organizing or holding a public event" (Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation).
Why where they detained? Alexander Batov himself answers this question. We publish his letter.
"Comrades, friends! After spending a week's arrest on a fake accusation, I believed that the story would end there. But I was wrong. The gendarmes will not calm down. At the weekend it became known that a new case against me was fabricated for the same episode. Yes, that's right - they want to judge me a second time for the same thing! The difference is purely formal: the first time I was judged under Article 19.3 ("Disobedience to the lawful order of a police officer"), and now they want to attach 20.2 ("Violating the established procedure for organizing or holding ... a public event"). I do not know why they need it. Apparently, it touches upon the leaflet, exposing the Kremlin's "patriots".
Be that as it may, a new court haring is coming, as buffy and deceitful as the previous one. I did not violate any laws, I did not receive any complaints from the organizers of the Immortal Regiment or the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees, but ...Friends, I still need your support and solidarity. Please distribute this information. The more people know the truth, the better. And I will certainly inform you about the progress of this tragicomedy entitled "Russian Justice".
Comment from from the Central Committee of the AUCPB. We join the demands of Moscow comrades from the RKPR-ROTFront on the removal of any penalties for A. Batov and his comrades. The very fact of their detention on May 9 we qualify as a fact deeply contradicting the "freedom of speech" and "democracy" that are preached by the authorities. The situation with the detention of A. Batov and bringing him to justice most likely resembles the order in Germany of the 1930s.

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