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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Celebrating May 1 and Victory Day in Vinnitsa

For organizing the celebration of the May Day and Victory Day events, a coordinating headquarters of the left-wing patriotic forces, veterans and public organizations was formed

In Vinnitsa radicals of the neo-Nazi organization "ะก14" attacked the May Day procession. They chose the elderly as their victims, they tore red flags and banners from their hands with the inscriptions "For Socialism" and "Fascism Will not Pass". However, the veterans did not lose their heads and gave a fitting rebuff to the attackers. After the broken flagpoles and torn red flags, as a resolution of the May Day rally, comrade BAM read out his verse.

"To live in a new way"

(Poroshenko's slogan
on the elections)

Without visas

Without gas

Without bread

Without money

Without Lenin

Without Crimea and without Donbass

And it
would be better without you!

Victory Day holiday with tears in your eyes

In Vinnytsia for the celebration of Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, many more townspeople came in than in the previous year. People walked all day. They went with families, with children and grandchildren. The graves of the victors were drowned in a sea of flowers. Many Vinnytsians came to the Memorial near the Eternal Flame with portraits of relatives and friends.

After the official part and laying of flowers, a group of leftist forces and public organizations had earlier planned to march along the main street of the city. And here it was not without provocation. A group of trained "activists" tried to disrupt the procession. To do this, they mingled with the crowd and despite all the demands of the marchers to leave our ranks, they still refused to do so. When they were simply pushed out, they returned again. As a result, part of them went at the end of the column, and several people with banners rushed forward. This caused outrage and anger of the marchers. Because of this, it was necessary to shorten the route by turning into one of the side streets. It was ridiculous to watch the "activists" coming in front of us, being alone, skipping along behind the column.

And as on May 1, representatives of law enforcement agencies did not react in any way to the actions of "activists". And they behaved unmercifully and brazenly, feeling their impunity. Behind them is the power that sowed nationalism and cultivating fascism. Power, which even on Victory Day allows itself to slander the deceased defenders, calling the Soviet Union a country of aggressor and a totalitarian state.

But as you know, "The people who do not know or have forgotten their past have no future." And apparently the people of Ukraine will have to relive their past again.

And although this year there were not enough young people in the column of demonstrators, they will still join our ranks. And life itself will force them. It will make them learn the lessons of the Great Past to build their Great Future. The future, in which there will be mistakes and successes, hard work and shock work, scientific discoveries and great achievements. There will be War and there will be Victory.

Our cause is right. Victory will be ours!

Irina Metelskaya

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