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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Glorious name Che!

In the June days 89 years ago, in the southern hemisphere of the earth, in the country of Argentina, a man was born, who was to become a symbol of the struggle for the freedom of peoples in the second half of the 20th century. His name was Ernesto Guevara. In the history of the world he came under the name of Che Guevara, or simply - Che.

The world bourgeoisie, paying for the armies of hired hacks, always tries to slander the great revolutionaries. After their death, it either tries to present them in the form of stupid philanthropists, who "for all good", eithe blackened, or smeared with dirt. But both of these methods feed on their profound hatred for folk heroes.

There are three categories of haters of Che Guevara. The first is the pro-American bourgeoisie. For what they hate Che - it is understandable. "To create two, three ... many Vietnams", - proclaimed the modern concept of the world revolutionary process of the commandant. Che Guevara pointed out that one partisan Vietnam takes huge resources from the US, at the main bastion of imperialism, and forces the capitalist system to stagger. And if there are many such "Vietnams" - imperialism will collapse, unable to cope with international resistance.

The imperialists and the servants who serve them see their own death in this threat of "many Vietnams", therefore they pay with hatred for the harbinger of the slogan.

The second category of Che Guevara's haters are the compromisers, who like to speculate about the "peaceful way" and sit in a parliamentary chair. Well, it's still clearer here. The image of Che Guevara - no, not the image that traders paint on cans with beer, but the one who takes possession of the hot minds of the leftist youth - makes the blood in the veins of these opportunists grow cold. The opportunists know that Che's ideas foretell their departure from warm parliamentary chairs.

The third category of Che haters, associated with the second, are bourgeois national patriots. In their minds the fact does not fit: how can this be taken care of not about replenishing the pockets of its national bourgeoisie, but about freeing all oppressed humanity. How can it be possible to think not about the fact that the burghers could sit in bars for a mug of beer, eating sausages, but that all over the world people should be equal as brothers! "Oh, he's a damned internationalist! ..", the nationalists grind through their teeth.

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