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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

UK KFA Refutes slanderous attack by Daily Star

On the 18th of June  the "Daily Star " online carried an article " Like bombing the Queen' Kim's man in UK says prisoner in coma DESERVED gulag". In a textbook example of inaccurate , distorted and biased reporting the Daily Star failed to tell its readers that the interview with UK KFA Chairman Dr Dermot Hudson actually took place on the 4th of March 2017 ( nearly 4 months )and not recently as Michael Havis tries to mislead his readers. At the time the medical condition of US national Otto Frederick Warmbier was unknown to Dr Hudson and indeed most people except DPRK medical staff.
  Also at no point during the 15 minute interview that Havis conducted with Dr Hudson ,did Dr Hudson use the words " Deserved the Gulag " .This is an invention by Havis . For one there is no such thing as a Gulag in the DPRK , Gulags were prison camps in the former Soviet Union . The word Gulag is unknown in the DPRK and the word means nothing in Korean.
  In the interview given to Havis , Dr Hudson actually pointed that Warmbier's case was complicated by the hostile relations between the DPRK and the US.
  What really happened was that  Havis(the Daily Star journalist) was found hiding in bushes secretly photographing the picket , when challenged he identified himself as a Daily Star journalist but failed to produce an NUJ press card . Why did Havis if he was a legitmate journalist need to hide in bushes and furtively photograph the picket.After some discussion Dr Hudson allowed Havis to interview him. Havis has also used pictures of the UK KFA picket on the 4th of March without permission .
  The "Daily Star " is a lying pro US, pro-south Korean puppet , dirty tabloid which often fills its pages with  pornography.
  Of course what the attack on UK KFA by the "Daily Star " shows  it is is UK KFA who are the ones defending the DPRK and doing the hard work  !
   As to the Warmbier case , it should be noted that Warmbier was returned to the US on a special military aircraft, not a civil plane, which made a stopover at a US military base in Japan  therefore Warmbier is more than a simple US college student or civilian . No one has said anything about the fact that the DPRK looked after him for a year at its own expense.  It should be remembered that no peace treaty has ever been concluded between the DPRK and the US ,so both countries are technically still at war and Warmbier was the citizen of an enemy state who carried out a hostile act . Those combatants not in uniform and spies do not have the protection of the Hague and Geneva conventions. If the US is so worried about its citizens getting arrested and detained in the DPRK then it should pull the troops out of south Korea ,conclude a peace treaty and end its hostile policy.


For reference



It is now 67 years since the United States and the south Korean regime, and its allies unleased the Korean War (June 25th, 1950 - July 27th, 1953). The US Imperialists provoked the a war of conquest against the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea in the hope of destroying the independence and freedom of the Korean people. Over the course of the Korean war, three million Korean people were killed and more bombs were dropped on the territory of North Korea than during the entire Second World War.
The Korean people were able to launch a successful counter-attack upon the aggressors and were able to have liberated 90 per cent of south Korea from colonial rule. Under the command of Kim IL Sung, the Korean people fought the armies of US Imperialism and its satellites in the Fatherland Liberation War. The struggle of the Korean people with the US Imperialists was a war of national liberation and a class war against the people's enemies. Regrettably, the United Kingdom played a disgraceful role in the Korean conflict as a subordinate partner of the US military-industrial complex.
At the time of the Korean war, the US committed many appalling barbarities in the form of massacring civilians, the use of biological and chemical weapons. The most notorious example being the industrialized slaughter of 35,835 people at Sinchon by the US military. Members of the Staffordshire KFA Branch actually came across the evidence of the US Imperialists' mass murder of civilians at the site of Sinchon during an April 2017 DPRK visit. It is understandable that the Korean people harbour strong feelings of hatred and resentment against US Imperialism.
On July 27th, 1953, the Korean people and the Korean Peoples Army won an historic victory over the United States in the Fatherland Liberation War, other wise known as the Korean War. By defending the DPRK, from the aggression of the US Imperialists and hirelings, the Korean people upheld their national dignity and honour. The defeat of US Imperialism in the Korean War was the first time when a small post-colonial country achieved a miraculous victory over a superpower, this victory was due to the strategic leadership of Kim IL Sung. Since the end of the Korean War, the DPRK government has constantly called for a Peace Treaty with the USA and the normalization of relations with Washington.
Instead of working for peace on the Korean peninsula, the Trump Administration is stoking up tensions with the DPRK to unpresented levels. The US have recently put punitive sanctions against the DPRK,which are in effect a declaration of war. US Imperialism is attempting to delegitimize the DPRK and further isolate it among the international community. The war hawks of the Pentagon have threatened in the last couple of months, the DPRK with a pre-emptive nuclear strike. Adding to the atmosphere of war hysteria, the US has deployed the nuclear submarine "The USS Mississippi" into the East Sea of Korea and thus posing a threat to the DPRK. Stationed in south Korea are around a thousand nuclear weapons and 40,000 troops by the US Imperialists.
The Staffordshire Branch of the UK Korean Friendship Association urges during the month of solidarity with the Korean people that all progressive and peace-loving people to stand with the Korean people in their just cause of peaceful reunification. We demand that the Labour and Peace Movements in Britain call for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of US military forces from south Korea and for the conclusion of a Peace Treaty between the DPRK and the USA. The Friends of Korea in Staffordshire extend our militant solidarity with our Korean brothers and sisters in the fight for socialism, peace and independence guided by the DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un !!

Issued by the Staffordshire Branch of the UK Korean Friendship Association
June 19th, 2017

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