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Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Strike by miners in Komi

On June 1, miners of the Intagol coal mine declared a strike on the grounds of months of wage arrears, which reached 38 million rubles. After the meeting, they refused to do the work, including descent into the underground workings.

Cash in full has not been paid to miners from January to April 2017.

At the enterprise, where the strike took place, about 1,5 thousand people work.

Seamen strike in Primorsky Krai

In early June, in the port of Nakhodka, the crew of the cargo ship "Gornozavodsk" announced a strike, refusing to work until all the painful problems were resolved.

Before the strike on the ship there were no items of basic hygiene: there was neither soap nor detergent. Detergents for the galley and buffet sailors were bought at their own expense. Work shoes, gloves were not issued at all. In addition, the salary debts amounted to more than 3 million rubles. The dry cargo ship itself was in an emergency condition - the emergency diesel generator, and other conventional equipment did not work.

Strike by public utilities in the Astrakhan region

On June 6 workers of the municipal enterprise "Kamyzyak Housing and Utilities" came out on strike. About fifty employees refused to serve sewage pumping stations.

By the situation at the beginning of June, they had not received a salary for three months. This was one of the main reasons for the strike.

Meeting of workers in Orel

On June 1, employees of the enterprise "Dormash" held another protest action in the park near the factory checkpoint, demanding repayment of debts on wages. By the beginning of June they amounted to more than 70 million rubles.

More than a hundred workers took part in the rally.

Picket in Chelyabinsk

On June 7, more than 150 employees of a local trucking enterprise went to protest with a demand to pay off their salary debts.

In total, drivers and conductors lost about 27 million rubles - this is wages for March and April, as well as compensation for leave - many of them have not had leave for two years. People are tired of lack of money and empty promises.

- I was under psychological pressure. They called from the police and the prosecutor's office, they said that we should not go to the picket, "Salimzyanova said.

Support for the picketing came and passengers - mostly retired. Many of them are outraged by the fact that the company instead of large buses they launched small minbuses of the Pavlovsk Automobile Plant ("PAZiki") type on the routes, which accommodate a much smaller number of passengers.

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