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Monday, 12 June 2017

United International Anti-imperialist Anti-Fascist Front now established


On May 25, 2017 in Moscow, the founding conference took place on the creation of a single international anti-imperialist anti-fascist front (hereinafter - EMAAF). Representatives of a number of communist parties, anti-imperialist and anti-fascist organizations of Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Poland, the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics (LDPR) took part in the conference.

In connection with the intensification of the general crisis of the world system of imperialism, which is characterized by the aggravation of the economic and political situation, the emergence of a mass flow of refugees and migrants, the emergence of reactionary nationalist and fascist anti-communist forces, the unleashing of local and regional wars by imperialist countries, the world is increasingly slipping towards a disastrous III World war. In order to prevent the development of a military threat to peace and prevent the spread of fascism, the participants of the conference declared the necessity of unity of action of all anti-imperialist and anti-fascist organizations of the whole human community and decided to create a single international anti-imperialist anti-fascist front.

The conference participants adopted the Charter of the United International Anti-imperialist Anti-Fascist Front, an appeal of the constituent conference of the United International Anti-imperialist Anti-Fascist Front, and several resolutions and orders. The statute of the EMAAF provides for the procedure for the admission into the international association of new organizations that share the basic political principles of the EMAAF.

To guide the work of the Unified International Anti-imperialist Anti-Fascist Front, the Executive Committee of the EMAAF and the Political Council of the EMAAF were elected at the conference.

See vkpb.ruvkpb.ru for full Declaration by the EMAAF

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